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Student Guide


Dr Wong Yoke Chen

“Amat Victoria Curam”, a Latin phrase that means “victory favours those who take pains”, is a motto that I hold true and believe in wholeheartedly. In today’s society where instant gratification and increasing simplification is popular, a course like the A-Level that employs traditional teaching and learning methods stands out as an anachronism, a concept that seems out of place in modern times. Yes, we stick to old values emphasising the depth and breadth of subjects taught and creating a firm bedrock of fundamental knowledge that underlies a worthwhile pre-university preparation. I would be the first to admit that the A-Level course can often prove to be very challenging for the less industrious and resolute students. But any place worth going to deserves the sincere effort put in. Despite its reputation as the toughest pre-university course, our graduates have no regrets and will testify that the pains taken have been worth it. I strongly advocate that one’s achievement of a goal is measured by the quality of the endeavour taken to accomplish it. There are no shortcuts to true success. Here at Sunway University College, my team of highly experienced and dedicated lecturers aims to deliver the best A-Level education possible. With the right coaching, seemingly insurmountable intellectual concepts are made comprehensible. The emphasis is on making the learning experience enjoyable, memorable and ultimately enriching. Having kept an unfaltering track record of stellar A-Level results for the past many years, I believe that our A-Level academic team has and will continue to provide an exceptional educational experience for our students. I believe also that education goes beyond the mere acquisition of paper qualifications. The pastoral care programme through our mentor-mentee system which we have been successfully implementing over the past 13 years speaks volumes of our personal concern for each and every student. Various activities provide the avenue for our students to develop more than just their academic abilities. We encourage their creative talents and also cultivate leadership, social and communication skills as well as guide them in time management expertise. To the Sunway A-Level team, education – in its original Latin meaning of “e-ducere” or “to lead out” – is a concept that transcends mere paper grades. We aim to develop and to lead out the inherent talents, skills and character that are latent in our students. We believe in human potential, and that everyone – slow and fast learners alike – deserves an opportunity to be educated, to have his or her best traits developed.

Sunway University College has been preparing students since 1994 for the General Certificate of Education (GCE) Advanced-Level qualification through examinations set and assessed by the University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE).

CIE is one of the world’s leading providers of international academic qualifications and is a part of the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES). This renowned body has been developing and promoting its uniquely British system of assessment around the world for almost 150 years. The GCE A-Level qualification places emphasis on in-depth knowledge, deep understanding, strong reasoning abilities and critical thinking. It is arguably the most widely recognised preuniversity qualification in the world, readily accepted as proof of superior academic ability for entry into world-class universities around the world. CIE is the world’s largest provider of international educational qualifications with more than 1100 examination centres across the globe. Fifty-odd such centres are currently operating in Malaysia alone. Any centre which proves its worth through a superior delivery system that produces excellent results in the twice-yearly examinations is accorded the status of a Fellowship Centre. Only 4 centres in Malaysia have attained this elite status and Sunway is one of them!

University of Cambridge International Fellowship Centre
The Fellowship Centre status awarded by CIE to our A-Level Programme in 2005 is a clear recognition of our excellent delivery system and ensuing top-notch results on a world stage. We have a consistent track record of outstanding academic performance and a string of international awards won by our students. In the June 2009 CIE Examination, our overall pass rate was 98.8% with 26% of our students achieving three A-grades or more. In that assessment, our students topped the nation in Accounting, Biology and Law, while in Physics and Psychology, we produced the world’s best! Such sterling performances are nothing new – recipients of CIE Top Student awards have been regularly emerging from within our ranks since 1998. To date, we have made similar forays into Biological Science, Business subjects, Mathematics, General Paper, Chemistry and Economics.

