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Prepared by Nguyen Quang Hiep Date 30 Sep. 14
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A 30 September 014 !nitia" !ssue
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#ig$ting and Sma"" Power
Viet Solution Technology Engineering JSC
HL Building, 82 Alley, Duy Tan str, Cau !iay dist, Hanoi
Tel" #8$%& '85 '8'( )a*" #8$% & '85 '8''
'o out"ine t$e re&uirements o( "ig$ting and sma"" power e&uipment system.
4.1. Geera! !"#$t"# re%&"remets
!ndustria" ("uores)ent "ig$ting in *w$ite* )o"our s$ou"d be used (or i""umination.
#ong "i(e "amps in )ombination wit$ e"e)troni) ba""asts s$a"" be used+ to ta,e advantage o( t$eir
in)reased "umen e((i)ien)y and e)onomi) "i(e.
!n)andes)ent "ig$ting s$a"" be app"ied on"y (or de)orative "ig$ting.
Hig$ pressure dis)$arge "amps s$ou"d be used to "ig$t ta"" bui"dings or "arge areas. !n view o(
t$e restarting time o( t$is type o( "ig$ting a(ter a vo"tage dip. However+ su((i)ient ("uores)ent
"uminaires s$a"" be insta""ed (or basi) "ig$ting re&uirements o( t$e area+ e&uiva"ent to emergen)y
"ig$ting re&uirements -4.4...
/onsideration s$ou"d be given to t$e use o( ("ood"ig$ting+ espe)ia""y around t$e perimeter o(
pro)ess and produ)tion p"ants. /are s$ou"d be ta,en to ensure t$at t$is does not resu"t in
s$adows+ espe)ia""y at operating "o)ations.
0aintenan)e (ree+ sea"ed (or "i(e dis)$arge "amps and asso)iated "uminaires may be )onsidered
wit$ a))ount being ta,en o( t$eir tota" "i(e1)y)"e )ost. '$ese types o( "uminaires are avai"ab"e in
industria" and e2 prote)ted e2e)utions.
#ow pressure sodium dis)$arge "amps s$a"" not be used+ as t$ey )onstitute a (ire $a3ard in t$e
event o( brea,age.
4.2. P!at !"#$t"#
4or standardisation reasons t$e same type o( %2*d* or %2*e* "uminaires s$ou"d be used in a""
p"ant areas+ w$et$er )"assi(ied 5one 1+ 5one or non1$a3ardous. !.e. a"" (ittings are suitab"e (or
5one 1 areas.
!( ("uores)ent "uminaires wit$ type o( prote)tion %2*e* are used t$e ba""ast s$a"" $ave end o( "amp
"i(e prote)tion. An iso"ating swit)$ s$a"" be in)"uded wit$in t$e (itting to prevent t$e "uminaire (rom
being energised w$en it is not (u""y assemb"ed.
!4 Hig$ pressure dis)$arge "uminaires are used t$ey s$a"" $ave type o( prote)tion %2*de*.
4.3. '&"!("# !"#$t"#
#uminaires in )"osed bui"dings t$at are )"assi(ied non1$a3ardous areas+ e.g. )ontro" rooms and
substations+ s$a"" be ("uores)ent bi1pin+ swit)$1start+ and industria" pattern. Non1industria"
"uminaires may be used in o((i)e bui"dings.
4.4. S)e*"a! !"#$t"#
Spe)ia" "ig$ting su)$ as navigation aids+ obstru)tion warning "ig$ts and air)ra(t warning "ig$ts
s$a"" )omp"y wit$ D%P and t$e app"i)ab"e nationa" and8or internationa" ru"es
and standards.
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Viet Solution Technology Engineering JSC
HL Building, 82 Alley, Duy Tan str, Cau !iay dist, Hanoi
Tel" #8$%& '85 '8'( )a*" #8$% & '85 '8''
4.+. P,rta-!e !am)s a( t,,!s
Hand1$e"d "amps s$a"" be rated (or ma2imum 90 : a.). supp"y.
