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Ab Initio Graphical Development Environment Version 1.

11 Release Notes
Copyright 1996-2002 Ab Initio Software Corporation
Co>Operating System is a traemar! of Ab Initio Software Corporation
Co>Operating" is a registere traemar! of Ab Initio Software Corporation
Operating System #e$%irement& 'inows 9() 'inows 9*) 'inows +, -.0) 'inows 2000) or
'inows /0.
I10O#,A+,& 2efore insta33ation) e4it a33 r%nning instan5es of the 678. Ab Initio strong3y
re5ommens e4iting A99 other app3i5ations.
,o insta33 from a C7-#O1) r%n Set%p.e4e in the Ab Initio 678 ire5tory.
+O,8& 2y efa%3t) o3er :ersions of the 678 5annot rea graphs written by this :ersion of the
678. ;owe:er) yo% may sa:e graphs reaab3e by o3er :ersion of the 678. See Save in
Historical Formats be3ow.
+O,8& <or 5onne5ting to the 8nterprise 1eta 8n:ironment an the Ab Initio #epository) yo% m%st
insta33 #epository :ersion 2.11 or greater. Ab Initio a33ows yo% to %pgrae #epositories witho%t
%pgraing Co>Operating Systems= see the Co>Operating System re3ease notes.
System Requirements
On 'inows 9(>9*&
0enti%m III 2(0 1;? or faster
1inim%m #A1& @2 12
#e5ommene #A1& 6- 12 A2(6 12 when %sing the 8nterprise 1eta 8n:ironmentB
Swap spa5e& 96 12 or more
7is! spa5e %se by insta33ation& @0 12
On 'inows +,>/0>2000&
0enti%m III 2(0 1;? or faster
1inim%m #A1& 6- 12
#e5ommene #A1& 96 12 A2(6 12 when %sing the 8nterprise 1eta 8n:ironmentB
Swap spa5e& 12* 12 or more
7is! spa5e %se by insta33ation& @0 12
Significant new features in version 1.11
Checkin, Checkout and Analysis Wizards
Che5!in p%ts graphs) re5or formats) an transforms %nto the Ab Initio #epository so they 5an be
ana3y?e. ,he repository !eeps a33 :ersions of the fi3es) so yo% 5an re5o:er 3ost wor!. Che5!o%t
retrie:es a :ersion of yo%r fi3es from the #epository. Ana3ysis generates epenen5y information
so yo% 5an see re3ationships within yo%r b%siness 3ogi5. ,hese f%n5tions are now one with
simp3e wi?ars.
,he Che5!in) Che5!o%t an Ana3ysis 5ommans wi33 not wor! with Co>Operating System
:ersions 2.10 an ear3ier. ,hese operations are now imp3emente as air 5ommans e4e5%te on
the sanbo4 host ma5hine. <or etai3s abo%t the air 5ommans) see the #epository g%ie.
A3so) the #epository men% has been simp3ifie. <or more etai3s) see the on3ine he3p.
Improvements to Sandbox Parameters
8iting parameters in Sanbo4es is m%5h simp3er. <ormer3y) 5hanges mae to parameters ha to
be 5onfirme ini:i%a33y= now parameters are store in a fi3e name .air-project-
parameters) whi5h yo% m%st 3o5! to eit. ,hat fi3e 5he5!s in) an 5he5!s o%t from the
#epository C%st 3i!e 6raphs) #e5or <ormat fi3es) an ,ransform fi3es.
,he sanbo4 parameters eitor now has a gray ba5!gro%n to show 5e33s that are rea-on3y.
Do% may now 5he5!in parameters fi3es witho%t %sing the 678 %sing the air project import
5omman. Do% 5an 5reate) eit an e3ete sanbo4 parameters with the air sandbox parameter
5omman. <or more etai3s) see the #epository g%ie.
Private Values in Sando!es
,he Sanbo4 0arameters 8itor has a new 5o3%mn 5a33e Private Value. If 0ri:ate Ea3%e is
5he5!e for a parameter) 5hanges to the parameterFs :a3%e or interpretation mae in a sanbo4
wi33 ne:er get 5he5!e into the #epository. ,herefore) the parameterFs :a3%e is pri:ate to the
Do% are a33owe to 5hange pri:ate :a3%es e:en if the sanbo4 parameters fi3e A.air-proCe5t-
parametersB is not 3o5!e. 'hen 0ri:ate Ea3%e is 5he5!e) the :a3%e 5o3%mn shows the pri:ate
:a3%e) otherwise it shows the share p%b3i5 :a3%e. ,o 5hange the p%b3i5 :a3%e of a pri:ate :a3%e
parameter) %n5he5! 0ri:ate Ea3%e) eit the :a3%e) an 5he5! 0ri:ate Ea3%e again.
,he pri:ate :a3%es of parameters are store in .air-sandbox-overrides.
Swit5h parameters an 5ommon proCe5t parameters a3ways ha:e pri:ate :a3%e 5he5!e.
Windows Native Connection Metod
'hen the remote Co>Operating System is r%nning on 'inows) yo% 5an 5hoose indo!s
Native "D#$%& as a 5onne5tion metho. ,his %ses 'inows networ!ing an se5%rity to start
Co>Operating System ser:i5es. <ormer3y) yo% ha to 5onfig%re either an re4e5 or te3net ser:i5e
on the remote 'inows ma5hine. <or etai3s abo%t 5onfig%ration an se5%rity iss%es) see the
Co>Operating System re3ease notes.
"ey #iles
,he 678 now re$%ires a !ey fi3e to r%n.
,he !ey fi3e is store in the insta33ation ire5tory) %s%a33y C:/Program Files/Ab Initio/Ab
Initio GDE.
If the 678 oes not fin a !ey fi3e there) the 678 brings %p a 'e( )ile %issin* ia3og.
If yo% ha:e not yet re5ei:e a 678 !ey fi3e for yo%r 5omp%ter&
In the Gey <i3e 1issing ia3og) 53i5! Re+uest 'e( )ile.
A new ia3og opens that 5ontains the information spe5ifi5 to yo%r 5omp%ter) whi5h Ab
Initio nees to 5reate a !ey fi3e for yo%.
C3i5! #op( to #lipboard to paste this information to the 53ipboar.
Open yo%r emai3 program.
0aste the te4t into a new emai3 message.
In53%e yo%r name an 5ompany name in the mai3.
Sen the mai3 to the esignate Ab Initio 5onta5t in yo%r 5ompany. AIf yo% onFt !now who
that is) see yo%r system aministrator.B
Do%r Ab Initio 5onta5t wi33 %se the information to sen yo% a 678 !ey fi3e for yo%r 5omp%ter.
