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What Jesus Has to Say at the Onset of the 21st Century about…

…Dependence on God

“As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye,
except ye abide in Me.
Without Me ye can do nothing.” – John 15:4,5
Your principal task is to learn to operate by Me, not merely to co-operate with Me, but to function by Me, to make things
happen through Me, just use My power & get things done by using Me! Let Me be your Genie in a bottle! Just rub the lamp,
open your vessel & let me fill you with My oil, My strength, My energy, the power that will enable you to DO IT! You wanna
DO IT? Let ME do it through you!
I will have to become your oxygen, if you want to survive the days to come! I will have to become your only light, your
bread, your water, and everything you need to live, for the Devil is going to try to cut all other means of supply.
If you already allow Me to carry you now, to care for you, as if you had nothing but Me, it will not be so difficult when there
will REALLY be nothing but Me to rely on.
No matter how cool you may be, how open, how permissive: without Me, you’ll still wind up a failure.
You must not rely on anything but My hand, My power & My Spirit.
I am the difference between life & death. For I am Life, & without Me, you’re dead. – Lifeless, motionless, dead. If you
would be fully aware of how incapable you are to get anything accomplished without My help, you would constantly be
seeking My contact, desperately grasping for Me as a drowning man grasping for air.
I am your oxygen. I am what keeps you alive. If I withdraw just a fraction of the necessary ingredients to keep you alive,
your body would cease to exist. What man is taking for granted is actually an endless sequence of miracles.
Imagine you’re a deep sea diver. I am the bottle of oxygen on your back! That’s how much you need Me!
Sooner or later, every human being will have to come face to face with the fact that without Me you can do nothing. Let’s
face it: without Me you can’t even breathe. Who made the lungs & the oxygen? And Who created the process that made an
endless supply of oxygen possible? Just because they refuse to give the credit to Me doesn’t change the fact that I’m still
responsible for it.
I want & need you to want & need Me, so, I’m having to allow these challenges to appear before you, which finally make
you desperate enough to cry out for My help!
If you were desperate & humble enough from the beginning & not cruise on the drift of apparent victory, or ”all things
flowing just fine” without seeking My face constantly, they might not even occur. But it’s your resting on your laurels, your
being confident of, “Well, now the Lord surely must bless me”, that allows the Enemy to come in & test you again with the
next battle. ”Him that thinketh he standeth, let him take heed, lest he fall” is probably one of the key verses in your life,
because as soon as you think you’ve got it made, you’re allowing the Devil to prove to you that it ain’t so.
And it’s good, because it reminds you that you haven’t got it made at all, but that you desperately have got to cling to Me
for every moment & every step of the way, if you want to make it at all.
There’ll be no more uncertainty, if you cling to Me each step of the way & seek Me to open your eyes to whatever traps &
snares the Enemy might be throwing your way!
I specially put this challenge before you to make double sure you won’t fall into the temptation of just coasting along on
the momentum of the flesh or your own carnal mind & wisdom, figuring you'd be smart enough to handle this.
I purposely gave you this one, which I knew was going to be too hard for you to figure out by yourself, in order for you to
get into the modus operandi of "without Me ye can do nothing." Finally you're getting desperate enough so that you come
to Me at every turn, because you don't know how to go on.
With your own two hands you can maybe move a few bricks at a time, but using My power, you can move a whole wall or
as I have said in My Word - a whole mountain, with the same or even less physical effort.

I appreciate your wanting to do things for Me. But there are so many spiritual forces at work behind the scenes, that you
simply must forsake any attempt to do this with your own natural means. You must operate in the spirit. That means you
must put Me in charge of the things you want Me to do!
You can't do the works of the Spirit in the flesh, and to get ahold of My Spirit just takes time fellowshipping with Me, asking
Me, receiving from Me, drinking in from Me. Without Me and My Spirit, you can't even see clearly where to go, much less
take steps in the right direction.
Desperately look to Me for each step you're going to take, depending on Me and knowing that without Me you can
accomplish nothing.
I want to be the Light that you turn on in your life when it's dark, the heat you can avail yourself of when it's cold, your food
when you're hungry, your drink when you thirst.
I want you to realize how badly you need Me. How nothing you are without Me. How useless everything will be unless you
reach out for Me & do it in My strength!
Those who are able to lean on their own arms fall flat on their faces and peter out long before those who need Me and
nothing but Me to cling to, in order to make it through another day.
I want you to get to the point where you see that nothing works without Me.
The World is busy working away without Me, and where are they headed? - Destruction.
It takes a while to turn someone around & get into a whole new modus operandi of working by Me. It's not a thing that
happens from one day to the other. It takes time.
Cast yourself wholly onto Me & stop relying on the arm of the flesh.
You need My Spirit to do it. And the realization of impotence & failure without Me is just helping to make You seek Me & My
Spirit more and to make you more desperate for My help & My power, without which you simply can't do it.
There's such a humongous job out there to do, that there's no chance in a lifetime even to think that you could do it on
your own without My power, and so I'm making you more desperate to get ahold of My power. I'm driving you into My arms
by the sheer recognition of the vast need and your impotence to do anything to quench it, and thus of the need you have
for My power to do it through you and avail yourself of that power...
If you want to love them - successfully - you'll have to love Me first & get all the love for them you need from Me first. And
that's why I'm keeping you & training you & teaching you here in My arms.
At that point where you recognize the uselessness of the flesh, the futility of the flesh, that "the flesh profited nothing,"
that's where you finally get desperate enough to make sure you're getting ahold of My strength, and that that's the only
chance you ever had and will ever have, Me in you, your only hope.
You can't do it yourself. What they need is a love that by far exceeds your own finite capabilities, & you're only going to get
the stamina you need by plugging into Me first thing, before you make your clumsy attempts to lift them up. You can't do it
without Me. The only way you're ever going to love anyone enough, & the way they need to be loved, is through Me & by
My spirit of power & love & of a sound mind.
The only real & true & lasting cure is My love, & you're only going to get that from Me. You can't feed a starving soul from
empty pockets.
You've got to have it first, in order to give it. You can't love in the flesh, you can't perform a miracle of My Spirit in the flesh,
and I have ordained it to be purely a work of My Spirit from A to Z.
