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abstract = extras/compendiu
(upon) acceleration = in avans
account party: The person who requests a bank or some other person to issue a letter of credit.
account balance = regularizare
accounting records, entries of receipts and payments, record of assets and liabilities
accretion: (From Latin accretio: "increase.") The slow and imperceptible addition of land to a state's
acquiescence: (From French acquiescer: "to yield to," from Latin acquiescere, "to be quiet.") To accept or
comply passively or tacitly without implying assent or agreement.
acquisition by prescription / adverse possession = uzucapiune
action in subrogation = actiune in regres
adjective law = drept procedural/ procedural law -------substantive law = drept material
affirmative/negative covenants = oblig. de a face/de a nu face ceva
aforethought = premeditat
aggregate causes of action = toate capetele de cerere
appurtenance = servitute / accesoriu al unui drept / easement appurtenant = an easement to benefit
another tract of land, the use of the easement being incident to the ownership of that other tract
avoidance of tax = sustragere de la plata impozitului
actionable subsidy: A subsidy that may be challenged as trade distorting if it injures the domestic
industry of another World Trade Organization member state, nullifies or impairs the benefits due another
member state, or causes or threatens to cause serious prejudice to the interests of another member state.
actual nullity/substantive nullity = nulitate de fapt / nulitate de fond
advising bank: A bank engaged by the issuer of a letter of credit to advise the beneficiary that it has a
credit for delivery and to deliver the credit upon verification of the beneficiary's signature.
agency endorsement: An endorsement to a negotiable instrument which requires the endorsee to pay
the proceeds from the negotiation of the instrument to the endorser or a designated third party.
aging analysis = analiza vechimii soldurilor
air waybill: An instrument issued by an air carrier to a shipper that serves as a receipt for goods and as
evidence of the contract of carriage, but is not a document of title for the goods. = scrisoare de transport
aerian/ fraht aerian
amenity = amenajari
anticipatory avoidance: Remedy available to either party when it becomes clear that the other party
will commit a fundamental breach.
abuse of process/abuse of legal process/malicious abuse of process/wrongful process (of

law) = viciu de procedura
acquittal = 1. achitare / 2. =acquittance = stingere a unor obligatii /datorii
Act of God = calamitati naturale vs. Force Majeure = caz de f.m. = both acts of God/nature +acts of
aggrieved party = parte vatamata
appellant = recurenta
appraisal rights / right of dissent and appraisal = statutory right of corporate shareholders who oppose
some extraordinary corporate action (such as a merger) to have their shares judicially appraised and to
demand that the corporation buy back their shares at the appraised value.
arm's length principle: Transactions between affiliated firms must be carried on as if they were unrelated
companies dealing at arm's length. = principiu declarat inaintea inceperii negocierilor
arrearages = arierate
asset-striping = eliminarea activelor nerentabile
assignment: The transfer of all or part of an assignor's contractual rights to an assignee. = cesiune
attachment of earnings/wages = poprire pe salariu
attorney-in-fact = imputernicit
avulsion: (From Latin avell: "to pull from.") The sudden and abrupt change in the border between two
lands, without change in ownership.
backlog = restanta / registru de sarcini / (of demand) – cereri nesatisfacute / (of materials) – materiale
neprelucrate / (of orders) – portofoliu de comenzi neonorate
bad debts = creante nerecuperabile
balancing test: A jurisdictional test used by United States courts. According to this test, foreign
businesses will be subject to United States antitrust laws (e.g., the Clayton Act and the Sherman Antitrust
Act)if factors showing a connection to the United States outweigh those showing a foreign connection
bankruptcy judge = judecator sindic
barometer / bellwether (berbec cu talanga) stocks = actiuni (de obicei detinute la societati sigure) care
indica evolutia pietei
bearer paper: A bill of exchange or promissory note that is payable to the bearer or to cash. = titlu de
valoare la purtator
beneficial owner = uzufructuar / beneficial interest = uzufruct
(to file) briefing = a pune concluzii
budget bond title = titlu de creanta begetara
bill of exchange: A written, dated, and signed three-party instrument containing an unconditional order by
a drawer that directs a drawee to pay a definite sum of money to a payee on demand or at a specified
future date. Also known as a draft. = cambie / polita / trata

bill of lading: An instrument issued by a warehouseman or carrier to a shipper that serves as a receipt
for goods shipped, as evidence of the contract of carriage, and as a document of title for the goods. =
scrisoare de trasura / conosament
blue-chip (adj.) = secure/law-risk / blue chips = actiuni detinute la societati care nu implica un grad de
risc ridicat
bonded warehouse: A facility at a port of entry where shippers can store goods until they clear customs.
bottle-neck principle: Participants in an industry-wide patent pool must grant reasonable access to the
pool to any firm wishing to compete so that no firm will be disadvantaged.
branch = sucursala
bridging loan: Short-term loan that allows a debtor to meet its current obligations until a permanent loan
can be obtained.
budgetary debt certificate = certificat de obligatii bugetare
building societies = societati de credit imobiliar
burden of proof (onus probandi): The responsibility of proving a disputed charge or allegation. =
sarcina probei
the burden of proof includes the burden of persuasion (party’s duty to convince the fact-finder to view
the facts in a way that favours that party) and the burden of production (party’s duty to introduce
enough evidence….)
business interruption insurance (loss of earnings, loss of profit insurance) = asigurare contra
pierderilor in exploatare
business trust: In common law countries, a business arrangement in which the owners of a property,
known as beneficiaries, transfer legal title to that property to a trustee who then manages it for them. The
beneficiaries hold transferable trust certificates entitling them to the income generated by the property and
a residual equitable share at the time the trust is terminated. The trustee has unlimited personal liability
while the beneficiaries have limited personal liability.
buyer in the ordinary course of business = cumparator (in mod regulat) de buna credinta
bybid = licitatie fictiva
Calvo Clause: A clause in an agreement between a host state and a foreign investor that says that the
investor will not seek the diplomatic assistance of its home state in resolving disputes with the host state.
carrier = operator de telefonie mobila (context de telecomunicatii) / companie de transport
marfa/pasageri (contextual) / societate de asigurari (contextual)
? carryback of a loss or credit = deduceri raportate la o perioada anterioara aferente unei pierderi sau
unui credit
cash dispenser = masina automata de eliberare de numerar catre posesorii de carduri = ATM =
automated teller machine
cash tracking reports = rapoarte de evidenta a situatiei lichiditatilor

The law to be applied is that of the country of the party .cash pooling arrangements = acorduri de fuzionare a lichiditatilor casual labor = mana de lucru ocazionala ceiling price = limita/plafon de pret certified from a professional standpoint = atestat profesional ? Certificate of charges = certificat fiscal collateral estoppel = autoritatea de lucru judecat estoppel: (From Old French estoupail: "stopper" or "bung. plus interest. = certificat de depozit (to be) challenged as unlawful = a fi atacat pentru ilegalitate characteristic performance test: Choice of law test for determining the law governing an international contract in the absence of a choice by the parties.") Legal rule that one cannot make an allegation or denial of fact that is contrary to one's previous actions or words. pricing and marketing of goods by its members. each person having an equal right to possess the whole property but no right of survivorship ) covenant = angajament/obligatie counterclaim = cerere reconventionala country risk insurance = asigurare contra riscului de tara court pronouncing decisions on the merits = instanta de fond credit worthiness = bonitate financiara criminal prosecution/proceedings = urmarire penala curtilage = teren aferent cladirii capital gains: Increases in the value of capital or other long-term investments. at a time certain. = jurisprudenta/practica judiciara . = castiguri de capital cartel: A combination of independent business firms organized to regulate the production. case law: Law based upon judicial decision or precedent rather than statutes. = autoritatea de lucru judecat commitment charge = comision de angajament ? condition precedent = conditie suspensiva/conditie precedenta consent decree = sentinta judecatoreasca acceptata de ambele parti consequential / incidental damages = daune indirecte contractor’s all risk insurance = asigurare pentru toate riscurile din constructii cotenancy = tenancy with two or more coowners who have unity of possession/ proprietate in indiviziune (cuprinde atat tenancy in common = tenancy with two or more coowners who take identical interests simultaneously by the same instrument and with the same right of possession – each joint tenant has a right of survivorship = cat si joint tenancy = tenancy by two or more persons in equal or unequal undivided shares.certificate of deposit: A promissory note issued by a bank in which the bank promises to repay money it has received.

e. one of whom carries on a business in his name alone without revealing the participation of the other who has limited liability. secured by the corporation’s assets – LBO = management buyout = buyout of a corporation by its own directors and officers contentious jurisdiction: The power of a court to hear a matter that involves a dispute between two or more parties. i. the seller's performance in a contract for the sale of goods). collusive action: (From Latin cullosio: "a secret understanding. -eg. . credit system for relieving dual taxation: Tax paid in one state may be used as credit for tax due in another state. (For example. functions. = societate in comandita classical system for integrating company and personal taxes: Company taxes are imposed on a company's earnings and personal taxes are imposed on distributed dividends.who is obligated to deliver the "characteristic performance of the contract". = contopire merger = absorption of one company that ceases to exist into another that retains its own name and identity and acquires the assets and liabilities of the former = fuziune buyout = purchase of all or a controlling percentage of the assets or shares of a business leveraged buyout = purchase of a publicly held corporation’s outstanding stock by its management or outside investors.. =despagubiri consequential loss/completion daily insurance = asigurare pt. financed mainly with funds borrowed from investment bankers or brokers and usu. charter: A document outlining the principles. not in money. enacted apart from the articles of incorporation = regulation civil law silent partnership: A secret relationship between two or more persons. = conventie tacita commercial paper: An alternative name for a negotiable instrument. = efect de schimb comercial (folosit ca mijloc de plata pe termen scurt) compensatory damages: Money is to be paid for the cost of the injury suffered. and organization of a juridical entity. classified stock: Stock that is categorized according to the persons who may own it or by the benefits it gives its owners.: municipal charter / home-rule charter corporate charter = certificate of incorporation = often the articles of incorporation corporate bylaws = are usu. pierderi indirecte / intarziere in finalizarea lucrarilor consolidation: When two companies join to become parts of one new company. performance in kind.") A suit where the parties are not at odds but where they co-operate to obtain a judgement.

or may distribute them as he sees fit. = diminished capacity = lipsa de discernamant discharge (of obligation) = stingerea obligatiilor / descarcare de gestiune (contextual) . = default judgement = judecare in lipsa paratului default interest = dobanda moratorie dishonour = refuz de a plati un instrument de plata – wrongful dishonour / notice of dishonour distress goods seized in satisfaction of a claim = drept de retentie/sechestru divestiture = operatiune de instrainare de active deceit / fraudulent misrepresentation/ fraud = dol = inselaciune de facto: In reality. or a minor public wrong or injury. = contrastalii – taxa de stationare denial of justice: a defect in a country’s organisation of courts or administration of justice. in both civil and criminal actions = parat/acuzat delict: (From Latin delictum: "a fault. may concentrate the whole number upon one candidate.") In civil law countries.") According to law. existing. = imprumut/credit acordat unei persoane fizice sau juridice deemed income: Income is deemed to have come from a particular place depending upon the activity involved. = venit estimat deep seabed: The seabed and ocean floor and its subsoil beyond the limits of national jurisdiction (also called the "Area"). resulting in the country’s violating its international legal duties to protect aliens. having a number of votes equal to the offices to be filled. debt equity swap = conversie a actiunilor rezultate din debite debt funding: Loans to a person or company. de jure: (Latin: "by right" or "by law. defalcation = misappropriation of funds / embezzlement = delapidare defeasance = anulare/abrogare defendant = the other party. = cos/grup de valute damages to reputation / emotional distress claims = daune morale ? death row = people sentenced to death but still alive ~ the area of a prison where those sentenced to death are confined.creeping expropriation: A series of administrative acts that in combination result in depriving persons of their property. cumulative voting: A system of voting by which a voter. .tort demurrage: A charge made by a ship owner when a charterer keeps a ship idle for more than the agreedupon lay days. any private wrong or injury. currency basket: A selected group of currencies whose weighted average is used to define the amount of an obligation. in fact.

