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The Goodie List: Hooligans in the House July 2014

Summer ’14 Wraps Up | Summer ’14 At-a-Glance | Summer ‘14 Blogs
Summer ’14 Tips and Tricks (Chris Edwards)
The Last of the Summer ‘14 (Michael Gill)
IdeaExchange Update: Customer Ideas in the Summer '14 Release
4 Cool Analytics Enhancements in Summer ’14 (Uzi Krieger)
Summer'14 Analytics Core Reporting Pilot

Winter ’15 Readiness Begins!
“Ice Fisher” wins logo contest
Winter '15 Sandbox Preview Instructions – Begins 9/5!

7/31/2014 Elna Miller (
Dreamforce ’14 October 13-16

And the band is... Bruno Mars!

The Road to Dreamforce ’14 Videos:
•Episode 1: What’s New at DF‘14
•Episode 2: Content and Training
•Episode 3: The SMB Experience
•Episode 4: Women in Tech

• QUIZ: How Much Do You Know About Dreamforce?
• How To Convince Your Boss To Send You To Dreamforce
• Dreamforce: You Know What I Meme?
• You Can’t Spell Dreamforce Without Six Cs (Eric Dreshfield)
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Release Readiness Group
7/31/2014 Elna Miller (
New Release! – iOS and Android v.6.0 coming in August (Safe Harbor)
Salesforce1 Mobile Resource Center - One stop shop!

Webinar 8/7 - Become a Hero of Mobile: Salesforce1 Mobile App Best Practices

New Resources:
•Salesforce1 Style Guide
•Free Ebook: 100 Ways to Run Your Business from Your Phone
•Salesforce1 Analytics API Hands-On Training (Recording)
•Leveraging List Views With Salesforce1 (Bonny Hinners)
•Opinions on Salesforce1 for Retail and Healthcare (Chris Edwards)
•Babyforce 2.0 – tracking diaper changes on Salesforce1 (Chris Zullo)
•How Mobile Gives Sysco a Competitive Advantage
•Jump-starting your HR Transformation with Social, Mobile, and Cloud (Recording)

Salesforce1 in the Community:
•Post an Admin Tip, Win a T-Shirt!
•Poll: Which Analytics Feature Should Be Added Next in SF1?
•Top 8 Killer New Salesforce1 Features
•Salesforce1 Adoption Feedback Discussion
Salesforce1 Community Group
The Goodie List: Hooligans in the House July 2014
Gartner Positions as a Leader in Magic Quadrant for SFA
Forbes Blog: Why You Should Build Your Company On
How One CEO Handled a Customer Complaint, and What Others Can Learn From It
Meeting HIPAA Compliance with Salesforce (Mark Hadfield)
Employee Communities: The Future of HR
6 Ways to Tell If Your Social Marketing Is Working
Three Ways to Wow Your Customers with Outstanding Support
Turning Your FAQs Into Valuable Knowledge Base Articles
What Is Net Neutrality? What Businesses Need to Know
Google Glass: 10 Great Uses for Businesses

…and Beyond
Success Community Highlights

#Sp14FlowHackathon | #Salesforce1AdminTip | #DF14

“Officially” HOT! Workflow & Automation Group
Great summary of the Flow Hackathon (Mark Ross)

Congrats! CloudFocus Weekly Celebrates 100

Best Vacation Day Ever at User Group Therapy (Cheryl Feldman)

Featured Posts – not to be missed!
• Good Stuff, No Fluff Admin Digest #5
• Summer ‘14 MVP Nominations Open!
• Unlisted Groups Pilot LIVE in Success Community
• Flow: Automate Line Item Creation on Price Book Change (Doug Ayers)
• Creating Incident Impact and Trending Reports and Charts (Steve Mo)
• Midwest Dreamin’ Recap (Brian Kwong)
• Top 4 Moments from Midwest Dreamin‘ (Mike Gerholdt)

Solved in Minutes! “Community Ninjas” come through
• Automate Data Entry with Publisher Actions (Marie Chandra)
• Showing Account info on Case View (Joel Hug)
• Flow: Checking the value on a group of child records (Virginia Leandro)
• Tools for Object and Field Cleanup (Dave Brockis)
• Has a Community Member Helped You Recently? (Garry Polmateer)

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Success Community Participation Guide and Resources
Getting Started in the Success
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7/31/2014 Elna Miller (
The Goodie List: Hooligans in the House July 2014
7/31/2014 Elna Miller (
• Putting your Browser to Work as a Salesforce Admin (Patrick Watkins)
• 3 Simple Ways to Increase User Productivity (Uzi Krieger)
• Use What You Pay For In Salesforce (Carolyn Adams)
• 5 Keys to Creating Self-Sufficient Users (Brent Downey)
• White Board Series - All About Opportunities Read all 4 parts! (Shell Black)
• Change Sets for System Admins (Justin Edelstein)
• A Tale of Two (Salesforce Backup) Cities (Lori Witzel)
• No Coding Required: 5 Cool Things You Can Do with Salesforce Flow
• CloudLife Podcast – Adam Seligman on Clicks-not-Code Developers
• How to Become a Consultant (Jen Nelson)
• Object ID Prefixes Explained (Johan Yu)
• How to Clone Public Groups or Queues with Members (Rakesh Gupta)
• Flow Benchmark Testing (Bonnie Hinners)
• Referral Management Options for Banks in Salesforce (Jason Atwood)

The Goodie List: Hooligans in the House July 2014
• Women in Tech: The Architect Behind The AppExchange
• Letter to the Developer: “Date Loop” to Create Records with Flow (Brian Kwong)
• Analytics API: Display Salesforce Analytics on Any Website
• Tessel Review & Salesforce REST API Example (Reid Carlberg)

8/12 - Swim Without Floaters - Admin best practices (Deepa Patel)
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Top Recordings:
Learn to Hack It: Top 5 Salesforce Hacks (Mike Gerholdt)
Go With The Flow: Automating Business Processes with Clicks
Managing Salesforce Releases To Drive Feature Adoption