That's just the way it is... You've got to come & get it from Me. I've ordained it that way to prevent you from ever thinking
it's you.
It's not in you, it's not in you, it's only in Me!
You don't have enough love! Just admit it.
There's another good reason for really making sure you get ahold of Me first thing every day, because if you don't, you
know you're gonna make a mess of things, & no matter how hard you try, you're never going to manage to say or do the
right things. Without Me ye can do nothing!
There's no way you're ever going to have enough love without coming to Me first to get it. I am the Bread of life! Unless
you eat Me, you're going to faint! How do I give power to the faint & strength to those that have no might? The same way
you gain physical strength by eating food & taking in physical nourishment! You've got to eat Me, just the way you eat your
food, if you want Me to do you any good. If you get hungry you eat, right? So, if you feel like you're running low on spiritual
energy & "lovability," just stop & take a break & take a bite of Me! Come, "taste & see that the Lord is good."
Your great & "unbearable" dilemma is actually the best & most perfect way possible for Me to show you just how
desperately you need Me.
I want you to reach the end of your rope, the end of your own capacities & find Me there, way beyond the limits of man.

It's this very desperation, this incapability to cope with life in your own strength, that I cherish the most, because it creates
the necessary desperation in you to call down My power, and that's when I get a chance to work.
When all you've got left is trust in Me, then I get a chance to work in you.
When you realize that you can't do it by yourself, that's usually when I finally get My chance!
Your very weakness will be your strength. What's going to help you make it through is not any of your personal strength,
much less a pretense of any strength that's not really there, but your only hope is your trust in Me; getting ahold of Me
daily, & never to neglect that link.
You can't lean on anything you've got, that you've accumulated or acquired on your own over time, not even your faith,
your knowledge of the Word, much less your mind or your wits or your own goodness, but the only thing you've really got
- and all you really need, at the same time - is Me!
I'll be there to give you faith when you've got no faith! I'll be there to give you love, when you've got no love - strength,
when you've got none of your own... I don't want you to boast in your faith. I only want you to boast in Me.
Make sure that you get your strength for the battle from Me every day. I wish to be the Source of all that you need.
It’s got to be Me fighting for and through you.
You're going to have to acquire greater unity and love for each other than ever before, greater dependence on Me, and skill
in the usage of My spiritual weapons.
"He that thinketh he standeth, let him take heed lest he fall." Without Me ye can do anything bad!
There is no way you can possibly escape or survive what is to come without Me, so you might as well learn the best you
can how to depend on Me daily.
I am training you in the art of dependence on Me. The Devil knows that dependence on Me is your only hope of survival, so
he will try to get you to forsake the idea of having to depend on Me.
I'm like your Mother & you're like My baby. There's nothing unnatural about the baby's dependence on his mother. There's
nothing wrong with dependence on Me! I'm your tug boat into freedom, your horse on which you can ride out of this mess.
Hitch your wagon to My star!
Every breath you take comes from Me. I am the Oxygen that will keep this flame alive, and as long as you're aware of how
much you depend on Me, this is going to keep going, working and functioning.
I wait for you to come to Me, in order to help you to get the victory, so that you will know it's not you who wins them, but
that only I can win them through you! Next time you're battling, remember that I'm only waiting for you to come to Me to
give you the victory! That's what will show that you've really learned how to fight properly! I'm your greatest weapon, your
shield and your exceeding great reward! I will be your Victory! I will show you precisely which weapons to use, which are
going to be the most effective in dismantling the Enemy & destroying him and his plans, his lies in your life!
The more feverishly someone tries to be perfect in their own strength, the bigger the mess they're making out of things,
whereas the greatest saints who ever lived learned to let Me do all things through them.
No matter how hopeless a case you may be in the eyes of others - or others may be in your eyes - I can use both, you and
them, in spite of it, if you'll just let Me & give Me a chance. That no flesh should glory in My presence. That I will get the
glory for it, since I'm the One Who initiated the whole thing in the first place, and the One Who will complete it. The only
difference is between those who think they can do it themselves and those who got the point that there's no way on earth,
no chance in a lifetime that they can, without Me.
Thinking you've got to do it by yourself, and in the flesh, hinders you from experiencing the freedom you find in just
putting it onto My shoulders & letting Me do it through you.
Changes of the heart are miracles that only I can bring about, you can't do it yourself, so quit trying & let Me do it! Just
hold still & be My vessel & trust in Me to do what you can't.
Open up your life & heart to Me & let Me do it & work in you what you can't bring about yourself. It's so easy, if you just let
go. You don't have to do it yourself! Just let Me do it. It's going to be alright, if you just let Me do it.
Maybe what you consider imperfect is just what I like about you; that weakness that keeps you extra humble or dependent
on Me. If you were Mr. Success, you might possibly feel better about yourself, but I'm not so sure whether that would be
conducive to your being as dependent on Me & as desperate to seek & find Me everyday.
You're not strong enough to make it without Me, and I'm very happy about that! Your weakness is the very thing that keeps
you close to Me!

When it becomes humanly impossible to love someone, let it serve as a reminder that without Me you cannot do anything
Loving others unconditionally is an art and a task that only I can really teach you. Only I can give you the grace to pray for
those who despitefully use you and would persecute you. If you try to do it in the flesh, you'll collapse under the weight of
the burden. I want to enable you to do the humanly impossible, but you must remember that it is I Who enable you, that it's
nothing you can do of yourselves.
So, when you're faced with an impossible situation, that's the moment when it's time to let Me take over.
It's an easy job you've got, because I'm going to do it for you! You don't have to carry the weight of the burden; you must
not. Let Me do it for you! It's so much more beautiful, when you realize that you don't have to do it, that you've just got to
let go & let Me. People will notice the difference between those times when you try so hard to do it in the flesh and when
you just let Me do it through you. Let Me carry the burden for you!
When you can't love, let Me do it through you! When you can't sing or talk, let Me do it through you! When you can't walk,
when you can't go on, let Me carry you! You must learn to throw your weight on Me, to just let Me carry you when you get
too weak to go on by yourself! I am just waiting for that moment when you can't anymore & I must take over... That's My
part. When you have done yours & have gone as far as you could, then it's time for the next part, which is Mine. Just like I
could have never made it without the Father, it's foolish to think that you must do it on your own!
