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Print Free Woodworking Plans & Dimensions (below)
Wren House
Two Models: Mounted & Hanging
Pine Construction
Screw Assembly, Pre-Drilled Countersunk Pilot Holes
Hinged Roof Secured with Shutter Hook for Easy
Solid Brass Hardware

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Carolina Wren
House Wren

Bewick's Wren

Winter Wren

This nest box has deluxe features, constructed with Pine planned to a
smooth surface, and solid brass hardware
There are two versions. One model has two brass screw eyes in the
roof peak for hanging (wire, chain, or rope are not included).
Another model has a keyhole in the back panel for mounting on a tree,
fence or wall, and the roof is cut flush with the back panel.
Wall Mounted Model
Both versions have one roof panel hinged for easy access secured with
a shutter hook, brass screw construction, pre-drilled pilot holes,
ventilation openings in the floor, and a perch..
Hinged roof provides easy access for monitoring and cleaning. Shutter
hook secures roof in closed position.

Pilot holes in both primary
and secondary work pieces
makes for easy assembly
with a screwdriver in
Spaghetti Tank

Red-breasted Grosbeak
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Brown-headed Nuthatch

Siberian Chickadee
Chestnut-backed Chickadee
Hardware (two extra screw eyes
not necessary in Wall Mounted Model).
Mount on or suspend from a tree, post, fence or wall between four and
twelve feet high with partial sun and shade (see each particular bird
species page for specific habitat and mounting instructions.)
Remove the nest in late summer or fall after the brood rearing seasons
are over. Titmice and Nuthatches may use this nest box.
See assembly instructions and complete plans below.
Tree Swallow, K. Davis

Purple Martins

Safety First
Assemble woodworking projects in a safe area on a work bench at a height between
waist and chest.
Wear eye protection. Eye injuries are the most common assembly mishap.
Keep hardware and tools away from children.and infants; store away when not in

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1. Attach Back and Front to Floor 2. Attach Right and Left Sides
with Screws using Phillips screw driver. to Front and Back.

3. Attach Stationary Roof Panel so that 4. Attach Hinges to Roof Panel with small 7. Attach Hinged Roof Panel
Hinge Pilot Holes are at the Peak. screws and small Phillips Screw Driver. to Stationary Roof Panel
using small screws and
5. Attach Hook to Roof Panel with Round small Phillips Screw
Head Screw using Slotted Screw Driver Driver.
6. Turn Screw Eye into Side Panel

Audubon American
Goldfinch Infant-Toddler

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8. Snug fit Perch into Front Panel. 9. Turn Large Screw Eyes into 10. Suspend Hanging Model with 4 - 6 inches
Glue if desired (glue not included) into Pilot Holes in Stationary of wire, rope, or small chain (not
Roof Peak of Hanging Model. included) from tree limb or eave.
(not included in Wall Mounted
Model) Wall Mounted Model: Turn Large Screw
into wall, fence, or tree. Leave 7/8"
between wall and screw head. Fit
Key Hole Slot over Screw in wall.


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