) legal infiintata si care functioneaza in mod corespunzator durables = bunuri de folosinta indelungata effet utile: (French: "useful effect. = to extinguish the pledge = a radia gajul far-flung = intins/vast/larg/widely distributed first degree court = prima instanta field-of-use restrictions: Provision limiting the fields in which goods acquired or produced under license may be used. endorsement: The act of a payee. = dubla impunere double/single-entry = contabilitate in partida dubla/simpla doubtful customers = clienti rau-platnici due = cotizatie duly annotated and signed = cu mentiunile necesare si semnate duly incorporated and legally operating = (soc. drawee. final corporate tax return = impozit definitiv pe venit . = andosare / gir endorsement of executory title = investire cu formula executorie entrustment agreement = contract de imputernicire egragious violation = incalcare flagranta employability = mobilitatea fortei de munca/recalificare employer’s liability insurance = asigurare de raspundere a angajatorului equity funding: Investments in the capital of a company. to transfer rights in the instrument to another. accommodation party. with or without qualifying words. = plasament/investitie in actiuni estoppel per rem judicatam/estoppel by record = autoritatea de lucru judecat (penal) exequatur: (From Latin exequi: to perform or to execute. exhaustion of remedies: Before suit may be brought against a state in an international tribunal on behalf of a private person.disposals = 1. or holder of a negotiable instrument in signing the back of the instrument. de insotire a marfii docket = rolul (unei curti) / on the docket / judgement roll double taxation: The payment of taxes on one source of income to two different states.) Hearing to determine if a foreign judgment should be recognized and enforced locally.") Rule that a treaty is to be interpreted so as to give practical effect to its provisions. vanzare dissenting opinion = opinie minoritara/ separata document of title to the goods = doc. the private person must first seek to obtain relief from that state. acte de dispozitie 2.

Fire Prevention & Control Permit
firm offer: An offer which the offeror promises to keep open for a fixed period of time. = oferta ferma
? for cause/without cause….(termination) = (reziliere) pe baza unui motiv legal intemeiat / denuntare
force of attraction rule: Because a firm has a permanent establishment within a state, that state may tax
all of the firm's income whether earned by the permanent establishment or not.
foreign exchange risk insurance = asigurare contra riscului valutar
foreseeability: The reasonable anticipation that some harm or injury is a likely result of an act or a failure
to act.
foreseeability test: A breaching party is liable only for those damages which he or she foresaw or ought
to have foreseen.
forgery: The false making or altering of a writing with the intent to defraud. = fals/uz de fals/fals in
forfeit = gaj, amenda, penalizare, confiscare
? forfeit clause = clauza de dezicere, de forfetare – forfeiture clause / commissoria lex = an agreement
in which a seller could rescind the sale if the purchaser failed to pay for the item at the appointed time
forfeited share = actiune anulata
forfeiture of a patent = contrafacere
forfeiture of shares = declaratie de decadere din drepturile de actionar
fourth rank termination agreement = pact comisoriu de gradul IV
friendly society = casa de ajutor reciproc
(to) furnish collateral = a prezenta o garantie, a gira
? fraudulent transaction = manevra? tranzactie dolosiva
friendly settlement: A mutually negotiated and agreed upon resolution of a dispute.
full authority and legal competence
fundamental breach: A failure to perform that substantially deprives the other party of that which he was
entitled to expect.
gap = bresa deficit, ecart, penurie
genuiness of assent = consimtamant sincer
gilts / gilt-edged securities = titluri de valoare de prim rang
golden handshake = large sum of money paid as compensation to someone who is obliged to leave a
job or retire early
goodwill = 1. reputatia firmei 2. fond de comert
gross negligence = culpa grava
grossing up = calcularea echivalentului brut

hard-core (organized crime activity) = dur
(to) have an adverse impact on – to severely impact up(on)
headhunting = the search, esp. by professional recruiters, for executives to fill high-level positions. =
recrutare de profesionisti pt posturi cheie ….
health and safety laws = legislatie referitoare la sanatatea si siguranta la locul de munca
hearing date = termen (de judecata)
hire purchase = cumparare in rate / leasing
hiving-off = creare de filiale
impute: (From Latin imputare: "to charge.") To attribute something done by one person, as a crime or a
fault, to another.
inchoate: (From Latin inchoare: "to start work on.") Begun, but not completed; imperfectly formed or
inchoate offences (attempt, solicitation, consiracy) = participatie penala
(to be) incumbent on/to devolve upon (a transfera) = a reveni cuiva (obligatii)
incumbent (adj.) = holding a current office (eg.: the incumbent president) = actual, in functie
in form and substance = in forma si continut
income tax: Tax on a person's income and profits. = impozit pe profit
industrial injuries insurance = asigurare impotriva accidentelor de munca
? information-sharing agrements = acorduri de dezvaluire de informatii
information retained in unaided memories = informatii pe care (…) si le amintesc fara a beneficia de
asistenta in acest sens
? injunction = plaintiff may ask the court to award an injunction against the defendant = to order the
defendant not to do something which would be in breach of contract (prohibitory injunction) or carry out
a certain act (mandatory injunction). – interlocutory /interim & perpetual injunction = ordonanta
injunctive relief = hotarare de despagubire cu efect obligatoriu
insider: A person, such as a corporate officer, director, or majority shareholder, who has access to
material nonpublic information about a company or the securities market.
insider trading: The use of material nonpublic information about a company or the securities market to
buy or sell securities for personal gain.
insourcing = productie in interior
instrument: A formal legal document or commercial paper, such as a bill of exchange, bond, check, draft,
stock, etc. (1) A negotiable instrument is one that is capable of being transferred by endorsement or
delivery. (2) A nonnegotiable instrument is one that is not capable of being transferred by endorsement or
delivery alone, though it may be assigned

(joint/concurrent) tortfeaser = delicvent
joint tenancy = proprietate indiviza
joint stock company: In common law countries, an unincorporated assocation of persons whose
ownership interests are represented by transferable shares. The shareholders in such a company have
unlimited personal liability. = societate pe actiuni
joint venture: An association of persons or companies collaborating in a business venture for more than
a transitory time period. = societate mixta
letter of discharge = scrisoare de eliberare de gaj
letter of support = scrisoare de confirmare / suport
Know all men by these presents that …= In atentia tuturor celor interesati…

masters = matrite
material contract = c. oneros
material: (1) Of substantial importance. (2) According to British securities law, when the price of
something (i.e., a security) would be significantly affected. (3) According to United States securities
law, when something is of significance to a reasonable person (i.e., an investor).
Memoranum of Association: An instrument creating and describing the basic details of a particular
corporation which is filed with a state agency at the time of the firm's incorporation. articles of
association = document regulating the internal management of a company
mentions request = inscriere de mentiuni
misdemeanor/petty /minor offence = contraventie
misdemeanant = contravenient
money supply = emisiune monetara
mortgagor/mortgagee = debitor /creditor ipotecar
negligence = tort = breach of a legal duty of care (din culpa)
“no litigation, arbitration or administrative proceedings are current, pending or threatened” - - no par share: A share that may be sold by a company for any value. The company may designate a
"stated value." The stated value amount becomes part of the company's capital. = valoare nenominala
nominalism: The principle that an obligation to pay a particular sum of money is fixed and does not
change even if the purchasing power or foreign exchange rate of the money does change.
nonactionable subsidy: A subsidy that is permissible and nonchallengeable, such as government
funding to underwrite research activities, to aid disadvantaged regions, and to help existing facilities adapt
to new environmental requirements. = subventii permise
non-core services = servicii conexe

prejudiciu null by operation of law = nul de drept Nullities have been divided into absolute and relative. as a second marriage while the former was in full force. Relative nullities can be invoked only by those in whose favor the law has been established. such as municipalities) who reside in two or more states. notice of motion = dovada citarii partii reclamate / dovada comunicarii cererii de chemare in judecata notification/notice of claims = declaratie/aviz de sinistru notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this… nuisance = paguba. = bilet la ordin objection to the writ of execution = contestatie la titlu (executoriu) obligatory demand = cerere cu titlu de obligatie obsolescence = desuetudine / uzura morala occupational disease = boala profesionala occupational disease damages = despagubiri acordate in cazul contactarii unor boli profesionale off-set amounts = sume de compensare on the merits of the case = pe fond (to be) opposed under a plea of forgery = a fi contrazis prin procedura inscrierii in fals order to show cause = ordin/hotarare de expunere a temeiurilor/prezentare a motivelor ordinary creditor = creditor chirografar outcry trading = tranzactie prin strigare outsourcing = externalizare/aprovizionare prin subcontractare overdraft agreements = contracte de linii de credit overdraft = sold debitor . such power is less a nullity of the act than a faculty which one or more persons have to oppose the validity of the insurance = despagubire automata a asiguratului non-qualified deferred compensation benefits = acorduri prin care sunt oferite compensatii cu amanarea platii impozitului aferent no win. Absolute nullities are those which may be insisted upon by any one having an interest in rendering the act. Everything fraudulent is null and void. –nulitati absolute / partiale / ramanere in vigoare order bill of lading: A bill of lading that is negotiable. order paper: A bill of exchange or promissory note that is payable to a named payee. no fee = conditional fee agreement nonprofit nongovernmental organization: An international organization that draws its members from among individuals and domestic organizations (sometimes including local governments. in fact. land. even by the public authorities. deed or writing null. dauna.

passage of risk: The point in time when the buyer becomes responsible for losses to the goods =transferul riscurilor past due = cu scadenta depasita . convention. It determines the voting rights of a member and the sum of IMF funds that a member may draw upon to stabilise its currency and to meet balance-of-payments obligations. pacta sunt servanda: Latin for "agreements and stipulations [of the parties to a treaty. or part of a total. qualifying event = any one of several specified occasions that but for the provisions of COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985) would result in a loss of benefits to a covered employee under a qualified benefit plan. particular average: A loss to a ship or its cargo which is not to be shared in by contributions from all those interested. = asociere in participatiune? partnership limited by shares: A civil law company of one or more general partners who have unlimited personal liability for the debts of the company and limited participation by investors in the form of shares. = societate in comandita pe actiuni parol evidence rule: A common law rule that holds that. but is to be borne by the owner of the injured thing." parentage = filiatie par share: A share that must be sold by a company for at least par value (the value printed on its face). who must be present before a meeting of a deliberative body may be convened and business transacted. This amount becomes part of the company's capital. any preliminary or informal agreements made prior to or at the same time the contract was made will be ignored when interpreting the contract. or contract] must be observed. – avarie particulara partnership: (1) In civil law countries. (2) In common law countries. (2) The number of persons or things permitted to enter a country. an association of two or more persons who co-own and manage a business for profit and who are each liable to the full extent of their personal assets for its debts. a company of two or persons who co-own and manage a business and who are each liable to the full extent of their personal assets for its debts.qualified endorsement: An endorsement in which the endorser does not guarantee that a negotiable instrument will be accepted and paid by the drawer or maker. proportion. The company is taxed as corporation. if a contract describes itself as being complete and final. or persons owning a number of shares. (to be) qualified to sue = a avea legitimare procesuala (to) quash – decision = anula - election = invalida - indictment = infirma o acuzare - rate = desfiinta o taxa quota: (1) A share. (3) The amount of funds which a member of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is required to contribute. quorum: The number of persons.

and uniforms of the United Nations or of a neutral state. pay-back schedule = plan de rambursare pawn = amanet / zalog pawnbroker = camatar pecuniary right: Right of an author to exploit a copyrighted work for economic gain. = actiuni preferentiale prescription: (From Latin praescriptio: "by order. – prescriere (statute of limitations = statute establishing a time limit for suing in a civil case based on the date when the claim acrrued = prescriptie) probate transfer = transfer / instainare in baza unui testament proceeds = sume professional liability and errors and omissions coverage = asigurare de raspundere profesionala si asigurarea in cazul producerii unor pagube datorate unor erori si omisiuni professional risks indemnity insurance = asigurare impotriva riscurilor profesionale progressive tax: A tax in which the rate of taxation increases as income increases. In the law of war. pretending to be wounded or sick.") The legal process of acquiring property by reason of uninterrupted occupation for a period of time. or pretending to be a noncombatant or to have a protected status by the use of the signs. = a tine raspunzatori pentru actiunile unei companii pe directori sau pe administratori - minister plenipotentiary is one who by custom ranks immediately below an ambassador and is of the same rank as an envoy extraordinary. prohibited subsidy: A subsidy that is presumed to be trade distorting because it requires export performance or is contingent upon the use of domestic instead of imported goods. long term structured high-yield project bond = emisiune de obligatiuni / titluri de stat cu grad ridicat de profit structurat pe term lung . and then who does the exact opposite. phonogram = inregistrari piercing the company veil: An expression indicating that the legal fiction that a company is a separate legal entity will be set aside and the shareholders of the company will be held liable for its conduct as if they were partners in a partnership. piggy-back relationship = relatie de sustinere a unui produs prin intermediul altuia plaintiff / claimant = party bringing a civil action = reclamant pledgor/pledgee = debitor gajist/creditor gajist preferred stock: Stock that gives its owners benefits that ordinary stockholders do not have. to do something. (under) penalties of perjury = sub sanctiunea pedepsei pentru marturie mincinoasa perfidy: The act of one who has promised. emblems. perfidy includes feigning an intent to negotiate under a flag of truce or surrender.patent pool: An agreement to share patents and other technology. in apparent good faith.

