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Eric & Jessica

Commentator: The sacrament of matrimony, though it begins
with love of man and woman, has always a
greater social dimension whereby Gods love
is felt and recognized. We are gathered today
to celebrate love. This Eucharistic sacrifice of
the mass as an act of love and thanksgiving,
as we witness the exchange of vows of Eric
and Jessica. Thus, binding themselves
together in holy matrimony. et us therefore
as God today of their lives.
Commentator: !lease all rise as we sing the entrance hymn.
riest: "n the name of the #ather, and the $on, and
of the %oly $&irit.
A!!: 'men.
riest: The Grace of the ord (esus )hrist and the
love of God, our #ather, and the fellowshi& of
the %oly $&irit be with you all.
A!!: 'nd with *our $&irit
riest: +early beloved Eric and Jessica" God is love
and has mysterious way drawn you together
in love. ,ut he leaves you free to make that
love grow or to let it wither and die. The ord
will hel& you to forge a future for your love, if
you do share, when you stand to the
commitment to love and honor one another in
good times and bad, in &overty and &lenty, in
sickness and in health, for better for worse, in
that covenant which you are about to seal.
-ow, my brothers and sisters, to &re&are
ourselves to celebrate the sacred mysteries,
let us call to mind our sins.
(After a brief silence)
A!!: " confess to 'lmighty God to you my brother
and sisters that " have greatly sinned, in my
thoughts and in my words, in what " have
done and what " have failed to do. .and,
striking their breast, they say/ Through my
fault, through my most grievous fault,
therefore " ask blessed 0ary ever 1irgin, all
the 'ngels and $aints, and you, my brothers
and sisters to &ray for me to the ord our God.
riest: 0ay 'lmighty God have mercy on us, forgive
us our sins, and bring us to everlasting life.
A!!: 'men
#YRIE: .to be sung/
GLORIA: .when &rescribed2 may recite or sung/
riest: Glory to God in the highest.
riest: 'nd on the earth &eace to &eo&le of good will.
We &raise *ou, we bless *ou, we adore *ou,
glorify *ou, we give *ou thanks for the great
glory. ord God, heavenly 3ing, 4 God, amb
of God, 'lmighty #ather. ord (esus )hrist,
only ,egotten $on, ord God, amb of God,
$on of the #ather, *ou take away the sins of
the world, have mercy on us5 *ou take away
the sins of the world, receive our &rayer5 *ou
are seated at the right hand of the #ather,
have mercy on us. #or *ou alone are the %oly
4ne, *ou alone are the ord, *ou alone are
the 0ost %igh, (esus )hrist, with the %oly
$&irit, in the glory of God the #ather. 'men
riest: et us &ray6
#ather, *ou have made the bond of marriage
a holy mystery, a symbol of )hrists love for
%is church. %ear our &rayers for Eric and
Jessica$ With faith in *ou and *ou in each
other, they &ledge their love today. 0ay their
lives always bear witness to the reality of that
love. We ask you this through our ord (esus
)hrist, your $on, who lives and reigns with
you and the %oly $&irit, one God forever and
A!!: 'men
Commentator: !lease be seated for the iturgy of the Word.
.Twenty $ixth $unday in 4rdinary Time 7'8/
' reading from the book of the !ro&het Ezekiel
Thus says the ord2 *ou say, 9The ords way is not fair:; %ear
now, house of "srael2 "s it my way that is unfair, or rather, are not
your ways unfair<
When some virtuous turns away from virtue to commit ini=uity, and
dies, it is because of ini=uity he committed that he must die.
,ut if he turns from wickedness he has committed, and does what
is right and >ust, he shall &reserve his life5 since he has turned
away from all the sins that he has committed, he shall surely live,
he shall not die.
A!!: Thanks be to God.
&T'e (erce(ts o) t'e Lor* +i,e -o. to t'e 'eart$/
". The law of the ord id !erfect, refreshing the soul5 the
decree of the lord is trustworthy, giving wisdom to the
A!!: &T'e (erce(ts o) t'e Lor* +i,e -o. to t'e 'eart$/
"". The fear of the ord is &ure, enduring forever5 the
ordinances of the ord are true, all of the >ust.
