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Koramangala Prayer Diary

January 2010
"Since the day we heard about you, we have not stopped praying for you. Col 1:9"

Jan. 1. Praise God for His faithfulness Jan. 2. For GDLC

Praise God for His faithfulness in the ministry, in EU/EGF in the year Speakers :
2009. Pray that God would make this new year a much more fruitful year P.Sathkeerthi Rao ( Early Staff UESI), James Ratnaraj (Former GS,
UESI), Mrs. and Mr. Surendra Parmar (Former GS UESI), John Lazarus
(NEGF Sec) and others. Pray for the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Pray
for other needs and arrangements.

3. For GDLC 4. Christmas Programe fallowup:

Pray for the Seminar Topics -Balancing Work,Home and Spiritual Life, An evangelistic follow-up retreat has been planned on 14h of January,
Graduates in Student Life and Ministry, Graduates impacting church 2010 Time – 9.00 a.m. to 3 p.m.
and society, Open Homes impacting the ministry, Giving and Missions. Praise God for the speaker Philip Cheriyan anna has been fixed
Pray that the graduates will able to apply in their personal life. And the venue also BTM Church all has been fixed

5. Christmas Program fallow up: 6. Koramangala Central Fellowship

Pray that the student leaders who brought their friends will be able to do For students
a proper follow up,. Pray that they may start coming for the Bible Date: 9th January, 2010. Topic: Campus Witnessing
studies that are going on in different areas within Koramangala. Speaker: Sis. Lydia.
Pray for the work of the Holy Spirit through speaker and the heat of the For graduates
students. Program co ordinators – Jeny & Srinivas to drive the whole Topic: Spiritual Discipline Speaker: Bro. Jonathan
program. Pray for the both the program to be more effective.

7. Koramangala DTC 8. Koramangala DTC

Praise God for the plan to have DTC planned from 22nd to 26th Jan The right delegate. We need to get the student list before the program.
2010. Praise God for the speakers Sam K John for devotion, Dr. Sanjay For the Holy spirit work. For the coordinator Vijaya and Clement who
for doctrine have fixed. And other resource people are our staff John would drive the whole program. Finance needs of 45000/-, prayer
anna, Clement, Mrs. Sanjay jayavant, Sukumar and Kavitha. mobilization, camp parents Pray for music, Sound system, physical
For the venue Santhi Sadan have fixed arrangement, transport, health,

9. Koramangala DTC 10. Koramangala EU core group:

Pray that out of this program we would like to see true disciple of Christ. Stan – President, Alice – Secretary, Sangeetha – Treasurer, Veilou –
Students to grow in the Lord more and may grow in the knowledge of Prayer Secretary, Leshini and Shilpa – Members, Sahay & Kavitha –
God. Pray for the Spirit of God’s work. Senior Advisors, John and Pramila – Staff.
Praise God for the student leaders God has given, pray for their personal
spiritual growth in the Lord, to balance the study and ministry, wisdom
to drive the EU ministry in our area. Pray that this trend may continue.


Praise points: Pray for 2. for the cell about to start in Bomanahalli. Kavitha and Sahay
Praise God for our graduate Philip got married. Pray that God would will drive the cell. Pray for Venket also to establish contacts in Oxford
bring fulfillment in their marriage life. college.
Prayer points: 3. Praise God for Shanthi Nagar cell which is growing. Pray for the
1. Continue to pray for the students of BTM cell and for Vijaya and libin student initiative to take bible study. In first year we need more students
who will drive the cell. BTM EGF wants to conduct EU Sunday in ECI for sustainable growth.
Church to get more contact for BTM Cell. 4. Pray for new graduates to enjoy the fellowship and that they will be
Pray for EU Sunday which is planned on 17th Jan at BTM ECI Church. comfortable with the place and people in EGF. Pray for a open home in
All this plan yet to be materialized. Pray that we will able to establish BTM itself.
contacts which will be added to BEM Cell. 5. Now we are looking into the book of 2 Timothy. Pray for graduates to
implement the lessons learned in EGF in day to day life and that the
EGF sessions will be very meaningful and effective in each one’s life
Jan. 13. Koramangala EU1. More students to start coming esp Jan. 14. Koramangala EGF1. EGF has been started - time and day
Evangelistic camp and JNC may need to be further adjusted
contacts. Only one student is regular and one student is busy with to involve more graduates.
exams. 2. After some time as more graduates participate - another students
2. Anil Paul's studies. cell to be supported.
3. More graduate support especially lady graduates as more contacts are 3. Involvement of students and graduates in the Christmas followup and
girls. DTC next month.
4. Students Sunday study to be started to benefit relevant students.
5. Christ College cell and students supported though Lungku.