International A-Level and Advanced Subsidiary Qualifications
The CIE A-Level curriculum provides a firm bedrock of fundamental knowledge by guaranteeing comprehensive coverage in the breath and depth of each subject offered. Students are assessed for their mastery of subject matter, their application of knowledge and understanding to everyday scenarios and their ability to think critically in unfamiliar situations. In the Sciences, a fair part of the assessment involves the demonstration of laboratory-based skills. Coursework and internal examinations serve the sole purpose of preparing students for the final external assessment which comes direct from CIE. The programme of A-Level studies at Sunway involves a two-tiered structure of examinations leading to the award of a certificate. The staged assessment relieves the pressure associated with sitting for one set of final examination papers. The AS (Advanced Subsidiary) Examination tests fundamental skills while the A2 (Advanced Level) Examination is a more wide-ranging assessment. Our standard 1.5year programme comprises three semesters, each about six months long, with the AS Examination at the end of Semester 2 and the A2 Examination at the end of Semester 3. The express 1-year programme is compressed into two semesters with the AS Examination at the end of Semester 1 and the A2 Examination at the end of Semester 2.

Express 1-year Programme
The express A-Level programme was first offered in January 2008 and the inaugural batch of students graduated in November 2008. With 62% of these returning straight-A results and 93% achieving at least 1A, we have every reason to be proud of this bold endeavour. These graduates have already been accepted to read Engineering at Cambridge University, Imperial College, Monash University and Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University, Law at King’s College, London, Actuarial Science at Heriot-Watt University and the Australian National University, Business at Melbourne University, and Pharmacy and Dentistry at the International Medical University, Malaysia. We offer two subject combinations; Mathematics-Chemistry-Physics and Mathematics-Chemistry-Biology. This programme admits students who have achieved distinctions in English, Additional Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics/Biology in the SPM/O-Level/ equivalent examinations.

Choice of Subjects
The A-Level subjects offered are: • • • Accounting Biology Chemistry • • • Economics Further Mathematics Law • • • Mathematics Psychology Physics

Students are required to choose a minimum of three (3), or a maximum of four (4) A-Level subjects. Thinking Skills (AS Level) is compulsory. The following provides a guide on the subject combinations that prepare students for the various fields of tertiary studies: Pre-Medical & Pre-Science Biology Chemistry Physics Mathematics Psychology Pre-Engineering & Pre-Science Chemistry Physics Mathematics Further Mathematics* Economics Pre-Business & Pre-Law Mathematics Accounting Economics Law Psychology

* Must be taken as a fourth subject in addition to Mathematics; offered to the January and July intakes.

The A-Level subject syllabi are divided into the AS Level, which is the first half of the course and forms the foundations of A-Levels, and the A2 Level, which is the second part of the syllabus and covers more difficult topics, with each level contributing 50% towards the final A-Level grade. The examination papers at both the AS and A2 Levels are set and marked by examiners from the University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE).

Intakes & Examinations
Intake January January Express** March July
**special application only

AS Examination November (same year) June (same year) November (same year) June (following year)

A2 Examination June (following year) November (same year) June (following year) November (following year)

Academic Requirements
A minimum of 5 credits at SPM, O-Level or equivalent qualifications. For students who intend to take the A-Level science subjects, they must have at least credits in the same SPM / O-Level pure science subjects; combined science does not provide a sufficient foundation. Additional Mathematics is required for A-Level Mathematics (unless the student has an A grade in General Mathematics). A pre-requisite of Biology in SPM / O-Level is not necessary IF the student is a good student with distinctions in other SPM / O-Level Science / Mathematics subjects.

Help and Support
Staff from the A-Level programme and Student Services Department offer assistance to students in the areas of academic and personal counselling. At the programme level, each student is assigned an academic staff member as mentor.

A-Level Student Council (ALSCO)
ALSCO is a group of committed, bright and creative young people who are the voice of the A-Level students. Each class is represented by a member of the ALSCO. Among the events that ALSCO has organised are the A-Level Ball, traditional costume day, Sports Carnival and charity events to raise funds for the less fortunate and needy. Being in the ALSCO teaches members to be more tolerant and understanding of different races, creeds and colour. Members of ALSCO also learn to come out of their comfort zone and achieve their full potential of being leaders. ALSCO members strive to be role models and set good examples for their fellow course mates. For the selection process, applicants are required to fill up a form about their previous extracurricular activities in secondary school. After that, an existing ALSCO member will interview the applicants personally before the applicants are shortlisted to be interviewed by the A-Level Director, the advisor to ALSCO. Committee meetings are held weekly to discuss and plan events or social gatherings. If you are responsible, committed and prepared to be a leader, ALSCO wants you!

