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Wing Chun Syllabus

A basic description of the Wing Chun syllabus contains the three open hand forms of
Siu Lim Tau (Little Imagination), Chum Kiu (Seeking the Bridge), Biu Jee (Thrusting
Fingers), Chi Sau (Sticky Hands), and the Mok Yan Jong (Wooden Dummy Form).
There are also the weapon forms for the Luk Dim Boon Guan (Long Pole) and the Baht
Jam Doa (Double Knives). It is a common misconception that one completes the art of
Wing Chun after learning the above syllabus. There is actually much more to Wing
Chun than just this. Just regarding the forms, there is an additional dummy form for
the eight Wing Chun kicks called Buhn Jee Jong (tri-pole kicking dummy). Also
various dummy forms for the Long Pole and Double Knives must be trained. And still,
even after learning all of the forms and sticky hand drills, one cannot yet claim to
have learned the whole Wing Chun system.
For instance, learning Chi Sau (Sticky Hands) is more of a stepping-stone that
prepares one for training fighting applications. Chi Sau trains one’s reflex, sensitivity,
coordination, mobility, and non-stop movement. Chi Sau also trains one in the concept
of coverage, which is important for simultaneous offense and defense.
I would also like to stress that the forms alone cannot be employed as-is for fighting.
Even after one has learned all the forms, one must employ “Chahk Kuen” and “Chahk
Jong”. These two terms mean to break down the individual techniques and movements
contained within the forms, and recombine them with other techniques/movements
for application in fighting. In addition, Wing Chun has special training methods called
“Dah San Jong” and “Dah Wai” which employ the recombined techniques from “Chahk
Kuen” and “Chahk Jong”. “Dah San Jong” means to apply the recombined techniques on
a “live dummy”. The “live dummy” is an opponent who will attack you using different
techniques, both from Wing Chun or from other styles. “Dah Wai” is similar to “Dah
San Jong” except the Wing Chun practicioner is confronted with more than one
The recombined techniques may appear different from how they are played in the
forms. This is because the forms are just a rudimentary foundation to Wing Chun,
just like the English alphabet is to the English language. For example, the letter “B”
holds no inherent meaning on its own. But when combined with the letters “A” and “T”,
the three letters can spell out the word “BAT”. This word may contain several
different meanings. If one rearranges the order of the letters, another word ”TAB”,
with different meanings and applications, can be spelled. It is also necessary to point
out that no one letter is more important than another. A similar approach holds true
for the forms in Wing Chun. No one form is more important or more advanced than
the next. No one can speak English just with the alphabet alone. There are other
factors that affect a language, such as vocabulary, grammar, and syntax. As such, no
one can fight in a form because fighting involves more than just forms.

The techniques from the Wooden Dummy Form also cannot be used as in the form when fighting. Chahk Jong. you will have substance in your kung-fu. SiFu Lok Yiu and SiFu Duncan S. Gung Lek is a method of generating a specific type of power. I reiterate that this article is based merely on my experiences and point of view. These training methods are for the sake of developing Gung Lek. I must stop here. In the next article. Gung Lek training in Wing Chun is designed to maximize the power and speed of Wing Chun techniques.H. I will write more about Wing Chun in future articles. a runner’s legs are also very strong but are trained more for speed and endurance. In contrast. the actual training does not require sophisticated equipment. please feel free to voice your opinion. “Chahk Jong” is also very important for understanding the Mok Yan Jong (Wooden Dummy Form).As “Chahk Kuen” is important to better understand the application of some techniques in the forms. Although all based upon scientific principles. we begin to realize how ingenious the previous generations of Wing Chun practitioners must have been in designing these techniques centuries ago. the late Grandmaster Yip Man. Nor will they hit you back. during the end of Emperor Yung Jeng’s reign. Although it has two arms and one leg. As we start to see this amazing progression from form to fighting. Essence of Wing Chun According to legend. Dah San Jong. Wing Chun kung fu originated from the Shaolin Temple in China. already . I would like to discuss some basic Wing Chun theories and concepts. We will dig deeper in our discussion of Wing Chun theory and some of the training curricula. around 300 years ago. and Dah Wai. even when they are hit. a power-lifter’s legs are specifically trained to lift large amounts of weight. the Chinese have a famous martial arts saying. When time allows. Ng Mui. In addition to Chahk Kuen. To conclude. We will also show that explanation must be backed up by practical application. This is because. If one does not have the physical ability to back up technical prowess. Due to time constraints. the arms and leg cannot move. It follows. Unfortunately there has been much effort in mystifying this concept. then. This can be translated as If you diligently practice your martial art with Gung Lek. Leung. unlike a fighting opponent. Lien Kuen But Lien Gung Doh Lo Yut Cheung Hung. If the reader feels there are discrepancies. Wing Chun also has many other exercises and training methods. the wooden dummy is inanimate. that the application of technique in the form must again be different from that employed in actual fighting. My philosophy towards Wing Chun and how to teach the art results from and reflects the teachings of my SiFus. or inaccuracies. For example. As such. then one has but a mere shell of a martial art. instead of an empty shell and a dream of what you could have been in your twilight years. Many techniques in fighting application are completely beyond what one may imagine when attempting to interpret the forms.