= represalii rescheduling of a debt = reesalonarea unei datorii respondent in appeal = intimat restitution in kind: The item taken is to be returned.promissory note: A written. guarantees. = bilet la ordin proof of service of summons = dovada inmanarii citatiei property damage = pagube materiale to protest = to have a document drawn up by a notary. garantiilor representative by operation of law = reprezentant de drept reprisal: The act of punishing another for some injury the latter caused. retainer = plati in avans road map = foaie de parcurs / plan / program Sanitary Operation License satisfaction: Remedy in international law that provides for the honor of an injured state to be restored. certifying that a bill of exchange has not been paid on the due date = a protesta (o cambie) ? (to) prove the guilt “beyond reasonable doubt” – criminal law = ? (to) prove the case “on the balance of probabilities” – civil action = publicly traded companies = societati deschise recital = expunere/preambul reconciliation in the money = regularizare valorica (to) record a separate opinion = a consemna opinie separata redeployment = reconversia fortei de munca red subsidy: A General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade subsidy that is forbidden. dated. =restituire in natura restrictive endorsement: An endorsement which restricts the rights of subsequent holders. All of the partners have unlimited personal liability. securitization = inlocuirea unui imprumut cu titluri negociabile security. giruri. savings and loan associations = cooperative de credit savings banks = banci/case de economii secret partnership: A common law partnership in which the participation of one or more persons as partners is not disclosed to the public by any of the partners. gajuri si drepturi de sechestru (to) service a debt = a rambursa un credit . and signed two-party instrument containing an unconditional promise by a maker to pay a definite sum of money to a payee on demand or at a specified future date. registered letter with notice of receipt = scrisoare recomandata cu confirmare de primire release of liens = ridicarea sarcinilor. pledges and liens = garantie.

seizure = confiscare/luare in posesie senior debt = imprumut principal ? servitude =an encumbrance consisting in a right to the limited use of a piece of land without the possession of it. subservient: (From Latin subservire: "to serve under. such as hunting game) and profits (? a servitude that gives the right to pasture cattle. by the court. dig for minerals or otherwise take away some part of the soil) = drept de servitute settlement of account = incheiere de conturi severability = nulitati partiale/ clauza de salvgardare ? severance = separation of claims. subsidiary: Company owned by a parent or a parent's holding company. Unlike a branch. = cambie la vedere slight negligence = simpla neglijenta slow moving stocks/obsolete stocks = stocuri greu vandabile/nevandabile sole agency agreement = acord de exclusivitate specific performance/specific relief = executare in natura a unui contract (court-ordered remedy that requires precise fulfillment of a legal or contractual obligation when monetary damages are inappropriate or inadequate as when the sale of real estate or a rare article is involved) standby letter of credit: A letter of credit obtained by a buyer naming the seller as a beneficiary.") Subordinate in capacity or function. = absolute liability / liability without fault = raspundere nebazata pe culpa / raspundere delictuala subjective intent: The actual intent and understanding of a party at the time of the making of an agreement.-de rezerva/disponibil staple goods = marfuri de prima necesitate stock split = divizarea actiunilor/a valorii nominale a actiunilor straddle period = perioada de utilizare combinata a optiunilor de vanzare/cumparare de actiuni straight bill of lading: A bill of lading issued to a named consignee which is not negotiable. = filiala substituted service = comunicarea actelor de procedura unei alte persoane in locul paratului / in alt mod decat personal succes fee = onorariu de succes sundry debtors = debitori diversi . licenses (? agreement allowing the licensee to enter the licensor’s land to do some act that would otherwise be illegal. =conosament nominativ ? strict liability: Imposing liability on an actor regardless of fault. of multiple parties… sickness and disablement insurance = asigurare de boala si invaliditate sight bill: Bill of exchange that is payable at the time it is presented or at a stated time after presentment. it is separately incorporated. The three types of servitudes are easements (? right of passage = drept de trecere).

his creditworthiness. his preparations for performing. tranche: (French: "installment" or "block of shares.") A percentage of an International Monetary Fund member's quota that it may withdraw to stabilize its currency or to meet balance-of-payments obligations. or his performance. tax holiday = dispensa fiscala provizorie / degrevare fiscala temporara taxpayer: A person who must pay a tax. tax sparing: Recognition by a home state that tax incentives granted by a host state are equivalent to the payment of a tax to the host state. tied vote = balotaj time bill: Bill of exchange that is payable at a definite future time. secret ballot = vot secret to serve notice upon = a cita special share = actiune nominativa de control statement of account = extras de cont statute of limitations = prescriptie extinctiva (to be subject to a statute of limit) substantive law = drept material to substantiate an allegation = a sustine o acuzatie substantiation of a claim =definirea fondului unei reclamatii ? syndicated loan = credit cartelar / imprumut in participare tax amnesty: One-time authorization for taxpayers to pay delinquent taxes and thereby avoid possible prosecution. tender book = caiet de sarcini . cambie la termen tippee: A person who acts for his own pesonal account on information received from a tipper knowing that the information is not available to the public. tax avoidance: Taking advantage of legal or arguably legal tax loopholes. tax evasion: The intentional misrepresentation or concealment of a person's tax obligations. termination – dissolution – liquidation /winding up thin capitalization: The intentional financing of a company with debt funding rather than equity funding. tipper: A person who has access to material nonpublic information about a company or the securities market who discloses it to a tippee. tax haven: A state which imposes taxes that are substantially lower than those in other states.suport order = hotarare privind stabilirea obligatiei de plata a pensiei de intretinere (divort) surety = garantie / cautiune joint and several surety = cautiune conjuncta si solidara suspension of performance: Remedy available to either party when it becomes clear that the other party will not perform a substantial part of his obligation because of a serious deficiency in his ability to perform. tax sink: A state which imposes no income taxes.

=TVA vertical competition agreements: Agreements between sellers and buyers. possess and dispose = usus. vested rights doctrine: Doctrine that courts should apply the law of the state where the rights of the parties legally became effective. to vacate a judgement = a respinge o hotarare vicarious liability = raspundere solidara yellow subsidy: A General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade subsidy that is actionable. vendor’s lien = privilegiul vanzatorului waiving all rights of objection and defense = renuntare la beneficiul de discutiune watchdog = organism de supraveghere si control Water utilization Permit weather insurance = asigurare de vreme nefavorabila well-grounded reason – with full justification willful misconduct = abatere savarsita cu intentie without recourse = neconditionat with full recourse = cu drept de pretentii de daune interese write-off = casare ? within the company powers (according to the object clause) = intra vires ? beyond its powers (outside the object clause) = ultra vires FOR – Loan Agreement / Loan Facility – Contract de Credit / Facilitate de Credit Arranger = aranjor .third party liability = raspundere civila (pentru pagube produse tertilor) through the good offices of = prin grija tort = delict civil Transcription and Inscription Register = Registru de transcriptiuni true copy/true owner = copie conforma / proprietar legitim underwriting department = serviciu de subscriptii Undertakings for Collective Investments in Transferable Securities = organisme de plasament colectiv in valori mobiliare unjust enrichment = imbogatire fara justa cauza ? unilateral termination of a contract = denuntare use. fructus & abusus value-added tax: Taxes are paid by a taxpayer only on the value added to a good.

commitment = suma creditata advance = transa de credit borrowed money = sume luate cu imprumut contribution = suma contribuita la credit drawdown = tragere borrower = debitor principal net derivatives liability = obligatii nete generate de instrumente financiare derivate obligor = debitor obligatar (debitor principal si garant) construction of certain terms – interpretation market disruption = conditii de piata nefavorabile grossing-up for taxes by the borrower = gross-up pentru taxe de catre debitorul principal binding obligations = obligatii ferme pari passu (obligations) = (obligatii) de acelasi rang cross-default = incalcarea mai multor obligatii cash collateralisation = garantarea prin lichiditati repudiation = refuzul de a-si indeplini obligatiile currency of account / currency indemnity = moneda de cont / despagubiri in valuta absolute discretion = putere de decizie absoluta to forgo a return = a renunta la venitul rezultat din investitii benefit and burden = beneficii si sarcini discharged obligations/rights = o/d stinse professional advice = consultanta de specialitate professional indemnity insurance = asigurare profesionala amalgamation = termen general – combination of two or more companies – by acquiring others / by merger of two/several / by existing companies being dissolved and a new company formed to take over the combined business – conversion / consolidation / merger / reorganization submission to jurisdiction = acceptarea jurisdictiei agent for service of process = agentul pentru primirea citatiilor PHRASES: in the event that one of the members is unable on an irrevocable basis = in cazul imposibilitatii definitive ….in contemplation of law = in conformitate cu legea 1.1 A abatere grava gross misconduct .

sub-contractor cancel.subscriitor (indorser) occupational disease credit worthiness perished good consumer goods good seized movable good distrained tangible/ intangible goods real estate and movable assets C cadastru carte funciara caiet de sarcini ca rezultat ca urmare a cambie (tras/ tragator) land register land book tender book thereupon pursuant to bill of exchange . Deed of Incorporation nominative share claim for recognition of rights action for damages action in subrogation official receiver General Meeting of the Associates (GMA) agent of the service of process pilfer-proof packing covenant enclose (herewith) annex. rescind 1. schedule. loss of profit benefit of discussion releases balance sheet promissory note / emitent (drawer) . appendix employer. a se abuz in functie accesoriu (al unui drept) achitarea facturii achita un cont acord tacit expres a acorda un credit acreditiv act cu titlu gratuit acreditiv documentar act de renuntare acte constitutive actiune nominativa actiune in constatare actiune in despagubire actiune in regres administrator al averii falitului Adunarea Generala a Actionarilor (AGA) agent de proces ambalaj care protejeaza angajament anexa (vb) anexa (subst) antreprenor a anula merger restrain. abstain from (a vote) abuse of discretion appurtenance settlement of the invoice clear an account express tacit agreement grant a credit letter of credit gratuitous agreement documentary letter of credit waiver Statutes .3 beneficiu nerealizat beneficiu de discutiune beneficiarii renuntarii bilant billet de ordin (titlu de credit) boala profesionala bonitate financiara bun care a pierit bunuri de larga folosinta bun sesizat bun caruia i s-a aplicat sechestru bunuri corporale/ incorporale bunuri imobile si mobile loss of bargain. builder.absorbtie abtine. Company Acts.2 B 1. annul.

termen de inchiriere cifra de afaceri circumscriptie cita (vb) citatie comert cu ridicata comert cu amanuntul comisia de cenzori Comisia Nationala a Val Mobiliare comitent compensatie/ a compensa competenta materiala comunica o somatie concesiune concediere concubin concesionar conditie/ garantie conditie rezolutorie conditii de descarcare conditii de plata conditii de livrare conosament conform Consiliul de Admnistratie consimtamant sincer cont de profit si pierderi contencios administrativ cont operativ contesta o decizie contopire Deputy Chamber International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) endowment capital registered. merger . concessionaire warranty resolutory condition terms of discharge terms of payment delivery terms bill of lading in due form Board of Directors genuineness of assent profit and loss accounts administrative claim/litigation department operative account / overdraft credit challenge a decision fusion. social capital criminal record bond several guarantee event of default request for arbitration counterclaim certificate of charges town planning certificate treasury bill (T-bill) surrender of a right surrender of an ownership right transferor/ assignor assignment/ cession/ transfer transferee/ assignee accounts receivable cash outlays overheads. leaseholder. markups incumbent expenses tenancy turnover territorial range summon summons wholesale trade retail trade censors’ committee (Internal Auditors’ committee ) National Securities Commission principal indemnity/ to indemnify material competence communication of the summons concession immediate dismissal concubine licensee.Camera Deputatilor Camera Internationala de Comert capital de dotare capital social cazier cautiune (depusa la judecatorie) cautiune reala caz de neexecutare cerere de arbitrare cerere neconventionala certificat de sarcini certificat de urbanism certificat de trezorerie cedare a unui drept cedare proprietate cedent cesiune cesionar cesiune de creanta cheltuieli de casa cheltuieli de regie cheltuieli care revin chirie.

