Agrega glue
Description: Harmless, odourless and colourless glue to catch mice, rats, small
domestic mice and insects.
Non-toxic and non-flammable.
For agriculture is being used or distributed around the trunks of trees and plants to
trap insects that want to access them.
Can always be used safely because not alter the environment and are not harmful
for people and pets. Also you can place a food bait, a piece of cheese, bread,
chocolate, etc.
Dispatched on a strip of plastic or cardboard, standing at entrances, windows or
any transit area and constitute an unavoidable obstacle for these insects and
Can be used for catching reptiles or insects such as cockroaches, ants, spiders,
crickets, beetles, lizards, etc.
Tube: 135 g
Units / box: 50
Box / pallet: 72

Agrega glue
Nonpoisonous glue rodenticide
For rats and insects


Pot: 5 kg

135 g
Batc h n º/M a n u fa c tu re d a te :
s ee label

Units / box: 2
Box / pallet: 48

Agrega adhesives trap
Description: Trap with special glue to catch mice and rats also its for flies and
insects in general.
Made with an adhesive card trapping flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants and mice.
Easy to use and clean, to place the liner is removed and the trap is ready for
Contains 2 traps / pack

Agrega adhesive trap
Nonpoisonous trap with special glue to catch mices

Units / box: 96
Box / pallet: 70


2 traps
Batch nº/Manufacture date:
see label


. It is a clean and safe way to remove the rodent without having to touch the mouse corpse. You can place traps in both exterior and interior. To eliminate the rodent corpse will only have to press the ends of the trap so that the trap will open and release the mouse. agrega Units / box: 72 Box / pallet: 70 Agrega claw Description: Claw traps Ready-for-use rat and mouse traps with a permanent bait. against the wall. in corners. With just one touch activates the trap and catch the rodent without letting him out. Normal size (24 tweezers trap): Agre ga claw Agrega claw Claw trap with a permanent bait Units / box: 24 Box / pallet: 54 Big size (12 tweezers trap): Units / box: 12 Box / pallet: 70 Agrega big traps Description: Gigant adhesive traps with Poison-free. Its used to catch mice and also poison-free Measurements: 21x15 cm. Check the traps regularly. Poison-free. between furniture or appliances. odourless and it´s super adhesive. etc.agrega Agrega rat-stop Description: To capture mice and insects can lay the trap ground in places of passage of rodents. Trapping rats and mice and disposable.

corners of walls. set traps near them parallel to the wall. Ready to use. Easy to use and disposal after capturing the rodent. has two plastic trays with ultra tacky glue. This consists of two trays built with glue and food attractant. cabinets. colorless. It has two trays-trap incorporating coatings. which prohibits anyone from touching or soiling the glue inside. Perfect conditions at temperatures between 5-50 degrees. between appliances. Pack with 2 traps Agrega big traps Units / box: 72 Box / pallet: 42 Amazing adhesive trap Description: These non-toxic glue traps. versatile and economical. . Contains attractant and also its poison-free. . With attractant sticky trap to kill rats and mice. is suitable for rats and mice. non-flammable. etc. Traps for the capture and death of the mice. Pack with 2 traps AMAZING ADHESIVE TRAP Units / box: 48 POISON FREE Box / pallet: 24 Agrega mice trap Description: Trap with special glue to catch mice.It has two trays-trap incorporating tapas or coatings. Can also be used for small reptiles. insects and other terrestrial insects that appear in our home or business. easy to use stand alone in the transit areas of rodents.agrega Easy to use. which prohibits anyone from touching or soiling the glue inside. It is important to check the traps every two or three days. Mice and rats are going through the corners.

Units / box: 24 Box / pallet: 57 . butter or chocolate.Ready to use. etc.Household or establishments indicated for the use of poisons or biocides is restricted. It has two entrances/exits and can be locked to prevent children and pets access. .. pellet.To increase their effectiveness can introduce foods like cheese.Once captured the mouse trap is eliminated. - Incorporates an attractive food glue that makes mice enter the trap. . box of two units. the trap is removed and the rodent. etc). Use: Place the bait station so as the side with the entrance/exit holes is touching the wall. . . Measurements: 125x94x37 mm. easy to use stand alone in the transit areas of rodents.They are made with hard plastic and its inner base incorporates the glue adhesive. with a feedlot station. cabinets. . Technical description: - Mousetrap adhesive. . corners of walls. acquired in section spares / Adhesives. - When the mouse enters the trap. but throwaway. between appliances. blocks. especially suitable for catching mice. high quality and easy to use. bacon. it is recommended to check them periodically every 2 or 3 days until his capture.To increase the effectiveness of the glue traps can be used Temobi. Very resistant. Pack with 2 traps Units / box: 56 Agrega mice trap Exported by: agrega Nonpoisonous trap with a special glue to catch mice Box / pallet: 20 Content: 2 box Batch nº/Manufacture date: see label Agrega Bait Description: For any type of bait (fresh bait.agrega - For its aesthetic form resemble those traps feedlots.

avoids dangers to children and pets and protects the bait. Use: Place the container in areas frequented by rodents. Also is locked and use for solid and liquid baits.agrega Agrega Big bait Description: Accessible for mice. Made of hard plastic and high quality. The eating trays are shaped to allow easy access to rodents. Units / box: 20 Box / pallet: 16 . Measurements: 253x175x100 mm.

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