A!!: &T'e (erce(ts o) t'e Lor* +i,e -o. to t'e 'eart$/
""". Though your servants is careful of them, very diligent in
kee&ing them, yet who can detect failings<
A!!: &T'e (erce(ts o) t'e Lor* +i,e -o. to t'e 'eart$/
"1. #rom wanton sin es&ecially, retrain your servants5 let it
not rule over me. Then shall " be blameless and
innocent or serious sin.
A!!: &T'e (erce(ts o) t'e Lor* +i,e -o. to t'e 'eart$/
' reading from the letter of $aint (hames
)ome now, you rich, wee& and wail over im&ending miseries. *our
wealth has rotted away, your clothes have become moth?eaten,
your gold and silver have corroded, and that corrosion will be
testimony against you5 it will devour your flesh like a fire.
*ou have stored u& treasure for the last days. ,ehold, the wages
you withheld from the workers who harvested your fields crying
aloud5 and the cries of the harvesters have reached the ears of
the ord of hosts.
*ou have lived on earth in luxury and &leasure5 you have fattened
your hearts for the day of slaughter. *ou condemned5 you have
murdered the righteous one5 he offers you no resistance.
A!!: Thanks be to God.
Commentator: !lease all rise to honor the %oly Gos&el.
riest: The ord be with you.
A!!: 'nd with your s&irit.
riest: ' reading from the holy Gos&el according to 0ark.
A!!: Glory to you, 4 ord
riest: 't the time, (ohn said to (esus, 9Teacher, we saw
someone driving out demons in your name, and we
tried to &revent him because he does not follow us.;
(esus re&lied, 9+o not &revent him. There is no one
who &erforms a mighty deed in my name who can at
the same time s&eak ill of me. #or whoever is not
against us is for us. 'nyone who gives you a cu& of
water to drink because you belong to )hrist, amen, "
say to you, will surely not lose his reward.
Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe
in me to sin, it would be better for him if a great
milestone were &ut around his neck and he were
thrown into the sea. "f your hand causes you to sin,
cut it off. "t is better for you to enter into life maimed
than with two hands to go into Gehenna, into the
un=uenchable fire. 'nd if your foot causes you to
sin, cut it off. "t is better for you to enter into life
cri&&led than with two feet to be thrown into
Gehenna. 'nd if your eye causes you to sin, &luck it
out. ,etter for you to enter into the 3ingdom of God
with one eye than with two eyes to be thrown into
Gehenna, where @their worm does not die, and the
fire is not =uenched. ;
riest: T'e Gos(e! o) t'e Lor*$
A!!: !raise to you, 4 ord (esus )hrist.
Commentator: 0ay " re=uest the candle s&onsors to &lease
light the wedding candles.
These candles symbolize the ight of )hrist.
The flame is the symbol of Gods &resence in
love of Eric and Jessica for each other. et
this light be your guide throughout your
married life. Aemember also that through God
alone can we attain abiding light and warmth,
wisdom and love, ho&e and life, now and
Commentator: 'll remain seated. The bride and the groom
&lease stand for the Aite of 0arriage. 0ay "
re=uest the &arents and the &rinci&al
s&onsors to stand beside the cou&le.
riest: +ear beloved Eric and (essica, you are here
today to seal your love with an eternal bond
before the )hurch. " assure you of the &rayers
of our community that God may &our his
abundant blessings on your love and hel& you
to carry out the duties of the married state.
'nd you, dear brothers and sisters, may " ask
you to hel& them with your &rayers and acce&t
them as a new cou&le in our )hristian
riest: 0ay " now ask you to answer truthfully the
following =uestions.
Jessica, +id you come here of your own free
will to bind yourself forever in the love and
service of your husband<
Jessica: *es, #ather.
riest: Eric, +id you come here of your own free will
to bind yourself forever in the love and
service of your wife<
Eric: *es, #ather.
riest: 're you both ready to raise as good
)hristians the children whom God will give
Eric 1 Jessica: *es #ather.
riest: Eric an* Jessica, since you wish to contract
holy matrimony, &lease >oin your right hands
and ex&ress your intention before God and
%is )hurch.
riest: Jessica, do you take Eric here &resent, for
your lawful husband according to the rite of
our holy 0other, the )hurch<
Jessica: *es, " do.