hotarare decizie de imputare declaratie a defini fondul unei reclamatii delict civil denumirea marfii denuntator denuntare depozit depozit de garantii suplimentare depune eforturi depune o garantie desfasura o afacere desfiinta o hotarare despagubire deviz make a judgement on the merits date of commencement date of coming into force impair/ damage liquidated damages damages to reputation/ emotional distress claims penalty damages delay penalties damages of property conclusive and binding resolution charging decision (in a labour contract) representation by (debtor.contract de comodat contract de imputernicire contract de inchiriere cu persoane straine contract de societate contract de asistenta legala contract de comodat contract de gaj pe act contract solemn contract de vanzare pe credit contravenient (subst) contraventie contributie in natura conventie convoca. prealabila) estimate . final si definitiv decizie. bailee) 2. a da o hotarare de fond data de incepere data intrarii in vigoare dauna daune stipulate de comun acord bazate pe o estimare daune morale daune cominatorii daune moratorii daune patrimoniale 21eposit21. rezolutie. borrower share pledge agreement contracts by deed credit sale agreement misdemeanant (noun) misdemeanor / petty offence in-kind contribution covenant convene (meeting): call/ calling of GSM flat tax receivable budget obligation mortgage loan (pledgee. D 3. buyer) substantiation of a claim tort denomination of goods repudiating party unilateral termination of a contract warehouse collateral deposit endeavour post a bond conduct a business repeal a decision indemnity.persoana creditata) with full powers bailment (bailor. vb AGA cota unica de impozitare creanta creanta bugetara credit ipotecar cu puteri depline custodie commodate contract entrustment agreement cross border lease agreement Articles of Association/ Memorandum of Association legal assistance agreement commodate contract . compensation (fair and prior compensation/ despagubire dreapta.leader.

vb eroare de procedura evictiune evidente de publicitate imobiliara exceptie executare fortata/silita a unei datorii executor judecatoresc expropriere extras extras de cont aftermath material competence evolve error of law eviction real estate publicity evidencing documents motion to dismiss foreclosure of a debt licensed foreclosure officer expropriation excerpt statement of account 3.1 E 3.devolutiune legala disjunge un capat de cerere divulgare dizolva. fapt domeniu public drept de abitatie al sotului supravietuitor drepturi banesti drept decurgand din proprietatea asupra partilor sociale drept de concurenta drept de dispozitie drept de gaj drept material drept procedural drept pentru care drept de preferinta drept real asupra proprietatii drept de retentie drept de retentie al antreprenorului drept de retentie al proprietarului drept de proprietate dreapta judecata dresa un protest durata a unei societati forced heirship splitting a cause of action disclosure dissolve dissolution accrued interest deed public domain curtesy pecuniary entitlement rights arising from the shares ownership competing right right to dispose the property lien substantive law adjective law in witness thereof pre-emptive (preemption) right right in rem over the property distress (upon the goods of a tenant in satisfaction of unpaid rent) employer’s lien (securing priority of payment of the value of work performed) / builder’s lien landlord’s lien ownership right due process of law draft/ draw up a protest duration of the company’s activities 3. vb dizolvare (a unei societati) dobanda acumulata document.3 F 3. adj bill / invoice wrongdoer conducive to .4 factura faptuitor favorizant.2 22ffect (al unei calamitati) competenta materiala elabora.

including but not limited to furniture. vehicles and intangible) Incorporator / promoter operate mutual provision of information merger 3. provide warranties of title warrant the quiet enjoyment collateral/ security/ pledge bank guaranty & sureties (bail bonds) secured person further assurances endorser. insurmontabil impune o limitare imbogatire fara justa cauza imputernici. vb imputernicit impiedica.6 Grefier gaj pe fond de comert gaj de rang superior gaj fara deposedare garanta de evictiune garanta posesia linistita garantie garantie si asigurare bancara garantat garantii suplimentare girant greva cu datorii Clerk of the court floating charge. floating lien pledge.egregious violation) payment slip servient estate dominant estate (tenement) fond de commerce (consisting of movable tangible. pledge of fond de commerce. vb mandatory prevent (from) indefeasible unpredictable and unavoidable (force majeure) restrain unjust enrichment vest (in)/ empower attorney-in-fact restrain .5 G 3. surety charge/encumber with duties 3. equipment.8 hotarare judecatoreasca hotararea este definitiva judg(e)ment award is final and binding 3. pledgor/ pledgee (debitor gajist/ creditor gajist) prior lien pledge/ distraint without seizure defend and warrant the Pledge’s right against the claims.7 H 3.9 I 3.10 iertare de datorie forgiveness of debt imperativ impiedica (de la) imprescriptibil imprevizibil.fideiusor ipotecar filiala flagrant foaie de varsamant fond aservit fond dominant fond de comert Fondator (al unei societati) functiona furnizare reciproca fuziune fidejussor subsidiary egregious (incalcare flagranta .

16 mai sus mentionat mandant aforementioned mandatory . writ undertake fraud answer raised in the defense inter alios acta inter vivos construe payment delay within the company powers (according to the object clause) vest in invest with executory formula (writ of execution). incorporation.11 withholding tax against the invoice cashing the letters of credit accused (person) authentication decision reasonable conclusion minutes authentication decision reasonable conclusion co-tenancy (cuprinde si ‘tenancy in common’ si ‘joint tenancy’) formation. vb investi cu formula executorie 3. endorsement of executory title J 3. bound obsolete law liquidator M 3.14 la cheie legat lege cazuta in desuetudine lichidator 3.12 judecare in lipsa paratului judecatorie judecator sindic jurat just titlu 3. foundation confidential or proprietary information criminal offense. a plasa bani. felony attorney-in-fact deed.13 default judgement district court bankruptcy/ syndic judge juror paramount title L 3.impozit la sursa in baza facturii incasarea acreditivului inculpat incheiere de autentificare (la notariat) incheiere motivata incheiere (act) incheiere de autentificare (la notariat) incheiere motivata indiviziune infiintare informatie confidentiala infractiune imputernicire inscris insusi a-si inselaciune intampinare acte intre terti intre vii interpreta intarziere de plata intra vires investi.15 turn-key bequest.

mandat aparent marca de intregistrare membru fondator mens rea mentiune montaj mostenitori legali 3.22 partaj parte integranta parte interes parte vatamata participatie penala parti sociale pensionare la cerere perioada de gratie periodic petent partition part and parcel of part of interest injured/aggrieved party inchoate offences shares retirement upon request grace period from time to time claimant . vb obligatoriu obligatiune la purtator ofertant oferta de servicii Oficiul Municipal si de Protectia Sociala Oficiul de Stat pt Inventii si Marci – OSIM omisiune opozabil opozant.19 freight inconsistency with / non-compliance with gross negligence collective bargaining dispute free of encumbrances bare owner O 3.20 obliga.17 apparent authority trademark founding member guilty mind mention / amendment (ca si act) erection forced heirs N 3.18 navlu neconcordanta cu neglijenta grava negociere colectiva neintelegere negrevat de sarcini nud proprietar 3.21 compel mandatory bearer bond offeror tender Chamber of Labor & Social Protection State Office for Inventions and Trademarks oversight opposable (to) dissenting (minority of dissenting shareholders) injunction ordinance payment order injunction/ restraining order P 3. care se opune majoritatii ordonanta presidentiala ordonanta ordin de plata ordin judecatoresc 3.

hand-over protocol minutes of distraint power of attorney pro rata to protest (the nonperformance of the other party) levy a distraint brief start up.24 radiere a ipotecii rambursarea creditului raspundere civila delictuala a partilor pt copiii minori raspundere solidara raspunde solidar si individual raspuns la o intampinare rata ratio legis recalificare profesionala reclamatie recupera o datorie recurs recuzare reducere a activitatii refuz de a plati un instrument de plata regim juridic registru de transcriptiuni relatie de reprezentare erasing of a mortgage disburse the credit parental liability vicarious/joint liability (responsibility) jointly and severally liable reply to answer installment underlying principle professional re-conversion claim recover a debt appeal recusation restraint of activity dishonor legal regime transcription and inscription register fiduciary relationship .receipt minutes.23 overdraft credit down payment payment in arrears mass of creditors insurance policy recitals foreseen damages aforethought powers of management and disposal statutes of limitations performance claim (indemnities) rebutable presumption first degree court mayory whereby through the good offices reception minutes minutes of adjudication delivery . call into operation R 3.plan de credit ptata in avans plata in transe pluralitate de creditori polita de asigurare preambul preconizat prejudiciu premeditare prerogativa de administrare si dispozitie prescriptie extinctiva prestatie pretinde prezumtie relativa prima instanta primarie prin care prin grija poces-verbal de receptie proces-verbal de adjudecare proces-verbal de predare .primire proces-verbal de sechestru procura proportional cu protest pune sechestru punere in concluzii pune in functiune 3.

27 sanctiune pentru neplata sau neindeplinirea obligatiilor penalty for nonpayment or nonperformance sarcina sarcina care greveaza patrimonial scadenta scrisoare de intentie scrisoare de revenire scrisoare de trasura scrisoare de garantie bancara scuti (de o oblig. subscris (d. seizure court-ordered seizure of goods executed.soc) sucursala suma platita intr-o singura transa suporta o obligatie. extinguish a debt stowed reverse under scrutiny undersigned branch lump-sum bear a charge umpire abide by .25 remittance disclaimer discontinuance waive a claim/ right dismiss an appeal vacate a judgement carry over overdue payment personal lay-off rescission notice of motion S 3. sustine statutar si obligatoriu statut stinge o plata stivuit stornare sub control subsemnat.remitere renuntare la un drept renuntare la judecata renunta la o pretentie/ drept respinge un apel respinge o hotarare reporta restanta de plata restructurare de personal rezolutie ridicarea unei exceptii 3. vb supraarbitru supune. distress. a se encumbrance encumbrances over the patrimony maturity date memorandum of understanding reminder waybill bid-bond exonerate/exempt (from) sequestration.) sechestru sechestru judiciar semnat senat servitute servitute de trecere societate cu asociat unic societate in comandita simpla societate infiintata si functionand conform legislatiei societate inchisa societate pe actiuni solicita repararea unui prejudiciu solicita despagubiri sprijini.26 3. signed senate easement (appurtenance) right of way wholly-owed company limited liability partnership company organized and existing under the laws privately held company joint stock company claim indemnities for the prejudice raise a claim bolster (up) valid and binding statute pay-off.

29 tardiv taxa de succesiune taxe vamale teren aferent unei cladiri termen de judecata termen de incarcare titlu de creanta bugetara titlu executoriu titlu de stat titlu de valoare la purtator tragator transport tras trata la vedere trata tribunal tulburare tine raspunzatori pentru act unei companii pe directori sau administratori 3. possess & dispose acquisition by prescription/adverse possession usufruct/beneficial interest beneficial owner life estate (freehold estate) wear and tear obsolescence V valori mobiliare valuta liber convertibila vamuit venit real viciu ascuns violenta vot decisiv votul secret este obligatoriu securities fully convertible currency duty paid net profit hidden fault/on ascertaining hidden faults duress casting vote secret ballot is mandatory Z zile libere clear days . fructus & abusus uzucapiune uzufruct uzufructuar uzufruct viager uzura fizica uzura morala beyond its powers (outside the object clause) aggregate causes of action criminal prosecution use.28 substantiate an allegation T 3.sustine o acuzatie 3.30 U tardiv death tax / inheritance tax customs duties curtilage hearing loading budget bond title execution title T-bill bearer paper drawer shipment drawee sight draf draft municipal court disturbance piercing the corporate veil ultra vires uni mai multe capete de cerere urmarire penala usus.