So, don't try to carry the burden alone; the burden of loving the unlovely, of loving your enemies or the foes of your own
This job is too big, too monumental for anyone to try to do in their own strength. Without Me ye can do nothing. This one
verse is the gist, the crux & the point of it all, the one thing I want you to learn. So, if that's what I want you to learn, it
means, quit doing things without Me! Quit doing them in your own strength & any other way but through Me and My
power! If you want to build lasting works, you're going to have to use My power to do it, not your own.
I'll help you make it through. The more you rely on Me, the easier it's going to be. The heavy loads are there to remind you
that you shouldn't carry them yourself, but that you should rely on Me. Make Me work for you so that I may work in you and
through you. Learn to let Me work through you by making My power work for you.
To be moving in My Spirit & to let My Spirit function in you requires that you let go of the crutches of the flesh, of leaning
on your own arm, talent or anointing for strength and support, and just cast yourself wholly into My arms, willing to trust in
nothing else but Me. Let Me be your strength!
I'm revealing to you, bit by bit, how helpless you are without Me.
Allow Me to take the driver seat of your life, the steering wheel, the gear shift & the pedals, & just lean back & enjoy the
ride. It's pride & the natural tendency for man to want to show off that he can do it himself, but there are situations in life
where the only right move to make is to let Me take over the wheel!
You cannot do the Master's work without the Master's power! I don't expect you to do anything without it!
I want you to become sure that it's My power that's compelling you, My power that's driving you forward, My power, My
Spirit that's causing you to speak, to act, to do anything, so that everyone will know it, but especially you.
I'm not saying that you've got to know everything before you start giving out what you've got, I'm just saying that you've
got to get ahold of My power before you do My work.
I'm sorry you have to continue to keep experiencing those stretches of emptiness, of hopelessness & senselessness, but
they're just what's needed to drive you back to Me again in order for you to be refilled.
It's going to have to be very obviously My hand and My means that will have saved you & will have given you the victory.
The good works you do or things you accomplish don't bring you closer to Me, contrary to what you might think. They
make you lean less on Me, My grace and My mercy, not more.
I want you to know beyond any shadow of a doubt that I'm your only hope, your only salvation, and that without Me you
cannot do anything. Once that's indisputably established, then I can start working through you.
I need your total realization that it's got to be Me and all Me doing it & working it in you and through you, nothing else. No
element of self whatsoever. Not even the slightest hint of the danger that you might ever talk about the things "you're"
accomplishing. It's got to be totally clear that it's Me doing it!
It’s got to be obvious: "No, it's not me doing it, it's only Him! It's only Jesus!"
"A man's gifts will make room for him" & take him before kings, but you've got to let Me carry you there! You've got to let
Me do it! It's got to be My Spirit doing it, which will have come down upon you for your obedience to My commandment to
go into all the world & preach the gospel to every creature!

The reason I've been keeping you weak physically is for you to get accustomed to leaning on Me & operating in My Spirit.
I've made you incapable of doing anything on your own so that you would learn to do things by My power.
Stand back & see Me fight for you.
I've purposely made My people a peculiar, strange and imperfect people, in order to separate & weed out those who
thought they were good enough in themselves.
Having made My people less than perfect helps to remind everyone that it's got to be Me, and that there's no way that any
of which got accomplished was done by the efforts of the flesh.
Bad times that draw you closer to Me make you realize you can't do it without Me.
Who needs God when they manage just fine on their own?
You, My brides, chosen before the foundations of the earth, were destined not to be self-sufficient & independent, but to be
dependent on Me. You couldn't make it in this world without My guidance & My care, as opposed to the goats & wolves &
dogs, who do. So, your insufficiency actually identifies you as one of Mine. "Blessed are the insufficient." Blessed are they
who can't make it on their own in this world, because they learn that they need Me and they give Me honor & praise for the
things that the others all take for granted: their lives, every breath they take & every bite they eat, every piece of clothing
they wear & a roof over their heads. Being dependent on Me is actually the greatest blessing there is, although it may be
well disguised or not easily recognized as such by people who deem independence as such a desirable virtue.
Your relationship of dependence on Me is something very valuable you wouldn't want to lose, and that's precisely why I've
got to make sure that you stay in a position of relative insufficiency, so that you realize and remember constantly that you
can't do anything without Me, you can't make it.
With increasing affluence & ability to rely on the flesh, you lose that dependence on Me, and thus, your connection with
Me; in other words: the source of your spiritual riches.
Personal attacks from the Enemy remind you that I in you am the hope of glory. Without Me, there would be no hope, just
as there would be no light, and in order to go the right way, to keep sin out of your life, you constantly have to be facing
toward Me & not turn your back on My light. Only in Me is your hope that you're going to be walking the right path, a good
path. Without Me you're going to get lost & make a mess of things.
I want to get you to the point where you take it literally when I say without Me you can do NOTHING.
You must anchor your spirit & soul firmly in Me in order for nothing to be able to shake you.
When I tell you that without Me you can do nothing, I'm also saying, but look at it this way: with Me, you can do anything!
There's nothing you cannot do, and "you can do all things, through Christ, which strengtheneth you" (Phil.4:13).
I'm weakening your arm of the flesh, because I want you to lean on Me and make Me your strength, because Mine is the
only strength that will see you through the times when your own wit won't be of any avail to you.
Those who rely on their own understanding and abilities will fail inevitably. Only those who learn that there's a greater
strength to lean on than their own, stand a chance to make it through the dark future ahead.
Do you want to excel and shine like a star? There's only one way you can shine, and that's by availing yourself of My light!
Without Me, you're just a worm, but with Me you can become a glow-worm, a lightning bug, lighting up the landscape.
Just as My Early Church never would have made it without the power of the Holy Spirit to have such an impact on the
world, so there's no way you're going to make it without Her. That's why you've got to spend time with Me to get that power
& make sure you're connected.
Wisdom is availing yourself of My power instead of trying to do it on your own.
The big mistake the majority is making is that they're not coming to Me when something's going wrong, they try to figure it
out & fix it themselves.