Once the snake took the bait. Ng Mui observed that the snake. Hap Ga. Ng Mui thought that this battle demonstrated an awesome display of strategy and technique. It was through this battle’s edification that Ng Mui received an epiphany: to apply the strategy and techniques of the crane and snake into human combat. developed the core ideas and philosophies of what is now Wing Chun kung fu after witnessing the fateful encounter between a crane and a snake. White Eyebrow.” Simply put. It would make a lot of movements to distract the snake while also waiting for the right moment to launch an attack. Wing Chun cannot strictly be considered an independent style. Each of these styles emphasizes different aspects of the Shaolin art. The arts of Hung Ga. In fact. though possessing no limbs. poised for the most opportune time to swiftly attack. The snake would lure the crane into initiating the first move by coiling up its body while constantly moving its head. was able to skillfully defend itself. It is believed that Yim Wing Chun had a foundation of Fukien Shaolin kung fu prior to her studies with Ng Mui. Jow Ga. this phrase means that . The Chinese people have a saying: “mahn faht gwai jung. The crane used the opposite tactic. Mok Ga. Although the battle between the crane and snake provided the inspiration for Ng Mui’s ideas for combat. diligent passion for martial arts and an innate genius for understanding martial arts and its application in real combat. yut sui lam. Wing Chun. The crane would jump up and down and side-to-side to avoid the snake and to bait it into initiating the first attack. This is because before Yim Wing Chun developed her own system. It would also lure the snake further within the range of its deadly beak by dancing back. the crane would immediately lash out with one of its talons and follow up with its beak. The snake remained deadly calm. This is why we consider Wing Chun kung fu as merely a branch of Shaolin. The crane would smack the advancing snake aside with its wings and immediately follow up by attacking with its beak. In order to memorialize and forever recognize her incredible achievements. but rather only the strategies she observed in the encounter. for she possessed both a deep. Whether through chance or fate. and numerous others are also branches of Shaolin. Praying Mantis. Ng Mui had the opportunity to pass on her newfound knowledge to a girl named Yim Wing Chun. It seemed preordained that Yim Wing Chun be Ng Mui’s successor. people called this once nameless martial art system. It is only when later generations of martial arts practitioners divided and categorized these different aspects that these “styles” came into existence. Ng Mui did not use the specific motions of the two animals as a basis for her new system. many Chinese martial arts can trace their roots back to Shaolin. Yim Wing Chun took the teachings of Ng Mui and created what would be the beginnings of Wing Chun kung fu. Eagle accomplished martial artist. Choy Li Fut. Yim Wing Chun undertook much hard work and research to refine and expand upon Ng Mui’s ideas and philosophies through numerous challenges and conflicts. she already had a foundation in southern Shaolin martial arts.

This is because the human body is limited. the application of Wing Chun is simple. Thanks to the extensive research. Furthermore. There are . all styles have their own special emphases and advantages. but also of yourself. and weaker than our opponent. Wing Chun techniques do not try to imitate the movements of animals such as tigers and monkeys. and real. This is why Wing Chun techniques are designed to accommodate the structure and capabilities of the human body. we are not designed for specialization in their movements. No matter how diligently we train. we cannot hope to gain the ability to pounce like a tiger. practical fighting experiences of past generations of Wing Chun practitioners.” Actually. slower. it should be noted that only the idea and not the actual movement was incorporated into Wing Chun. which is not unlike the ancient saying.all styles flow back to Shaolin. it uses the key hypothetical assumptions that we are smaller. improving upon the art until it can gain universal popularity. jump like a monkey or coil up like a snake. For example. Unlike many other styles. It is very important for a martial arts practitioner to have an open mind when encountering other ideas and streams of knowledge. nor will one be able to grow taller or that much bigger through training. review. “All roads lead to Rome. We say that Wing Chun is scientific because any and all of our theories and techniques can be explained through principles of physics and/or geometry. A mutual comparison and exchange of ideas with other martial artists of any style can help you gain a clearer perception of both the advantages and disadvantages of your own martial art. an accumulation of knowledge and real application allowed Wing Chun to evolve and be refined into an amalgam containing the best of these ideas. the movements will be much harder to learn and perfect because. This kind of insight cannot be achieved by isolating oneself from other ideas while learning. as humans. Human hands cannot possibly be like the claws of a tiger or the deadly talons of an eagle. This is also the case in Wing Chun. It follows that a great amount of time can be consumed in attempting movements that humans are not born to do. Because we are humans and not tigers or monkeys. Sir Isaac Newton observed an apple falling from a tree and later developed his theory of gravity. Although Wing Chun theory is very scientific and systematic in its approach. The idea behind Wing Chun was inspired by watching an intense battle between a crane and snake. This will not only result in a better understanding of your opponent. more clever way to conquer our adversary. our hands will always remain human. The majority of sound scientific definition or theory is derived from observing conditions in nature. If one attempts to imitate an animal. we must then find a better. This relentless research and self-examination is essential for taking martial arts to a higher level. If we hold to these assumptions. so that our quest for knowledge may remain sincere. Although it is commonly believed that the movements of a crane and snake in battle inspired Wing Chun. This should be done with humility and thorough research.