7esignate 5onta5ts 5an 5a33 1-H*1-@01-2(** or emai3 e!"
,o insta33 a !ey fi3e yo% ha:e re5ei:e&
Sa:e it to a temporary 3o5ation on yo%r 5omp%ter.
#%n the 678 again.
In the Gey <i3e 1issing ia3og) 53i5! Install 'e( )ile.
2rowse to the !ey fi3e that yo% sa:e.
C3i5! OG.
,o mo:e a !ey fi3e between 5omp%ters) yo% m%st remo:e it from the o3 5omp%ter first) an then
re$%est a !ey fi3e for the new 5omp%ter. AOn5e yo% remo:e a !ey fi3e from yo%r 5omp%ter) yo%
m%st re$%est a new one to be ab3e to r%n the 678 again.B
,o remo:e a !ey fi3e asso5iate with a 678 insta33ation&
Ininsta33 the 678 thro%gh the JA or #emo:e 0rogramsJ %ti3ity in the 'inows Contro3
If this is the on3y 678 insta33ation on yo%r 5omp%ter that is %sing the !ey fi3e) the %ninsta33
program wi33 as! yo% whether or not yo% want to remo:e the fi3e.
C3i5! ,es to remo:e the !ey fi3e. ,he %ninsta33 program wi33 5reate a fi3e 5ontaining the
!ey remo:a3 information.
Sen this fi3e to a esignate Ab Initio 5onta5t in yo%r 5ompany to register the 3i5ense
If another insta33ation is %sing the same !ey fi3e) the %ninsta33 program wi33 inform yo% an
wi33 not generate the !ey remo:a3 te4t. Do% m%st %ninsta33 a33 pro%5ts that %se the !ey fi3e
in orer to re5ei:e the !ey remo:a3 te4t.
Import !M" #rom $RWin % and $R&Studio ' Modelin( )ools
,o 5reate 719 from a moe3ing too3&
Choose )ile-Import .rom ERin / or )ile-Import .rom ER01tudio in the #e5or
<ormat eitor.
,he Import ia3og appears. It shows a tree :iew of the moe3) an etai3s abo%t the
5%rrent se3e5tion. 2rowse the tree an se3e5t a tab3e) :iew) or entity.
Choose other import options) whi5h in53%e Co3%mn 7e3imiters) +%33 7efa%3ts) an <i4e
9ength 719.
53i5! OG.
Read*only Files
'hen %sing the 5onne5tion metho 5a33e Ab Initio 1erver0Rexec or Ab Initio 1erver02elnet)
the 678 forbis eiting on write-prote5te fi3es. ,his 5an sa:e yo% from 3osing wor!.
Interpretation Fixups
K-s%bst%tition is no 3onger a:ai3ab3e as a 5hoi5e for embee transform parameters. ,his he3ps
a:oi 5onf%sion between 719Fs interna3 en:ironment :ariab3e e4pressions) an the 678Fs ma5ro
parameter s%bstit%tion.
Significant new features in version 1.1$
A wat5her shows the 5ontents of a f3ow after yo%r graph has r%n. It is simi3ar to a temporary fi3e)
b%t aing an remo:ing wat5hers oes not moify a graph. Do% %se these to eb%g yo%r graph.
,o a a wat5her to a f3ow) first 5hoose Debu**er-Enable Debu**er. ,hen se3e5t the f3ow an
5hoose Debu**er-Add atcher to )lo!. <ina33y) re-r%n the graph. 'at5hers appear on f3ows as
ro%ne re5tang3es = 'hen fi33e with ata) they 3oo! 3i!e . ,o :iew ata on a fi33e
wat5her) right-53i5! on it an 5hoose Vie! Data.
Isolation Mode
,o ai eb%gging of graphs) yo% may r%n a se3e5te s%bset of 5omponents in the graph witho%t
other 5omponents. Se3e5t the 5omponents that yo% wish to test in iso3ation) then 5hoose
Debu**er-Isolate 1elected #omponents. Components that wi33 not be r%n in iso3ation moe
wi33 be graye o%t. Ising Iso3ation 1oe mimi5s the we33 !nown eb%gging te5hni$%e of 5opying
an pasting a s%bset of the graph to a separate o5%ment %ring e:e3opment.
Context*Speci#ic $rrors
If yo%r graph fai3s) 5onte4t-spe5ifi5 error messages appear in the Cob o%tp%t winow. ,hese ha:e
a 3ot more information thant the o3er simp3e te4t error messages. Do% %se these to na:igate from
error to 5omponent an ba5!&
An error is fo33owe by a 3in!) whi5h brings %p the properties of the 5omponent that fai3e
when 53i5!e.
1%3tip3e errors for the same 5omponent on ifferent partitions are hien by efa%3t=
53i5!ing a 3in! shows or hies them
1any more etai3s are a:ai3ab3e
A re 987 ini5ates a fai3e 5omponent. 7o%b3e-53i5!ing it brings %p the asso5iate error
an the 5omponent properties.
;o:ering o:er a re 987 shows the error te4t.
,he <- !ey 5y53es to the ne4t error message an asso5iate 5omponent.
New Pase Model
,he phases shown in the 678 now more 53ose3y mat5h the phases %se when the graph is r%n.
<ormer3y) a phase brea! in a s%bgraph was in:isib3e from the top-3e:e3 graph= now these appear
as phase ranges Afor e4amp3e) (-HB ne4t to s%bgraph 5omponents. In aition) phase brea!s
5a%se by Intermeiate <i3e 5omponents wi33 be5ome :isib3e on yo%r 5an:as. 'hen yo% open a
graph sa:e by a pre:io%s :ersion of the 678) the phases wi33 be ren%mbere) b%t the graphFs
5omponents wi33 5ontin%e to r%n in the same orer as they were r%n by the ear3ier 678.
Con:erting graphs sa:e in 1.* an ear3ier to 1.10 format preser:es a33 phase brea!s.
,he phase too3bar has been simp3ifie. ,he Jphase n%mberJ eit bo4 has been e3iminate) an
the in5rement an e5rement phase b%ttons now 5hange the phase of the se3e5te 5omponents)
rather than 5hange the n%mber in the eit bo4.
Pac+a(e For Support
,o pa5!age a graph an a33 re3ate fi3es Are5or formats) transforms) atabase 5onfig%rations an
so onB 5hoose Run-Pac3a*e .or 1upport. ,his reas a33 fi3es into a 5ompresse ar5hi:e fi3e)
whi5h yo% then 5an mai3 to s%pportLabinitio.5om. ,he pa5!age pro%5e 5an be rea by 'inMip.