Whenever you can't do it, that's the time for you to show the magic you've learned: to let Me do it. Let Me make a way when
there is no way out. Let Me give you something to give when you've got nothing to give. Cherish this void, this emptiness,
your nothingness, for out of it I'm able to create everything and anything!
As long as you know you need Me, or at least allow Me to remind you of that fact regularly, there is hope.
Who will truly burn with My oil, and not just smolder & scorch away their own, oversized wick? You can be sure that it's
most likely going to be someone who is weak in their own strength, someone totally dependent on Me.

Wait & depend on Me, and trust in Me every step of the way through a project, instead of leaning to your own
You may think, "I'm strong enough!" But I'm afraid I have to show you that it's true, "Without Me ye can do nothing."
Everything only becomes a mess. You're focused on yourself, instead of Me. You're focused on the circumstances, and I
couldn't show you My purpose behind them.
No way of taking care of My business if you're too busy for Me.
When you cling desperately to Me, when you don't dare to make a move without Me, you learn to do things in My strength
and power instead your own.
When you try to fix things in the flesh and in your own strength & wisdom, the outcome may improve temporarily, but the
final outcome may still not be the best, necessarily. Whereas, if you commit a matter into My hands, you can always rest
assured that the final outcome will be according to My will, and thus the best possible option there is, regardless of what it
may seem like temporarily.
Sometimes you don't need to do anything else but pray & trust. You commit the matter into My hands and then leave it
there, and I promise, you won't be disappointed.
Nothing will ever get you as far as if you let Me do it for you.
That's why I delight to let you get into situations where you're at wit's end and you don't have a clue what you're supposed
to do about it: I want you to learn the obvious, the inevitable: it has come to that; you're just going to have to trust Me!
Quit trying to do things better than I can. Just let Me do it for you! Let Me fix it for ya!
Your sins, shortcomings & failures draw you closer to Me? You want to learn how to do better, and that's basically what
healing, learning, growing and salvation is all about: that void, that need to grow, that emptiness. You have a need for Me
when you're not perfect, when you realize you failed, when you need help to see, when you realize you really don't know
much of anything...
It shows once again that you can't do it without Me, and, well, that's basically what life is all about. Sometimes it may look
as if you can, and some people may even believe and be convinced they're doing perfectly fine without My interference or
help, but latest when man will have made an irreparable mess out of things, it will become obvious that it was just an
No, you're not doing fine without Me!
At least not according to My rules and My book. There's way too much hurting going on, too much destruction... too much
injustice… way too much suffering. The rich may think, "Why, everything's just fine as it is." But I see the suffering of the
poor, and I say, "No, it isn't." Just because a rich minority is doing fine doesn't mean that everything's fine.
Ignoring the plight of the poor is not "doing fine" by My account.
Everybody tends to forget at times just how nothing they are and how little they really know, and how desperately they
need Me.
Everybody tends to forget that faith is a vacuum you create in your heart, for Me to fill. It's because the ego doesn't want to
hear about emptiness.
How much do you avail yourself of Me, and how much do you still depend on other crutches? Can you let go of those
crutches voluntarily, or will I have to take them away?
My strength is found in places of emptiness where you don’t feel like you can keep going in your own strength at all
anymore. That is where My strength is found, that is sufficient for thee.
I can’t give it to you any other way. There is no shortcut to it, no easier way to get it. First your own strength must be
completely expired, before you’re finally desperate and empty enough, ready to receive My strength, which is sufficient for
I’m helping you to learn to grow in My strength, and to avail yourself of My strength to a greater measure. “My strength is
made perfect in weakness.“ Before, you were relying on My strength to some extent, but it was never really made perfect,
because there was still too much of your own strength there.
Rely on My strength, and seek not that old familiar strength. It’s time to learn to rely on a new strength, which is totally
Mine, and to let go of the familiar old. Let Me prove to you that it’s true, My strength is sufficient for thee!
Commit your ways unto Me and put your trust in Me, that I will bring those things that concern you to pass. You’re going
to have to trust in Me to do it for you, instead of vaguely hoping that it might work out alright, looking around for ways
your own arm of the flesh might get you out of this situation somehow if worse comes to worst...
Your help cometh from the Lord, which made Heaven and earth (Ps.121).
You rely not on your own understanding, not your own strength, not on luck, but on Me, the Creator of all things.
Give it to Me in prayer, put Me in charge of it. And then stand back, relax & see what happens.

The position of your heart in these matters of accomplishment is just as important as the positions of individual pieces in
a machine, or some sophisticated equipment. You can't put a motor in the trunk of a car for instance. But that's in a way,
what lots of people do, like that old saying, they put their carts before their horses. It's the horse power that's got to do the
job, otherwise the cart isn't going to get anywhere, and that applies to your relation with Me, too. Some people think they
don't need the horse, or the motor or the fuel anymore, they're coasting along on some former momentum, and they don't
realize that the oil has run out or the horses are asleep. Without oil that motor's going to give up the ghost pretty soon and
cause one helluva stench.
That's why I can use you better if you just know that you're utterly dependent on good maintenance, constant refills of fuel
and oil, and make sure that the whole machinery is in order.
It's important to remember that you are not alone. There's help available for you. How silly it would be to constantly ignore
that help & insist on doing everything alone.
As soon as you're having a problem you've got something to seek and ask Me about, you're hungry and desperate for a
solution, you need Me.
The solution lies in the very desperation, that vacuum, that void for Me to fill.
"Power, popularity and plenty are dangerous." In other words, if you're un-popular, it's good for you; if you're poor, it's
good for you, and if you're a weak little nobody, it's also good for you!
I couldn't do anything without the Father, but because I was constantly looking unto Him, there was nothing I couldn't do.
And so it is with you: the more you look unto Me, the greater One beyond yourself enabling you to do all things, and
without Whom you're able to do nothing, the more powerful you will also become in My might.
There will come a time when I will have to become your everything: your food, your oxygen, your water. You will be totally
dependent on Me.
Only I can help you to be truly successful in your endeavors. Only I can help you rise above Satan's attempts to slow you
down. It's got to be Me and My perfect timing.
