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Schedule for handing in transcriptions for practice:
TP 1 (April 21): "Humpty Dumpty" and "I hear thunder"
TP 2 (May 6): "Sounds English" Unit 24, tasks 3.1 and 4a
Unit 25, tasks 1.3 and 2a
Unit 24 Task 3.1
Only ten per cent of Kensington Express readers take regular exercise. I
n a recent survey, readers answered questions about diet and exercise. Ten per c
ent felt that they were healthy or very healthy. Seventy per cent said that exer
cise is important for good health. But only ten per cent took regular exercise -
twice a week or more. Twenty per cent said that they felt they got enough exerc
ise. The rest admitted that they should take more exercise.
| nli ten p sent v kenztn kspres ridz tek rejlr ekssaz | n risnt s
lqi | sevnti p sent sed t ekssaz z mptnt f d helq | | bt nli ten p sent
lt e t nf ekssaz | rest dmtd t e d tek mr ekssaz |
Task 4a
A: I'm a reporter from the Hendon Standard. Were you present when the accident h
B: Yes, I was standing at the end of Elm Avenue, by the park.
A: What happened?
B: There was a red van travelling west, and several cars and vans behind it.
A: Was the red van going fast?
B: No. The driver kept glancing at a map on his lap. Then a black taxi started t
o pass the red van.
A: Was that the cause of the accident?
B: It wasn't the taxi that cause the accident. It was the red van. The van drive
r suddenly turned and crashed into the taxi.
A: What happened then?
B: The taxi smashed into a lamppost. The taxi driver wasn't badly hurt, but he w
as very angry.
e | am rpt frm hendn stndd | w ju przent wen i ksdnt hpnd |
bi | jes | a wz stnd t i end v elm vnju | ba pk |
e | wt hpnd |
bi | wz red vn trvl west | nd sevrl kz nd vnz bhand t |
e | wz red vn fst |
Unit 25 Task 1.3
1. I like my fish cooked in butter/batter.
2. He's worried about his uncle/ankle.
3. Put the rug/rag on the floor.
4. Here's a cup/cap for you
5. I've lost the truck/track.
6. Does my hut/hat look nice?
| wn | a lak ma f kkt n bt bt |
tu | hiz wrd bat z kl kl |
qri | pt r r n fl |
f | hz kp kp f ju |
fav | av lst trk trk |
sks | dz ma ht ht lk nas |
Task 2a
A: Uncle Cuthbert has just rung up.
B: Is he coming for lunch?
A: No, he's in trouble. There's been a flood.
B: But the flood was on Monday.
A: Now his truck is stuck on the mud.
B: He could come by bus.
A: No,the bus is stuck behind the truck. Nothing can move.
| e | kl kqbrt hz dst r p |
bi | z hi km f lnt |
e | n | hiz n trbl | ez bin fld |
bi | bt fld wz n mnde |
e | na z trk s stk n md |
bi | hi kd km ba bs |
e | n | bs z stk bhand trk | nq kn muv |
TP 3 (May 20):Paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 from plot of "City of Bones" (film)http://en
TP 4( June 10): make-up transcription using IPA keyboard symbols (printed) "Can
technology kill off the exam?"
You are expected to read the "IF1 Transcription Guidelines" b4 getting the job s
tarted (available at Xerox rooms)

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