,his sa:es yo% time when reporting prob3ems to s%pport.
,ndo Per#ormance $nancements
Ino on 3arge graphs sho%3 be m%5h faster. <ormer3y) Ino information si?e was proportiona3 to
the si?e of yo%r graph= this s3owe as the graphs be5ame 3arge. ,he new imp3ementation on3y
re5ors s%ffi5ient information to re:erse yo%r 5hanges.
%ocking Co&'onent (rganizer
,he 5omponent organi?er 5an optiona33y be o5!e) so it wi33 not obs5%re yo%r graphs. ,he
information in the etai3s pane has been simp3ifie.
%ataase #olders in Co&'onent (rganizer
Do% may a J7atabaseJ fo3ers to the Component Organi?er. 'hen opene) the atabase
fo3ers 5ontain a fo3er for ea5h registere %ser of the atabase. ,he %ser fo3ers 5ontain a tab3e
5omponent for ea5h tab3e in their s5hema. ,hese tab3es 5an be roppe as tab3e 5omponents on
!eploy Wit Compiled )rans#orms
,o spee e4e5%tion of yo%r programs) yo% may optiona33y ep3oy yo%r graph an 5ompi3e the
719 transform fi3es. ,his is rare3y neee) b%t on some ma5hines may impro:e performan5e by
20N. Choose the ire5tory for the 5ompi3ation on the #ompiled 2rans.orms tab in the Run
1ettin*s ia3og . ,hen) 5hoose Run-Deplo(-!ith #ompiled 2rans.orms.
Do% 5an :iew yo%r graphFs performan5e by 5hoosing Insert-1peedometer. A speeometer
appears. ,o e5ie whi5h information to :iew) 5hoose Vie!-'b0sec) Vie!-#P4s0sec or
Vie!-Records0sec. Gb>se5 is the n%mber of bytes f3owing thro%gh yo%r graph %ring the 3ast
tra5!ing inter:a3. C0Is>se5 is the fra5tion of the a:ai3ab3e C0I se5ons are ei5ate to r%nning
yo%r graph= when the graph is %sing a33 the C0I power) this sho%3 e$%a3 the n%mber of
pro5essors. #e5ors>se5 is the n%mber of re5ors f3owing thro%gh yo%r graph %ring the 3ast
tra5!ing inter:a3.
Surrogate "ey )eneration Co&'onent
,his 5omponent atta5hes a new !ey fie3 to a re5or) s%5h that ea5h :a3%e of the new !ey
5orrespons to one :a3%e of the e4isting !ey. ,his new !ey is 5a33e the surro(ate +ey. Do% %se
this 5omponent&
'hen yo% pop%3ate a ata wareho%se with ata from e4terna3 so%r5e systems) it is goo
pra5ti5e to generate new s%rrogate !eys for the items in the wareho%se) rather than
re%sing !eys from the so%r5e systems. ,his iso3ates the wareho%se from 5hanges in the
so%r5e systems.
'hen the !ey is 3ong or 3ogi5a33y 5omponents of se:era3 fie3s) %sing a short) sing3e-fie3
s%rrogate !ey sa:es spa5e an 5omp%tation time. <or e4amp3e if the !ey is 200 bytes of
aress an post 5oe information) the s%rrogate !ey might be a --byte integer.
Support #or SSH Connections
2oth the 5ost Pro.ile Dialo* an the Repositor(-1ettin*s ia3og in53%e SS; as a 5onne5tion
metho. Ise this to 5onne5t to SS; ser:ers. 'hen yo% 5hoose SS; as a 5onne5tion metho in
the 5ost Pro.ile Dialo*) the 1ettin*s b%tton brings %p the 115 1ettin*s Dialo* whi5h in53%es
the fo33owing options&
0ri:ate Gey <i3e & Set this to the fi3e 5ontaining yo%r pri:ate !ey. If the pri:ate !ey fi3e itse3f
has been en5rypte) enter the passphrase in the passwor te4t bo4 of the ;ost 0rofi3e
SS; 0roto5o3 & Choose the proto5o3 of the 5onne5tion. Ab InitioFs SS;1 imp3ementation is
5ompatib3e with @r party SS; pro%5ts= to %se SS;2 !eys) yo% m%st %se the format
pro:ie by abO!eygen Aes5ribe be3owB.
Ise 5ompression & 'hen yo% se3e5t this option) the SS; 53ient wi33 5ompress ata before
sening) an the SS; ser:er sho%3 e5ompress. Ise this option when operating o:er a
s3ow 5onne5tion.
A33ow empty passwor & Se3e5t this if yo% o not nee the 678 to prompt for a
passphrase to e5rypt yo%r pri:ate !ey fi3e A+7 yo% are %sing p%b3i5 !ey>pri:ate !ey
a%thenti5ation. ,hen) the passwor te4t bo4 in the host profi3e ia3og sho%3 be empty.
#esponse ,imeo%t & 8nter the n%mber of se5ons to wait for response from the SS;
SS; 0ort& 8nter the port n%mber of the SS; ser:er. ,o %se the stanar SS; port A22 on
most ma5hinesB) enter 0.
,o generate SS;1 or SS;2 p%b3i5 !ey-pri:ate !ey pairs) 53i5! Generate 'e( in the 115 1ettin*s
Dialo*. ,he Ab Initio 115 'e( Generator ia3og appears.
In the Ab Initio 115 'e( Generator&
1. 7o one of the fo33owing&
o C3i5! Generate for a new pri:ate !ey
o C3i5! 6oad for an e4isting pri:ate !ey.
,he p%b3i5 !ey sho%3 now be :isib3e.
2. On the ma5hine yo% wish to 5onne5t to :ia the SS; proto5o3) 5reate a .ss# s%bire5tory
in yo%r 3ogin ire5tory.
@. In that .ss# s%bire5tory) 5reate a fi3e Aif one oes not a3reay e4istB name
a$t#ori%ed&e!s Afor SS;1 !eysB or a$t#ori%ed&e!s' Afor SS;2 !eysB.
-. In that fi3e) o one of the fo33owing&
o Copy the 5ontents of the Public 'e( te4t bo4 if the fi3e is new
o Appen the 5ontents of the Public 'e( te4t bo4 if the fi3e e4ists
Ise 5opy an paste for OpenSS; 5ompatib3e !eys) or the 1ave Private 'e( b%tton for
pri:ate format !eys.
(. 2e s%re the prote5tion on the .ss# ire5tory oes not a33ow write or e4e5%te permissions
for others AH00B. A3so) ma!e s%re yo%r a$t#ori%ed&e!s fi3e oes not a33ow write
permissions for others A600B.
