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We work with:
! Laserscope Aura
! Laserscope Aura-i
! Laserscope Aura-XP
! Laserscope Gemini
! Laserscope Lyra
! Laserscope Lyra-i

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Call us! 1-888-985-1897
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Effectiveness Combined with Portability...The Aura Laser System is a
compact, highly portable, single wavelength laser designed for office-
based procedures. Its unique, integrated StarPulse feature enables the
treatment of acne, benign vascular, including telangiectasia on the leg
and face, and pigmented surface lesions, including leg veins.
Built-In StarPulse - The StarPulse features converts the laser's continuous
wave operation to a variable pulsing mode for photocoagulation of
cutaneous lesions. The technology allows the delivery of fully-variable
bursts of laser energy at pulse widths in the 1 to 30 millisecond range.
This clinically-proven treatment range permits precise matching of the
laser's pulse width with the thermal relaxation times of various vascular

Convenient & Portable - The design of the Aura makes it ideal for offices
that are too small for larger systems. The Aura can also be used in most
110 volt electrical outlets, making it even more portable.

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Indicated Uses:

! Vascular Lesions
! Telangiectasia
! Rosacea
! Cherry Angiomas
! Spider Angiomas
! Venous Lake
! Blue Facial Veins
! Hemangiomas
! Port Wine Stains
! Blue/Purple Port Wine Stains
! Neovascularization
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! Pigmented Lesions
! Lentigines
! Dermatosis Papulosis Nigra
! Freckles
! Poikiloderma of Civatte
! Melasma
! Cutaneous Lesions
! Verruca
! Keratoses
! Skin Tags
! Acne Vulgaris
The Aura XP™ 15 Watt laser system delivers unmatched performance and steady-state
reliability that can be applied to a wide range of soft tissue clinical applications.

StarPulse™ Technology precisely limits the depth of penetration for increased control, while
providing excellent hemostasis, vaporization, and cutting power.

Unique StarPulse Technology allows you to deliver a pulse width as short as 1 millisecond.
532 nm Pulsed Wavelength. KTP energy is highly absorbed by oxyhemoglobin, delivering
precise coagulation while leaving the surrounding tissue unaffected.

Compact Design and Quiet Operation - perfect for in-office and small procedure rooms and
can be placed on a countertop or cart. Its small, compact design is perfect for the hospital,
office or ambulatory surgery center.

Easy and Convenient Plug and Play Operation – standard electrical 120vac (20amp) plug and
play operation enables easy movement from one room to another and expedites procedure

Solid-state Reliability - reliable, solid-state construction sets a new standard for high
performance with easy maintenance.
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The Largest KTP Green Spot Ever Developed
Large spot, high power green offers rapid clearance of vascular and pigmented lesions.
Because the Gemini’s 10mm spot is so large the depth of penetration is driven deeper for
rapid clearance.

1064 nm Nd:YAG Wavelength for Deep Heating
Gemini provides deep, safe heating to create controlled dermal injury to encourage new
collagen growth for skin tightening and wrinkle treatments.

Photon Recycling for Efficiency
Photons are recycled in a chamber that re-directs scattered energy back to the tissue,
maximizing efficiency of energy thus providing accelerated photo rejuvenation.

21 FDA Cleared Applications in One System
Dual wavelengths, coupled with multiple spot sizes, allow for the treatment of a vast array of
conditions including Acne Vulgaris, Wrinkles, Cherry Angioma, Matted Telangiectasia, Red
Facial Veins, Rosacea, Blue Facial Veins, Hemangiomas, Spider Angioma, Venous Lake, Red
Port Wine Stains, Blue Port Wine Stains Purple Port Wine Stains, Red Leg Veins, Blue Leg Veins,
Solar Lentigines, Caf?-au-lait, Melasma Stains Post Trauma Hyperpigmentation, Permanent
Hair Reduction, and Pseudofolliculitis.

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Laserscope Lyra Laser Equipment Applications:

! Leg veins
! Facial veins
! Laser hair removal
! Wrinkle reduction
The Laserscope Lyra is a versatile and powerful system that excels at laser hair
removal and can also handle other applications like leg and facial veins and
wrinkle reduction. There are several configurations available for this model.

With a powerful 1064 YAG laser, the Laserscope Lyra can quickly and painlessly
remove hair from all kinds of skin types. With a wide range of options and
configurations, this cosmetic laser is suitable for a variety of other treatments.
Because of its affordability and versatility, this is one of the most cost-effective
systems you can buy.

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