Mentor-Mentee System
Each lecturer in our A-Level Programme is assigned a number of mentees who become recipients of pastoral care throughout their studies. At the outset, this system fosters the forging of meaningful relationships between lecturers and students, and promotes the close monitoring of students’ overall progress. The system also identifies each mentor as a capable and ready resource person for counsel pertaining to choice of career and placement in appropriate universities. Mentors are responsible for processing all applications made by their mentees, including the writing of references and testimonials. On a broader level, the mentor-mentee system helps guide the overall social, emotional and mental development of the student body.

Parents’ Day
Parents’ Day is held every semester to enable parents and guardians to meet with lecturers and discuss academic and personal development of each student. This will enable parents / guardians and lecturers to work together to help the student develop his / her full potential.

Student Attendance
Although attendance is not part of the evaluation process in the A-Level programme there is a high correlation between attendance and achievement and it is likely that a student who has a high degree of absenteeism will be doing poorly. Attendance is a priority and is monitored and recorded diligently. Students who miss five or more classes will be reported to the Director of Programme and parents or guardians will be informed. Persistent absence from class may result in the student being excluded from classes unless approved by the Director of Programme.

Progress Reports
Progress reports are evaluative reports written by each subject lecturer. These reports are an important means of letting parents know about the student’s progress. The programme regards parental involvement and home support as critical factors in helping students improve. Two reports are sent in the first semester and one after each of the mock examinations.

Student Punctuality
Lateness is not only disruptive to others but also adversely affects effective class participation. Chronic lateness will be treated similarly to frequent absences and will be reflected in the student’s final mark. It is within the subject teacher’s prerogative to deny access to class to chronic latecomers and treat the denied access as an absence. If a student knows he / she will be absent for lessons, he / she must produce a parent’s letter to state the reasons and proposed absenteeism dates in advance of the leave of absence.

Extracurricular Activities
There are many extracurricular activities available to all students in the institution under the Student Services Department. Students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activity as it provides a more wholesome development of the student. It may also enhance a reference or testimonial.

Academic Counselling
If a student is found to be too far behind in the syllabus and unable to catch up due to lack of attitude / aptitude then he / she is to be counselled to drop the subject. If two or more lecturers agree he / she lacks the ability to cope, after the mid-semester report, he / she will be counselled to change programme as appropriate.

Australia ∙ Australian National University ∙ Monash University ∙ University of Sydney ∙ University of Adelaide ∙ University of Melbourne ∙ University of New South Wales ∙ University of Western Australia ∙ Canada ∙ McGill University ∙ China ∙ Wenzhou Medical College ∙ Germany ∙ Duis Ber-E University ∙ India ∙ Manipal Medical College ∙ Ireland ∙ University of Ireland ∙ Japan ∙ University of Osaka ∙ Malaysia ∙ Asian Institute of Medicine, Science and Technology (AIMST) ∙ International Medical University ∙ Penang Medical College ∙ New Zealand ∙ Massey University ∙ University of Auckland ∙ University of Canterbury ∙ University of Otago ∙ Victoria University, Wellington ∙ Singapore ∙ National University of Singapore ∙ Nanyang Technological University ∙ Singapore Management University ∙ United Kingdom ∙ Architectural Association School of Architecture ∙ Heriot-Watt University ∙ University of Bath ∙University of Bristol ∙ University of Cambridge ∙ University of Liverpool ∙ University of London: Cass Business School, Imperial College, King’s College, London School of Economics, Queen Mary College, Royal Holloway College, University College London ∙ University of Oxford ∙ University of St Andrew’s ∙ USA ∙ Boston University ∙ Brown University ∙ Carnegie-Mellon University ∙ Duke University ∙ Harvard University ∙ Princeton University ∙ Purdue University ∙ Stanford University ∙ University of California, Berkeley ∙ University of Illinois ∙ University of Ohio ∙ University of Pennsylvania

Our students have successfully gained admission into many world-class universities, as listed above. Good A-Level results are often worth 1 full year of advanced standing or credit at universities in the USA and Canada.

Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) ‘Top in the World’ and ‘Top in Malaysia’ Award Winners for 2009
Ms Oh Coyin • Top in the World Physics AS Level • Top in Malaysia Biology AS Level Ms Ng Hui Sin • Top in Malaysia Accounting AS Level

Ms Sarah Chew Jiak Sian • Top in the World Psychology AS Level

Mr Thong Ming Sen • Top in Malaysia Law AS Level

Cambridge International Examinations Awards
2008: 2008: 2008: 2008: 2007: 2007: 2007: 2006: 2006: 2004: 2004: 2004: Best in three International A-Level Subjects (2nd place) Top in Malaysia Mathematics A-Level Top in the World Mathematics AS Level Top in the World Mathematics AS Level Top in the World AS Award for Mathematics Top in Malaysia AS Award for Chemistry Top in Malaysia AS Award for Economics Top in Malaysia Award for General Paper Top in Malaysia Award for Physics Top in Malaysia Award for Advanced Level Mathematics Best in three A2/AS Level Subjects Top in Malaysia Award for General Paper Awarded to Yeo Jun Hau Awarded to Yeo Jun Hau Awarded to Nurul Azeem Bte Abd. Jamil Awarded to Yeow Xinyan Awarded to Ng Whit Ni Awarded to Parth Partak Awarded to Beh Shao Min Awarded to Sabreen Maryam Ali Awarded to Sarah Zulaikha Bte Samad Awarded to Yap Pau Ling Awarded to Yap Pau Ling Awarded to Priya A/P Kulasagaran Awarded to Lum Kee Keong Awarded to Wong Seck Jiong Awarded to Lee Tet Woo

Oxford & Cambridge Examinations & Assessment Awards
1999: Oxford & Cambridge Examinations & Assessment Council Prize For Business Subjects 1999: Oxford & Cambridge Examinations & Assessment Council Prize For Mathematics 1998: Oxford & Cambridge Examinations & Assessment Council Prize For Science (Biological)

The academic staff of the A-Level Programme are highly qualified, experienced and truly committed. With an average of 22 years of teaching experience across the faculty, they are highly competent in the task of imparting knowledge and understanding to their young charges.

Ms Chin Fui Leng Chemistry Lecturer

(15 Years of Teaching Experience) “A teacher does not only teach but moulds her students by the example she sets, imparting values that would forever change their lives.”

Ms Irma Chan Biology Lecturer

(28 Years of Teaching Experience) “I want students to enjoy learning as much as I enjoy teaching, for when you stop learning, you stop ‘living’.”

Mr Chin Yong Kwang Mathematics Lecturer

Ms Jeyanthi T Sanmugam Accounting Lecturer

(29 Years of Teaching Experience) “Inspiring my students to excel and instilling in them the confidence to face challenges has always been my priority in teaching.”

(23 Years of Teaching Experience) “Guiding and motivating our future leaders to develop the right attitude, together with their personal aptitude, will equip them with the altitude they need to handle their future.”

Mr Chong Kok Foo Chemistry Lecturer

(38 Years of Teaching Experience) “Education is a lifelong process and teachers should act as catalysts to initiate the desire and love for knowledge in their students.”

Ms Joanne Lee Yen Ling Economics Lecturer

(2 Years of Teaching Experience) “The learning process extends beyond the classroom. Teaching inculcates the facility to take experiences gained within the four walls of formal education to the real world.”

Ms Deborah Chow Yen May Physics Lecturer

Ms Kalarani Chemistry Lecturer

(1 Year of Teaching Experience) “I believe that all students have their strengths and it is the educator’s goal to discover them!”

(28 Years of Teaching Experience) “The Teacher-Student chemistry is a finely balanced equation.”

Mr Goh Tee Peng Mathematics Lecturer

Mr Khoo Boo Hin Physics Lecturer

(35 Years of Teaching Experience) “A vivid picture of the benefits that can be expected from mastering any subject should be painted, and at every step there should be some appeal to the curiosity or to interest which will make that step worthwhile.”

(27 Years of Teaching Experience) “I enjoy helping students do well in examinations, achieve their potential and appreciate God’s creation.”

Ms Ida Ngui Psychology Lecturer

Mr Kingsley Row Physics Lecturer

(14 Years of Teaching Experience) “My greatest desire is to awaken students’ curiosity so that they will want to learn more.”