6. In the Gey 0assphrase te4t bo4) enter a passphrase if esire. ADo% wi33 nee to enter this
passphrase in the 678 into the 0asswor te4t bo4 of the 5ost Pro.ile Dialo*.B If yo%
3ea:e the passphrase b3an!) yo% sho%3 5he5! A33ow 8mpty 0asswor in the 115
1ettin*s ia3og in the 678.
H. Sa:e the pri:ate !ey in a se5%re p3a5e on yo%r es!top ma5hine. ADo% wi33 nee to enter
the name of this fi3e in the 678 as the 0ri:ate Gey fi3e in the 115 1ettin*s Dialo*.B
(ther *ew #eatures in version 1.1$
-etter .ey $ditor
1any b%gs were fi4e in the !ey eitor. In parti5%3ar) yo% 5an now rag an rop fie3s into !ey
)rac+in( $nancements
,he tra5!ing ia3ogs now in53%e the bytes>se5 an re5ors>se5 5o3%mns. ,hese gi:e the
instantaneo%s ataf3ow rate for programs an f3ows.
Con#i(urable Columns in te Parameters $ditor
,he parameters eitor is bro!en into two gris) a main gri an a etai3s gri) 3i!e the re5or
format eitor. A3so) yo% may reorer 5o3%mns.
Significant new features in version 1.+
,his re3ease s%pports organi?ing Ab Initio app3i5ations into proCe5t ire5tories 5a33e Sandboxes.
'hen yo% sa:e yo%r graphs Aan any re3ate .dml) .x.r) an .dbc fi3esB into sanbo4es) yo% get
the fo33owing benefits&
6raph Cob s5ript is a%tomati5a33y sa:e whene:er yo% sa:e yo%r graph. A,his 5an be
togg3e by 5hoosing Repositor(-1ettin*s an %n5he5!ing 1ave 1cript hen Graph
1aved 2o 1andboxB.
Sanbo4 parameters a33ow yo% to easi3y efine :ariab3es that are share between
m%3tip3e graphs) witho%t ha:ing to %nerstan I+I/ she33 synta4.
Sanbo4es s%pport easy migration from e:e3opment) thro%gh test) to pro%5tion with
Swit5h 0arameters an 7epenent 0arameters.
If yo% e:e3op yo%r app3i5ations %sing sanbo4es) yo% 5an easi3y 5he5! them into the Ab
Initio #epository.
,o efine a new sanbo4) 5hoose Repositor(-#reate 1andbox. ,his wi33 5reate some hien
fi3es A.air7project7parameters an .project.3shB %se to efine sanbo4 parameters) an wi33
a3so 5reate the s%bire5tories that organi?e yo%r app3i5ation fi3es. ,hese are&
dml - for non-embee re5or format fi3es
x.r - for non-embee transform fi3es
mp - for graphs
db - for .b5 an .5fg fi3es
run - for ep3oye .!sh s5ripts. ,his is a3so yo%r efa%3t r%n ire5tory.
Do% 5an referen5e ea5h of these s%bire5tories from graphs by %sing sanbo4 parameters. ,he
parameter names are D%6) 8)R) %P) D9) an R4N. Do% 5an efine aitiona3 sanbo4
parameters= to o so) 5hoose Repositor(-Edit 1andbox. Any graph sa:e in the sanbo4 Aor
any s%bire5tory of the sanbo4B 5an refer to the sanbo4 parameters %sing K-referen5e synta4
Asee Parameter Interpretations be3owB.
,o ma!e the parameters a:ai3ab3e when yo% are 3ogge into the host ire5t3y) yo% 5an JotJ in the
fi3e abOproCe5tOset%p.!sh) whi5h is a%tomati5a33y generate in e:ery sanbo4.
,o %se sanbo4es) 5%rrent3y yo% m%st %se the Gorn she33 Athe efa%3tB in yo%r Run-1ettin*s ;ost
0rofi3e) an the Repositor(-1ettin*s moe m%st be 1ource #ode #ontrol. ,hen) 5reate a
sanbo4 with Repositor(-#reate 1andbox) an sa:e yo%r graph to any s%bire5tory of that
sanbo4. ,he stat%s bar sho%3 show the 5%rrent sanbo4.
Source Code Control using the ,nter'rise -eta ,nviron&ent
,his re3ease of the 678 Awhen %se with :ersion 2.* of the Co>Operating SystemB as s%pport
for app3i5ation so%r5e-5oe 5ontro3 an proCe5t migration %sing the #epository. ,he new fa5i3ities
are as fo33ows&
Repositor(-#hec3 In 5opies graphs) re3ate fi3es) an sanbo4 parameters into the
repository. ,hese graphs are then a:ai3ab3e for other e:e3opers in yo%r gro%p.
Repositor(-#hec3 $ut 5opies graphs) re3ate fi3es) an sanbo4 parameters o%t of the
repository into yo%r pri:ate wor!ing area.
9o5!ing s%pport a33ows m%3tip3e e:e3opers to wor! in the same proCe5t witho%t 5onf3i5ts.
Choose )ile-6oc3.
Eersion 5ontro3& proCe5ts 5an be 5he5!e into the #epository %sing a symbo3i5 tag) an
then that :ersion 5an be retrie:e %sing that same tag.
#e:ision history& yo% 5an retrie:e past :ersions of graphs an re3ate fi3es= ifferen5es
are a:ai3ab3e from the 'eb interfa5e.
Aministrators 5an 5reate share proCe5ts with Repositor(-#reate Project an eit
5he5!e-in sanbo4 parameters with Repositor(-Edit Project.
<or more information) p3ease see the /uide to Mana(in( )ecnical Metadata.
Improved 0n*line Help
,he 719 an Component referen5e materia3 in the 678 on-3ine he3p is signifi5ant3y %pate an
1utomatic #low bu##erin(
A%tomati5 f3ow b%ffering near3y e3iminates the possibi3ity of ea3o5!e graphs. A%tomati5 f3ow
b%ffering e4amines yo%r graph as yo% are b%i3ing it) an as f3ow b%ffering on any f3ow that
may 5a%se a ea3o5!. <3ow b%ffers are shown with a b3%e ot. <or more information on ea3o5!
an f3ow b%ffering) see the on-3ine he3p.
A%tomati5 f3ow b%ffering is a5ti:ate by efa%3t when yo% open a new graph. ,o togg3e it for
graphs that were first b%i3t %sing an o3er :ersion of the 678) 5hoose Edit-Automatic )lo!
