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Last Date
7 Nov.

Cash Prizes

NSAT - 2014
Test Date
9 Nov.

For Class V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI & XII

JEE (Mains & Advance), Medical, NTSE, Olympiads & CBSE/State Board



arayana Group of Educational Institutions has proven its eminence in quality education for the last three and a half decades in
all over India. We have created a confidence among our students to excel in any kind of competitive or school level
examinations by resting on the pillars of excellence, innovation & commitment. Our eminent & experienced faculty, highly
committed support staff, rigorous testing techniques and its analysis supplemented by well-researched study material are the hallmark
of Narayana Group.
Narayana Group has its own Engineering Colleges, Medical College, Dental College, Nursing College and College of Pharmacy and has
more than 200 Resident / Junior Colleges and nearly 350 campus across India. Narayana Group also has numerous Coaching Centres all
across India for training aspirants for various Engineering and Medical Entrance Examinations and has been producing excellent results.
Presently Narayana group is catering to the needs of more than 4 Lac students through various programs & courses across India.
As per our experience, we understand that the potential and caliber of every student is not same. However, Narayana group of
educational institutions has designed a unique teaching methodology of batches to improve the performance of each and every student
who is enrolled with Narayana, which is based on systematic and scientific approach.
As per our ongoing academic endeavors we have evolved various techniques & tools to cater all the needs of the students which
includes the following :
CO Project* : It is a residential programme where in rigorous training sessions will be imparted to selected candidates after qualifying
the special test (different from NSAT) conducted for admission in this programme. This program will help the top students to
channelize their efforts for success with a top rank in JEE. Students enrolled in this programme will get the benefit of faculty members
availability to get their doubts catered round the clock. Thus each and every academic need will be taken care of along with fooding
and lodging free of cost or with a nominal fee on merit basis.
Note : First 10 all India toppers will be eligible for the CO Project Test without cost, as no student is eligible for direct admission in this
program without appearing in the special test.
SPARK BATCH* : It is a fast track batch in which the course is covered relatively faster and early completion of the course provides
ample time for revision of the concepts taught at Narayana IIT/PMT Academy and to practice the concepts to optimize their
performance. As the pace of this course is faster, only the extraordinary students can match with this pace alongwith school studies.
Thus, students who are ready to face this challenge and have the potential are selected for this batch.
ORIENTATION BATCH* : We have regular and weekend batches for students studying in our academy. Out of these batches, we
shortlist the students to form the orientation batches for their rank enhancement. It is a normal pace batch wherein students are given
additional academic inputs in additional classes, simultaneously in continuation with their studies in their respective batches.
GROOMING BATCH* : In this batch, we select those students whose performance is relatively low and unable to cope with school as
well as competitive exams preparation. Thus, additional time is given to make them understand the Concepts, Definitions and Formulae
(CDF), so that they remain motivated for their preparations & gain confidence to face the competition. This will also put an end to the
need of extra tuition requirements.
COMMON PRACTICE TEST (CPT) : It is a weekly test conducted all over India among Narayana students. It gives students a unique
opportunity to perform weekly and judge their rank among the real JEE/PMT aspirants. It is the life line of every programme offered by
Narayana Group of Educational Institutions. Besides keeping the students competitive and motivated, it helps them to realize their full
potential. After taking several CPTs students become so confident and prepared that even the JEE/PMT paper appears easier for them.
CONCEPTS, DEFINITIONS & FORMULAE (CDF) : This feature has been added to assess the recapitulation of the concepts,
definitions & formulas (CDF), so that students can cope up well with there school preparation and exams. This will also eliminate the
need of the requirements of extra tution.
WORK BOOK : As per the new changed pattern of competitive/Board exams, Narayana has introduced workbooks for students to
develop daily practice habits and enhance their speed/performance in Board Exams.

* These batch options are available at selective centres of Narayana IIT/PMT Academy.

SPECIAL DOUBT CLEARING CELL (SDCC) : This is a platform to provide an opportunity to students to
get their doubts cleared for all the subjects. A special team of faculty is available on all working days
between specified timings to clear the doubts of students.
This scientific & systematic approach of providing academic inputs has supported and benefitted the
students to improve their level of performance in Boards as well as in competitive examinations.


Insight of NSAT

NSAT will help students to assess, analyze and rate themselves among the
students of different schools. It also orients and provides early exposure to
competitive world they will have to face in near future.