riest: +o you give yourself to him as his wife<
Jessica: *es, " do.
riest: +o you acce&t him as your lawful husband<
Jessica: *es, " do.
riest: Eric do you take Jessica here &resent, for
your lawful wife according to the rite of our
holy 0other, the church<
Eric: *es, " do.
riest: +o you give yourself to her as her husband<
Eric: *es, " do.
riest: +o you acce&t her as your lawful wife<
Eric: *es, " do.
riest: -ow, &lease say after me2
riest: Grant us, 4 ord to be one heart and one
soul from this day forward for better, for worse
for richer, for &oorer in sickness and in health
until death do us &art.
riest: 'nd ", by the authority of the church, calling
on all those &resent here as witnesses,
confirm and bless the bond of the marriage
which you have contracted. "n the name of
the #ather, and of the $on, and of the %oly
A!!: 'men.
(The Priest blesses with Holy water the couples hands)
riest: Eric an* Jessica we shall now bless your
arrhae and rings. 4ur hel& is in the name of
the ord.
A!!: Who made heaven and earth.
riest: et us &ray.
,less 4 ord, your servants Eric an* Jessica
with sufficiency material &ossessions which
these arrhae symbolize so that they may use
them to attain eternal life. Through )hrist our
A!!: 'men.
riest: ,less 4 ord, these rings so that your
servants Eric an* Jessica who wear them
may ever live in mutual love and in unbroken
loyalty. Through )hrist our ord.
A!!: 'men.
riest: -ow give these rings to one another, and say
after me.
(the groom places the ring on the ring finger of the bride, saying:)
Eric: Jessica, wear this ring as a sign of my love
and loyalty. "n the name of the #ather and of
the $on and of the %oly $&irit.
(the bride takes the grooms ring from the priest and puts it on the
grooms right ring finger, saying:)
Jessica: Eric, wear this ring as a sign of my love and
loyalty. "n the name of the father and of the
$on and of the %oly $&irit.
(the groom takes the arrhae in both hands The bride places her
cupped hands under those of the groom The groom lets the
arrhae fall in the hands of the bride, saying:)
Eric: (essica, " give you these arrhae as a &ledge
of my dedication to your welfare and the
welfare of your future children. "n the name of
the #ather and of the $on and of the %oly
Jessica: 'nd " acce&t them.
Commentator: et us all rise.
" believe in one God, the #ather 'lmighty, maker of heaven
and earth, of all things visible and invisible. " believe in one ord,
(esus )hrist, the only ,egotten $on of God, born of the #ather
before all ages. God from God, ight from ight, true God form
true God, begotten, not made, consubstantial with the #ather5
through him all things were made. #or us men and for our
salvation he came down from heaven, and by the %oly $&irit was
incarnate of the 1irgin 0ary, and become man.
#or our sake he was crucified under !ontius !ilate2 he
suffered death and was buried, and rose again on the third day in
accordance of the $cri&tures5 he ascended into heaven and is
seated at the right hand of the #ather. %e will come again in glory
to >udge the living and the dead and %is kingdom will have no end.
" believe in the %oly $&irit the ord, the giver of life, who &roceeds
from the #ather and the $on, with the #ather and the $on who
with the #ather and the $on is adored and glorified, who has
s&oken through the &ro&hets. " believe in one holy catholic and
a&ostolic church. " confess one ba&tism for the forgiveness of
sins. 'nd " look forward to the resurrection of the dead, and the
life of the world to come. 'men.
riest: 0y brother and sisters, let us now &ray for the
church and for our newly?wedded cou&le
whose marriage reflects )hrists union with
%is church. #or every &etition, let our
res&onse be2
4A+, %E'A 4BA !A'*EA
A!!: ord, hear our &rayer
Rea*er: et us &ray for the )hurch which is the bride
of )hrist that she may always be faithful in
her mission of s&reading the good news of
our salvation and )hrists love for us. et us
&ray to the ord.
A!!: ord, hear our &rayer
Rea*er: #or the government leaders that they may
become Gods instrument in &rotecting the
family and defend life at all cost. et us &ray
to the ord.