)ra'h Para&eters ,ditor
,he 6raph 0arameters 8itor a33ows yo% to :iew an moify a33 the parameter settings for a33 of
the 5omponents in yo%r graph at on5e. ,o isp3ay the 6raph 0arameters eitor) Choose
Edit-Parameters. ,he 6raph 0arameters 8itor rep3a5es Aan a%gmentsB the o3
Run-Parameters ia3og.
,he eitor s%pports the fo33owing operations&
<in AEdit-)ind) or C,#9P<B
Sear5hes thro%gh a33 of the parameter :a3%es in a33 of yo%r 5omponents.
It sear5hes either by 5o3%mns Afirst in the 5%rrent 5o3%mn from the 5%rrent row to the
bottom) then in the ne4t 5o3%mn from the topB or by rows Afirst in the 5%rrent row from 3eft
to right) then in the ne4t rowB.
#ep3a5e AEdit-Replace) or C,#9P;B
Sear5hes an rep3a5es a33 parameter :a3%es in a33 of yo%r 5omponents.
<i3ter 1en%
Shows a s%bset of the graph parameters) by hiing rows. Do% may fi3ter by any
5ombination of&
o 0arameter name
o 0arameter type
o Ea3%e
o 0hase
o 9ayo%t
o Component name
Shows a s%bset of parameter attrib%tes) by hiing 5o3%mns. Do% may show or hie any
Insert new graph parameters
A graph parameter is a :ariab3e whose :a3%e 5an be %se in one of the graphFs
5omponents to affe5t the beha:ior of a graph. <or e4amp3e) to write a graph that may be
in:o!e on ifferent ata ea5h time it is r%n) yo% efine a parameter on the graph) an
then %se the parameter in the I#9 of one of the graphFs inp%t fi3es.
,o o this) perform the fo33owing steps&
(. Se3e5t Edit-Parameters to open the 6raph 0arameters 8itor.
'. C3i5! the se5on row of the gri. ADo% may not insert parameters before the first
). Se3e5t Edit-Insert Parameter. ,his 5reates an empty row.
*. In the +ame 5o3%mn) type a name for the parameter& INP42:)I6E:4R6.
+. If the S5ope 5o3%mn is not :isib3e) 5hoose Edit-#olumns an 5he5! 1cope.
,. In the S5ope 5o3%mn) 5hange the parameter to )ormal.
,his means that this parameterFs :a3%e is passe in when yo% in:o!e the graph.
6ocal parametersF :a3%es are interna3 to the graph on3y.
-. In the Gin 5o3%mn) 5hange the parameter to Positional.
,his means the parameterFs :a3%e is obtaine from the 5omman 3ine by position.
Other 5hoi5es for !in in53%e 'e(!ord A:a3%e obtaine by !eywor arg%mentB
an Environment A:a3%e obtaine from the She33 en:ironmentB.
.. C3ose the 6raph 0arameters 8itor) an press $' to sa:e 5hanges.
/. 7o%b3e-53i5! the inp%t fi3e) an 5hange the I#9 to ;INP42:)I6E:4R6. ,he 2*
substitution rules wi33 then s%bstit%te the :a3%e of the I+0I,O<I98OI#9 forma3
parameter yo% efine for this graph. A<or more etai3s on K-s%bstit%tion) see
Parameter Interpretations be3ow.B
'hen yo% r%n this graph #rom te /!$) yo% are prompte for the INP42:)I6E:4R6
parameterFs :a3%e in the ,est 0arameters ia3og.
'hen yo% r%n this graph as a deployed script) yo% m%st pass the I#9 as the first
arg%ment on the 5omman 3ine= otherwise the s5ript prints an error message.
Visual Cues
,he 678 now pro:ies more :is%a3 5%es abo%t yo%r graph as yo% are e:e3oping it&
A 3e( i5on is isp3aye on 5omponents that ha:e !ey parameters. ,o eit the !ey
spe5ifier) o%b3e-53i5! the i5on.
An in7memor( i5on is isp3aye on #o33%p) Qoin) an S5an 5omponents. ,his i5on
shows whether the 5omponent e4pe5ts sorte inp%t A B) or whether it operates in-
memory an therefore its inp%t nee not be sorte A B.
,o enab3e or isab3e :is%a3 5%es) 5hoose )ile-Pre.erences an se3e5t 1ho! In %emor( Icon or
1ho! #omponent 'e(.
9etting the mo%se pointer ho:er o:er parts of yo%r graph isp3ays too3 tips) as fo33ows&
5over Point 2ool 2ip In.ormation
!ey i5on !ey spe5ifier
in-memory i5on in-memory parameter
port re5or format for the port
3ayo%t ini5ator) for e4amp3e 61 3ayo%t of the 5omponent
,o enab3e or isab3e ho:ers) 5hoose )ile-Pre.erences) an 5he5! Enable 2ool 2ips.
File )rans#ers trou( te Control Server
,he Contro3 Ser:er pro:ies remote a55ess ser:i5es for the Co>Operating System. ,hese
ser:i5es in53%e&
<i3e transfer
6raph e4e5%tion
1onitoring an 5ontro3
<rom the 1etho 3ist bo4 of the ;ost 0rofi3e 7ia3og) 5hoose Ab Initio 1erver0Rexec to start the
Contro3 Ser:er with the #e4e5 proto5o3) an thereafter %se its <i3e ,ransfer ser:i5es instea of
,he Contro3 Ser:er 5onne5tion metho has the fo33owing a:antages&
Ises a sing3e port for 5omm%ni5ation. ,his ma!es it possib3e to 5onne5t thro%gh a firewa33
%sing SS; port forwaring. AConta5t Ab Initio for s%pport 5onfig%ring SS;.B
0ro:ies more re3iab3e fi3e transfer than <,0.
#emo:es the epenen5e on 1i5rosoft Internet 84p3orerFs Internet settings. <or e4amp3e)
the Internet settings may say J5a5he re5ent3y-%se pagesJ) whi5h might 5a%se the 678
to retrie:e graphs from a remote host that are not %p-to-ate.
#emo:es epenen5e on the format of the remote Operating SystemFs <,0 ser:i5e. <or
e4amp3e) the <,0-base fi3e transfer ser:i5e m%st rea the ma5hine-generate ire5tory
3isting to etermine fi3e si?e an time. 8rrors in reaing might in5orre5t3y prepen the fi3e
5reation time to the remote fi3e name.
;ere is a s%mmary of the a:ai3ab3e ;ost 5onne5tion methos&
#onnection %ethod )ile Execution
#e4e5 <,0 #e4e5
,e3net <,0 ,e3net
Contro3 Ser:er :ia
#e4e5 to start 5ontro3 ser:er) then %ses that
9o5a3 +, host +ot neee Create 0ro5ess
Para&eter Inter'retations
A parameterFs Interpretation attrib%te etermines how the parameterFs :a3%e is interprete in a
graph. <or e4amp3e) a K in a :a3%e may be either the beginning of a referen5e to another
parameter or a 3itera3 o33ar sign 5hara5ter) epening on the interpretation.