timing. at the very least. real life application. But the most important point of this criterion is that you must not have to worry about money if you are to devote yourself to Wing Chun. Due to its scientific mystical tricks or secret techniques that cannot be explained by universally proven scientific theory. speed. 7. It is this specialty that has made Wing Chun extremely famous in the martial arts field. If you give up because of discomfort or injury. and other unforeseen circumstances. TIME: This criterion is closely tied together with adequate finances in that you must have the luxury of time to seriously train. applicable combat ability in a relatively short period of time. technique. you must first love whatever it is that you do. how can you trust someone to teach you how to swim if that person has never even tried to swim in the water? Your SiFu must also be willing to teach you wholeheartedly and without reserve. 8. 4. money. power. THE RIGHT SIFU: Your SiFu must be able to apply Wing Chun in actual combat. stamina. Proper training in Wing Chun can offer a diligent practitioner decent. APPLICATION: Because Wing Chun is an art of combat. Wing Chun has become a style that specifically emphasizes practical. reflex. distance. coordination. strategy. It takes several hours of proper training everyday to achieve the ability to apply Wing Chun in real combat. and effort. Without training all of these elements. FATE: You must have the good fortune to meet a SiFu capable of passing on the knowledge to you. theory. Some of the most important are the following: 1. How can one seriously train in anything if you must worry about even how to put food on your table or how to keep a roof over your head? There is also the question of equipment and a place to train. PERSEVERANCE: The path to truly obtaining Wing Chun is filled with pain. you will never make it. 5. It is also imperative that these training partners be willing to help you. ADEQUATE FINANCES: Obviously you must. difficulties. obstacles. 2. For example. agility. TRAINING PARTNERS: You must have access to a large number of training partners. PASSION: To be truly great at anything. 3. However. This is because you must learn how to apply Wing Chun in such a manner that it will work against any type of opponent. or if you cannot sacrifice socializing and your recreational time. it is necessary to apply . martial arts are definitely not for everyone and even fewer people are able to excel at it. etc. All of this requires money. 6. you cannot honestly call what you train a complete martial art. You must have the mindset to meet and overcome all of these challenges. There are several criteria one must first fulfill in order to truly obtain the art of Wing Chun. Wing Chun is a complete system of training that includes elements such as confidence. be able to afford some type of tuition for the chance to learn. You must want to truly obtain Wing Chun in order to sacrifice so much time.

A disciple must have a deep appreciation of this and be of a sound. . jung sung wai Fu”. which roughly translated means. Accordingly. most importantly. Each has a great responsibility to the other and each also has a great responsibility to society. the desire to acquire knowledge must never be lost or there is the possibility that the knowledge may fade away entirely. character. responsible disposition if he is to be chosen to continue its legacy. This is because the SiFu must also consider if the student is able to take on the role of being a SiFu to the next generation. One should also note that these criteria are in no way complete. There is a Chinese saying. but at least the style and art may be preserved. The definition of a real fight is not necessarily one that involves defending your life. Although a disciple can be effectively considered as the SiFu’s son. The student must be of good character. FIDELITY: The quest for knowledge is an endless journey. sound temperament. It is true that the succeeding generation may not always be able to surpass the last. A friendly sparring match or competitions that are well regulated can also be considered as such. the SiFu must determine how much of the art it is appropriate to pass to the disciple. And so it is that the relationship between SiFu and disciple is akin to that of father and son. So it is necessary to always ask yourself if you truly have and are able to apply Wing Chun in a real fight. for there are other factors to consider such as time and the disciples readiness. As such. and whether this is the case greatly influences how much a SiFu will teach his student. In order to truly obtain Wing Chun. You can read all there is to know about swimming and practice the motions diligently in the air. In addition to the above criteria. The only way a style can progress is if each succeeding generation tries to surpass the previous generation. Just because a SiFu takes on a disciple does not mean the SiFu should pass on all that he knows. even if only a day as my SiFu. I should be clear that when a SiFu takes on a disciple.the art in real fights. He or she must be capable of perpetuating the art responsibly. it is the beginning of a deep bond between the two that goes beyond that of just teacher and student. ability and. the SiFu is my father for life. we should remember Wing Chun is a precious but deadly art. but unless you actually get in the water and practice swimming. “yut yat wai Si. Your love for your art and style must never waver since it now rests on your shoulders to educate and enlighten the next generation as your SiFu has educated and trained you. it should also be mentioned that the SiFu must believe that the student is worth teaching. it is rare indeed to encounter a Wing Chun practitioner who has truly obtained the art. you may very well drown the first time you’re thrown in. you must devote your entire life to the art. and trustworthy. 9. This is because you have no idea what the opponent is going to do. The only thing you do know is that the opponent will try to attack you. The above criteria are paramount for truly obtaining Wing Chun. 10. Due to these constraints. AMBITION: You must have the ambition to always achieve more.

