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Kiss Army Argentina interview with Richie Scarlet:

There is definitely a certain chemistry between Ace

and I on stage that can't be denied!
Kiss Army Argentina talked to Richie Scarlet before he and Ace Frehley
start the Space Invader Tour !heck out this cool e"clusive intervie# #ith
The $mperor of Rock%
Richie Scarlet, The Emperor of Rock, and
KISS Army Argentina: Richie first of all than!s once more for yo"r time for this new interview with
KISS Army Argentina# $et%s get started# The confirmation of yo"r coming bac! to Ace &rehley%s
band is great news of co"rse# It has been almost '( years since yo" last )erformed together*
besides in '(+' as a g"est in a show in ,ew -or! and together with Ace yo" )layed &o.y $ady#
/ow did this great comebac! ta!e )lace0
Richie Scarlet: I have to give the credit to Joann Scarlet for getting back with ce.
KISS Army Argentina: All these years yo" somehow !e)t in to"ch with Ace and as we !now yo"r
relationshi) with him starts a))ro.imately in the beginning of &rehley%s 1omet by +234# 5hat do
yo" remember from those times0
Richie Scarlet: I remember how e!cited "ISS fans were to see ce for the first time witho#t his make#p
on. $eca#se no one had ever seen his face before. nd with all the e!citement that was in the air.
KISS Army Argentina: 5hat things wo"ld yo" do the same way and what others wo"ld yo" change
if yo" co"ld regarding yo"r )revio"s )eriod and yo"r e.)eriences with Ace0
Richie Scarlet: There isn&t really m#ch that I wo#ld change. I try not to plan things o#t too m#ch. I '#st let it
KISS Army Argentina: 6ven tho"gh we love s"r)rises can yo" tell "s abo"t some of the songs
yo" will be )laying live in this to"r0
Richie Scarlet: t this point we are still working on the set list.
KISS Army Argentina: /ow wo"ld yo" describe yo"r relationshi) with Ace0 -o" somehow seem to
be brothers in roc! 7 roll since the beginning of time8
Richie Scarlet: There is tr#th to that. ce and I come from the same part of (ew )ork. *e have very
similar taste in what inspired #s both m#sically and artistically. *e have always had a great relationship+ It
always seems to '#st flow.
KISS Army Argentina: $eaving all modesty aside wo"ld yo" say that yo" are the )erfect match for
Ace on stage0 9eca"se many of "s the fans see it that way8
Richie Scarlet: I appreciate that the fans think that way. There is definitely a certain chemistry between
ce and I on stage that can&t be denied+
KISS Army Argentina: 5hat do yo" thin! of Ace%s latest alb"m S)ace Invader0 5e g"ess that by
now yo" )robably have listened to it many times and that yo" are already )re)aring some songs
from it to )lay live in the to"r#
Richie Scarlet: I think it kicks ass. ce has not decided yet what songs from the new alb#m that he wants
to do. I wo#ld imagine ,ive me a -eeling along with title track Space Invader wo#ld be incl#ded, b#t it is
not in stone as of yet.
. / .
KISS Army Argentina: The first ++ dates from the S)ace Invader to"r have been anno"nced for
the ,ew -or! area# :o yo" !now if there are )lans to anno"nce more dates in other cities or
maybe in other co"ntries0
Richie Scarlet: 0ther cities have '#st been added in the 1idwest and Te!as. I wo#ld hope that we wo#ld
get international sometime in %234. That is my wish.
KISS Army Argentina: All these years ;after yo" left Ace%s band in +22<= yo" have !e)t a solid 7
great solo career with very interesting alb"ms s"ch as the latest one I >lead the &ifth# 5hat is
yo"r analysis and o)inion of yo"r career after so many years as a solo artist0
Richie Scarlet: I have been tr#ly blessed with all the m#sical opport#nities I have been given, since playing
with ce. It&s been a wild ride and it is abo#t to get even wilder.
KISS Army Argentina: 5hat are yo"r feelings regarding this comebac! to Ace%s band and the
shows yo" will be )laying in0 5ill we see yo" singing 9rea!o"t and ' -o"ng ' :ie again
among other songs0 ?any of "s were really loo!ing forward for this comebac!8
Richie Scarlet: I am absol#tely psyched to be back with the ce for the Space Invader To#r. s far as
$reako#t and Too )o#ng To 5ie, I certainly wo#ld think so. I have been totally overwhelmed with the
s#pport from the -(S+ It&s a bea#tif#l thing. I appreciate it very m#ch. Thank yo# to all the "ISS and ce
-rehley fans aro#nd the world for their love and s#pport.
KISS Army Argentina: 5hich songs that have never been )erformed live before wo"ld yo" li!e to
)lay live with Ace0
Richie Scarlet: I wo#ld love to bring back ,ive It To 1e nyway and some of the early demos that I
recorded with ce, s#ch as nimal, #dio 7ideo, Remember 1e 8from Tro#ble *alking9 and Too -ar
KISS Army Argentina: Richie we wo"ld love to see yo" )lay in Argentina# :o yo" thin! it may
ha))en sometime in the f"t"re0
Richie Scarlet: Joann Scarlet will p#sh very hard to try to make that happen.
KISS Army Argentina: Richie wo"ld yo" )lease leave a message to KISS Army Argentina and to
yo"r fans in general in Argentina0 @nce again than!s a lot! for yo"r time#
Richie Scarlet: Thank yo# "ISS rmy rgentina: love and respect to yo# all.
Thanks to &oann Scarlet
Intervie# by' (arcelo )arc*a and +iego Ferreyra ,Kiss Army Argentina- . Translation' (ariana
Abello . /ctober 0123
4isit' http'..###kissarmyargentinacom.