'$e types o( portab"e e&uipment to be used in bot$ industria" and non1industria" areas -e2)ept in
restri)tive )ondu)tive "o)ations as re(erred to be"ow. s$a"" be one or more o( t$e (o""owing;
a. doub"e or rein(or)ed insu"ation e&uipment+ /"ass o( !%/ <1140 and <03<4+ )onne)ted to
t$e mains via a 30 mA R//=+ prote)ting bot$ t$e supp"y )ord and t$e e&uipment>
b. 4 or 90: e&uipment+ /"ass 3 o( !%/ <1140 and <03<4+ )onne)ted to a sa(ety e2tra "ow
vo"tage )ir)uit by using doub"e1wound sa(ety iso"ating trans(ormers+ )omp"ying wit$ !%/
<0?4 -S%#: system..
!n restri)tive )ondu)tive "o)ations+ w$i)$ )an be de(ined as "o)ations w$ere it is "i,e"y t$at a
person )ou"d be in )onta)t wit$ )ondu)tive parts at two or more points simu"taneous"y+ no
e"e)tri)a" $and1$e"d e&uipment )onne)ted to an e2terna" supp"y s$a"" be used. !nstead+ air
driven e&uipment or e&uipment wit$ bui"t1in batteries or an air1driven generator s$a"" be used.
@$ere a)tivities re&uire t$e use o( too"s t$at )annot be obtained in "ine wit$ t$e above
spe)i(i)ation+ a ris, assessment pro)edure s$a"" be )arried out.
4or t$e supp"y to portab"e $and "amps and sa(ety too"s an ade&uate number o( suitab"y rated
sing"e p$ase doub"e1wound portab"e sa(ety iso"ating trans(ormers+ $aving a se)ondary no1"oad
vo"tage o( not more t$an 90 :+ (u""y insu"ated (rom eart$+ s$a"" be provided. Standard ratings (or
t$ese trans(ormers are 90+ <30 and 1<00 :A. '$e primary side o( t$ese trans(ormers s$a"" be
provided wit$ a suitab"e "engt$ o( ("e2ib"e )ab"e and a p"ug (or )onne)tion to a )onvenien)e
Hand tor)$es s$a"" be provided at a"" "o)ations w$ere operating personne" may be present at a""
times+ e.g. )ontro" rooms+ (ire station+ wat)$man*s o((i)es+ et). '$e e&uipment s$a"" )onsist o(
(i2ed )$arging units wit$ so),ets and p"ug1in $and tor)$es suitab"e (or 5one 1 use+ and be
provided wit$ re)$argeab"e batteries. An"y batteries t$at are )erti(ied (or a parti)u"ar tor)$ s$a""
be used. '$e number o( $and tor)$es per "o)ation s$a"" not be "ess t$an t$e number o(
personne" present per s$i(t.
!n areas wit$ e2)essive dust+ t$e tor)$es s$a"" a"so be suitab"e (or 5one 1
=attery powered $and "amps s$a"" be insta""ed inside substations and swit)$ $ouses near a""
entran)es. 4or p"ant substations t$ey s$a"" be suitab"e (or 5one 1 use and provided wit$ wa""1
mounted bra),et1type battery )$arger and under vo"tage re"ay (or emergen)y "ig$ting duty.
4... P,/er a( *,ve"e*e ,&t!ets
4...1. Geera!
4or maintenan)e purposes t$ree p$ase and neutra" power out"ets (or movab"e e&uipment+ and
sing"e p$ase and neutra" )onvenien)e out"ets (or t$e supp"y o( portab"e too"s and $and "amps
s$a"" be provided.
'$e number and "o)ation o( out"ets s$ou"d be based on t$e maintenan)e a)tivity e2pe)ted in t$e
0oreover+ )onvenien)e out"ets (or portab"e igniting e&uipment o( boi"ers and (urna)es s$a"" be
provided in t$e vi)inity o( t$e burners.