.. base monthly service payment (BMSP) plată lunară pentru serviciul de bază ..o singura taxa de infiintare pentru serviciile de contabilitate furnizate etc acts of terror acte de terorism actual resident rezident efectiv against all expenses pentru toate cheltuielile agency reprezentanţă/agenţie all-inclusive rate tarif forfetar Amended and Restated modificat şi actualizat amusement caterers hire purchase contract in rate cu furnizori de servicii de divertisment any action taken or omitted to be taken orice acţiune întreprinsă. respectiv omisă application formular de solicitare a sumei de bani pentru achizitii/destinată achizitiei/pt. plată approved basis baza pt aprobarea proiectului appurtenances belonging or in any way appertaining thereto toate cele aferente arbitration agreement acord de arbitraj arm's length dealings tranzactii/operatii independente/nepreferentiale as is ca atare assign an agreement/contract a cesiona un contract assignment of claims cesiune de creanţă assured shorthold tenancy inchiriere asigurata/ valabila pe termen scurt/limitat at law or in equity în virtutea legii sau a echităţii at no cost to the other Parties fără niciun fel de costuri pentru cealaltă parte attorney-at-fact mandatar authenticating notary notarul care autentifică actul Background note informaţii de fond bank comfort letter scrisoare de garanţie bancară bareboat charterers navlositor nava nuda base claims as against a-si baza reclamatiile pe ."Supplier" prestator **no earlier than** 1 year să nu fie anterioară cu mai mult de un an *the exeption of claiming the benefit of option* excepţia invocării beneficiului de opţiune *the right to raise against your company* dreptul de a intenta actiuni legale ( impotriva companiei dvs) Accompanying Spouse Program Program pentru soţii/soţiile însoţitori/însoţitoare accounting set-up ..

be it resolved se hotareste/stabileste best efforts diligenţe billed on a per 5 keystroke source word basis facturat pe baza cuvântului sursă format din 5 caractere binding obligatoriu/imperativ/irevocabil/executoriu binding value and force of evidence valoare obligatorie şi forţă probatorie blended hourly rates tarif orar mediu ponderat bona fide policy obligatie de utilizare a aplicatiei software cu buna-credinta bonded depozit vamal borrowing powers by directors capacitate de a imprumuta a directorilor Branding Guidelines îndrumări referitoare la folosirea numelor mărcilor înregistrate business (segment de) activitate Business and Management afaceri si conducerea lor by letter of yours prin scrisoarea dumneavoastră by way of charge prin crearea/constituirea unei sarcini/garantii call solicitare de achitare a acţiunilor call on shares solicitare de achitare a actiunilor call-forward notice cerere de aprovizionare calls are not payable apleurile sunt netaxabile cancellation period preaviz de reziliere/denunţare (contract) capital capital cash and credit traders comercianti de instrumente financiare in numerar sau de credite cash pooling strategia de distributie optima a fondurilor/optimizarea distributiei fondurilor/numerarului cautionary statement notă de avertizare certificate of collation certificat de colaţionare certificate of incorporation certificat de înfiinţare/înregistrare certificate of obligation certificat de garanţie certified true copy copie conforma cu originalul certifying officer funcţionar însărcinat cu legalizarea semnăturii Change Order ordin de schimbare Channel Partner partener de [canal de] distribuţie [şi .

claim pretenţie .verb.substantiv. a ridica pretenţii .. inregistrat county clerk funcţionar de la consiliul judeţean/ prefectură Course of dealing conduita anterioara a partilor .revânzare] charge-out rates tarife charging of shares grevare (cu sarcini) a acţiunilor civic address situat în . a formula acţiune (civilă) în pretenţii claiming acts of God invocarea forţei majore clerical administrativ closing protocol protocol de incheiere code of good practice cod de bune practici collusive practice among Bidders practică înşelătoare între licitanţi comfort letter scrisoare de confort commercially reasonable efforts diligenţa unui bun comerciant commissioning punere in uz/ dare in lucru/ exploatare Companies House Registrul Comertului company limited by guarantee societate cu raspundere limitata de garantii compliance officer ofiţer de conformitate Concession Provider concedent concessions concesiuni consolidated net turnover cifra de afaceri neta consolidata consortium agreement acord de consorțiu consultant designed and contractor build vezi mai jos contract appraisal table tabel de comparare si evaluare a contractelor de aprovizionare contract for car terminal operations contract de servicii de terminal portuar auto Contract manufacturer sub-contractant Contract Manufacturing Agreement contract de fabricaţie la comandă contract on call-out basis contract pentru muncă pe bază de solicitare / ocazională / periodică contract principal contractant corporate officers directori ai corporatiei corporate statutory instruments instrumentele prevăzute în statutul societăţii counsel of record avocatul desemnat..

criminal investigation body organ de cercetare penală damage to persons and property pagube produse persoanelor şi bunurilor datum wall perete frontal / faţadă de-committed retras Deadlock blocajul (impasul) in negocieri debenture stocks stoc de obligatiuni declaration of no objections Declaratie de lipsa de obiectii deed of delegation and amendment act de delegaţie şi de modificare deed poll act unilateral deep distribution distributie pe arii extinse default în absenţă / lipsă default event motiv de neexecutare default fee taxa pentru intarziere defaulting/non-defaulting party partea care nu si-a îndeplinit obligatiile/partea care si-a îndeplinit obligatiile defect liability period perioada de garanţie defense of inconvenient forum excepţia instanţei necompetente deferral agreement contract de esalonare del credere delcredere deliver an agreement a remite un contract deliverable livrabil deliverable issues produse livrabile delivery call vs. elemente) livrate (furnizate) dematerialised shares acţiuni dematerializate Department of the Public Prosecutor Parchet depository credit credit de depozit desirous of being formed into a company Am hotărât înfiinţarea unei societăţi Direct labour operations contracte în regie proprie Directorate for International Law and Treaties Direcţia Drept Internaţional şi Tratate disclosed agent agent declarat/recunoscut discloser transmiţător district officer funcţionar districtual . borderou de livrare delivery items articole (produse. delivery slip cerere de livrare vs.

delivery and performance executia. livrarea si indeplinirea obligatiilor executory contract contract neexecutat sau executat partial exercisable exercitabil exercise due diligence a depune diligenţa necesară external buffer time timp tampon extern facility agent agent de facilitate / agent failure neîndeplinire fall within se incadreaza in fara protest no protest fee-based contract contract pe baza de onorariu .district officer functionar districtual district officer funcţionar/şef departament/funcţionar districtual division counsel consilier legal (juridic) de departament draft employment contract proiect de contract de muncă Draft Inception Report proiect de raport iniţial draw upon a executa duty of care obligaţia de prudenţă şi diligenţă earn-out price pret de cumparare cu clauza de indexare pe beneficiile ulterioare employee for hire persoana eligibila pentru angajare employee settlement and release agreement contract de muncă equitable or contingent interest interes de participare şi drept eventual equitable relief reparaţie echitabilă equity capital propriu equity securities titluri de capital escalator clause clauză de indexare ex store franco depozit except as specifically provided cu exceptia celor prevazute in mod explicit in prezentul acord/contract Excess funds surplus de fonduri Excess Rental Surplus/ supliment la chirie execute semneze executed and delivered as a deed semnat şi predat ca act juridic execution.

. titluri de gaj/ ipoteci prioritare ( pe termen lung ) pe capital fix si variabil fisa de calcul detailed cost schedule floor plan plan de etaj/nivel for good and valuable consideration cu titlu oneros for the account of public clients în contul clienţilor publici free from molestation or hindrance nestingherit free on loan leasing gratuit freedom from any defect of title lipsa de vicii a titlului de proprietate full title guarantee garanţie deplină de proprietate general direction coordonare generala Geographical Call-off contract contract cadru pentru o anumita zona geografica give effect aducerea la îndeplinire grant secondary procurements achiziţii secundare efectuate de beneficiarii finanţării nerambursabile Hand-Over Certificate certificat de predare he may be interested ar putea avea interese head agreement Acord/contract principal heads of term scrisoare de intenţie/protocol hierarchy of laws ierarhie de acte juridice normative hold a share upon a trust a deţine acţiuni printr-un fond fiduciar hold harmless against any and all liability for a garanta împotriva oricărei răspunderi izvorâte din holiday entitlement Dreptul la concediu de odihnă homestead rights drept de abitatie Hospital Agreement to Clinical Trial Study code Acordul spitalului pentru desfasurarea studiului clinic avand codul. hourly rate tarif orar hull war risks asigurare CASCO ( a aparatului de zbor ) contra pagubelor cauzate de razboi si immediate effect cu efect imediat improper machine design destinaţie improprie a utilajului in accordance with the scope of work în limita serviciilor prevăzute/stabilite. .filing for a plan of arrangement a formula un proiect de concordat Financial Close definitivarea clauzelor financiare / contractuale first priority debentures over fixed and floating free assets....

Institution Research Agreement contract de cercetare încheiat cu instituţia intending to be legally bound înţelegând să se oblige conform legii/să-şi asume obligaţii reciproce intercompany commision contract contract de comision intercompanie / între companii internal intern international burden sharing impartirea responsabilitatilor la nivel international International Executive Services practice servicii de consultanta privind forta de munca mobila investment letter declaraţie de investiţie Invoice Dispatch Method: FCM metodă de expediere a facturilor: curier rapid issued and outstanding share capital acţiuni emise şi aflate in circulaţie joinder agreement act adiţional Joint Administrators administratori asociati joint liquidator colichidator / lichidator asociat Joint Operating Company societate în participatiune joint representation reprezentare comuna joint tenants coproprietari cu dreptul supravieţuitorului joint venturer participant/parte la o asociere în participaţiune jurisdiction by submission competenţă teritorială convenţională .set forth in action in folosinta In attendance Secretarul firmei participa la sedinta / este participant la sedinta. In commercial confidence secret comercial in the best interests în interesul in the due course of business pe parcursul derulării afacerii Incentive Contract contract de co-interesare indemnitee & indemnitor partea exonerata ( de raspundere) / partea care elibereaza de raspundere ( alta parte participanta) indemnity/form of indemnity angajament de despăgubire index indice/index Information provided 'as-is' ca atare Injunctive Relief masuri punitive/ clauza care reglementeaza penalizarile input into (aici) informatii relevante in vederea ...

de neeludare şi cu privire .kept by the President of the City of Wroclaw tinut de Known all men by these presents Se face cunoscut prin prezenta known parties concerned alte părţi cunoscute ca având interes laying accounts in general meetings situaţii financiare Legal Exposure implicaţii legale legal notice aviz juridic legally binding document act cu efecte juridice lessor/lessee proprietar/chirias lessor/lessee (finance lease contract) finantator (locator) / utilizator (locatar) Letter of Agency scrisoare de împuternicire letter of conveyance scrisoare de insotire levy impunere/vărsământ/impozitare light-flooded rotundas rotonde inundate de lumina Loan number nr . de ordine pt imprumut ( evidenta interna) long lead pe termen lung mala fide rea credinta man-month luni-om mandatory contract contract de mandat manning agent agent de recrutare pentru echipaj masters matriţe matching support fonduri în completare material breach încălcare gravă mechanics' lien privilegiul constructorului (sau al furnizorului de materiale) membership agreement contract de utilizare memorandum of intent memorandum de intentie merging companies societăți care fuzionează mutually represent declară reciproc named dependant driver persoană dependentă desemnată ca şofer Netting agreement Contract de compensare New Reality application aplicatie New Reality No objection aprobare Non-Circumvention. Non- Contract de confidenţialitate.

Commercial Parity Comisia Paritară a Camerei de Comerţ Payment due to the contractor plata datorată contractantului payments plăţi. apostila notwithstanding this article fără a prejudicia prevederile prezentului articol of the essence de esenta off-court deed documente/acte nejuridice on a case-by-case basis în funcţie de caz / de la caz la caz / de la un caz la altul on a best effort basis va depune toate diligentele on a full indemnity basis indemnitate totală On-demand bond obligatiune cu plata la cerere option notice notificare de opţiune optionee titularul unei opţiuni or such earlier date la o data cat mai recenta order letter scrisoare de comanda order of precedence ordinea priorităţii Organic Law of the Judicial Branch legea organică a Sistemului Judiciar organizational division departament organizare ( si administrare) outstanding amount sumă restantă ownership proceedings demersuri pentru dreptul de proprietate parent company companie-mamă/societate-mamă Parent Guaranty fidejusiune Parity Committee.Disclosure and Working Agreement la conduita părţilor non-collusion non-coluziune. viramente performance bond scrisoare de garanţie person deriving title under succesor în drepturi physical examination inspecţie fizică placarded dotat cu placute de identificare . necoluziune Non-Consenting Party partea care nu consimte Non-Solicit Clause clauza de non-solicitare Non-Tip Area Employment angajat care nu poate primi bacşiş note nota marginala.

place of jurisdiction instanţa competentă placing of monies depunerea banilor pleas in defence that are not personal to the principal obligator excepţii care nu sunt personale debitorului principal positive aplicabile Pre-arbitral Referee Procedure procedura de delegare premergatoare procedurii arbitrale precautionary garnishee attachment poprire asigurătorie preliminary point of law încheiere preliminară/în principiu preparation project proiect de pregătire presentment prezentare pricing letter lista de preţuri (propuse) prima parte vezi mai jos principal mandant principle office sediu/birou principal/central privacy law legislaţia privind confidenţialitatea (datelor/informaţiilor (personale)) proceed to business a trece la ordinea de zi proceeding urmatoarele procurement plan table tabelul care contine planul de aprovizionare project document document privind un/al unui proiect proposed contract propunere de contract prestări servicii proprietary property proprietate brevetată public holidays Zilele de sărbătoare legală Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 Legea privind dezvăluirile de interes public din 1998 punch list lista cu lucrările rămase de executat pushers and barges delayed impingatoare si barje put option agreement contract de opţiuni de tip put sau de vânzare quiet enjoyment and peaceful possession folosinţă liniştită şi posesie netulburată Quotations or acknowledgements oferte de pret sau confirmari de comanda receiver custode recipient beneficiar records manager administrator de arhivă .

referring party reclamant registrar Directorul Oficiului Registrului Comertului regranting partners parteneri de refinanţare regulated materials panel lista materialelor reglementate release of the escrow amount eliberarea sumei din contul escrow releasor renuntator relocation expenses cheltuieli de relocare remain in effect ramâne în vigoare remedy dezdăunare/despăgubire/reparaţie representative trustee agent custode requirement cerinta referitoare la marja bancii reservation rezerva responding party partea pârâtă return authorization permis de reintrare review date data revizuirii/recalculării/actualizării right of survivorship dreptul supravietuitorului Roll Over rights drept de prelungire a termenului/scadenţei Romanian national registry registru naţional royalty payments plăţi cu titlu de redevenţe royalty-free right dreptul de liberă reproducere rules of evidence norme/reguli în materie de probe screen failure (test) screening esuat seconded personnel personal detaşat sectoral authorising officer ofiţer/oficiant de autorizare sectorială Secured Parties parti cu drepturi/creante garantate Security Deposit depozit de garantie security interest in bank accounts garanţie reală mobiliară constituită în conturi existente la bancă seeking the assessment of countervailing duties nu necesita evaluarea si plata de taxe vamale de compensare Senior Facilities Agreement Contract de împrumut prioritar service level agreement acord asupra nivelului de calitate a serviciilor set off compensa (pretentiile/creantele Creditorului) set-off (in context) drept de compensare .