Test Pattern

NSAT is an objective pattern based exam comprising of two papers :



Section A

Mental Ability Test (MAT)

Section B

Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)

Test Date & Schedule

Test Date

Test Timings



Section A
Mental Ability Test (MAT)

V to VII
studying students

11:00 am to 12:30 pm
Section B
Science & Mathematics (SAT)


Section A
Mental Ability Test (MAT)

studying students

11:00 am to 1:00 pm
Section B
Science & Mathematics (SAT)

Studying Students

Section A
Mental Ability Test (MAT)

11:00 am to 1:00 pm

Section B
Phy, Chem & Maths (SAT)
Phy, Chem, Biology (SAT)

Note : There would be negative marking in the paper.

Syllabus of NSAT

How to Register

Fee For Test

Registration fee to be
charged per student

Test Centres#

Note :

Syllabus sheet will be provided at our respective centres at the time of

Submit NSAT registration form duly filled with preference of test centre and
two recent passport size photographs along with last Board/school annual
exam marksheet.

Registration Fee amount

Last Date for Registration

Rs. 300/

7 November 2014



For test centre details refer last page of the brochure.

#Test Centre allotment is subject to availability of seats in the respective centre.

Result Declaration : 20th November 2014

Students qualifying NSAT and joining Narayana IIT/PMT Academy will be eligible for cash prizes & scholarships as
per the cut off criteria decided by the Narayana's management.
Note :
Ex-Narayana students and present students are not eligible for cash prizes, though they are entitled for
additional 10% scholarship on tuition fee over and above the merit scholarship awarded to them in
NSAT-2014, if they are seeking the admission for any of our programmes in the session 2015-2016.
If the student is enrolled and continuing in any of our integrated program then the fee will not be refunded
on the ground of NSAT '14 scores.
Last Date to Enroll
Students qualifying NSAT would be required to make the fee payment as per the schedule given below for seeking the
admission in various programs offered by Narayana IIT/PMT Academy.
With Early Bird Offer

Without Early Bird Offer

Without Early Bird Offer

(Old Fee Structure applicable

i.e. session 2014-2015)

(Old Fee Structure applicable

i.e. session 2014-2015)

(New Fee Structure applicable

i.e. session 2015-2016)

1st to 31st January 2015

1st to 28th Febuary 2015

(Only scholarship as per

NSAT-2014 result will be given)

(Only scholarship as per

NSAT-2014 result will be given)

Student joining till 31st Dec. 2014

will be eligible for 10% additional
fee concession over and above any
concession / scholarship awarded
through NSAT-2014

After 28th Feb. 2015 all the criteria's and validity of test will lapse and a student will have to follow the fresh
procedure for seeking admission in the academy.
*Any scholarship/concession awarded will be applicable only on tuition fee.


Cash Prizes / Scholarships

For Class V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII Studying Students
Cash Prizes /Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of the merit of students qualifying the NSAT-2014
and joining Narayana IIT/PMT Academy for any of the programmes specified below. Following are the

(A) Foundation Courses For V/VI/VII/VIII Studying Students (Joining One/Two year Foundation Curse)
1st Rank
Rs. 30,000/-

2nd Rank
Rs. 25,000/-

3rd Rank
Rs. 20,000/-

4th to 10th Rank

Rs. 15,000/-

*Cash prize money to students joining the academy will be reimbursed by November 2015.

(B) Five Year Integrated JEE/PMT Classroom Programme For VII Studying Students [going to VIII]
1st Rank
Rs. 60,000/-

2nd Rank
Rs. 50,000/-

3rd Rank
Rs. 40,000/-

4th to 10th Rank

Rs. 30,000/-

*Criteria for reimbursement of cash prize money to students joining the academy will be as follows :
(i) 20% in VIII by November 2015
(ii) 20% in IX by November 2016
(iii) 20% in X by November 2017
(iv) 40% in XI by November 2018

(C) Four Year Integrated JEE/PMT Classroom Programme For VIII Studying Students [going to IX]
1st Rank
Rs. 60,000/-

2nd Rank
Rs. 50,000/-

3rd Rank
Rs. 40,000/-

4th to 10th Rank

Rs. 30,000/-

*Criteria for reimbursement of cash prize money to students joining the academy will be as follows :
(i) 25% in IX by November 2015 (ii) 25% in X by November 2016
(iii) 50% in XI by November 2017