He arduously managed his unknown schools in a tumultuous period on this small island and fortune will not let down a man who does his best to hand down his comprehensive knowledge to his disciples. have misconceptions of the original ideas of the Art. SiFu Lok Yiu 師傅駱耀. His descendants have since taught this art on all continents including Bruce Lee 李小龍 who single-handedly influenced and changed the way martial arts films were made. Under the cultivation of SiFu Yip Man. As the Wing Chun family grows larger. and position you will gain a better understanding of the ideas and applications of each. Fook Sau 伏手. This is the way to seek out the truth and improve in what you are doing. and Kwan Sau 綑手 which every practitioner will perform and in each instance may look alike. Gaan Sau 耕手. or all of the above. many outstanding students gained fame through diligent training and successful application of Wing Chun in numerous contests. 形似 However. structure. and we should appreciate and honor his lifetime of research and perseverance to maintain and preserve this secret Art of fighting. arbitrary deference 武斷. These extraordinary fight sequences are a magnificent demonstration of an explosive fighting art that can be traced back to the unique style of Wing Chun. and “Enter the Dragon” 龍爭虎鬥. it seems that there are many different and sometimes conflicting interpretations of our style in the Wing Chun community. all of which I have learned from my three SiFus. experimented with. “Return of the Dragon” 猛龍過江. and used to experience what-is-the-difference. Wing Chun has become one of the most popular styles of Martial Arts in the world. yet I am absolutely sure that SiFu Yip Man taught one and only one Wing Chun to everyone. prefer to teach in their own way. and prejudice 偏見 will only prove to stop or drastically hinder your progress. With this article I am now trying to express some aspects of my approach and training methods for this style. In the years since. SiFu Yip Man 師傅葉問. to name a few. In Wing Chun we have basic techniques like Tan Sau 攤手. The causes of this disparity may be that most teachers have their own ideas. Self righteousness 自以為是. It is much better for us to accept and consider each other’s ideas so they can be analyzed. Bruce Lee’s fighting movies such as “Fists of Fury” 精武門. the Wing Chun style became famous in Hong Kong. Bong Sau 膀手. continue to capture audiences to this day with his stunning fighting techniques and choreography. if you are careful enough to spend the time to properly explore the ideas and nuances behind these techniques to discover the differences in angles.A Brief Discussion of the Training Methods and Procedures of Wing Chun Kung Fu It is now almost 60 years since SiFu Yip Man 葉問宗師 established and initiated the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu in Hong Kong 香港.to be more humble and more liberal in your approach to all things. and SiFu Duncan Shiu Hung Leung . This is always my advice . As a result.

perseverance. each movement must be played properly and precisely while maintaining the centerline idea of each movement and with an understanding of these underlying meanings. “I certainly do not claim to speak for the Wing Chun family. please take what I have written here into consideration and if possible attempt to accept these different ideas to further your research. Wing Chun has three empty hand forms. ” Wing Chun Syllabus” 詠春課程 and ” Wing Chun Myths” 詠春的誤解. and a decent environment (經濟. I touched on this idea in my DVD. As SiFu Duncan said. There is nothing top secret in Wing Chun because every thing in the art can be explained scientifically or mathematically with physics. It is my hope that many Wing Chun members will share their ideas with all of us. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain through research and discussion. 天時.” If you want to learn something outstanding or special you must perform quite a lot of research and plan carefully to arrange the time. Without understanding its origins. or “How can I improve?”. “How?”. and much more training. Whether or not you like or agree with it. compare them with what you know and try them out. geometry. Dar Wai 打圍. 人和) for your training before you even start to choose the right SiFu (teacher). think about what you are learning and do not be afraid to respectfully ask your SiFu. 地利. the breakdown and usages of the Kicking techniques. That certainly would help me improve. you can better further your knowledge and distinguish yourself in the field of Martial Arts. This approach to knowledge is not unique to Chinese philosophy and you will find the same advice in many cultures. the breakdown and usages of the wooden dummy techniques. the wooden man dummy forms. “Why?”. Then. Every movement in the forms has certain meaning and numerous details behind it. man power. and anatomy. but if he can not or will not answer your questions it may be necessary to find another SiFu. It is the approach and methods that I have determined to work for me. Always remember that you will make many mistakes along the way and that the most important thing about a true quest for knowledge is considering it an endless journey. To fully earn this style will take years of honest study. This introductory video is the first of a series in . The only secret is to train hard. Accept the ideas you come across. Fundamental Wing Chun Kung Fu 基本實踐詠春拳簡介. Sang Jong 生樁. and dedication. you have to find a SiFu who will wholeheartedly pass his precious knowledge to you and approach what you are going to learn properly as I have mentioned in my last two articles. According to the design of Wing Chun Kung Fu. sticky hands training. This is not to question his knowledge. With an open mind. no matter who they have learned from. which will be available soon on the internet. When you are training in the field of Wing Chun. but lack spirit 有形無實. the Tripoles Form 品字樁. and would welcome any correction that is offered. Without a doubt. money. the form will simply be a series of techniques that look like Wing Chun.師傅梁紹鴻. you will need advice along the way and an open mind to accept many different ideas to better yourself.

