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Theology III Period A Test 10


Short Answer Chapter 9: The Crusades, Military Orders,

and the Inquisition
Theology III Period A Test 9 Name_________________________________

Short Answer Chapter 8: Collapse, Corruption, & Reform of Europe &

the Church
1. Name one of the three groups threatened western Europe during the ninth

2. Why were monasteries targets of barbarian invasions?

3. By whom was Cluny founded?

4. Name one thing that the monastic reform at Cluny emphasized.

5. Name one thing that separated Cluniac monks from other monks.

6. What did Pope Benedict VIII grant Cluny in 1016?

7. Name one important Cluniac monk who rose to positions of importance.

8. Otto I’s coronation at Aachen as Holy Roman emperor served what


9. In which way did the Ottonian line exercised influence over the church?

10. How did Lanfranc negotiate his responsibilities to the Church an his
relationship to the state? (Hint: what two different realms did he serve at the
same time?)
11. Why did the Church want to gain control over ecclesiastical

12. What act by Henry IV initiated his struggle with Pope St. Gregory VII?

13. Why would Henry IV not ignore the act of excommunication?

14. What was the concordat of worms?

15. What were king Henry II’s aims with the Constitutions of Clarendon?

16. How did the contest between Hernry II and St Thomas á Becket end?

17. What was Pope Innocent III’s goal during his papacy?

18. For what kinds of behavior were kings penalized?

19. Which rule do cistercians follow?

20. What did the color white signify?

21. Name one of the two areas of focus for St Bernard’s studies.

22. Who founded the Carthusians?

23. What kind of spirituality did Carthusians create in their order?

24. Treaty of Verdun _____ A. Cutting off a person from the life of the
25. Carolingian _____ B. Decree of the Pope that only J he can appoint
bishops .
Here is the pyramid-like
26. Feudalism _____ structure dividing Europe to Charlemagne’s
C. agreement
of feudalism. Fill in the blank K
grandsons .
with the corresponding level.
27. Simony _____ D. Sin of selling things ofLthe Church
23. Nepotism _____ .
E. Center of spiritual renewal through monastic
24. Lay Investature _____ F. Appointment of family to positions of authority
25. Cluny _____ G. System of government where kings protect
26. Dictatus Papae _____ H. Family rule of Carol (Charlegmagne) -
his dynasty
27. Excommunication _____ I. Interference of secular leaders in Church
28. Serfs _____
29. Kings _____
30. Vassals _____
31. The Church is full of saints and sinners, weeds and wheat, shining lights
and shiners on the face of Christ. Name one famous saint and sinner of our
modern times.

31. The Church is also affected by sinfulness. How does God respond to
corruption, scandal, or sinfulness in the Church?

33. On which spiritual renewal in Europe did Pope Benedict recently give a
teaching? (Hint: you just wrote a summary paper on it.)