(34 Years of Teaching Experience) “Come, let us journey together. Permit me to be your mentor and friend. The rest will follow!”

Mr Lee Choo Sik Mathematics Lecturer

(38 Years of Teaching Experience) “Learning the fundamental content of the course is our primary objective. Fostering critical thinking and developing problemsolving strategies are our ultimate goals.”

Ms Son Hian Gek Accounting Lecturer

(23 Years of Teaching Experience) “Teaching is not merely imparting knowledge but also impacting lives.”

Mr Leonard Chin General Paper / English Lecturer

Mr T Alagarajah K Thavarajah Physics Lecturer

(9 Years of Teaching Experience) “I believe that students should be taught not only that they may learn, but so that they become ready to learn even more.”

(17 Years of Teaching Experience) “I want to inspire every student to better their best.”

Ms Low Ann Ann Mathematics Lecturer

Mr T. Chandran Law Lecturer

(8 Years of Teaching Experience) “I believe in bringing out the best in people by instilling confidence and imparting knowledge.”

(16 Years of Teaching Experience) “Education is the means to an end. The end of education is Character”

Ms Nesa Ramani Ganesan Biology Lecturer

(10 Years of Teaching Experience) “I love my subject and want to convey that love to my students.”

Ms Vijaya Lee Chemistry Lecturer

(16 Years of Teaching Experience) ”You don’t know whose lives you are touching.”

Ms Ong Boon Wee Chemistry Lecturer

Ms Wong Sock Leng Mathematics Lecturer

(40 Years of Teaching Experience) “All students are entitled to a good education. Education does not mean how many A’s a student obtains but how morally and socially responsible he / she is.”

(14 Years of Teaching Experience) “I am committed to teach others as I would my own children, and this underlies my passion to strive for the best in this vocation.”

Mr Rajesvaran Murugan Law Lecturer

Ms Yap Ee Hoon Mathematics Lecturer

(19 Years of Teaching Experience) “Teaching is not so much imparting knowledge but stimulating the students in its love and pursuit, and to inspire them with a desire to learn.”

(8 Years of Teaching Experience) “Teachers plant seeds of knowledge that grow forever.”

Ms See Pit Lin Mathematics Lecturer

(15 Years of Teaching Experience) “Successful teaching not only improves a student’s results but also his or her character.”

Mr Yong Yau Mathematics Lecturer

(36 Years of Teaching Experience) “Teaching is about being a good communicator and having the ability to describe a concept or solution to a problem in a variety of ways. I believe that a good maths teacher needs to be able to make mathematics intriguing and attractive to a wide range of students.”

“I am happy to have chosen the A-Level Programme at Sunway in order to build a strong foundation for my tertiary education. Without the expert supervision of my lecturers and their feedback as to my performance, I would not possibly have gained admission to Cambridge.” Phang Ying Choy Engineering, University of Cambridge A former student of SMK Bandar Utama “A quality education guaranteed by dedicated lecturers, excellent facilities and a conducive environment – these were the reasons I chose Sunway A-Level. It has truly been a rewarding experience for me. I have been provided with the best possible foundation for further studies.” How Xin Yee Pharmacy, University of Nottingham, Malaysia A former student of SMJK Keat Hwa 1, Alor Setar “Sun-U is a great place. The lecturers are dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced. The guidance ensuing from their professionalism has been of tremendous value.” Chong Hon Qui Electrical Engineering, Imperial College, University of London A former student of SMK Seafield, JPA Scholar “I enjoyed my A-Level studies at Sunway immensely. The lecturers were really helpful in every way, and truly passionate in their respective areas of expertise.” Yap Yee Chinn Physics, Imperial College, University of London A former student of SMK USJ 12, Subang Jaya, JPA Scholar “I would say that Sunway A-Level was one of the most important stepping stones of my life. I juggled between studies during weekdays and a part-time job on weekends and was still able to excel due to the dedication of the teaching staff. Besides, the excellent mentor-mentee system helped me to zero in on my career choice. Sun-U is truly a first-class educational centre with a world-class style of its own.” Phankit Doshi Medicine, I. M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy, The Russian Federation A former student of SMK Subang Jaya “The facilities at Sun-U proved to be excellent and very conducive to the learning process. The lecturers certainly had the expertise to deliver what the academically-challenging A-Level Programme required, besides being very helpful and dedicated. The institution has a world-class library as well as excellent sporting facilities that promote a healthy lifestyle. Food at affordable prices is available on the campus and nearby. With all these essentials taken care of, I was able to focus on my studies and strive for excellence.” Mak-Pee Kwang Xin Medical Bioscience, Monash University, Malaysia A former student of SMK Dato Bentara Dalam, Segamat “The A-Level course at Sun-U was enriching and unforgettable. The lecturers offered the very best in terms of in-depth exposure to subject matter and all-round education, often emphasising applications not found in the textbook. What an exciting learning experience! Truly “A-Level Above The Rest” !” Jeff Lee Ka Mun Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore A former student of SMK Seri Bintang Utara, Kuala Lumpur