în absenţa unei legi imperative .solutionat shall cease save va inceta cu exceptia (cazului cand) shall make no admission of liability nu-si va asuma raspunderea shall not be liable in contract. delictual sau în caz de neglijenţă share cota-parte / participaţie share contracts contracte pe actiuni/parti sociale share premium account Prime de emisiune single expenditures cheltuieli distincte snag item impedimente / dificultăți minore some referrals were made to arbitration s-a recomandat arbitrajul stable value clause clauza de nemodificare valorii/sumei stakeholder pension scheme plan de pensii personale private (stakeholder) standard of care Standardul profesional (de îngrijire) standard physical warehousing agreement contract tip de depozitare fizică standard security securizare standard statement of fulfillment declaraţie de îndeplinire (a unor condiţii)/declaraţie de accept statement of work specificatii de lucru statutory sick pay indemnizaţia de concediu medical legală (prevăzută de lege) Steering Committee comitet de direcţie stock exchange broker broker la bursa Stock Option Agreement Contract privind optiunea de a achizitiona actiuni/de a deveni actionar Stop and Go Warranty garantie pentru rulare intermitenta (ref.absent any imperative law settled va fi . tort. la anvelope) stranded on blocat/împotmolit subject thereto sub rezerva urmatoarelor conditii[in contextul de fata] subject to further disclosure by the recipient [poate] face obiectul altor dezvăluiri din partea primitorului submitter solicitant subsidiary/parent undertaking filială / companie mamă substantive laws norme de drept material .shall be . negligence nu va fi răspunzător contractual.

] in addition to the Deposit soldul/restul de plată the banns have been published s-a făcut vestirea the contract will be tolled suspendat/întrerupt the Escrow Agent shall require customary proof of identity agentul escrow trebuie să ceară dovada identităţii conform uzanţelor the leaflet's framework structura broşurii the party not claiming excuse by reason of partea care nu solicita exonerarea din acest motiv the sole means of proof thereof singurul mijloc de probă (al actului juridic) then obtaining în vigoare la acea dată these liabilities are reasonably expected to be liquidated within a year este de aşteptat ca aceste obligaţii să fie lichidate în termen de un an they have been the subject of a judgement which has the force of res judicata Au fost părţi într-un proces/procedură judiciară ce se bucură de autoritate de lucru judecat THIRD-PARTY RELIANCE recurgere / apel la o terţă parte to be bound by the terms of an agreement a fi obligat sa respecti clauzele contractului to be entered into (ce urmează a fi) încheiat to be redeemed sa fie rascumparate to complete 24 months of the Defects Notification Period expirarea celor 24 de luni de perioada de garantie(de reclamare a defectelor ) to continue the performance of the agreement to the extent not terminated sa continue executarea contractului in masura in care acesta nu a fost reziliat to control a prevala .. potrivit supplied under furnizate în baza (acordului) survival (în context) durata survive the termination of this order se va prelungi si dupa terminarea/derularea (sau anularea) prezentei comenzi tailor-made data collection systems sisteme adaptate de colectare a datelor tax credit credit fiscal Terminal Phaseout Management Plan plan de gestiune al eliminarii totale/ graduale pana la disparitia completa ( inserati aici subst) terminate an agreement a rezilia un contract/o convenţie the balance [.successor in title succesor in drepturi suffice deajuns.

nu exista riscuri legate de indeplinirea obligatiilor. netinandu-se seama offset (the purchase price) against a a stinge obligaţia de achitare a preţului de achiziţie prin compensarea de claim creanţe to reach during the same period a (se) îndeplini în aceeaşi perioadă to the contrary notwithstanding in caz contrar... tohave no performance risk . administratori ai unor asemenea fonduri fiduciare tshall permit seller to control completely the defense or compromise of any such allegation or infringement va permite vanzatorului sa detina controlul complet asupra apararii sau realizarii unui compromis contra oricaror astfel de afir turn the same to account să le valorifice unbundle a contract a încheia contract separat underwrite finance agreement contract de subscriere unearned revenue when adjusting entries venituri înregistrate în avans uninterrupted timely and error free service serviciu neintrerupt. took the chair a prezidat sedinta tort fapta ilicita Trading as sub denumirea comercială Y transaction-detail report raport detaliat al tranzacţiilor transferee cesionar transferor cedent trecere in extrabilantier moving off balance sheet true copy conform cu originalul trustees upon such trusts . furnizat la timp şi fără erori union of interests uniune de interese unsound mind deplinatatea facultatilor mintale unsubscribed shares acţiuni nesubscrise unto the Company Companiei upholds the rule of law veghează la stricta aplicare a legii variation order modificarea clauzelor Vehicle routes and records foaie de parcurs/ fisa autovehicul/ centralizator parcurs Vesting Schedule plan de investire waiver of breach renunţarea la invocarea încălcării unei clauze contractuale waiver of defences renunţarea la apărări .

interdicţie . acceptări applicant solicitant AS IS ca atare brand name & trademark denumire (comerciala) si marca comerciala consequential damages daune indirecte containment control / controlare courtesy translation traducere neoficială european trade mark and design attorney avocat (atestat) in conformitate cu standardele Oficiului European pentru Marca si Design fair use doctrine doctrina folosirii cu buna credinta in specie în specie Individual Voluntary Agreement intelegere/acord individual de reesalonare a datoriilor injunction hotărâre judecătorească de suspendare (sau) de amânare.waiver shall be effective Renuntarea va produce efecte warrantly reclamatii in perioada de garantie warranty bill of sale contract de vânzare(-cumpărare) cu garanţie warranty bond (Scrisoare de) garanţie bancară de bună execuţie pentru perioada de garanţie warranty work lucrari in garantie We hereby agree to be jointly and severally obligated and bound by this letter Ne luam angajament impreuna si separat prin aceasta scrisoare which is hereby incorporated by reference anexat spre referinta willful misconduct conduită ilicită intenţionată with powers cu puteri with relevant fees prepaid taxele/costurile aferente plătite în prealabil without prejudice to fara sa aduca atingere witnesses se confirmă următoarele witnesseth au luat cunostiinta working outlet punct de desfacere operational ( adica in stare de functionare) written ballot vot exprimat in scris X shall indemnify and hold Y harmless against any claim relating to such future operations X va despăgubi şi va exonera Y de răspundere împotriva oricăror pretenţii în legătură cu astfel de operaţiuni viitoare xxx's failure to insist on strict adherence to any provision omisiunea lui xxx de a insista asupra respectarii stricte a oricarei prevederi/dispozitii admissions admiteri.

my position criminal cases.. . semnatura mea fiind opozabila. signature being demurable... my .licensees licenţiat/autorizat licensor licenţiator music cue sheet lista muzicii. playlist cu muzică din filme neighbouring rights drepturi similare notice of claim aviz/instiintare de revendicare opposer oponent Product Certification Manager director certificare produse product divestment cesiunea produsului Product License Agreement acord de licenţă (a produsului) right thumbprint of signer/ top of thumbprint here amprenta policarului drept al semnatarului/locul semnăturii papilare rights of reversion drept de revocare (reintoarcere) a cesiunii screening rights drepturi de distributie/ difuzare strictly strict surplus of assets excedent de active to put forward all defences a opune toate mijloacele de aparare To the best of my knowledge and belief Subsemnatul XY.pozitia mea in cazuri penale.... inter alia inter alia . trademark marca comerciala US National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 704 standardul NFPA 704 utility model model de utilitate web properties proprietăţi web foreign exchange accounts conturi în valută "citizenship denouncement process" procedura/procesul de renunţare la cetăţenia română "prevailing party" parte câştigătoare 'credit' dreptul la indulgenta curtii de justitie (assignment of the) insured mortgage (cesiunea) ipotecii asigurate ***Living Quarter*** of the Hanoi University of the Foreign Studies căminul / internatul .. declar în deplină cunoştinţă de cauză şi cu bună-credinţă că.

Oxford.Legea Casatoriei administration putere administrativa administration de bonis non administrarea de bonis non Administration of Justice administrarea justitiei administrative power drepturi/puteri de administrare administrative solicitor avocat cu functii administrative admission of the claim admiterea / recunoasterea acuzatiei / pretentiei admitted equity pretentie admisă Advocate’s Clerk secretar al unui birou de avocaţi affidavit afidavit/declaratie prestata sub juramant affidavit in support of request for extradition afidavit/declaraţie scrisă sub jurământ în susţinerea cererii de extrădare agency memorandum comunicare interna sau informala ( a institutiei respective) aggravated mayhem vătămare corporală gravă agreement under hand conventie sub semnatura privata aliases porecle sau nume false All Souls Report raportul cu privire la dreptul administrativ emis de colegiul All Souls .Regatul Unit alternate judge (aici) membru supleant al unui juriu sau al unei comisii instituite pentru acordarea unui premiu etc. anticipated inheritance mostenire anticipata anticipated inheritance donaţie any award orice hotarare any persons claiming under either nici o alta persoana pretinzand ca actioneaza in numele vreuneia of them dintre ele appeal for reversal cerere de revocare appealable apelabil /recurabil .a bloated payroll and ever-rising salary increases un stat de plata "umflat" si nesfarsite majorari salariale a subcontracted third-party terţ subcontractant absorbing absorbind abuse pf process abuz de drept access order hotarare judecatoreasca care acorda acces la documente acknowledged before me autentificat/recunoscut/confirmat in fata mea acquire juristiction a fi învestită cu judecarea Act Lege .

aşa cum sunt. în starea în care se află. mai jos assault and battery lovire si alte violente assault with a deadly weapon atac cu mână înarmată associated appeal apel conex/cerere de apel conexă at a term of the District Court of the US held pursuant to law at x într-o şedinţă a tribunalului districtual/regional al SUA. III. intendent. solicitare de compensatii appointor persoana care numeste in functie Appropriate adult curator approval requirements cerinte de autorizare AR (acknowledgement of receipt) confirmare de primire are conducted sunt administrate Article 49(2)(a) to (d) articolul 49 alineatul (2) literele (a)-(d) articles of amendment act adiţional articles of organization Statut/Act constitutiv al societatii artifact date/probe criminalistice (extrase de pe calculator) as far as I can throw you nu dau doi bani pe tine As is mărfuri fără garanţie.Appellants Notice înştiinţarea/informarea părţilor reclamante application for cover cerere de garantie.II. administrator. portarel. aşa cum sunt. ţinută conform l at stake sunt în pericol/riscă să fie afectaţi attachment in aid of execution of a judgement sechestru judiciar attend court ordered / institutional participă (la program) in urma hotărârii judecătoresti/trimis de o institutie referred attorney-in-fact mandatar audit trail circuitul sau pista de audit award for/against decizie în favoarea/în defavoarea bail bond angajament de cauţiune bail-bonding firm firmă responsabilă de plata/depunerea cauţiunii/garanţiei bailiff I. neschimbate as is ca atare. executor judecatoresc . în starea în care se află/eventual (actiuni) la valoarea lor curenta as part of the settlement to Maori of commercial fishing claims v. primar bank's entries înregistrările/evidenţele băncii . „ca atare” /ca atare. aprod. serif.

\"a analiza pe fond\" cash-based (accounting) decontare bazată pe sistemul cash CAT Curtea de Apel pentru Concurenta/ Consiliul Concurentei/ Oficiul Britanic al Concurentei Certain underwriters at Lloyd's anumiţi agenţi de asigurare de la Lloyd's certificate of acknowledgment încheiere de legalizare certificate of title carte de identitate .Basic Law Constituţia Federală / Republicii Federale Germania be prevented împiedicată being duly sworn sub jurământ potrivit legii benchers decani Bill of Rights Declaratia/Legea/Lista Lista Drepturilor bills for assessment note (de plată) ce trebuie examinate bind itself obliga compania insasi Blank Consideration Counseling Statement vezi mai jos Blank Response and Petition formular în alb pentru petiţie şi răspuns la petiţie bond hearing audiere pentru eliberarea pe cauţiune bond of continuance legătura de continuitate book-entered shares acţiuni dematerializate book-lawyering practicarea meseriei de avocat ca la carte branch of family Ramura ( a ) familiei brokerage brokeraj. curtaj brokering weapons transactions intermediere de tranzactii cu arme/armament burden of proof sarcina probei business transfer Transferul/cesiunea afacerii/firmei business transfer agent agent de transfer by the assistant directed estate management in Romania sa-mi ofere asistenta legala in fata conducerii Administratiei Fondului Funciar din Romania California Jurat Loose Certificate Legalizare notariala a unei declaratii (semnata in prezenta notarului) Canada Evidence Act Legea Canadei privind probatoriul cannot make inapplicable a face inaplicabil care. custody and control custodie si control cartel law legislatie anti-trust Case on the ground to investigate on the ground .