(D) Three Year Integrated JEE/PMT Classroom Programme For IX Studying Students [going to X]
1st Rank
Rs. 50,000/-

2nd Rank
Rs. 45,000/-

3rd Rank
Rs. 40,000/-

4th to 10th Rank

Rs. 30,000/-

*Criteria for reimbursement of cash prize money to students joining the academy will be as follows :
(i) 50% in X by November 2015
(ii) 50% in XI by November 2016

11th to 20th Rank

Rs. 25,000/-

(E) Extended Two Year Classroom Programme



1 Rank
Rs. 50,000/-

For X Studying Students [going to XI]


2 Rank
Rs. 45,000/-

3 Rank
Rs. 40,000/-



4 to 10 Rank
Rs. 30,000/-



11 to 20 Rank
Rs. 25,000/-

*Criteria for reimbursement of cash prize money to students joining the academy will be as follows :
(i) 50% in XI by November 2015 (ii) 50% in XII by November 2016

(F) One Year Classroom Programme

1st Rank
Rs. 35,000/-

For XI Studying Students [going to XII]


2nd Rank
Rs. 30,000/-

3 Rank
Rs. 25,000/-

4th to 10th Rank

Rs. 20,000/-

11th to 20th Rank

Rs. 15,000/-

*Cash prize money to students joining the academy will be reimbursed by November 2015.

(G) All India Test Series for JEE/PMT 2015



1 to 10 Rank

11th to 25th Rank


For XII Studying /Board Appearing Students

25th to 50th Rank


51st to 100th Rank


*Students joining the academy for All India Test Series will be awarded with scholarships mentioned in point (G).
Note : Students qualifying the merit cut-off based on their performance in NSAT-2014 will be eligible for above scholarship.

(H) Correspondence Courses

Students of different classes (i.e. VII to XII studying students) enrolling for correspondence courses at Narayana
IIT/PMT Academy will be entitled for following scholarships.


Range of Scholarship

% of Scholarship

First 5% students (On the basis of Centre Rank)


Next 5% students


Next 5% students


Next 5% students


Next 5% students


Next 5% students


Next 20% students


Best performers in NARAYANA Scholastic Aptitude Test will be awarded with medals/certificates and their
school & subject teacher will be awarded with trophies based on their students performance in individual
subjects i.e. Mathematics & Science (for students of Class V, VI, VII, VIII) and Mathematics, Physics,
Chemistry & Biology (for students of Class IX, X, XI & XII).

For students of
Class V, VI, VII &
VIII (going to VI,

For students of
class IX, X & XI
(going to X, XI
& XII)

School gets Trophy

Maths teacher gets Trophy

Medal + Certificate


Zonal Topper (Overall)

Zonal Rank 2 & 3 (Overall)

Zonal Topper (Mathematics) Zonal Rank 2 & 3 (Mathematics)

Science teacher gets Trophy

Zonal Topper (Science)

Zonal Rank 2 & 3 (Science)

School gets Trophy

Zonal Topper (Overall)

Zonal Rank 2 & 3 (Overall)

Physics teacher gets Trophy

Zonal Topper (Physics)

Zonal Rank 2 & 3 (Physics)

Chemistry teacher gets Trophy

Zonal Topper (Chemistry)

Zonal Rank 2 & 3 (Chemistry)

Maths teacher gets Trophy

Zonal Topper (Maths)Zonal

Rank 2 & 3 (Mathematics)

Biology teacher gets Trophy

Zonal Topper (Biology)

Zonal Rank 2 & 3 (Biology)

The detailed criteria is with Narayana Centres and under sole discretion of the Narayana management.
Note : 1. Students qualifying subject wise cutoff and stand in the category of 2nd & 3rd rank in a particular subject will be awarded a
certificate of merit for their excellent performance in that subject.
2. Apart from the cash rewards mentioned above, there is a huge amount of scholarships also to be awarded to the aspirants which is
at the sole discretion of the Narayana Management and will be disclosed to the aspirants at the time of result declaration.

Grabbing Minimum 4 Ranks out of Top 10....

for consecutive 4 years in IIT-JEE

All India
Open Category


P. Sai Sandeep Reddy
H.T. No. 6006070

JEE Advanced - 2014

5 out of Top 10 in JEE-ADVANCED -2014

Narayana s Legacy continues in

JEE Main - 2014

Our Result in Medical - 2015

Our Result in Medical - 2014
Achievers in AIPMT - 2014






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