A!!: ord, hear our &rayer
Rea*er: #or Eric and (essica, that they may be a
source of each others >oy and that God may
kee& their united forever, and that he may
&rotect them from evil, lighten their burdens
and fortify them in their hearts. et us &ray to
the ord.
A!!: ord, hear our &rayer
Rea*er: That God may renew the grace of the
$acrament of matrimony in all the married
cou&les here &resent. et us &ray to the ord.
A!!: ord, hear our &rayer
Rea*er: #or the dear &arents of Eric and (essica, may
the ord bless them with good health, so that
they may live to re>oice in the birth of the new
generation. 0ay the ord continue to reward
them with %is blessings for the care and
guidance they have showered u&on their
children. et us &ray to the ord.
A!!: ord, hear our &rayer
Rea*er: #or the family, relatives and friends of Eric
and (essica who have enriched their lives,
that he may have showered u&on their
children. et us &ray to the ord.
A!!: ord, hear our &rayer
Rea*er: #or Eric and (essica, that they may continue
to ex&erience Gods love in one another and
also becomes blessings to others. 0ay they
have the rich gifts of children, a ha&&y
marriage and good health for the rest of their
lives. et us &ray to the ord.
A!!: ord, hear our &rayer
riest: 'lmighty and eternal God, look down favor
u&on your servants, Eric and (essica. Grant
that they may remain faithful to you and to
one another. 'nd at the end of a long and
well?s&ent life, reward them with eternal
ha&&iness together with their children and
with all those who love them, through )hrist
our ord.
A!!: 'men.
Commentator: !lease be seated for the offertory. 0ay " now
re=uest all offers to &lease bring the gifts to
the alter.
(after the offertory, the commentator will say:)
Commentator: .ighting of the Bnity )andle/
0ay " re=uest the candle s&onsors to &lease
assist the cou&le in the lighting of the Bnity
Commentator: 0ay " re=uest the cou&le to &lease kneel for
the laying of symbols.
Commentator: 0ay " re=uest the veil s&onsor to &lace the
The veil is a symbol of the &resence of God over the
covenant between husband and wife. "t symbolizes that this union
between husband and wife is consecrated to God. 'nd God,
through the church, gives this mantle of &rotection over Eric and
Commentator: 0ay " re=uest the cord s&onsors to &lace the
The cord is the symbol of an infinite bond of faithful love
and unity, both as a gift and a shared res&onsibility. 's we lay this
cord on Eric and (essica, we &ray that they will never forget that
they are now one body, one heart, and one soul, sharing lifes >oys
and sorrows, and drawing strength from one another.
Commentator: 0ay " re=uest the ribbon s&onsors to &lace
the ribbon.
The ribbon is used to seal each others &romises and to
kee& in their hearts the essence of matrimony from now @til
riest: ,lessed are you, ord, God of all creation.
Through your goodness, we have this bread
to offer, which earth has given and human
hands have made. "t will become the ,read of
A!!: ,lessed be God forever
riest: ,lessed are you, ord, God of all creation.
Through your goodness, we have this wine to
offer, fruit of the vine and work of human
hands. "t will become the $&iritual +rink.
A!!: ,lessed be God forever
riest: !ray brethren that our sacrifice may be
acce&table to God, the 'lmighty #ather.
A!!: 0ay the ord acce&t the sacrifice at your
hands, for the &raise and glory of his name,
for our good and the good of all his church.
Commentator: !lease rise
riest: ord, acce&t our offering for this newly
married cou&le, Eric and (essica. ,y your
love and &rovidence, *ou have brought them
together, now bless them all the days of their
married life, through )hrist our ord.
A!!: 'men
riest: The ord be with you
A!!: 'nd with your s&irit
riest: ift u& your hears
A!!: We lift them u& to the ord
riest: et us give thanks to the ord, our God
A!!: "t is right and >ust
riest: "t is truly and >ust, our duty and our salvation,
always and everywhere to give you thanks,
#ather most holy, through your beloved son,
(esus )hrist, your word through whom you
made all things, whom sent as our $avior and
Aedeemer, incarnate by the %oly $&irit and
born of the 1irgin. #ulfilling your will and
gaining for you a holy &eo&le, he stretched
out his hands as he endured his &assion, so
as to break the bonds of death and
manifested the resurrection. 'nd so, with the
angels and all the $aints we declare your
glory, as with one voice we acclaim.