etc. This mental acuity can be attributed to anything from building a shed to preparing for a corporate presentation and thus learning martial arts will strengthen many more aspects of a person in addition to their fighting prowess. other viewers simply denied to accept the videos for even a little consideration. and subsequently developing the most efficient procedure to achieve their goal of solving it.招手. and it created some debate.which I will delve progressively deeper into the ideas and theories of Wing Chun. In an actual fight you don’t have to fight like this and there will be many ways to counter to this type of swing attack 外門手.” In one’s quest to learn a martial art. We shift the horse. use your common sense to learn. or blocking to the attack 睇手. Recently. These drills should be considered as only the beginning of acquiring a basic understanding of simple techniques which breakdown from the Sil Nim Tao 小念頭. responding by reflex will be trained as well as performing defense and offense simultaneously. It is only a drill to help beginner students to build up good habits to respond to incoming techniques like swings to the upper gates or lower gates of their body. In the words of SiFu Yip Man. The most important thing is what I teach you. cover. 擋格 (詠春拳訣:追身莫追手). If it works then it counts. my student published some clips on YouTUBE. this means that they will use their knowledge of techniques. In Wing Chun. but unfortunately it seems there is some misunderstanding of what we are doing in our practice. It is always our pleasure to accept criticism otherwise we will never improve. such as with Tan Sau Dung Gerk 攤手蹬腳. thus keeping away a little bit to have more time to react. Students begin to learn to feel the area that is under attack and covering that area without looking at. or many other options that would be suitable responses. This approach allows the student to train the basic ideas of Wing Chun. strategy. I make an effort to teach in such a manner as to develop strong problem solving abilities in my students. “Who I am is not important. throwing in the body with Taan Ma Tan Dar 標身彈馬攤打 (some people call it Triangle Horse 三角馬).. As my SiFu Yip Man told me. and find out for yourself. get used to being .” This statement is important to remember in order to make the art work for you. Through these exercises. I would like to direct your attention to The Tan Dar and Guan Dar drill 攤打耕打. Students will learn how to stay calm and dispassionately look at the problem to analyze it as a whole to determine the most logical angle of approach. Our intention in this drill is not to say we fight like that. While some have understood or attempted to understand our intentions. philosophy. reaching out. Kwan Sau Dang Gerk 綑手釘腳. to most efficiently solve a problem in their training. or in a real fight. and earn half a body length to reach further with the attacking punch. try it. move on to determining the most efficient method for tackling it. use it. it is often not only martial skills that are acquired. For instance. “Don’t believe what I tell you.