15. National Seminar on Christian Ethics & Social Concerns 16. E-City
Dates: 2010 January Friday, 15th morning to Sunday, 17th noon 2. pray for all students contact Sam - BEC College, Jim Robert, John
Place: Pastoral Centre, opp Nagarjuna University, Vijayawada, A.P. Paul - SCT College.
Theme: “Let your Walk Talk” – Amos 5:24 3. Pray for to start student prayer cell.
Speakers: Mr. Raaj Mondal, Mr. Paul Thomas, Mr. Jacob Samuel, 4. Pray for Mr. Mahesh and Mr. Vasu marriage shortly going to happen
Prof. Michael Kumar, Rev. C.S.Dutt and others. Pray for the success of for both gradute.
this program. 5. Pray for all of our Ecity graduates spiritual growth.

17. Potential cells planned in the future:

1. JNC – Student contact: Angeetha and Sethu both have came for EV 18. EGF Prayer Points (in general):
Camp, Leshini and two girls Vijaya’s contact. Premila akka working on Pray that all our EGFs functions as live and dynamic. Able to balance
it. 2. Electronic City – student contact: Sam. Kalaivanan working on it. Family, Job and Ministry. Let it be deeply rooted in the Word God.
keep pray for this. For graduates looking for their life partner.

19. Domlur EU:- 20. Wilson Garden EU:-

1. Pray for those who are searching for Jobs 1. For all the students to grow in the Lord - for their sustained interest in
2. Hepsi's colleague Maheswari suffering from cancer Bible Studies and for excellence in academics.
3. Pray for some friends who are from other faiths for their continued 2. For Paul uncle and wife @ whose home the study happens.
walk in Christ and their parents' salvation 3. For Jeny and Srinivas to be effective in their support and teaching to
4. Pray for Anil who is looking for a change of job the students.

21. Domlur EGF:- 22. HSR

1. Pray for more students contacts in this region. Praise Point: By Gods Grace we're looking into the book of Romans that
2. Praise God for Rajesh and Esther's home where we now meet for the solidifies our faith walk.
EGF. Prayer Points : 1.Pray that God will help us to move forward with the
3. Pray that as EGF we will be able to plan finances well. existing contact at New horizon college. 2.Kripanidhi and St.Francis
4. Pray that the EGF will be a place of strengthening and deepening the students to grow and mature in the Lord.
walk with God and with each other.

23. Micro Cell: Pray that the grads will be in continuous touch with 24. Committee Members:
their partners in Micro Prayer Cells and that the cells will be regular and Praise God for the way God leads the Committee for the extension of his
meaningful kingdom, pray that we continue to work for God with reverence and
sincerity of heart. Pray that the same commitment will be carry forward
in the future committee also. Pray for the leadership change in the next

25. Banshankari EUSunday

Praise God for Banshankari EU sunday. Around 12 people attended the 26. Staff Family:
retreat and 8 students. Got few contacts and the pastor is open to our Pray for our staff family. And pray that they will able to do the ministry
ministry and some students will come for DTC effectively and able to balance the family responsibility also.

27. Bangalore EU/EGF: 28. UESI – Karntaka

Pray for the other regions minsitry: Pray for staffs lead by Mr.Jayasheel anna and family.
1) RTNagar 2) Banaswadi 3) Indranagar Pray for Executive committee led by Mr.Sudarshan from Bidar.
4) Banashankari 5) JMRV Pray for monthly needs of Rs.1.75 Lakhs.

29. UESI - Karnataka: 30. UESI – National:

Pray for the minsitry needs in Karnataka. Here are the regions: Pray for the implementation on Vision 2020. Pray for the
1) Soutern Region 2) Coastal Region 3) North Region Leadership.
4) West Region 5) Central Region 6) Bangalore Region And for the executive Committee members

31. Others
Pray for a smooth resolution in Telangana issue