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Title: Why E-Learning? - A simple analysis.

Description: E-learning has emerged as a better alternative to traditional

methodologies. Among its many advantages are its cost, accessibility, ease of
development and implementation. Undoubtedly, it is also quic to update.
E-Learning industry is witnessing a tremendous growth in terms of revenue
and application. It has become a synonym for many of the learning
reuirements in corporate enterprises! academics and government
institutions. To provide most suitable learning solutions! Industry e"perts
are constantly e"ploring and inventing creative methods and approaches
such as Custom Learning #olutions! $apid Learning #olutions!
%amifications! Instructor Led Training &rograms and various other tailor-
made solutions employing a blend of these methods and approaches.
!here are still some "ho are hesitant to embrace E-Learning as an effective learning
delivery platform or methodology. An in-depth e#planation of relevant factors and a
detailed analysis of various other learning platforms could shed some light on the
innumerable advantages to be had from an E-learning frame"or.
$efore "e go further, it is better to bear in mind that there are many %ethodologies
competing to mae learning effective. $ut none has the distinction of being &''(
effective. )uch is the case "ith E-learning as "ell. *t+s important to note that, it is not the
ob,ective of this article to dismiss the contribution of the other methodologies but
instead, the article maes a case for the better effectiveness standards E-learning
achieves, considering the current challenges and in comparison to other current
available means.
Let us understand "hy E-Learning is the current trend in the conte#t of current learning
demands and available technology.
I - Current Learning Demands
At macro-level, "e receive demand for learning solutions from the follo"ing three areas-
Academics *nquiry is a driving factor in this sector. Academicians, teachers
and students are driven by the need to understand the no"n "orld of no"ledge
and e#plore the "orld unno"n. .eople of this domain loo for simple, different
and very effective methodologies and platforms to facilitate their movement
to"ards the advanced stages of learning e#periences.
Small and Large Businesses /ompetition is a driving factor of this sector.
!o yield higher profits, companies loo for effective training and learning
avenues "hich serve their needs better and enhance productivity to its optimum
Households Leading better life is a driving factor for households 0 .eople
"ant to be better-informed in order to help themselves mae the right decisions
in areas such as finance, health, relationships, etc.
Note: Academics, $usinessmen and %en and Women operating in day-to-day
scenarios, in a "ay, see the same i.e. to be better-informed but they differ in the aspect
of demanding learning solutions as per the e#pectations of the role they play in above
described areas.
At present, there is an enormous increase in terms of volume and comple#ity in
the learning content and its applications. !he need of the hour no" is to simplify the
comple#ity of the content, effectively manage the learning content to time-taen to learn
it ratio, and at the same time, cost-effectiveness.
II - 'vailable Technology
When the "heel "as invented, it "as considered the height of the technological
achievement of that time and it enabled people to move things and people "ith ease.
!oday+s advanced technology has affected human life by enabling great changes in three
ma,or areas-
Time !he common benefit of using advanced technology is 1time+. !echnology
has reduced time significantly to perform an activity "hen compared "ith earlier.
Cost %ost often, technology has proved to be an efficient tool to reduce cost of
performing an activity, "hen compared "ith earlier.
Accessibility !echnology has increased human reach2access to more places,
more people, more things and more no"ledge.
Comparative 'nalysis of Different Learning (ethodologies
We have gathered some information about current demands of learning and the
available technology. !his information helps us to assess different delivery platforms of
!here are follo"ing three ma,or delivery platforms for learning-
Informal *n this platform there is very little in the form of a structured
method to educate people2resources to achieve a level of desired change or
Classroom !his platform is one of the oldest methods of education. *t is
about bringing learners and trainers under one roof and adopting all possible
tools and techniques such as chal boards, pro,ectors, computers, boos, field-
trips, lab sessions, etc. /lassrooms provide opportunity to blend several tools,
techniques and methods to create an effective learning e#perience. Under this
platform, you schedule specific instructors and learners to come at one place on
specified time. !he t"o greatest advantages of this platform is learning through
intuition and employing the faculties available at our disposal such as human
emotions2touch and thus directly gauging learner+s engagement3 !eacher2trainer
can use his facial e#pressions, hands and other bodily movements to mae his
teaching effective and enhance Learners+ engagement.
E-Learning !his is about delivering learning through various electronic
platforms. With the advent of internet and mobile devices, these platforms can be
used to deliver content any-"here and any-time. !he technology allo"s learner to
interact "ith learning content and receive feedbac accordingly. !he platform
gives opportunity to blend different types of learning strategies effectively. Even
the greatest advantages of classroom teaching i.e. human emotions 4through
classroom recordings sessions, "ebinars etc.,5 and learner engagement 4through
assessments and other interactions "ith learning content5 can be achieved
effectively "ith the use of current digital technology.
'nalysis )!he /hart belo" allo"s you to assess each platform against ey items of
considerations or factors-
*ey Items
Instructions: 6ate each platform as $elo" Average, Average and Above Average using
the numbers &, 7, 8. )um-up all the ratings to find the most effective platform.
9ou can add more factors 4ey items5 specific to your need.