the student will learn to choose the most intelligent and efficient way to conquer their adversary and in the mean time build up good habits. and less powerful than our opponents. is definitely an extremely important part of the Wing Chun curriculum and it is not only used to train you how to be good in this exercise. Pak Sau 拍手. “To hit someone is easy. Bong Sau 膀手. There is no technique better than the other techniques. each technique has a distinct advantage and disadvantage. reflexively. Additionally. to fight without getting hit is hard”. or that “we created those kind of techniques”. This maybe something you have never seen before but it does not mean Wing Chun lacks these kind of fighting methods and techniques. and develop muscle memory 慣性動作. or even “Wing Chun doesn’t fight like that!”. With this in mind. some people have said “we are doing Karate Wing Chun”. Finally. which is called “Counter Attack”. A small mistake or misconception at the beginning will end up making a big difference in the future. if you carefully inspect those clips again. practice correct technique 正當手法. Besides these basic ideas there is much more to the circle fighting training included in our curriculum. In Wing Chun it’s called Dar Joung Moong 打撞門. All of them are utilizing Wing Chun techniques in their training drills and only the attacking person is doing another style’s techniques. and to keep in mind that we are always to consider that we are smaller. The techniques that comprise Wing Chun originate from our ancestors who meticulously developed them over the course of many years and through their successful application in an immeasurable number of contests both for sport and self defense. and in a proper and controlled manner so as not to hit their practice partners ensuring the safety of their fellow students. or Chi Sau 黐手. we have the usages of “Short Bridge Power” 短橋發力 and “Long Bridge Power” 長橋發力. you will find all my students are doing correctly and clearly the techniques Wing Chun is supposed to require. Sticky Hands Training. such as Gaan Sau 耕手. In addition. To be honest. Students must learn it in the correct sequence. to understand the ideas behind it.attacked. but also to refine your skills across the board. because it covers many of the integral ideas of the style. develop coordination 協調. learn to understand and feel proper structure 身形步法. students can focus on improving the sensitivity 知覺 of their hands in response . Kwan Sau 綑手. While training Chi Sau. and more. what you see in the clip is the method I personally prefer. step by step. sometimes I wish I had the kind of ingenuity to invent those techniques because it really takes a lot of talent and fighting experience to do so. in our school we emphasize “Long Bridge Power” and “Counter Attacking”. Normally. the “Circle Fighting Drill” 打圍 is simply a stepping stone in the foundational training before students start learning how to actually fight. They have to earn the ability to protect themselves by using Wing Chun techniques fluently. However. or “Crash in the door fighting style”. slower. In the fighting art of Wing Chun there are many different fighting methods.

you will always make mistakes. you learn how to use your partner’s power against him and by thoroughly training all of these ideas of intention. Basically. you will develop reflexes that are essential to being an effective Wing Chun fighter. the most efficient way that we respond to incoming pressure from our partner is to use his power to help you create more power to use for your advantage. Without a qualified SiFu. the other hand instinctively responds to help close the opening that is created by the mistake. In Chi Sau. but the contact from an opponent. in Chi Sau we train the hands to be mutually dependent. and with flowing non-stop defensive and offensive techniques. Wing Chun is an art of maximum efficiency. While the skills that Chi Sau helps to develop improve one’s fighting abilities. maintaining coverage. Chi Sau should be done in a reasonable way. when your partner attempts to exploit your mistake you can often convert this into an opportunity for you to penetrate your partner’s coverage and strike. I have come to realize that it is most valuable to teach Chi Sau to students particularly to empower them with a keen understanding of Wing Chun theory and a sharp feeling of the proper application of technique. nobody is going to play that game with you on the street. or training robotically) your Chi Sau will not improve your senses as a fighter. helping each other to progress. doing the most while expending the least amount of energy. which most practitioners are familiar with.e. reflexively reacting to a stimulus. and only guess to the application of the techniques. Ultimately. However. and on resolving other’s mistakes. just trying to hit each other. you might misunderstand the meaning of the form. They have to learn how to use the structure of the whole body to their advantage. Wing Chun Kung Fu has three empty hand forms.. usage. so that when you make a mistake with one hand. Since mistakes are unavoidable. if you train with the wrong intentions (i. Every mistake presents a possible opening for you to be attacked if your partner knows how to exploit the mistake. developing the coordination and dexterity required to use both hands at the same time. and intention are . With these attributes they will be able to correct their own mistakes and deepen their knowledge far into the future when their SiFu is no longer available for consultation. If done properly. No matter how good and hard you train. Most Styles of Martial Arts have Forms 拳術套路 that are collections of hand and foot movements that define the physical blueprint of the style. It will take much explanation during Chi Sau training to achieve proficiency but it is essential to understand one key concept. a student training sticky hands will also learn first hand the ideas of proper timing and distance. Chi Sau is not fighting. On the other hand. as well as how to use proper force instead of fighting directly against the force of your opponent. It may look like Wing Chun. to advance and retreat at the correct angle and distance. In addition to learning how to be a good training partner to each other. running hand for no reason. the construction of the form is such that every hand movement and section has certain meaning associated with them. and to understand the direction of power.