"Monitorul Oficial") combined single limit polita combinata de raspundere civila cu limita unica commission autorizarea contractului de antrepriza Commissioner for Oaths imputernicit cu prestarea juramantului/notar committal hearing audiere preliminară common law drept cutumiar. certifier/attendant martor/persoana care certifica nasterea .certified matters of record documentatia legala aferenta dosarului. colecţie de legi (în Republica Cehă. drept jurisprudential communications conţinuturi Companies House Oficiul Registrului Comertului company culture cultura organizaţională/companiei/ de întreprindere/corporativă/principiile companiei company secretary secretarul societăţii complaint referral form formular de transmitere/înaintare a plângerii .medicul care a asistat nasterea chamber law vezi comentariu Chambers birou de avocatura/cabinetul judecatorului chapterhouse capitul Character Certificate certificat de bună purtare Chief Justice (US) Şeful Curţii Supreme de Justiţie a Statelor Unite ale Americii Circuit Court tribunal itinerant circular circulara civil attorney general procuror general civil claim settlement soluţionarea reclamaţiei Class Action lawsuits acţiune legală/judiciară de grup clean report raport fara rezerve clearinghouse centru de schimb de informaţii Clerk of the ***common pleas*** court of common pleas Clerk's Cooperative Authority Agenţia Cooperativă a Grefierilor clerk's cooperative authority Autoritatea Cooperativă a Funcţionarilor Curţii Supreme a Statului Georgia close out a lichida closed off inchis la minte/inchis in tine (prima mai cu siguranta) closing certificate certificat de încheiere (a tranzacţiei) coadjutant asistent coll.

. Oficiul Afaceri Internaţionale CROWN ATTORNEY procuror (Canada) .remedial code codul penal Criminal division. Office of International Affairs Departamentul Penal.having by law a common seal county of Kings Comitatul Kings course of justice cursul justitiei Court Attorney magistrat asistent court of competent jurisdiction instanţă competentă court of petty session instanta pentru cauze minore court of record tribunal de arhive Court of The First Instance Tribunalul de Prima Instanta Craiova's Court of First Instance Judecatoria Craiova credible fear interview interviu de solicitare al azilului pe motiv de persecutie grava criminal .completion account Raport de finalizare compliance with applicable guidelines conformitatea cu liniile directoare aplicabile compromise a tranzacţiona/a încheia tranzacţie compulsory purchase expropriere Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section Secţia infracţiuni electronice şi proprietate intelectuală computer intrusion/ hacking acces ilegal la un sistem informatic condominium rider act adiţional privind imobilulul în coproprietate confess achiesare confidential marriage casatorie fara martori contradictory procedures procedura (discutie) contradictorie contributor ţara care contribuie cu trupe copyright fee paid service serviciu (de copiere) cu taxă pentru drepturile de autor Corporate Claimants societate reclamantă corporate constituency statutes legi privind constituenţii companiei corporate legal departament juridic din cadrul unei firme/companii/societăţi Cost recharge agreement contract de rambursare costuri Council Regulation Regulamentul Consiliului county clerk and clerk of the county un functionar public cu pregatire si atributii in domeniul juridic .

a renunţa la acuzaţiile formulate împotriva cuiva Due Process tratement echitabil/egal conform cu legea locala emergency care order hotarare judecatoreasca privind incredintarea copilului in regim de urgenta enforceable against them având efect obligatoriu faţă de ele enforcement proceedings proceduri executorii Enforcement Directorate Enforcement Directorate (Biroul insarcinat cu aplicarea legilor al SOCA) entity entitate entry of appearance declaraţie de constituire/prezentare ca parte în proces . title ) / proof of business address draw utilizare drop charges a-şi retrage plângerea împotriva witness martor al acuzării cursory search perchezitie sumara dating relations relatii amoroase defaulted party partea faţă de care nu au fost îndeplinite obligaţiile (contractuale) defaulter partea care nu şi-a îndeplinit obligaţiile defense of mental disease or defect apărare pe motiv(e) de alienare mintală dematerialized security titlu în formă dematerializată demos populaţie Department of Justice Trial Attorney avocat pledant din partea Departamentului de Justitie / Ministerului Justitiei din SUA deputy governor guvernator adjunct detention order măsură de siguranţă privativă de libertate determination of the proceedings Finalizarea procedurilor devolution of assets and liabilities transferul activului şi pasivului Director of Public Prosecutions Procuroul General de pe linga Inalta Curte de Casatie si Justitie disclaimer precizari legale discovery motion cerere de prezentare a dovezilor dismembered right dezmembrământ disposal dreptul de dispoziţie Diversity Project Proiectul Diversitatea divorce settlement solutionarea divortului domestic partner concubin(ă) doubling reading dubla lectură dovadă sediu business address documents ( lease.

cu privire la cauza/obiectul acţiunii European Court of Auditors Curtea Europeană de Conturi evidence vs. 1 first hand în mod direct.escheat moştenire vacantă escrow garantie/custodie/escrow estate moştenire Estimate for Construction works deviz pentru lucrările de construcţie estoppel . proof indicii/semne versus probe evidential and persuasive burden sarcina dovezii si a probei legale evidentiary examination examen (medico-legal) constatator executive decree decret/ordonanta guvernamentala executive officer Director executiv exemptive relief degrevare / scutire de la indeplinierea unor criterii/ solicitari exit conference sedinta de inchidere expectant right drept condiţionat expert journal publicatiile de specialitate expungement of criminal records reabilitare judecatoreasca fair use utilizare permisă fără consimţământul autorului family retainer persoana aflata in serviciul familiei/asistenta personala (in context) fan articles produse gonflabile felony murder omor cu premeditare fieldwide per domeniu filing procedure procedura de depunere final warning ultim avertisment Finder's fee contract contract de comision first circuit (curtea de apel din) prima circumscripţie/circumscripţia nr.cause of action estoppel/issue estoppel autoritate de lucru judecat . fără intermediere (aici) Floating Charge rata variabilă (a dobânzii) forced heir moştenitor rezervatar forefaulture confiscare Foreign Assets Control Regulations reglementări privind controlul activelor străine Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Legea privind practicile de corupţie în străinătate forum non conveniens forum non conveniens .

fondator..forward-looking statement declaratii anticipative foster mother asistent maternal framer iniţiator.. dreptul la libera stabilire Freedom of Information law requests cereri adresate in baza legii privind liberul acces la informatiile de interes public freelancer contract Contract de prestări servicii (persoane fizice autorizate) fully advised in the premises cu deplina cunoaştere a lucrărilor dosarului GAFTA Register of Superintendents Registrul Inspectorilor al GAFTA (Asociatia de Comert pentru Cereale si Furaje) general power of attorney for lawsuits procura generala pentru reprezentare in proces Gentlemen's Agreement for a Joint Venture contract de asociere bazat pe buna credinta given under my hand Întocmit/redactat sub semnătura mea good leaver persoană plecată din motive neimputabile Government administratie publica (centrala) Government Chamber birou/corp/agentie guvernamental(a) grant relief se acordă câştig de cauză grantor mandant Guarantee Trust fond fiduciar de garantare guidance document document de orientare had leave to enter permisiunea de intrare haeredes proximi mostenitor direct/ intaiul mostenitor legal de drept Haeredes remotiores mostenitori lineari indirecti half-tongue juriu mixt. părinte./de medietate linguae halfway house Centru corectional de tranzit harmless error Eroare/greseala lipsita de consecinte/nesemnificativa/inof ensiva have an interest are interese (financiare) legate de conturile bancare in cauza hazards of freedom riscurile libertatii health-care proxy Imputernicire privind deciziile de natura medicala hereof fail not a se executa/îndeplini întocmai . autor Freedom of establishment libertatea de stabilire.

I shall be liable to.. if it is tendered in evidence. nu am nici o datorie la stat (nu sunt dator la stat) I make it knowing that. voi răspunde conform legii ICH Harmonised Tripartite Guideline linii directoare tripartite armonizate in conformitate cu cerintele ICH Identity Parade trecerea în revistă a suspecţilor (pentru identificare) importing Singularul include si pluralul improved work release program ( imbunatatit) de lucru pentru detinuti in full satisfaction of claims either may have to interest spre deplina satisfacere a pretentiilor pe care oricare dintre parti le poate avea pentru cota parte in good faith cu buna credinţă in its discretion deems advisable va considera potrivit in principal (en principal in limba franceza) în principal/suma principală in witness whereof drept pentru care incapacitation limitarea capacităţii juridice Inns of Court Inns of Court interlocutory appeal apel interlocutoriu international humanitarian law drept international umanitar interposed appeal apel introdus is not entitled to these fair trial rights nu beneficiază de/ nu i se acordă dreptul la un proces corect islamic contract contract conform cu legea . o dau cunoscând că. dacă este folosită ca mijloc de probă.high crimes and misdemeanors crime şi delicte majore hoeres factus mostenitor testamentar hoeres natus mostenitor legal hold unto a avea in posesie holiday rotation rotaţie pentru concediu horizontal property condominiu Human Trafficking Team echipa pentru combaterea traficului de fiinte umane hung jury juriu divergent I do not get into any debt of the state..

părţile consimt/înţeleg să/sunt de acord cu faptul că join family. to a reîntregi familia joint agent signature semnatura mandatarului comun joint and several liability raspundere solidara joint holder codeţinător judgment and decree hotărâre judecătorească judgment may be entered in terms of the award poate fi dată o hotărâre judecătoarească în sensul hotărârii arbitrale judicial circuit circumscripţie teritorială a unei instanţe de judecată jurat with affiant statment legalizare de semnatura jurisdiction and venue of the court competenţa materială şi teritorială a instanţei Justice Curriculum Vitae Card Cazier juridic Keen doreşte (vezi explicaţia) Known by all men by these presents se aduce la cunostinta publicului prin prezenta imputernicire Lakeland high school certificate of attendance certificat de prezenţă al liceului Lakeland land use title titlu de folosință a terenului Law Enforcement Crime Free Multi Housing Coordinator coordonator al programului de eradicare a criminalităţii din complexele de locuinţe lawful claim for a preliminary distraint se renunta la beneficiul de discutiune (si beneficiul de diviziune) Laws of Tort dreptul raspunderii civile delictuale legacy contract contract pre-existent legal aid lawyer consultant juridic gratuit (angajat ale unei organizatii non-profit) legal binding/to be legally bound obligatoriu din pdv legal / obligat legal legal drafting redactare juridică .islamică It is hereby ordered and adjudged that the marriage between the said Plaintiff and the Defendant be and the same hereby is dissolved and a divorce from the bonds of matrimony between said parties is also ADJUDGED Prin prezenta se ordonă şi decide desfacerea căsătoriei între numiţii reclamant şi pîrît şi se decide divorţul între susnumitele părţi It is understood se înţelege că.

legitimitate legally acceptable representative reprezentant acceptabil din punct de vedere legal legally defensible fundamentat din punct de vedere juridic Leper's Act Legea privind lepra letter of formal notice scrisoare de somare letter of payment ordin/dispozitie de plată letter on hire agenţie (persoană) care se ocupă cu închirierea proprietăţilor altora liability in tort raspundere delictuala liable on conviction on indictment responsabil in urma condamnarii pe baza rechizitoriului lien & charge drept de retenţie & sarcină lien release scutire de garanţie litigation deal motiv de disputa loss of bargain beneficiu/ castig nerealizat lynch law justitiar privat (legea lui Lynch) magistrates's court Curtea Magistratilor maintenance enforcement officer agent/ofiţer însărcinat cu recuperarea pensiei alimentare male/female applicant solicitant/solicitantă man year ani de munca/om manifest injustice injustiţie flagrantă Margin deposit depozitul marjei / depozit colateral Marriage Settlement Agreement acord de partajare/impartire a bunurilor may weaken our patent situation pot afecta negativ situaţia brevetelor noastre mean medie means of redress of grievances mijloace de solutionare a plangerilor media suporturi/medii mentally incompetent person persoană lipsită de discernământ merits of the case pe fond / pe fondul cauzei MFO Code codul băncii vechi (MFO) middle-ranking police officers ofiţeri de poliţie de rang mediu . legitimacy legalitate vacuum vid legislativ legality vs.