,he possib3e interpretations are&
#onstant - the :a3%e is not interprete= the :a3%e is 3itera33y %se.
<or e4amp3e) %se this if yo% ha:e a )ilter b( Expression 5omponent) with a
select&expr that has a K in it) s%5h as string&s$bstring0in1(1(2 33 454.
;7substitution - 5identi6ier in the :a3%e is interprete as a referen5e to a parameter
name identi6ier) an identi6ierFs :a3%e rep3a5es the referen5e. identi6ier
may be a parameter efine ear3ier in the 5omponent) in an o%ter graph) as a proCe5t
parameter) or as an en:ironment :ariab3e.
Do% norma33y %se this for pathnames) s%5h as 5D78/6oo.dml. If the parameter name
D78 has a :a3%e of /dis(/dml) the res%3ting :a3%e after K-s%bstit%tion is
/dis(/dml/6oo.dml. A<or more information on parameters) see sub(rap
parameters be3ow.B Do% 5an a3so %se the synta4 59identi6ier:.
;<=7substitution - Ise this if yo% want 59identi6ier: to be rep3a5e) b%t not
Ise this for atabase tab3e names for atabases that treat K 3i!e a 3etter. <or e4amp3e) in
the e4pression select 59col$mn: 6rom ;P<5=<E>?A7E) col$mn wi33 be
s%bstit%te) b%t =<E>?A7E wi33 not.
shell - the :a3%e is interprete by the she33 that in:o!es the graph. Ise this to generate
:a3%es a:ai3ab3e from the she33 %e to wi35ar mat5hing or s%bshe33 s%bstit%tion.
<or e4amp3e) the :a3%e 50date2) when passe to the Gorn She33) wi33 be the ate an
time the parameter was e:a3%ate.
,o set the interpretation) o one of the fo33owing&
1. <rom the 0arameters tab of the 0roperties ia3og) 53i5! %ore) then 5hoose the
interpretation from the rop-own 3ist bo4.
2. <rom the Interpretation 5o3%mn of the 6raph 0arameters 8itor AEdit-ParametersB)
5hoose the interpretation.
,he 678 5hooses the efa%3t interpretation from the parameter type) as fo33ows&
Parameter 2(pe Parameter Interpretation
embee re5or format
embee transform f%n5tion
atabase tab3e names
atabase s$3 5ommans
path to re5or format
path to transform f%n5tion
Sugra'h Para&eters
A parameter may be ae to a s%bgraph or graph) an then referre to %sing the 5identi6ier
or 59identi6ier: synta4. In parti5%3ar) yo% may efine a parameter on a s%bgraph) an refer to
it from 5omponents within the s%bgraph. ,his great3y enhan5es yo%r abi3ity to 5reate re%sab3e
s%bgraph 5omponents.
1ore spe5ifi5a33y) to reso3:e parameter 0Fs referen5e to 5@A>IAA8E) the 678 %ses the first :a3%e
fo%n in&
A 5omponent parameter A%sing 0Fs 5ontaining 5omponentB
A s%bgraph parameter A%sing 0Fs 5omponentFs 5ontaining graph 61) then 61Fs 5ontaining
graph 62) an so onB
A top-3e:e3 graph parameter
A proCe5t parameter
A she33 :ariab3e efine in a host profi3eFs ;ost Set%p 5ommans
A I+I/ en:ironment :ariab3e
<or e4amp3e) 3etFs efine a re%sab3e s%bgraph 5omponent with s%bgraph parameters. It sho%3
rea an inp%t stream an write two o%tp%t fi3es& the se3e5te re5ors an the ese3e5te re5ors.
,he two o%tp%t fi3es sho%3 ha:e the same root names an ifferent e4tensions) for e4amp3e)
BanData.selected an BanData.discarded. ,o b%i3 this) o the fo33owing&
1. A a parameter name #OO,+A18 to the s%bgraph A%se the 6raph 0arameters 8itor
to o thisB. 1a!e the s5ope be )ormal Athis is an inp%t to the s%bgraphB an 3ea:e the
:a3%e b3an!.
2. 'ithin the s%bgraph) efine the I#9s for the two o%tp%t atasets to be
5>;;C?A7E.selected an 5>;;C?A7E.discarded.
+ow) one instan5e of the s%bgraph 5omponent may set #OO,+A18 to Qan7ata an another
may set #OO,+A18 to <eb7ata. 8a5h instan5eFs atasets wi33 ha:e the proper I#9s& the first
with BanData.selected an BanData.discarded) an the se5on with
FebData.selected an FebData.discarded.
Sin5e the synta4 5identi6ier may refer to a s%bgraph parameter) where it former3y Ain 1.H an
ear3ierB referre to a She33 en:ironment :ariab3e) the 678 wi33 %se J9ega5y 1.H Coe 6enerationJ
if it fins a possib3e 5onf3i5t. ,o isab3e J9ega5y 1.H Coe 6enerationJ) 5hoose Run-1ettin*s)
53i5! the 1cript tab) an %n5he5! the 6e*ac( 1.> #ode Generation 5he5! bo4.
(ther Changes
.ost Profiles
In ear3ier :ersions of the 678 a graph 5an be sa:e on a ifferent host than where it r%ns) that is)
the JSa:eJ 3o5ation is ifferent from the J#%nJ 3o5ation. In this :ersion) these two 3o5ations m%st
be the same= a graph r%ns %sing the host profi3e that opene it. 'hen yo% open a remote graph)
the host profi3e in the #%n Settings ia3og 5hanges to the openerFs host profi3e. ,his may 5hange
the beha:ior of the graph) espe5ia33y if yo% ha:e spe5ifie ;ost Set%p 5ommans.
,o !eep the profi3e from swit5hing) in the <i3e>Open ia3ogFs host 3ist bo4) 5hoose the host profi3e
for the ma5hine on whi5h yo% want to r%n the graph.
,he %ser I7 an passwor are now store in the 'inows registry) instea of in host profi3e
AT.aihB fi3es. 'hen yo% a55ess an o3 host profi3e with 1.*) the 678 wi33 rewrite it to remo:e the
%ser I7 an passwor. 8a5h e:e3oper that opens a graph with s%5h a host profi3e wi33 nee to
reenter the i an passwor) whi5h is then store in the registry. +ow host profi3es es5ribe on3y
host-spe5ifi5 items) rather than host-spe5ifi5 an %ser-spe5ifi5 items.
