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5 Infographics to Teach You How to

Easily Create Infographics in
PowerPoint [+ TEMPLATES]
by Desmond Wong
February 26, 2013 at 11:02 AM
These days, visual content is all the rage. And
considering the fact that people are naturally
drawn to pictures, images, and other visuals, it's
no wonder it's become such a dominant force in
the marketing world. Just think about how much
more prominently visuals get featured in social
networks like Facebook and Google+. And what
about the rise of visual-focused networks like Pinterest, Instagram, and Vine? There's no
Inbound Hub

Inbound Marketing

denying it -- visual content is here to stay, and marketers who can learn how to master it
will have a leg up on competitors who can't.
When most marketers hear the term "visual content," the first type that comes to mind is
usually the infographic. But how can those who don't necessarily have a design
background -- or budget to commission an agency, hire a dedicated in-house designer, or
purchase expensive design software -- create professional-looking infographics that enable
them to leverage the power of visual content? We're so glad you asked! Here's a little
secret: You can do it right within software you likely already have loaded on your computer.
That's right! PowerPoint can be your best friend when it comes to visual content creation.
And to help you get started, we've created five fabulous infographic templates you can
download for free and use to customize your own infographics right within PowerPoint --
as well as some helpful tips and tricks to help you learn how to use PowerPoint to its full
In this post, we'll highlight some PowerPoint infographic creation basics as well as four of
the infographic templates from the download that explain how to easily create infographics
in PowerPoint (how meta, right?). Just be sure to download the PowerPoint templates for
yourself so you can easily customize the designs you see below!
Tip: Don't strain your eyes ... click on each infographic below to enlarge. HubSpot will not
reimburse you for LASIK surgery ;-)
PowerPoint Infographic Creation Basics

How to Create a 4-Color Infographic
How to Create an Infographic With
Alternating Font Sizes
How to Create a Data-Comparison
How to Create a Pinterest-Inspired Tile-
Themed Infographic
26/2/2013 19:36:52
What are you waiting for? Grab your free infographic templates so you can start customizing
fantastic-looking infographics of your own!

Wow! This is great-looking forward to making my first infographic!
26/2/2013 19:37:27
26/2/2013 19:44:11
26/2/2013 19:52:05
26/2/2013 19:57:35
26/2/2013 20:11:12
26/2/2013 20:36:10
I feel silly, but how do I open these templates? I can't access them from PowerPoint, and can't open
them with IE. Thanks!
This is awesome! I will def utilize this in my presentations. Keep'em coming!
Love infographics. They're a great way to share valuable information. Always wanted to create one
but never knew where to start.
Bobbi Jo Woods
john tegner
Nice article! Here's a link to an infograph of an iPhone. It's in PPT.
Have fun!
john tegner
Sorry bad link to the iphone infographic. Here's the right one.
26/2/2013 21:28:08
26/2/2013 21:42:45
26/2/2013 22:22:46
26/2/2013 22:27:55
27/2/2013 04:31:12
Pamela Vaughan
Nathan: It may have been that you are using an older version of PPT. We just updated the offer to be
compatible with older versions, so can you try accessing them again? Thanks for your patience!
Lillian Leon
Wow this is great for us rookies! Awesome design tips for the non designer too!

I'm sharing this. Thanks v much! :)
As usual great content. I just rediscovered PPT. Not be a graphics design person (heck I can barely
draw stick figures). I've surprised myself on how easy it is to make really cool graphics.

Thanks to this post I have a whole new slew of ideas. Great stuff!

Weird, I never thought power point would be my favorite design tool.
Really fun post... Pandas are so flexible.
Just when I thought I knew everything in Powerpoint - along comes HubSpot.
Thank you.
PS looking forward to when the puppies take over!
27/2/2013 04:46:08
27/2/2013 05:13:20
27/2/2013 07:08:17
27/2/2013 07:30:05
27/2/2013 11:15:42
27/2/2013 11:27:20
Simple--never, never use IE again....
Fantastic tips! As someone just starting out in this field, any great ideas like this one are always
welcome! Keep 'em coming!
Nancy Wee
Love this! i am bonafide infographics designer and I thought I knew everything about it and along
came this great article.
Didn't even think making infographics using powerpoint was so easy. Well infographics really help to
Konnect with people and explain your brand easily.
It's a shame the text looks awful when exported to a PNG. Is there a way around this?
Appreciate what this is trying to accomplish, but in my opinion you can't automate compelling
infographics. It's not about putting pretty pictures next to data - the point is to bring out something
about the data that a viewer couldn't understand or engage with if it wasn't visually represented. Take
a look at our work and notice the enormous difference from automated templates -
27/2/2013 12:10:03
27/2/2013 15:41:42
27/2/2013 15:43:06
27/2/2013 17:45:07
27/2/2013 17:57:38
27/2/2013 18:59:04
Webdesign Stuttgart
Your Service are get better and better, Infographics are a good chance to become new follower.
Nice Idea !
Jan Hyde
Thanks very much for this resource. I made my first infographic following the last article you wrote on
this subject and it's on my website now entitled 'How to find a job using Twitter' I can't wait to have
another go at making one and will look forward to using these new resources.
Novita Dewi
That is great and very useful! Thanks!
There is a typo in one of your infographics...
Not sure why, but I'm seeing how you make the slides longer than a typical PPT slide. What am I
missing here?
Desmond Wong
Hey J.D.

Are you looking to customize the size of your slides? If so, you'll find the option under the "Themes"
tab in the top menu bar. Once you've located that, you'll notice an icon in the right hand corner called
27/2/2013 19:43:00
27/2/2013 19:44:08
27/2/2013 19:45:51
27/2/2013 19:55:22
27/2/2013 20:08:27
27/2/2013 20:52:02
"Slide Size". Click that and you're ready to rock. Adjust your slide to what ever dimensions you would
I can not load site. error popping up. Please direct me to proper site.
The download link returns and DNS error. :(
Pamela Vaughan
Sorry folks! We're currently having some technical difficulties on the website. We'll keep you posted
when things are back up and running. Sorry for the inconvenience!
Pamela Vaughan
Hey everyone. We're back up and running again. So sorry for the inconvenience! Now go grab your
templates :)
NOW how am I supposed to pay my student loans for design degrees?
Love your info, but it's "too much white space" not "to much white space." Unless, of course, you want
us to head toward a great deal of white space.
27/2/2013 21:09:14
27/2/2013 21:16:06
27/2/2013 23:21:55
28/2/2013 12:49:25
28/2/2013 15:08:41
Search Decoder
Amazing! Big thanks for sharing
Desmond Wong
Nikki and Linda, you're totally right. Thanks for catching those. Maybe we can play this off as a
chance for you to download the templates and make some edits of your own ;)
This is fantastic! Thanks for this. I can't wait to try it.
Laura Pazzaglia
Looking forward to using your new templates. Used the last one to a very successful inforgraphic
(also credited Hubspot for the template):

Pressure Cooking Saves Time, Energy and Vitamins!

My biggest challenge was finding appropriate icons, and stringing the template together - I like that
the new ones are already one continuous slide!



P.S. Would love to see everyone's infographic. Maybe HubSpot can do a gallery?!?
Digital Key Design
2/3/2013 06:13:51
2/3/2013 06:24:09
4/3/2013 11:28:51
5/3/2013 12:35:58
Sweet....thanks for sharing these!
I can't download
Thanks for teaching us how to create infographics using powerpoint
This is a really useful tool and will be using it for my corporate presentations. Thanks so much
Bit Breakers
Great to create infographics with such simple usages
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