încadrată ca delict minor misdemeanor loitering vagabongaj missing beneficiary bond cauţiune în favoarea moştenitorilor-lipsă mistaken identity eroare asupra persoanei mistrial Proces nul motion for default judgment cerere de judecare a actiunii in contumacie mug shot fotografie judiciara multilateral surveillane and excessive-deficite procedure supraveghere multilaterala si procedura in caz de deficit excesiv Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters asistenţă judiciară internaţională în materie penală My commission continues so long as I shall practise mandatul meu/autorizatia va continua atat timp cat voi exercita/profesa Narey Hearing audiere Narey negative equity situation capital propriu negativ negative pledge angajament negativ neighbourhood judge judecător de proximitate no business shall be transacted nu se va lua nici o decizie No contest nu a contestat non-assessable acţiune achitată integral non-EU country stat nemembru al UE / ţară nemembră a UE norme conflictuale conflict norms notary or recorder of exceeding property notar sau sef al biroului de carte funciara note of hand bilet la ordin notice of entry waived scutit de notificare de depunere nuisance contraband bunuri interzise cu grad de periculozitate redus sau moderat Oaths Act 1867 Legea din 1867.milestone punct de referinţă misdemeanor fraud frauda. privind declaraţiile sub jurământ Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee Biroul Autorităţii Tutelare Official Receiver administrator judiciar/lichidator oficial receiver Oficiul Registrului Comerţului on file with depusă la on recall în executarea restului de pedeapsă/revocarea .

chichite physical vs.. Palestinian Liberation Front Frontul de Eliberare a Palestinei participating merchants părţile participante (la contract) participation in the euro area participarea la zona euro participative account cont participativ particular favour scutire specială passive joint litigation coparticipare procesuală pasivă patent lawyer avocat specializat în proprietate industrială period of release perioadă liberă/de scutire (de sarcini de serviciu) Permission to Appeal permisiunea de a face recurs petty patents brevet de inovaţie pettyfoggery escrocherie.liberării condiţionate on the books of in registrele open verdict deces (caz) neelucidat opinion procedure avizul / procedura de avizare ordeal of the bier ordalia catafalcului / sangelui Order to show cause Re Injunctive Order hotarare/ordin a(l) curtii de judecata de a fi prezentate motivele cererii/hotararii de interdictie ordinary process proces ordinar/normal Orphan's Court Division Curte de Justitie specializata in drept succesoral otherwise şi în alte circumstanţe/ privinţe otherwise establishing exercising or defending legal rights stabilirea... trace evidence probe fizice c/a probe criminalistice (urme) pitfall capcană Plausible deniability dezmintire plauzibila Players have no legal claim to a game account jucătorii nu au drepturi legale asupra. exercitarea sau apărarea drepturilor legale outstanding restante la data . plea bargaining negocierea pedepsei Points of Dispute obiectele/punctele disputate / în litigiu /ale contenciosului Police Clearance Certificate CERTIFICAT de neînregistrare in evidenta politiei .

intrari .Policy strait-jacket cămaşă de forţă pentru politici / să nu-şi îngrădească politicile pooling formarea unui cartel pre-sentence report raport premergator pronuntarii sentintei premium primă prepaid letter plic timbrat (autoadresat) prescribed punishment pedeapsa stabilita/primita prin lege principle of adequate reasoning principiul rationamentului corect prior proceedings în instanţele anterioare privacy viaţă privată private cause of action temei pentru acţionare în judecată probate judge judecator specializat in dreptul succesoral procedural guarantees garanţii procedurale process agent mandatar pentru comunicarea actelor de procedura procurement of insurance cumpărarea/achiziţionarea unei asigurări prohibited foreign trade practices by issuers practici de comerţ exterior interzise emitenţilor proof of affidavit (dovada a) declaratie(i) pe proprie raspundere proprietary technology tehnici brevetate prorogated jurisdiction against himsef extinderea competentei instantelor de judecata engleze asupra sa prosecuting charges urmarire penala prosecution of claims intentarea actiunilor in pretentii public hearing audiere publica a unui martor/sesiune a unui proces desfasurata cu usile deschise public path cale/drum de acces public QC (queen's counsel) consilier al reginei quasi-criminal culpa simpla (greseala) race to the bottom o cursă dincolo de limitele admise rank speculation pure speculaţii Re: referitor la reading lectura receipts venituri.

recitals expunere de motive reckless endangerment Neglijenţa criminală Recorder registrator recovery abroad of maintenance obtinerea pensiei de intretinere in strainatate referral order ordin de trimitere referred trimis spre conciliere register of charges registru de sarcini Register Office registratura orasului/registrul general al firmelor/ registrul comertului/ administratia financiara registered agent reprezentant procesual regulatory mandate mandat de control relinquish a renunţa la / a retrage remand proceedings sedinta de judecata a ramanerii/retrimiterii acuzatului in stare de arest remit (domeniu/sfera de) competenta.o.r. (self-regulatory organisation) OAR (organism de autoreglementare) save cu excepţia second degree murder crima nepremeditata sau omor prin imprudenta/ ucidere din culpă/ lovituri cauzatoare de moarte security interest garanţie reală mobiliară security interest garanţie reală seeks evidence for use cauta probe pentru a fi folosite self-initiative report raport scris din proprie inițiativă Senior Deputy to the State Attorney prim viceprocuror general (Rep.Moldova). prim-adjunct al procurorului general (Romania) Senior Trial Attorney avocat pledant principal service by publication notificare/ comunicare prin publicitate . atributii Reserved Matter aspecte rezervate restraining order ordin de restricţie retained entity entitate angajata retribution sanctionare rocket-propelled granade launchers lansatoare de grenade propulsate de rachete Running Expenses of Means Cheltuieli curente cu mijloacele (de transport) s.

procuror statement of offer descrierea ofertei States Parties state semnatare/ state membre statutory declaration Declaraţie (pe propria răspundere) legalizată statutory seat sediul administrativ subject access acces la informatii/date personale subject of rights titular de drepturi Subject to Immigration control Aveti statut care presupune control/verificarea ( documentelor) de imigrare ? subordination contract contract de subordonare a creditorului substantial state purpose o reclamatie intemeiata si dovedita ca atare in statul respectiv summary judgement procedură sumară superintendent director/administrator de district scolar Superseding Indictment rechizitoriu multiplu sworn and subscribed dată sub prestare de jurământ şi semnată Table A Modelul A tag notice eticheta aviz take acknowledgements a lua declaraţii (de recunoaştere) tank tourism turism pentru carburanţi tax liens sarcini fiscale test case precedent judecatoresc. Tribunalul hotărâşte the day and year first above written în ziua şi anul menţionate mai sus . caz de referinta the causes of action accrued afresh prescripţia dreptului la acţiune s-a întrerupt the Court orders.service of process notificarea actelor de procedură Skeleton Argument prezentarea (pe scurt a) motivelor/temeiurilor legale small claims court tribunal de procese minore special prosecutor procuror special insarcinat cu (cazul) Specified Services Certificate certificat al Serviciilor Specializate stalking hărţuire State aid backlog intirzierea acordarii subventiei (de stat)/sursa de subventii (de la stat)-depinde de context State Prosecutor vs Prosecuting Attorney procuror general vs. ***good cause appearing*** Fiind prezentate suficiente motive/dovezi.

.... cu alte cuvinte tort faptă ilicită translated true copy traducere conformă cu originalul transmit transferat/predat (autorităților române) transnational organized crime crima organizată transnaţională .education act Prezentul document certifica faptul ca. threatened damage ameninţare iminentă de prejudiciu threw the book at him i-a aplicat pedeapsa maximă to all to whom these presents shall come tuturor celor care vor primi prezenta to allege criminality implica/ presupune vinovăţia/ caracterul infracţional to be bound to see to the application of purchase money să fie obligat / constrâns să supravegheze ca suma de cumpărare / achiziţie să fie utilizată to black the prices a înnegri preţurile to cause a dispune to cook the books a măslui/falsifica contabilitatea to decommission a scoate din uz to launder trigger words a atenua duritatea unor cuvinte sensibile to me known and known to me care s-a prezentat personal in fata mea to merge criminal punishments contopirea pedepselor to reallege a re-invoca/ a invoca din nou to report a reclama to solicit a solicita ( clientela)/ a-si oferi serviciile clientilor potentiali to subscribe a subscrie to wit si anume.the entity of law subiect de drept the person executed the instrument persoana a semnat documentul The Prosecution of Offences Act 1985 Actul urmăririi judiciare a infracţiunilor 1985 the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged acceptate şi considerate suficiente prin prezenta The Registrar of Companies Directorul Oficiului Registrului Comertului / Director ORC the settlement price pret de lichidare third degree murder ucidere din culpă third party right drepturi ale terţilor this is to certify that.

de dobandire voire dire examination audiere preliminară voting securities titluri cu drept de vot ward's money banii administraţi în calitate de tutore warrant arrest record situatia/numarul/lista mandatelor de arestare whichever is later oricare dintre acestea survine mai târziu whistle-blower informator who is personally known to me in testimony whereof pe care il cunosc personal.transposing legislation adaptarea legislatiei trial competition concurs de procese simulate trial held on camera proces televizat/public/mediatizat true and lawful attorney imputernicitul/reprezentantul legal trust trust Trustee member (membru) administrator (teritorial) trustees membrii ai Consiliului de Administratie U. abuz verbal. S law enforcement agents and prosecutors agenti de aplicare a legii si procurori din SUA U. agresiune verbala (in functie de contextul specific) vest a dobândi vesting certificate certificat de atribuire. investire cu un drept.S. copyright interest cotă-parte/procent drepturi de proprietate intelectuala SUA underlying asset activ subiacent Unites States Drug Enforcement Administration Departamentul Antidrog din SUA unless procures inafara cazului in care se obtine unqualified (opinion) opinie fara rezerve (necalificata sau favorabila) unsound mind nu se află în deplinătatea facultăţilor mintale upon information and belief pe baza informaţiilor şi a convingerii upon signing sub semnătură/în baza semnăturii upon the footing of the value in baza valorii fixate US Safe Harbor privacy principles Principiile de Confidentialitate Port Sigur verbal abuse violenta verbala. drept marturie. semnez mai jos Will to live neaplicarea şi întreruperea terapiilor de menţinere în viaţă withdrawal treatment tratamentul sevrajului / sindromului de sevraj .

without prejudice fără pronunţare asupra fondului Work-life balance echilibru între viaţa profesională şi viaţa socială (sau personală) writ of error ordonanţă pentru revizuirea procedurii written submission memoriu/note scrise/observaţii scrise zoning laws plan urbanistic zonal (PUZ) capital items obiective de investiţii de folosinţă îndelungată curial proceedings proceduri judiciare defensive duty taxa vamala protectionista duty free zone zonă liberă Excise license licenţa de acciză (autorizaţie de operator economic cu produse accizabile) exit tax taxarea/impozitarea la ieşirea/plecarea din ţară federal or state return tax declaraţie de venituri realizate la nivel statal sau federal fiscal capital capital financiar Generalized System of Preference (GSP) sistem generalizat de preferinţe (GSP) Hereof due: (suma) datorata prin prezenta: IC sales listings înregistrări ale livrărilor intracomunitare imports and customs compliance Reglementarile vamale in domeniul importului in-state tuition benefit rate taxa de scolarizare in acelasi stat lack of territoriality neîndeplinirea criteriului teritorialităţii Lodgement of claim Declaraţie de creanţă National Insurance number Numărul de Asigurare Naţională notional tax impozit ipotetic principle of non-refoulement principiul nereturnării progressive tax impozit progresiv rebate reducere.rabat regressive tax impozit regresiv severance tax Redevenţă Standard Rate Band plafon/valoare-maximă pentru rata (de impozitare) standard tax benefits scutiri la plata impozitelor si taxelor tax credit certificate certificat de credit fiscal .

Immigration and Customs Enforcement Serviciul American pentru Controlul Imigratiei si Normelor Vamale Unique Taxpayer Reference cod de identificare fiscală.dishonesty majoritate absoluta = absolute majority majoritate simplpa = simple majority .tax return/self assessment DECLARATIE DE IMPUNERE Trade tax law legea impozitului comercial U. cod fiscal vehicle ownership taxes taxe asupra mijloacelor de transport Working tax credit credit de impozit pentru muncă Dividende = dividends Proportional = pro rata Vot deschis – show of hands Actiune in anulare = action for annulment / action in avoidance cauţiune în favoarea moştenitorilor-lipsă = missing beneficiary bond declaratie de retragere = statement of withdrawal rea credinta .S.