strategy. Many of these basic techniques can be viewed in the videos on our site and on YouTube. attackers are going for real while the person in the center. you must be shown how to take the elements of the form and combine them to create a technique to suit the situation. real fighting 自由搏擊 with different styles. We call it Chark Kuen 拆拳 or Chark Jong 拆樁 . This training allows the students to develop their Wing Chun skills in a controlled step by step manner but also to become comfortable with being attacked. To be able to recognize and correct your own mistakes and truly be able to self-correct without constantly consulting your SiFu for the basics of Wing Chun theory will mean faster progress and aptitude that will last long into the future. If the students can handle this. Training the horse with different footwork 不同之馬步及步法 will typically continue throughout and students will eventually start to learn the dummy form. Reflex. Dan Chi Sau 單黐手.completely different. After relatively perfecting with the basic one on one drills we’ve discussed so far. etc. Also. the Tripole form 品字樁. Timing. and must be taught by the SiFu who has applicable knowledge and experience. and incoming punches and kicks are no longer a big deal as the circle fighting progresses to deeper and more realistic situations. A fully experienced SiFu will teach his students in the proper manner. and Gum Sau Tan Dar 拑手攤打 will begin. and Distance. followed by double handed Chi Sau 雙黐手. Upon learning them. the fighting applications of the techniques are totally beyond your imagination from what is seen in the form. who is training Wing Chun. The attackers will eventually no longer call out which attack is coming. In fact. will respond in a controlled manner so as not to injure their training partners. He will correct all the tiny mistakes whenever they occur to ward off bad habits and answer the myriad of questions that will come up to ensure that there are no misunderstandings and only a firm and clear understanding of all ideas. After learning the forms students will begin to learn single hand sticky hands. training of basic techniques such as Tan Dar Guann Dar 攤打耕打. Speed. offering a flexible and adequate curriculum to fit the student’s progress. Without training these attributes you are not actually completely training the whole system of Wing Chun. The confidence will automatically build up. Agility. At these stages one of the goals is to become so familiar with your training attributes that you will be equipped to analyze your own performance. they will move forward and learn Wing Chun kicking 詠春腳法.the break down usages of the Forms and Dummy Form. It is important to understand that in addition to all of the training mentioned so far there are many other exercises designed to develop Power. Also at this stage. the form is a collection of idealized movement. It can take months or even years to fully explain the entire curriculum of our style in person so please forgive the brevity of this . Endurance. students will move on to apply those techniques in the simple hypothetical scenarios of “Circle Fighting” 打圍. Ultimately. and much more. sparring 對練. Kwan Sau Bong Gerk 綑手膀腳.

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).... and integrated video clips filmed specifically for this piece.. Fighting is a real-life duel... Overview of the Fighting Methods of Wing Chun: Part I This is the first segment of an in depth. (The use of opponent’s power.. practical application. 打鬥是一種身體語言 2. I will continue to share my opinions with you. to be taken into consideration and to assist you in learning this particular Martial Art and attaining a deeper understanding of it through your sincere research and experimentation.... Do not blindly believe what I say and always use your common sense to learn”.. since that is not always possible. Slower. 短橋及長橋發力 .article. A lot of diligent practice. which I will address individually later in this article... my intention is for the following topics. It is always best to discuss such intricate ideas in person where that discussion can be supplemented by hands on demonstrations....... images. and in a split second things can happen so fast that there is no time for you to hesitate or think of what to do with the situation...... You can only respond instantly by your reflex and your natural instinct. Smaller.... and actual fighting experience are required to fully understand and to earn this ability... 1. please feel free to write to our school email address.... It can only express my own interpretation and understanding of what I learned.... 詠春拳的各式樁頭 3.. 較弱對較優勢之對敵. If time allows. In closing.. the upcoming segments of this article will attempt to convey these concepts as accurately and completely as possible through text.. accept the ideas of others that you come across. Adversary. in future articles. I always advise my students as what SiFu Yip Man advised me “Be more open minded.) 較矮小.. analyze them and attempt to apply them to find out whether they are true. Whether you feel it is right or wrong.. However.. 4.. It is our hope that this will be a success in helping to bring a deeper understanding of this topic to not only our fellow Wing Chun practitioners. multimedia article on Wing Chun’s fighting methods by SiFu Lee. If you have any questions whatsoever. The fighting post of Wing Chun... such as the fighting methods of Wing Chun... Fighting is a kind of body language... and progression of Wing Chun. speed. but to any others who may have an interest in some of the finer details of Wing Chun... procedures... .. Weaker vs. My intentions were to provide an overview of the training methods.. Short Bridge and Long Bridge Power Usages. 較慢.... and I will do my best to answer as soon as possible.. .. In this article I am trying to explain some ideas and provide some understanding of what I myself learned from my SiFus...