You realize that you have a need, that you're lacking something, and that's always good news for Me, because it means
soon you're going to be asking Me for that which you lack, for Me to fill that need, which I always gladly do.
I love to fill any vacuum in your heart, your soul, any empty space there is for Me to fill.
It's really true: without Me, you are nothing; you can do nothing, and your love amounts to nothing.
It's always good news for Me when you realize how nothing you are without Me, because it means that soon you're going
to turn to Me with a renewed hunger and yearning for Me, when you were just beginning to take Me a little bit for granted
Be honest: you cannot love without Me. Your own capacity to love is embarrassing because I am love, and without Me,
your ability to truly love is zero, and every now and then I need to remind you of that.
Your capacity to love anyone doesn't stem from your being such a good person, or because you're such a good child of
God, or any other goodness you might think you have, but only from Me.
Only when you come to grips with of how little you're capable, how little love you're able to give in the natural, do you
realize just how badly you need Me.
Life without Me really isn't worth living. You'll find out that there's no fun, no satisfaction in it whatsoever, if I'm not in it, if
you didn't include Me and didn't take Me with you.
I may let you get away with it for a little while and allow you to experience a little fun and diversion on your own, until
sooner or later you'll realize that there's no fun, no true pleasure at all without the true Source of all godly pleasure.
A lot of lessons and experiences in life lead to the same conclusion and realization of how much you need Me.
You’re going to make sure it's My love that's driving you.
"The love of Christ constraineth me" is a good key verse to help you remember what it's got to be. Nothing else will do. If
you forget, I will remind you. Life will remind you. Your own incapability will remind you.
Knowing that you have no one else on this earth you're able to fully rely on but Me is what creates a bond between us that
no one can sever.
It makes your faith in Me more real, it makes your relationship with Me more real and more storm-proof, and it makes you
more real, as you cling more and more to Me as your only hope.
There is no other One to put your faith into than Me, and by making others realize that that's what you do, and what works
for you, you will also give the right kind of example.
My disciples had to realize that it could only be the Spirit that was going to pull them through. No carnal presence, no
personality cult, nothing and no one in the flesh... Only God can see you through to accomplish what He wants you to, and
He cannot use you until you're ready and will have learned that.

If the job is too big, too scary, too awesome for you, then that's just a reminder that it's got to be Me working through you,
since you don't stand a chance of doing it in your own energy.
It's got to be Me and My Spirit and My message you'll want to share, so you'd better make sure that you're getting ahold of
Me, My Spirit and get My message inside first, before you get it out, so that people will be able to feel and witness that
personal connection between Me and you.
I want you to see the need, but I also want you to take the right steps in the direction of fulfilling the necessary
requirements to fill that need. You've got to let Me fill you first before you can fill that need.
I love people who've got nothing to lose: no status or reputation to worry about.
The more utterly dependent you are on Me for every breath, every bite of food, the better.
I love it when you're dependent on Me. I love and enjoy it and indulge in when you depend on Me.
Losses teach you dependence on Me.
The loss hurts, but in the end you learn through the way I provide new possibilities, new options, new tools and methods,
new ways of doing things and equipment to do them with, that all things will come and go, but I am the one Factor that
"All you need is love" is correct in the light of 1John 4:8 - "God is Love," and thus becomes "All you need is God."
I'd like you to become more aware of that fact.
It will help you cope with any losses, changes, any crises and drastic turn of events & circumstances.
It's not the things that give you your true value. It's how you handle their loss, the experiences and the wisdom you gain by
going through those ups and downs of have and have not, of win and lose, of gain and lose again, and by the way you
handle those losses, prove that you are winning and gaining again, even if it may "only" be the experience and confidence
that the only thing you can really rely on, really trust in and the only One you really need, after all, is Me.
I never meant for anyone to try to figure it all out by themselves. Ever since Adam, I've always wanted man to look to Me
for guidance and reference, to show him what's going on, what went wrong, and how he's gotten himself into a mess that
only I can fix, when it all comes down to it.
I can use those the most who will just let go of their own abilities, wisdom and stamina and strength, and will lean and
depend utterly on Me.
It’s better for Me to keep you low, small, and unrecognized. It keeps you more desperate and dependent on Me.
The work behind the scenes is what really counts, the invisible hand of God working beneath the surface during the
months of snow... You think it's death, but it's that apparent death that brings forth the new life of the spring.
Even so the hard times that cause you to be more desperate, more dependent on Me, they do for Me the real work, which
brings on My power on your behalf in your lives. They create the vacuum that draws down My power, that yearning for Me
which causes Me to rush in an fill the need.
The dark and lean times draw you back to the reality that you need Me, that without Me you cannot make it.
I take you back to the ground of the reality that without Me you can do nothing, and that also applies to your relationship:
without Me, there is no love, for I am Love, and without Me there is no unity, for I am He Who puts together what man shall
not separate. I put together what belongs together. I am He Who makes "everything belong."
It's the experience of falling and failing and getting up again, ever realizing that it's not yourselves, nor of yourselves, but
only Me in spite of yourselves, and only because of your openness toward Me, your willingness to turn to Me and embrace
Me and let Me take over, that makes you grow and achieve progress.
I'm using your sins to draw you closer to Me, and make you realize that you can't do it without Me. Your weaknesses
become the factor I use to draw you to closer dependence on Me and get you to a point of submission, yieldedness and
letting go of any less than realistic self-image, of any pretended goodness or wanna-be perfection that isn't really there.
It's not "the survival of the fittest," but "the survival of the closest." The one requirement for being able to survive what's
ahead is closeness to Me.
I need you to learn the art of dependence on Me, because nobody else is going to be able to help you through what's to
come, and the sooner you learn to get all your strength from Me and to put all your trust in Me, the higher are your chances
of making it.
Only I am strong enough to uphold and carry you, and that's why I need you to lean on Me with all your weight and all your
With all the millions of people out there living in the illusion that they don't need Me, I am desperate for exceptional folks
who are dependent on Me, who are desperately in need of Me. I need you to need Me, because without folks who need Me,

I'm never going to get the job done. It's only My power that's going to enable anyone to do the job of winning the world,
and so I need people who are desperate for that power!
