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Luna, Patricia Marie D.

Good Writers or Famous Actors?
SSP: To inform my classmates about the connection between good writers, famous actors and
success in Philippine Primetime ratings.
Statement: A good show results from the best of both worlds, and thats what pulls the viewers
I. Attention Step: Play 30-second video on presentation.
II. Clarification Step: Surely everyone in this room knows this show. Encantadia is one of the
many series we used to look forward to as a kid. Back then, whenever it came on I would drop
anything I was doing and rush to the tv screen, like what majority of the Philippine population
would do. No wonder its one of the most watched Philippine tv shows. There is no doubt it has
its viewers hooked. Usually we would say that we keep watching these shows either because
were a fan of the celebrities in them, or because the storyline is just that great. But in reality,
what keeps us hooked on these shows? The good screenwriters, or the famous actors?
I. AGB Corporation, a media marketing research firm in the Philippines listed the highest
ranking primetime Filipino Dramas of all time. (I excluded other series that are not Filipinowritten, and are not primetime dramas since they are not part of the scope)
A. Pangako Sayo (ABS-CBN), aired in 2000, is ranked as the 6th with ratings of
1. It starred Kristine Hermosa and Jericho Rosales, with Emman Dela Cruz as the
main writer. 1
2. Kristine and Jericho were also paired for the tv series Dahil May Isang Ikaw
(2009), written by various writers of ABS-CBN who have no other notable
works, and generated 29.9% of tv ratings. 2
3. This series proved to be the only significant work of Emman Dela Cruz, who
also has no recent series works, save a movie for GMA called Just One
Summer (2012)(but this isnt part of the scope either). 3
B. Darna (GMA-7), the 2005 adaptation, ranked 18th with a percentage rating of
54.3%. A

1. It starred mainly Angel Locsin and Dennis Trillo and is written by Mars

2. Angel and Dennis were also paired in Majika(2006), written by RJ Nuevas

and generating average ratings of 37.5% 5, and Mulawin(2004), written by
Don Michael Perez with its highest rating of 48.6% 6.
3. Mars Ravelo, the writer, is also known for high-rating series like
Dyesebel(2008) (44.9%) 7 and Captain Barbel (2011) (43.7%) 8.
C. Encantadia (GMA-7), the 2005 fantaserye, ranks next as 25th with a rating of 51.7%.
1. It starred Karylle, Iza Calzado, Sunshine Dizon, and Diana Zubiri and is written
by Suzette Doctolero.
2. Sunshine is the only one who is still under GMA7, and doesnt really have any
recent shows, while the other three have transferred to ABS-CBN, with Karylle
and Iza hosting noon-time shows, and Diana, up for future projects 9.
3. Suzette Doctolero also wrote for Indio (2013) (29.3%) 10, Amaya (2011)
(26.2%) 11, and My Husbands Lover (2013)(25.3%) 12.
D. Marina (ABS-CBN), brought to primetime drama in 2004, is ranked right after
Encantadia as 25th with ratings of 50.8%.
1. It starred Claudine Baretto and Rafael Rossel, with writers Keiko Aquino and
Agnes Uligan.
2. Claudine and Rafael appear together once more for the horror-thriller,
Maligno (2008), created by famous 60s film director, Celso Castillo, and
generated only about 19.6% 13.
3. Keiko Aquino also wrote for the 2009 Adaptation of Darna starring Marian
Rivera (44.1%) 14.
4. Agnes Uligan, who co-wrote with Keiko Aquino, is also known for writing
Kokey (2007) (28%) 15 and Dyosa (2008) (25.5%) 16, which at that time
was in rivalry with Dyesebel.
II. The findings from the mid-2000 media era show that there seems to be a breakeven between
the success of actors without the writers of their high-rating tv series, and vice versa.
A. Though it was definitely not as good as when Emman was writing, Kristine and
Jericho were paired again in 2009 without Emman as the writer, and it turned out to be
a moderately acceptable series, while Emman fizzled out of the primetime business.