5. In the event of an unexpected dangerous situation. or oneself. “Bright side” and “Blind side”. or. What is learned must be handy and genuinely practical. speed and coverage. “crash in the door” fighting style. execution of perfect technique. friends. emphasis techniques. and less powerful than your opponent. your fighting methods must be very clever so that your chances to win will be greater. In this real-life duel. The Wing Chun Fighting Strategy. With this idea constantly in mind. be humble and tame” . attack opponent on one side eliminate chance of exchanging blows. training should always be approached from the perspective that you are smaller. skill. and ultimately a result that you may regret for the rest of your life. Furthermore. so when initiating a defensive maneuver after one has detected an offense. which is more suitable for yourself. hospitalization. and regulations of our style. who with their ingenuity and genius meticulously created and developed this sophisticated and comprehensive art. Wing Chun has a complete curriculum of the Martial Arts training. 12. good health. Evade aside. have always been: “Conduct oneself in society. doing defense and offense simultaneously. 詠春拳之打鬥策略與拳訣 11. When preparing for a dangerous conflict. that countering reaction is a fluent. properly timed. it will be as if you were born with that kind of ability. rules. Compare and find out which you prefer. you will never assume to be able to overpower or react faster and will always seek out ways to better conquer an adversary. Since the birth of Wing Chun. 抱憾終生. the bottom line is that the purpose of truly learning and training in a Martial Art is for practical application. 撞門式打法 8. Therefore. there may always be someone in the world with more experience or skill than you 強中自有強中手. 10. slower. the guidelines. The combination of Short Bridge and Long Bridge approaches. Counter Attacking: Dar Jong Moon.” Besides developing discipline. accurate. the skills attained can be used to protect family members. “SiFu Jiu Wan Style. and a diligent work ethic. despite years of training and studying the fighting art of the martial arts style of your choice. 詠春門規. counter attacking at the instant the opponent initiates his attempt to attack. The goal is for the response to be so effective and natural. Close Range Fighting: Sticky hand style . 詠春絕技 for having passed down the knowledge of the Wing Chun fighting methods to us. 近距離搏鬥 6. 混合式打鬥法(長短橋混合利用) 9. The proper usage of hand techniques and combination with Kicking techniques in a Fight. 7. If any of the above strategies do work ideally on their own. we can combine them. We are so proud and grateful to our ancestors. even a tiny mistake can lead to serious injury being inflicted upon you.Jammed in with close distance.

physiology. it is always necessary for us to have some friendly contests and competitions. whereas in the . skill. avoid fighting indiscriminately” 學養氣戒濫鬥爭 “Assist the young and weak. There is a fitting quote of unknown origin that sums this up . With these tools people can to begin to understand what an actual fight is. the martial arts world continues to progress and improve. Martial artists are also fighting smarter by developing an understanding of bio-mechanics. we are all human. Israeli Krav Maga or Russian Sambo. With the plethora of information available over the internet and on television. conflicts are at times unavoidable. In order to improve in the fighting art that we learn. The fighting methods employed to do so are some of the most important attributes for us to decide the chance to win. There are so many kinds of popular Martial Arts from all over the world. and understanding.常處世態度溫文 “Nourish one’s inborn nature. This is especially pertinent nowadays with new technology such as computer generated illustrations revealing the many physical aspects of fighting arts. documentaries. confrontations and fights may happen. People everywhere are being exposed to martial arts so frequently that it is possible to learn more then ever before through observation. However. supplement benevolence with martial arts” 扶弱小以武輔仁 and the most important reminder: “Martial Artists only Fight for Righteousness” 武術只為正義而戰 We always try our best and it is our responsibility to abide all the rules and regulations. etc. A true quest for knowledge is considered an endless journey of learning and research. Filipino Martial Arts. and since tempers sometimes flare or moods may often turn bad.. and the newly renowned Mixed Martial Arts. martial artists are studying MMA competitions. Through these methods.“the truly educated never graduate”. Similar to how many professional athletes prepare for a game by watching game films. it is possible to supplement one’s own studies now through not only personal application but also through reviewing the practical or impractical results of other martial artists. With newfound fervor from television shows and the popularity of MMA competitions. and online videos. and the strategies of many different Martial Arts through this increased exposure. it will help us mutually progress more efficiently in a peaceful manner. Thailand’s Muay Thai Boxing. such as the French Savate. One must also endeavor to fight with perfection of strategy.

Once you are committed to a movement. there must be a gap. Learning from the scientific computer generated illustrations of human body mechanisms. there must be some limitations. with all of these widely available tools it has become a greater challenge for us to deal with those fighters. fighters can understand how to optimize their own performance. In recent times fighters are able to gather and study the methods of many other fighters and found advantages to replace the disadvantage.old times. Today. Fighters know more than ever how to build up their body to become stronger. As we are all aware. That is when we will then know what Wing Chun truly is and know that Wing Chun can match with any of the Martial Arts mentioned above. how much time you train. While the others will learn it from their actual fighting. and to improve their constitution and stamina for longer endurance. every thing can be explained logically. We always have a better way to deal with a fight. or how smart you fight. . as long as we train extremely hard in all the attributes that Wing Chun offers. but this method may cause a lot of injuries and it is a very difficult or tough way to earn this kind of natural instinct for fighting. and “principal law” 法度. “methods” 拳法. all human beings are born with only two hands and two legs. students were allowed only to listen and blindly follow what their instructor said. no matter how hard you train. 取長補短. they can accumulate all their experiences from their previous fights. Our style strongly emphasized in “theory” 拳理. Wing Chun is a Martial Art style of scientific design. However. which is the program that SiFu Yip Man葉問宗師 handed down to only a few Disciples.