“My three-semester stint at Sunway was, by far, the most enjoyable and memorable phase of my life. I chose Sun-U over its nearest rival, and I am extremely satisfied with my decision! The lecturers were excellent in their holistic approach. They delivered their lessons well, communicating far more than mere textbook knowledge. They corrected both technical and language errors in our work. They counselled those with attitude problems. They went the extra mile for all who deserved it. The best part was the personal interest they took in each student. So, I left Sunway with more than an A-Level certificate. I learnt about life itself !“ Jethro Tan Pek Keat JPA Scholar, Materials Science & Technology, Imperial College, University of London A former student of Sekolah Wesley Methodist, “Sun-U A-Levels offered a good variety of choices which empowered me to discover new areas of interest. My lecturers stressed the need to understand principles so I always looked forward to lessons. An abundance of extra-curricular opportunities changed my outlook on life, enabling me to understand my strengths and weaknesses and to become more creative in problem-solving.” Jaqueline P’ng Ree Naa Journalism & Communications, Chinese University of Hong Kong A former student of SMJK Katholik, Petaling Jaya “A special feature of the A-Level Programme at Sunway is the manner in which the lecturers guided me to think instead of merely stuffing my head with facts! I value this because I believe that being able to think is the key to success. My lecturers were very friendly and dedicated, always ready to sacrifice their time to clear my doubts. Besides, the Sunway campus is an ideal environment for studies.” Sim Hui Wen Medicine, Monash University, Malaysia A former student of Chong Hwa Independent High School, Kuala Lumpur “Lateral thinking is an integral part of university education, particularly in Philosophy, and the Sunway A-Level program has encouraged that aspect of my education, as opposed to merely focusing on short-term rote learning. Pre-University education’s primary purpose is to prepare one for tertiary education and Sunway has done that to great effect.” Qu Hsueh Ming B.A. (Oxon) in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, First Class A former student of SMK Damansara Jaya “A dynamic institution, accommodating students of diverse backgrounds without compromising its integrity as a centre of higher learning. My lecturers delivered lessons that transcended the limits of mere academia. They helped craft me into what I am today and what I will become in the future. And this they did with undying dedication and diligence. A-Level at Sun-U was a truly rewarding experience !” Xander Chong Tze Siang Biochemistry, Oxford University A former student of SMJK Katholik, Petaling Jaya “A-Level at Sun-U was the perfect transition from secondary school to university life. With professionalism and dedication, my lecturers honed my critical-thinking skills and boosted confidence in my abilities. I am now more prepared for the future.” Felicia Long Actuarial Science, Heriot-Watt University A former student of SMK Convent Pulau Tikus, Penang

“At Sun-U A-Level, I learned that the only limits you face are the ones you impose on yourself. And so my latent abilities found sweet release and I was well on my way to the realization of all of my dreams.” Karyn Khor University of London A former student of Sekolah Sri Kuala Lumpur, Law, King’s College “My father once said, “It’s a smooth transition from primary to secondary school, and then to college; the hardest part is getting into the university of your choice.” He clearly meant that the pre-university stage is critical. He then offered me the best programme available: A-Level at Sun-U. I am glad I took it !” Henna Tan Ern Ern Medicine, University of Leeds A former student of SMK Derma, Kangar, Perlis

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