Sin5e host profi3es are now sharab3e) yo% may store them in the #epository) or on yo%r winows
ma5hine in a %ser-5onfig%rab3e ire5tory. ,he efa%3t ire5tory is C:DProgram FilesDAb
InitioDAb Initio GDEDEosts) b%t yo% 5an 5hange it by 5hoosing )ile-Pre.erences.
+O,8& o3er graphs are not ab3e to referen5e a host profi3e not in the ;ost 0rofi3e 9o5ation Aor in
the #epositoryB) an generate an error message. ,o 5orre5t this) either 5opy the referen5e host
profi3e to the ;ost 0rofi3e 9o5ation or 5hange the 5onfig%re ;ost 0rofi3e 9o5ation.
Component 0r(ani3er Can(es
,he Component Organi?er has powerf%3 new feat%res&
,he Organi?er a33ows yo% to browse fo3ers on a remote ma5hine) or in the #epository.
Ise Vie!-Add 2op7level )older from the Component Organi?er to pi5! a ire5tory from
yo%r 3o5a3 ma5hine) a remote ma5hine) or the repository. +ote that a remote fo3er 5an
ha:e a J3ogi5a3J name) s%5h as 5D78. <i3es ragge from there wi33 %se the J3ogi5a3J name
when inserte in the graph) s%5h as 5D78/m!6ormat.dml.
,he Organi?er in53%es tabs to a33ow yo% to organi?e yo%r remote fo3ers into re3ate
sets. <or e4amp3e) yo% may p3a5e a33 the sanbo4 ire5tories re3ate to a proCe5t on a tab.
Ise Vie!-Add 2ab an Vie!-Remove 2ab.
Do% may rag an rop re5or format fi3es onto ports) an yo% may rag an rop
transform fi3es onto 5omponents that ha:e transform parameters. #e5or <ormat fi3es
A.dmlB an ,ransform fi3es A.x6rB are shown in the fo3ers. 7%ring a rag) the 5%rsor
5hanges to ini5ate whi5h type of obCe5t yo% are ho3ing.
-enu Changes
,he fo33owing 5hanges ha:e been mae to the men%s&
,he Vie!-$ptions-Advanced ia3og has mo:e to )ile-Pre.erences) an the fo33owing
are new settings that 5an be 5hange&
o ;ost 0rofi3e ire5tory Asee Host Pro#iles abo:eB
o C%stom 8itor - yo% 5an efine an eitor to in:o!e in p3a5e of the b%i3t-in te4t
Vie!-Grid %ode Editors a33ows yo% to easi3y togg3e between %sing gri moe an te4t
moe when eiting re5or formats) transforms) an pa5!ages. ,here is a3so a new b%tton
on the too3 bar Ato the 3eft of the 0rint too3 bar b%ttonB whi5h has the same f%n5tion as the
men% entry.
Edit-Parameters isp3ays a g3oba3 :iew of yo%r parameters.
Repositor(-1ettin*s rep3a5es Edit-Repositor( 1ettin*s.
*ew Co&'onents
As the Ab Initio Co>Operating System as ser:i5es) the 678 pro:ies the fo33owing 5omponents
to a55ess them&
Compress Components& G?ip an G4n@ip. ,hese wrap the 6+I g?ip an g%n?ip 5oes
for 5ompressing an %n5ompressing yo%r ata. <or more etai3s) 5ons%3t the 6+I
Contin%o%s <3ow Components& %A Publish an %A 1ubscribe s%pport 5onne5tion to
the 1USeries ata f3ows. Ini:ersa3 S%bs5ribe a33ows yo% to 5onne5t Ab Initio graphs to
arbitrary 5ontin%o%s streams of ata.
1ES Components& %V1 Input 2ape) %V1 $utput 2ape) %V1 $utput )ile) %V1 $utput
,hese a33ow yo% to rea an write from 1ES atasets on OS>@90.
#epository Conne5tor Components& 4nload Graph Instance an 4nload Bob
pro%5e streams of ata es5ribing obCe5ts in the #epository& 6raphs) an 6raph
I&'roved /ayout Pro'agation
,he 3ayo%t propagator eri:es 3ayo%ts of 5omponents from their neighbors. ,he a3gorithm has
been impro:e as fo33ows&
9ayo%ts 5an be eri:e a5ross a33-to-a33 f3ows
,he a3gorithm is stab3e in ambig%o%s 5onitions& the same inp%ts res%3t in the same 5oe
Iser errors are f3agge as warnings= for e4amp3e) it is rare that a fan-o%t or a33-to-a33 from
a fi3e 5omponent is 5orre5t= these are f3agge as warnings Aye33ow f3ow pattern o:a3sB
Significant *ew #eatures in Version 1.0
Su''ort for International Character Sets
,he fo33owing internationa3 5hara5ter sets are now s%pporte&
as5ii) eb5i5) arabi5) 5yri33i5) east e%ropean) e%5 Cis) gree!) hebrew) Cis 201) 3atinO@) 3atinO-) shift
Cis) t%r!ish) %ni5oe) %ni5oe big-enian) %ni5oe 3itt3e-enian) %ni5oe %tf*
Su''ort for 1.0 %-/ #eatures
,his re3ease pro:ies f%33 s%pport for the new 719 feat%res intro%5e in the 2.H re3ease of the
Co>Operating System. ,his in53%es atetime Aboth types an b%i3tin f%n5tionsB) :arstring) an so
on. 03ease refer to the re3ease notes in53%e with yo%r Co>Operating System re3ease.
Significant *ew #eatures in 2elease 1.3
,he Ea3iate b%tton on the too3 bar 5he5!s a33 of yo%r 719 types an transforms an generates a
report. After :a3iation) a33 errors are f3agge with De33ow ,o-7o C%es. If anything is se3e5te)
:a3iation on3y operates on that. A3so) the 0orts tab an the 0arameters tab in53%e Ea3iate
b%ttons to :a3iate ini:i%a3 re5or formats an transforms. ,he :a3iation is base on the
:ersion of the Co>Operating System) so that the 678 f3ags newer feat%res whi5h may not wor!
on o3er Co>Operating Systems.
Co&'onent (rganization
+ew 5omponent names es5ribe the beha:ior of 5omponents. Components are %nifie by
f%n5tion. <or e4amp3e) the on3y ifferen5e between J1ergeQoinJ an J;ashQoinJ was how the
res%3ts were 5omp%te. +ow) the f%n5tiona3ity of both 5omponents is fo%n in Qoin. ,he on-3ine
he3p 5ontains etai3s abo%t the 5omponent name 5hanges.