I delight in your incapability because I know that's what's going to drive you into My arms and make you beg for My power
and grace to be poured out upon you, so that I can go to action through you and in you.
We’re developing leadership qualities of the kind that will be needed during the days to come; the kind of light that can
shine its way through the darkness of the Tribulation. Lights and energies that will rely on others will peter out sooner or
later… Only those who are plugged in directly to Me and My power will have what it takes to make it through the night.
When the job seems too big for you to do it on your own, then it’s a good moment to rely on Me.
You know you’re going to need Me to pass this test, and that’s part of the test itself, part of the challenge, because you’re
just going to have to stay close to Me in order not to screw it up.
In the carnal it looks hopeless, and it’s a situation you can only handle with Me, My cooperation and My help, meaning that
there’s a whole lot of praying to be done.
If you find yourself at wit’s end in your situation and you can’t seem to handle it and it doesn’t make any sense to you, let it
be a sign to you just how futile it is to lean on your own understanding and reasoning, and how much you’re going to have
to leave up to Me and commit the whole thing to Me in prayer.
The only hope you’ve got not to make a mess of it, is to stay really, really close to Me and follow Me each step of the way.
Make your state of mind dependent on no other circumstance than your union with Me. I’ve got to be the Constant in your
life, more constant than the sun, more constant than the weather!
Rejoice in a rainy day and let it be a golden opportunity for you to let Me be your Sunshine, the One to light up your life, to
bring warmth and brightness and happiness.
Anything that makes you cling to Me and seek Me more desperately is good in My eyes, because it draws you closer to Me,
gets you more serious about things and enhances the essential skill of dependence on Me.
I’m allowing each of you to be only less than perfect for each other in order for you to get the point that only I can truly
satisfy your deepest yearning and need.
There’s no use doing something “great” if I’m not in it.
I know your frame and that you are but dust, and you don’t have to try to be or pretend to be anything other than dust, dust
that I, not you yourself, will elevate and lift into the light to float there and shine like diamonds. You cannot become a
diamond of dust through your own efforts. You can do what you can by keeping your face toward the light and focusing on
the light, but it is I Who is going to have to lift you up to shine and sparkle in it.
“My strength is sufficient for thee” is like saying, you don’t need your own, physical strength anymore! Don’t try to run in
your own little strength, on your own battery power, but you can rely fully on Me and on My strength. That’s enough, that’s
all you need. I promise. Just believe it!
But you need to let go of the old one first. It’s like switching from battery power to current power.
You have to learn to use My power to amplify your usefulness for Me, in order to bring the message across more clearly, in
a more powerful way.
Trust that My strength is enough for you; you can totally rely on it! I will provide for you, I will carry you, I will empower
you, move you forward when you can’t do it anymore in your own strength.
There was a time when your own strength was sufficient, but that time is running out now, it’s going to be over soon. Soon
you’ll only be able to operate in My strength. But see it not as a loss, for what you gain is so much more and so far beyond
that which you need to let go and forsake. See it like an upgrade, a promotion, a powerful innovation that revolutionizes
Plugged in to Me, you are strong, because then we are together, and it’s not you functioning on your own anymore, as a
separate little entity, but you’re plugged in to My circuit, a part of My gigantic, universal network.
You’re trying to be good in your own strength, but that strength isn’t sufficient for you. You need Mine, and let that be
enough for you.
So far you’ve been using My strength to recharge your own battery, but I need you to learn to stay plugged in to My power
and operate in My power.
One of the greatest tragedies in human life is the illusion that there’s no need for Me in their lives, and there are no lives as
pitiful as those of the self-satisfied who live in the delusion of having no need for Me.
That’s what the Enemy is trying to construct with all of his distractions and temptations: the illusion that you don’t need
Me. He’s constantly saying, “Who needs Him, anyway?”

Well, that’s precisely the road mankind is taking, a road that will prove whether you, mankind per se, need Me, after all, or
The Enemy won’t stop trying to get you to replace your need for Me with the need for something else, some substitute he’s
trying to get you dependent on and addicted to, whatever you will allow him to use to crowd Me out of your life.
It’s usually only when you have nothing left to turn to but Me, that you find the full strength of your relationship with Me
What I need is you. It’s just rigged up that way, that I need you and you need Me. It’s the way things are supposed to be.
One of the main factors that causes things not to be the way they’re supposed to be, is that people aren’t aware of the fact
that they need Me, and that I need them. Thus they prevent things from becoming the way they’re supposed to be. The
heavenly life is a life where that fact and that law of the supernatural is clear and granted: that I need you, all My brides and
children, and you need Me. There is no shred of a doubt about it, ever. It permeates everything.
It’s a constant give and take. Everything that is alive breathes Me in and out, and I, in return, in- and exhale you, all of My
creation. It’s a supernatural, and yet “natural” process in the spirit world.
The quicker you learn that you need Me, and the more you remain in that consciousness of your need for Me, the better off
you’re going to be, and the more stable and stronger in the spirit; not only experiencing that emptiness, that vacuum that
draws on Me and calls for Me and recognizes your need for Me when you’re poor, lean, cold and wanting, but also when
you don’t lack anything in the physical. - Not fooled by “success,” but even realizing in your strong moments that you
need Me just the same as during your weak ones.
Just as the Father gave Me the strength and the stamina to make it despite all odds, so I can help you do the same.
I need you to turn to Me for that strength, even if I have to make you feel temporarily deserted by everyone else.
As long as you still put your hopes in anyone or anything else, you don’t really stand a chance. I am truly all the hope you
ever need, and I’m more than enough.
I’ve got to become all you need to the extent that you won’t turn your expectations to others anymore, so that all you will
want to do with respect to them is give, and not take. When it comes to your fellowmen, I need you to assume a position of
a giver, not a taker. I’ve got to get you to realize that they haven’t got anything to give of what you actually need, but that I
alone am the sole Filler of those needs.
I’ve got to become the Filler of your need for companionship, for love, for comfort, relief, and everything else, and even if I
supply it by means of others, you’ve got to give Me the honor and credit for it.
I need to be needed by you in order to get My purpose accomplished.
