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Cabin Crew Recruitment

Kat Parv Sophie Yasmine
After spending several dedicated years with the
Guest Service Recruitment
and Progression
, Al
ena Khady
and Zsoka Halasi
two of our
move on. Alena has been
promoted and is now Manager Guest Service Delivery Uniforms and Zsoka
is now in a senior HR position with one of the leading 5 star hotels in Abu
nd so a
new team is bo
rn! Full of energy, enthusiasm,
and ready to
recruit the best people
here are the profiles
of our new team members
a few words, each sharing something unique about them
. Yasmine
Algerian and has spent 5 years in
. W
orking as a Cabin Manager

S h . Sophie is French and h as been in the UAE for 18 years . She is now a full time Recruitment O fficer. she joined Etihad Airways as a Direct E ntry C abin M anager and began working part time with the recruitment team over one year ago. Sophie has been in the Middle E ast for a total of 28 years! .she also regularly used her recruitment experience to support the recruitment team on a part time. . progressing to Cabin Senior. Kat is Canadian / Filipino and started her career with E tihad Airways 5 years ago as Cabin Crew. H er dream is to have her own charity organiz ation . In March she became a full ti me R ecruitment O fficer.

Her motto is to Keep C alm and Do Yoga! . He gained a doubl e master degree f rom Les Roches Switzerland and uses his vast experience in hospitality to support our hunt for In Flight Chefs and Food & Beverage Managers. Parv is Indian . Parv has travelled to 118 countries ! JULY IN A NUTSHELL Our Recru itment team is coming to LOS ANGELES ! We re off to HOLLYWOOD! This is the first time we will be visiting LA and so w .e joined the recruitment team as a Recruitment Officer in June . and was flying as a F ood & B everage M anager for 6 years . She is a y og a addict and loves to practice diffe rent types of yoga.

Hu rry up and book your interview! In July . other than our regular Assessment D ays in Abu Dhabi. we will be holding A ssessment D ays in the following locations: Buc h arest : 7 and 9 July ( a lready f ull) Frankfurt: 14 July ( p laces filling fast) Barcelona : 16 July ( p laces filling fast ) Los Angeles : 21 July ( p laces filling fast ) Johannesburg .e are looking forward to me eting the future stars of Etihad Airways.

we are planning to hold CV Drop s ( only for those who have not already applied to Etihad Airways) and Assessment D ays in: Casablanca. Algeria : 18 August C V Drop 19 August Assessment Day Tunis. Morocco : 4 Aug ust CV Drop 5 August Assessment Day Algiers.: 27 July (l imited places available ) In August. Tunisia : 25 August CV Drop 26 Aug ust Assessment Day The month of June has passed us by and we now welcome the .

early days of summer and Ramadan Ramadan Kareem to all of you. may Peace be with you! .