SANCTUS .to be sung/
Commentator: !lease all kneel
riest: *ou are indeed holy, 4 ord, the fount of all
holiness. 0ake holy therefore, these gifts, we
&ray, by sending down your s&irit u&on them
like the dewfall, so that they may become for
us the ,ody and ,lood of our ord, (esus
't the times he was betrayed and entered
willingly into his &assion, took bread and
giving thanks, he broke it, and gave it to his
disci&les saying2
Take this, all of you, and eat it, for this is my
body, which will be given u& for you
"n a similar way, when su&&er was ended, he
took the chalice and, once more giving
thanks, he gave it to his disci&les, saying.
Take this, all of you, and rink from it, for this is
the chalice of my blood, the blood of the new
and eternal covenant, which will be &oured
out for you and for many for the forgiveness
of sins. +o this in memory of me.
riest: The mystery of faith
Commentator: !lease rise
A!!: When we eat this bread and drink this cu&,
we &roclaim your death ord, until you come
riest: Therefore, as we celebrate the memorial of
his death and resurrection, we offer you, ord,
,read of ife and )halice of $alvation, giving
thanks that you have held us worthy to be in
your &resence and minister you, humbly we
&ray that, &artaking of the body and blood of
)hrist, we maybe gathered into one by the
%oly $&irit.
Aemember, ord, your church, s&read
throughout the world, and bring her to the
fullness of charity, together with #rancis, our
!o&e, Aolando Tria, our ,isho& and all the
Aemember also our brothers and sisters who
have fallen aslee& in the ho&e of the
resurrection and all who have died in your
0ercy2 welcome them into the light of your
face. %ave mercy on us all, we &ray, that with
the blessed 1irgin 0ary, 0other of God, with
the blessed '&ostles, and all the saints who
have &leased you throughout the ages, we
may merit to be coheirs to eternal life5 and
may &raise and glorify you through your $on,
(esus )hrist.
T%A4BG% %"0, '-+ W"T% %"0, '-+ "- %"0, 4 G4+,
'0"G%T* #'T%EA, "- T%E B-"T* 4# T%E %4* $!"A"T, '
G4A* '-+ %4-4A "$ *4BA$, #4AE1EA '-+ E1EA.
A!!: 'men
riest: 't the $aviors command and formed by
divine teaching, we dare to say2
A!!: 4ur #ather, who art in heaven, hollowed be
thy name5 thy 3ingdom come, thy will be
done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this
day our daily bread, and forgive us our
tres&asses, as we forgive those who tres&ass
against us5 and lead us not into tem&tation,
but deliver us from evil. 'men.
riest: 0y dear friends, let us turn to the ord and
&ray that %e will bless with %is grace this
woman, (essica, now married in )hrist to his
man, Eric, and that %e will unite and love the
cou&le %e has >oined in this holy bond.
(All pray silently for a short while Then the priest e!tends his
hands and continues)
#ather, by your &ower you have made everything out of
nothing. "n the beginning, you created the universe and made
mankind in your likeness.
*ou gave man the constant hel& of woman so that man and
woman should no longer be two but one flesh and you teach us
that what you have united may never be divided.
#ather, you have the union of man and wife so holy a
mystery that it symbolizes the marriage of )hrist and %is )hurch.
#ather, by your &lan, man and woman are united and a
married life has been established as the one blessing that was not
forfeited by original sin or washed away in the flood.
ook with love u&on this woman, your daughter, now >oined
to her husband in marriage. $he asks your blessings. Give her the
grace of love and &eace. 0ay she always follow the exam&le of
the holy woman whose &raises are sung in the scri&tures.
0ay her husband &ut his trust in her and recognize that she
is e=ual and the heir with him to life of grace. 0ay he always
honor her and love her as )hrist love his bride, the church. #ather,
kee& them faithful in marriage and let them be living exam&les of
)hristian life. Give them the strength which comes from the
gos&el so that they may be witnesses of )hrist to others. ,less
them with children and hel& them to be good &arents. 0ay they
live to see their childrens children. 'nd after a ha&&y old age,
grant them fullness of life with the saints in the kingdom of
Through )hrist our ord.