B. The pairing between Angel Locsin and Dennis Trillo proved to be attractive to the
public since they generated high-rating tv series despite having different writers.
C. Shows adapted from Mars Ravelos comics also showed relatively high ratings,
regardless of the actors.
D. On the other hand, though Suzette Doctoleros fantaserye masterpiece ruled the public
once, her other works were only of average ratings and didnt strike as much success as
the first, since the leading ladies of the series are now in different tv stations.
E. The ratings arent so high for Claudine and Rafael when they pair up again in 2008,
while writer Keiko Aquino receives high ratings for Darna, and Agnes Uligan receives
average for Kokey and Dyosa.

III. Kantar Media, also a media marketing research firm, conducted the same research for the
present media era, and ABS-CBN came up with the highest rating shows but with lower ratings
compared to the previous media era.
A. May Bukas Pa, aired in 2009, came 1st with ratings of 47.3%.
1. The show starred Zaijian Jaranilla, and was written by Dindo Perez, Shugo
Praico, Jos Mara Snchez Silva, and Ays de Guzman.
2. Zaijian also recently starred in Lorenzos Time, which was written by Dindo
and Shugo with a different set of co-writers, and generated ratings of 29.2% 17.
3. Writers Dindo Perez and Shugo Praico also co-wrote Lorenzos Time while
for Jos Mara Snchez Silva and Ays de Guzman, May Bukas Pa was their
last significant project.
B. Tayong Dalawa, aired in 2009, ranked next with ratings of 45.8%.
1. It starred Gerald Anderson, Kim Chu, and Jake Cuenca and was written by
Reggie Amigo, Mark Anthony Bunda, Danica Domingo, and Dindo Perez.
2. Gerald, Kim, and Jake also portrayed a love-triangle for Sana Maulit Muli,
created by ABS-CBN, and reached ratings of 40.6% 18.
3. Reggie Amigo also wrote for Walang Hanggan.
C. Walang Hanggan, aired in 2012, came in as 3rd with ratings of 45.4%.
1. It starred Coco Martin and Julia Montes and was written by Reggie Amigo and
Noreen Capili.

2. Before this series, Julia was known for Mara Clara (36.5%) 19, while Coco was
known for Tayong Dalawa and Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin (39.1%) 20.
3. Noreen Capilis recent popular work is Aryana which had 30.5% of ratings
D. Agua Bendita, aired in 2010, ranked as 4th with ratings of 44.9%.
1. It starred Andi Eigenmann and Matteo Guidicelli, and was written by Rod
2. Andi has since worked on projects like Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin (39.1%)
and reconciled with Matteo on Galema: Anak ni Zuma (18.9%) 22.
3. Rod Santiago wrote the comic book this series was based on, and also had other
series based on his works, but none made it past average ratings.
IV. The findings from the present media era show that its not always the fame that contributes to
the ratings; the writers have something to do with it too.
A. Zaijan shouldve pulled up the ratings dramatically for Lorenzos Time after the
success with May Bukas Pa, but after the change in screen-writers, it didnt
B. Kim Chu, Gerald Anderson, and Jake Cuenca have also been pulling up the primetime
ratings, but it is with the help of their screenwriter, Reggie Amigo.
C. The success of the series Walang Hanggan could be because of the famous
backgrounds Julia and Coco, but there is no ignoring the fact that writer Reggie Amigo
and Noreen Capili also contributed to this, with the latters success with Aryana
proving my point. .
D. Andi and Matteos success from Agua Bendita wouldve rubbed off on their next
pairing in Galema: Anak ni Zumba, but the low rating proves that it didnt.

In the end, though some shows are successful regardless of who wrote it or even whos
acting in it, a truly fruitful show would require the perfect combination of both. Fame can only
go so far, until people start analysing the part youre playing and the story youre in. Its
definitely not gonna be as successful as you presume it to be if the storyline is messed up, or if
the roles arent portrayed properly. A great show in the making can only result from working
with the best, and thats whatll pull the viewers in.

Ratings for Part I: A., B., C., and D.
Ratings for Part II: A., B., C., and D.
Information about writers, actors, and filmographies: IMDB; Wikipedia