)rid4-ode View %ata
Eiewing ata a33ows yo% to see yo%r ata organi?e in a gri. #ight-53i5! a ataset 5omponent)
then 5hoose Eiew 7ata) an fina33y 5hoose J6ri 1oeJ from the 7isp3ay As& p%33-own.
Conditional Co&'onents
Components may be e453%e from yo%r graph base on r%ntime :a3%es. A r%ntime :a3%e is a
Gorn She33 e4pression that ret%rns 1 or 0. ,o enab3e this feat%re) 5hoose )ile-Pre.erences) an
5he5! #onditional #omponents. ,hereafter) to set a 5onition on a 5omponent) 53i5! the
#ondition tab on the Component 0roperties ia3og. If a Conition e:a3%ates to Cr$e) the
5omponent is in53%e in the graph. If it e:a3%ates to anything e3se) the 5omponent is either
remo:e 5omp3ete3y or rep3a5e with a f3ow between two %ser-esignate ports. Components that
are e453%e are isp3aye with gray tra5!ing 987s at r%ntime.
#estri5tion& yo% m%st %se Gorn She33 in yo%r host profi3e.
(ther *ew #eatures in 2elease 1.3
!ata $ditor
Do% may 5hange :a3%es in a ataset. 7o%b3e-53i5! the 5omponent) an 53i5! Edit Data. A gri
appears= moify the :a3%es an 53i5! $'. ,his is :ery %sef%3 for eiting 9oo!%p fi3es.
#estri5tions& the ataset m%st be a seria3 fi3e) the re5or format m%st be Jsimp3eJ Ano s%bre5ors
or :e5torsB) an it m%st be 5omp3ete3y rea into the gri before yo% 5an eit.
Interval "ey S'ecifiers
Gey Spe5ifiers for 9oo!%p <i3es may be inter:a3- or reg%3ar-e4pression-base. ,hese new fie3
moifiers are a:ai3ab3e in the 1pecial 5o3%mn of the Gey eitor for a 9oo!%p <i3e.
/inked Sugra'hs
,o s%pport re%sab3e s%bgraph 5omponents) a s%bgraph inserte as a 5omponent is mar!e
"in+ed. ,he Edit-4pdate item wi33 re-rea the s%bgraph from its origina3 so%r5e. ,he 5ontents of
a "in+ed s%bgraph are not eitab3e by efa%3t. ,o ma!e 5hanges to its 5ontents) 5he5! the Permit
Edit 5he5! bo4 on the 7es5ription tab. ;owe:er) thereafter the s%bgraph be5omes $mbedded
an 5an no 3onger be %pate from the origina3 s%bgraph.
Co5('erating Syste& Versioning
,he 678 on3y isp3ays options whi5h are re3e:ant to the 5%rrent3y 5onne5te Co>Operating
System. <or e4amp3e) 3ater :ersions of the Co>Operating System may a new b%i3t-in f%n5tions
to 719= these are isp3aye in the e4pression eitor on3y if yo%r :ersion s%pports them.
2a&' and /i&it Changes
,he Ramp an 6imit parameters of 5omponents are now easy to %se. Choose from&
Abort on first reCe5t
+e:er abort
Ise ramp>3imit
6oolean Para&eters Changes
2oo3ean parameters ha:e es5ripti:e names asso5iate with them. <or e4amp3e) the former3y
5onf%sing matchoptional parameter of the Qoin 5omponent now has been 5hange to
matchre+uired an has an asso5iate he3p message.
Save in .istorical #or&ats
Do% may sa:e graphs in :ersion 1.-) 1.() 1.6) 1.*.1- an 1.10 formats) to a33ow o3er 678s to
rea them. <or e4amp3e) to write a graph that Eersion 1.6 of the 678 5an rea) 5hoose
)ile-1ave As) an set the Sa:e As ,ype to GDE 1.C Graphs.
'A#+I+6& Do% may 3ose new feat%res in the o3er format.
Do% may not sa:e to an ear3ier format than 1.-.
S%pport for new o-si?e integers Afor e4amp3e) (-byte integersB.
Iser-efine types show %p in the rop-owns for se3e5ting fie3 type in the #e5or
<ormat 8itor.
In%se port on Qoin 5omponent. ASee re3ease notes for Co>Operating System 2.-.1*B
C%stom 5omponent .mp5 fi3es ha:e more interesting parameter information) s%5h as
5onitiona3 parameter :isibi3ity) an 5onitiona3 5omman-3ine generation. See the on-3ine
he3p for etai3s.
Impro:e 3ayo%t propagation& 6raphs with noes that may propagate 3ayo%ts from more
than one 5omponent now isambig%ate by preferring o%tp%t 3ayo%ts o:er inp%t 3ayo%ts.
0ro4y-fi3e impro:ements&
,he :a3%e of KRA2OQO2S is prepene) so more than one instan5e of the same graph 5an
r%n in the same ire5tory= the pro4y fi3e name in53%es the 5omponent name) so error
messages 5an be tra5!e own= an pro4y fi3es are remo:e before the S5ript 8n r%ns.
,his istrib%tion in53%es software pro:ie by the <ree Software <o%nation. ,o obtain a
5opy of the so%r5es) 5onta5t s%pportLabinitio.5om
*otes for Windows 78 9sers
If yo% get a J+o s%5h entry CoInitia3i?e84J error when yo% attempt to r%n the 678 on 'inows
9() this is be5a%se yo% m%st insta33 7CO1. ,o insta33 7CO1) :isit
http&>>www.mi5rosoft.5om>5om>5om>5om9(>own3oa.asp. Insta33ation wi33 re$%ire a reboot. ,his
error oes not appear on 'inows 9*) +,) 2000) or /0.
If yo% get a message s%5h as J5annot fin re$%ire 3ibrary 'S2O@2.799J when yo% r%n) or if yo%
get a message 3i!e JSet%p has etermine that 'inows So5!ets 2.0 is not insta33e.J) yo% nee
to own3oa the winows so5!ets 2 pa5!age from 1i5rosoft. ,he 3atest :ersion of the 'inso5!
2.0 r%n-time 5omponents is a:ai3ab3e from the 1i5rosoft <,0 site&
,his 3o5ation 5ontains the 'inso5! 2.0 S7G for 'inows 9(. After insta33ing the S7G) r%n
ws2set%p.e4e Ain the set%p s%bire5toryB= this insta33s 'inso5!2. Insta33ation wi33 re$%ire a reboot.
Do% 5an a3so own3oa the 'inso5! 2.0 %pate for 'inows 9( from the fo33owing 1i5rosoft 'eb
,he simp3est a3ternati:e is to insta33 the 3atest :ersion of 1i5rosoft Internet 84p3orer.