Dependence on Me furthers obedience. Independence promotes disobedience. Independence promotes selfishness,
because it causes you to think “I deserve this and I deserve that because I have wrought this and that with my own
hands,” and so you pursue and chase your own happiness. Dependence on Me knows “I deserve nothing,” and thus
humbly and gratefully accepts and yields to whatever I bring along in your life.
That’s a handful of reasons which explain why I must try to keep you dependent on Me.
A system of dependence is often the only way to ensure that a son or daughter will pursue the path of obedience.
While dependence on the System is a questionable thing, you can always be assured that dependence on Me is a good
thing, because I truly and always have nothing but the best intentions for you in mind, and you can always be certain that
whatever I allow or don’t allow in your life is for your best.
As soon as you shift your dependence from Me to the arm of the flesh, things start going haywire and everything starts
coming apart at the seams.
In the System, independence is hailed as a virtue and as something worthy of pursuit. My goal is to set you free from such
false paradigms by giving you the deliberating truth that you don’t have to depend on yourself for happiness and success
in life. In fact, you can pretty much forget about it, because real happiness is found exclusively in dependence on Me.
You’re merely recognizing a widely ignored fact: that you’re all dependent on Me for every breath of air, every ray of
sunshine and every drop of rain, and thus every bite of food to begin with, and by recognizing that and giving honor to
Whom it is due and ceasing to rebel against that ordained system of dependence on Me, you’re just coming back to the
natural way of things, the way they were originally intended to be.
Be mindful of the fact that you don’t have to be and should not be envious of evildoers, and you wouldn’t want to be
independent of Me and making a mess of things.
If you refuse to be too proud to admit that you’re dependent on Me for everything, you’ll always have everything you need,
plus safety and shelter from the storms of this life, and you’ll make it somehow.
I need you to find out by experience that the results simply won’t be the same when you try to do things without Me as
when you include Me and commit the day into My hands first. I need to make it obvious to you that relying on Me is
doubtlessly the preferable option to relying on your own strength and wisdom.
Too many people try to do things on their own without Me, without consulting Me, acknowledging Me, and often even
without considering Me or asking for My help at all. Just a quick stamp of approval, perhaps, so they can’t say they never
prayed, but not really looking up to Me for constant guidance.

You can do it yourself, if you insist, but the result will never be the same as when you include Me. You can do it, but
whether you’re going to be doing a good job at it is another question.
Many factors force you to cling to Me and seek My face, instead of enabling you to just cruise along “by sight.” The only
way anybody in My service is ever going to make it to the finish line victoriously is by faith, not by sight & being able to
calculate every little step ahead, relying on one’s own strength, wit and abilities.
So it’s going to take a miracle for you to be able to make it, instead of you being able to rely on your own skill. Does that
surprise you that I’m not allowing you to get away with relying on your own strength?
I want and need success to be brought about by My Spirit, My power and grace, not by your relying on your own skills.
The final outcome and happy end of history will be despite the mess that mankind would have made out of it all, and only
because of My wonder-working and miraculous grace, and that’s what I want you to put your whole faith in, not any
personal, carnal abilities.
It’s natural for the flesh to want to show off all that it can and all that it is, and that remains one’s priority until the point
where the flesh has reached its limits and proven itself to be insufficient.
Is it any wonder that there is such a great lack of My Holy Spirit, as long as everybody just tries all they can do in the
There is still way too much flesh energy and carnal attempts to make it happen instead of folks really relying on Me to do it
for them or through them.
There are times when it’s simply time to “be still and know that I am God,” to remember Who is Boss, and let Me have back
the first place and priority in your life again, after a stretch of showing how wonderfully you were able to do it using a lot of
your own strength.
With each passing year I want you to avail yourself more of My strength and less of your own.
The more desperate and dependent on Me you are, and the less you confide in the flesh, the better things will be.
How do you become more dependent on Me? By trying to maneuver and manipulate the circumstances into the most ideal
and best possible position for you? No, rather by yielding and saying “yes” to whatever situation and condition you find
before you, even if it’s hard, and then relying on My help to get you through that.
You may be more inspired during the good times, even more productive, but that’s not what counts to Me. What counts for
Me is how much you lean and depend on Me instead of your circumstances! – How much you allow Me to let you rise
above your circumstances, help you conquer them and make the best out of whatever you encounter in life.
If you’re going to accomplish something of significance for Me, it’s going to have to be done by My power, via My
directions to you, and for My glory, or it’s just going to fall flat, and never be what you would wish for it to be.
You cannot mistake service to Me as only action. In fact, 90% of it is interaction with Me, Your communion with Me, your
devotion to Me, and I will do the rest through you. I will then inspire and empower you to do the physical part of executing
whatever is My will for you to do.
My strength is enough for you, but your own could never be enough. When you’re weak, then I am strong in you, but when
you’re strong in your own strength, then I cannot be seen in you, and I can hardly shine through. So, ask Me whether I
want to see you weak or strong. Ask Me whether it’s your physical strength and togetherness I need in order to do what I
want to get done through you.
I prefer you to stay empty and desperate and yearning for Me than full and content and self-satisfied with your own
accomplishments. I’d rather have you seeking Me and wondering, “Lord, what can I do for you,” than pointing at all that
you have done for Me already.
You ought to know better by now than thinking that you can handle everything in your own wisdom.
If I bring an opportunity into your life, you have to give Me a hand in bringing it to pass. You cannot complete in the flesh
what I have begun in the Spirit.
You can’t do My work without My power, and if there’s a problem with the power connection, we’ve got to fix it first, before
you can continue doing My work.
How prepared are you for a situation in which you’d have to trust Me and Me alone?
How else will you be ready then, unless you learn how to trust Me now for everything?
The one Factor I want you to be dependent on is Me. As long as you’re clinging to Me, and what you hang on to, as you
“hang in there” is Me, even during the most turbulent turn of life’s roller coaster ride; you’ll be safe and sound.
Worries, cares and problems only come into being when you allow other factors to replace that role which I’m supposed to
play in your life, and they become more important to you.
The sooner you’ll have learned to truly rely on your communication with Me for your survival, the stronger & better off
you’re going to be.
The essential communication is the spiritual communication, even if it may not seem to be getting you anywhere in this

In reality, it is much more important and crucial in keeping you alive and going, and successfully so, than any physical
means of communications ever could.