A!!: 'men
riest: ord (esus )hrist, you said to your '&ostles2
!eace " leave you, my &eace " give you5 look
not on our sins, but on the faith of your
)hurch, who live and reign forever and ever.
A!!: 'men
riest: The &eace of the ord be with you always
A!!: 'nd with your $&irit
riest: et us now offer each other the sing of &eace.
A!!: amb of God, you take away the sins of the
world, have mercy on us.
amb of God, you take away the sins of the
world, have mercy on us.
amb of God, you take away the sins of the
world, grant us &eace.
Commentator: !lease kneel
riest: ,ehold the amb of God, behold him who
takes away the sins of the world. ,lessed are
those called to the su&&er of the amb.
riest: ord, " am not worthy that you enter under my
roof, but only say the word and my soul shall
be healed.
(when the distribution of the Holy "ucharistic is completed, the
commentator says:)
Commentator: 0ay " re=uest the ribbon, cord and veil
s&onsors to &lease remove the symbols.
Commentator: !lease rise
riest: et us &ray6
ord, in your love, *ou have given us the
Eucharistic to unite with one another and with
you. 's you have made Eric and (essica one
in this sacrament, so now make them one in
love for each other. Grant this through )hrist
our ord.
A!!: 'men
riest: Eric and (essica, now that you have received
the %oly $acrament of 0atrimony, " admonish
you to remain faithful to one another.
(essica love Eric, your husband. 'nd be good
housewife5 &ersevere in faith and love and
Eric love (essica, your wife as )hrist love %is
)hurch and live with her in the holy fear of the
riest: We shall now give the newlyweds the
$evenfolds ,lessings.
The ord be with you.
A!!: 'nd with your s&irit
riest: 0ay the ord unite your hearts in one
enduring bond of &ure and faithful love
A!!: 'men
riest: Eric and (essica, may the ord bless you by
the Word of %is mouth.
A!!: 'men
riest: 0ay the &eace of )hrist dwell always in your
hearts and in your home. 0ay you have true
friends to stand by you, both in times of >oys
and sorrow.
A!!: 'men
riest: 0ay you be ready with hel& and consolation
for all those who come to you in need. 'nd
may the blessing &romised to the
com&assionate descend in abundance u&on
your home.
A!!: 'men
riest: 0ay you be blessed in your work and en>oy
its fruits. 0ay care never cause distress nor
desire for earthly &ossession lead you astray,
but may your hearts concern be always for
the treasure laid u& for you in life of %eaven.
A!!: 'men
riest: 0ay the ord grant you fullness of years, so
that you may rea& the harvest of good life.
'nd after you served %im with loyalty in his
kingdom on earth, may he take you & in his
eternal abode in heaven.
A!!: 'men
riest: 'nd may the 'lmighty God bless you all, the
#ather, the $on, and the %oly $&irit.
A!!: 'men
riest: 4ur celebration of life and love has ended.
0ay we go now in &eace to love and serve
the ord.
A!!: Thanks be to God
riest: 0y dear friends, may " have the honor to
introduce to you, 0r. and 0rs. Eric )andido.
riest: Eric, you may now kiss your wife, (essica.
Commentator: ets give a big round of a&&lause to our
newlywed cou&le.
Commentator: The 0aid of %onor and ,est 0an are kindly
re=uested to come forward to assist the
cou&le and witness in signing of documents.
Commentator: 0ay we re=uest everyone to stay and be
seated for the &ictorials. 's " call on the
!ersons )oncerned, &lease &roceed to the
alter for the &icture taking with the newly wed.
C. )ou&le with !riest
D. )ou&le
E. )ou&le with the ,rides !arents
F. )ou&le with the Grooms !arents
G. )ou&le with both !arents
H. )ou&le with the !rinci&al $&onsors
I. )ou&le with ,est 0an and 0aid of %onor
J. )ou&le with $econdary $&onsors
K. )ou&le with the Bshers and Bsherettes
CL. )ou&le with the Groomsmen and ,ridesmaids
CC. )ou&le with the $ymbol ,earer and #lower Girls
CD. )ou&le with the entire Entourage
CE. )ou&le with ,rides "mmediate #amily
CF. )ou&le with Grooms "mmediate #amily
CG. )ou&le with #riends and Guests