It’s your prayer-, praise- and prophecy-line that keeps you alive and kicking, more than your telephone line, your internet
connection, or even the power lines that supply you with electricity.
You’ve been dependent on those physical connections for practically your whole life, and it’s not so easy to make the
transition of switching to Spirit Power, but that’s basically what this whole lesson of Flesh vs. Spirit amounts to.
You can’t handle your life on your own, but only with My help.
But who ever said that you were supposed to handle it on your own?
I specialize in those who plainly can’t make it through life without Me. I have a special love for those who really and
desperately need Me. Sure, their minds may tell them – like everyone else – that they can make it on their own, too; that
they are strong enough, etc., but reality keeps knocking on their window, and experience continues to teach them that they
simply don’t have the strength to make it through this world on their own, nor without the help from above from Someone
that won’t let them down.
So, if you feel bad about being too weak to make it on your own through this life, be comforted and know that I don’t see
that weakness as a handicap at all, but rather as a strength and an asset that will give you an advantage over others who
will have to go the long detour of finding out that making it in their own strength will not lead them to that closeness with
Me where their innermost heart and core of their being would really yearn to go.
Don’t forget about the “Jesus Factor” as you go through your day and try to figure things out, make sense of it all and
solve the riddles. I’m your Ace and relying on Me is your smartest move.
See each crisis as an opportunity to experience more of My capacity to be all you ever need.
If you’re going to put your trust in anyone, and you really want Someone reliable to be in charge of your life, your
happiness, and everything, let it be Me!
I’ve got to allow a little reminder to come along every now and then that it’s not the flawless world the flesh would
sometimes like to make itself believe to be, but there’s lots of room for improvement, and thus, lots of reasons to stay
close to Me and seek Me for solutions to life’s problems at hand.
You’re up against a large majority, and you’re not going to be able to stand against them all alone without help from the
Lord of Hosts. You’re going to have to recruit My Army and My forces to rush to your side, otherwise it’s hopeless.
That is never portrayed in those movies where some hero overcomes legions of evil on his own: It creates the unrealistic
notion that you just might win against all odds by yourself, but that’s not quite correct.
Give honor where it is due and avail yourself of the supernatural strength that alone can help you make it in the real fight.
Don’t make the mistake of forgetting about Me, nor your co-fighters at your aid.
When trouble comes you won’t be able to rely on any group. You’re going to have to be able to rely on Me; that’s what
matters, and that’s what will count: how much will you have learned to truly rely on Me?
I want you to become dependent on Me, not on paper!
I want you to know that I’m a greater force to be reckoned with than any amount of money in the world.
Financial power – all good and nice, but nothing compared to My power!
When it comes to a factor that people put their trust in, then money is definitely My rival no.1, and it happens subtly. How
dependent folks become on money only becomes evident once I start withdrawing it or allow its flow to be reduced. If I see
that it doesn’t have any effect on their faith and trust in Me and they remain cheerful and thankful, then I know money does
not affect them, but if I see that their trust starts to crumble, then we have a problem, and we need to work on it.
The more you rely on the Spirit, the less you will have that urge to do it yourself, in the flesh. You simply learn by
experience that the Spirit is the easier and better and more effective way in the long run, that the flesh may have its
advantages, but they’re always finite, and sooner or later it’s bound to let you down, and the sooner you will have learned
to depend on the Spirit, the more and longer you will find yourself sustained even in situations in which the flesh would
have let you down.
It’s essential for you to recognize that the power is not yours but Mine.
It’s one reason why I have to keep you physically weak and obviously dependent on Me.
I’ve got to have you wait for Me. I can’t let you do it on your own. Only together with Me are you as strong as you need to
be for this battle that’s coming up.
I don’t want you to be complacent. I want you to stay in a mode in which you’re desperately seeking Me for every step,
never taking for granted that your current procedure or state is just perfectly fine without any further need for

You may crave and want physical support from people, but I’m primarily concerned about teaching you to avail yourself of
My support and aid.
Once you will have learned to do that, then it will also draw the attention of others toward you, and will cause them to
consider lending their support to you and joining forces with you.
I like to get involved in the action Myself.
That’s part of the reason why I never cease from trying to convince you of availing yourself of My help and power, instead
of always waiting for some physical figure to appear and save you. Salvation will come to you from the Spirit. That’s the
“hills” from whence cometh your help. Not from the physical heights and big shots around you in your realm, but “from
the Lord which made heaven and earth.”
Dependence on Me is what counts, and we are in the process of taking that principle out of the realm of the theoretical and
putting it into practice, applying it in the real world.
I need to train your muscles of dependence on Me alone, even if it’s painful having to watch others on your left and right
blessed with material abundance to a greater extent than you.
I’m working on shifting your sense of security away from the confidence in circumstances, your own wit or strength, or
just simply “luck,” over to My side. People are so often confident in fake securities. Be it the assumption that all things will
continue as they are, or that somehow they’re going to make it because they’re strong or smart enough…
Not a lot of folks really depend on Me. So, whenever I do have a candidate who stands a chance at learning that lesson and
place their confidence in Me, instead of any of those other factors, I keep after them, and try to get them to really dig it. Which explains why I have to bluntly allow you to reap the results of your failure to do so. (IV:296)
When it comes down to it, all you’ve really, really got in the end to rely on is Me, and I’m hoping that you will finally truly
begin to see that I am, in fact, more than enough, even if you cannot possibly feel it right now.
Having learned to depend on Me never comes in as handy as during a time when you lose someone who played an
important or even pre-eminent role in your life.
Ground your dependence solely in Me, regardless of what people might say.
This is a golden opportunity for Me to really draw you close to Me without distraction, and truly teach you to depend utterly
on Me, and even if this whole situation may seem as a great evil to you, in My eyes it is actually a greater good. (IV:314)
I’m really your only Light, the only One you can fully and wholly rely on, as difficult as that may seem for you to take.
It’s important that you recognize My preeminence over the presence of any single person in your life that you might be
prone to make yourself and your feelings and state of mind so dependent on. (IV:321)
You cannot be both, dependent on Me and someone else at the same time; at least not in the long run. (IV:325)