'$e out"ets s$a"" be standardi3ed (or ea)$ rating and type t$roug$out t$e )omp"e2 and s$a""
$ave an eart$ )onne)tion in)orporated. '$e out"ets s$a"" )omp"y wit$ !%/ <030B or "o)a"
standard. '$e use o( "o)a" standard materia"+ $owever+ re&uires t$e Prin)ipa"*s approva". P"ugs
s$a"" not be inter)$angeab"e wit$ so),ets o( a di((erent vo"tage or )urrent rating+ nor s$a"" it be
possib"e to insert an industria" type o( p"ug into a 5one 1 )"assi(ied out"et.
%a)$ #: power and )onvenien)e out"et )ir)uit s$a"" be prote)ted by p$ase s$ort )ir)uit
prote)tive devi)es and by )urrent1operated eart$ "ea,age prote)tive devi)es+ w$i)$ are in
a))ordan)e wit$ !%/ <0B4?1+ i.e.+ residua" )urrent )ir)uit brea,ers -R//=.. '$e R//=
operating )urrent s$a"" be 30 mA (or )ir)uits o( "ess t$an 19 A and 300 mA (or )ir)uits e&ua" to
or greater t$an 19 A.
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Viet Solution Technology Engineering JSC
HL Building, 82 Alley, Duy Tan str, Cau !iay dist, Hanoi
Tel" #8$%& '85 '8'( )a*" #8$% & '85 '8''
4...2. P,/er a( /e!("# ,&t!ets
Power out"ets s$a"" $ave a standard supp"y vo"tage e&ua" to t$e #: supp"y vo"tage se"e)ted (or
t$e )omp"e2. Power out"ets in p"ants wit$ a #: system o( more t$an 900 :+ e.g. <B0 :+ s$a"" $ave
a vo"tage o( 400830 :.
'$ese out"ets s$a"" be rated (or at "east 19 A and be suitab"e (or outdoor insta""ation. '$ey
s$ou"d be "o)ated in a sa(e area a"ong t$e battery "imits+ spa)ed in su)$ a way t$at+ wit$ t$e aid
o( e2tension )ab"es (eeding movab"e se)ondary supp"y boards+ a"" points )an be served
)onvenient"y. '$e power out"ets s$a"" be )onne)ted so as to $ave t$e same p$ase rotation+
ensuring t$at )orre)t rotation o( movab"e e&uipment is obtained (rom a"" out"ets.
4...3. 0,ve"e*e ,&t!ets
/onvenien)e out"ets s$a"" $ave a standard supp"y vo"tage e&ua" to t$e vo"tage se"e)ted (or
norma" "ig$ting.
4or industria" areas t$e out"ets s$a"" be rated (or at "east 1<A and be suitab"e (or outdoor
insta""ation in 5one 1 areas.
!n wor,s$ops t$e out"ets s$a"" be o( industria" pattern+ w$ere spe)i(ied.
4.1. Ot$er e!e*tr"*a! e%&")met
Pad "o),ab"e !so"ating devi)es s$a"" be provided (or e&uipment su)$ as+ tra)e $eating systems+
)at$odi) prote)tion e&uipment and s$ou"d be "o)ated near to t$e e&uipment or on t$e
appertaining )ontro" pane"s.
+.1. P!at !"#$t"#
P"ant "ig$ting )ir)uits s$a"" be (ed (rom dedi)ated "ig$ting distribution boards insta""ed in t$e p"ant
P"ant "ig$ting )ir)uits s$a"" be sing"e p$ase and neutra" or t$ree p$ases and neutra"+ prote)ted
wit$ ma2imum 1< A (uses or 0/=s+ but not be "oaded $ig$er t$an 1 A. P"ant "ig$ting
distribution boards s$a"" in)"ude 10 C spare outgoing )ir)uits. '$e "ig$ting distribution board and
its )ontro" )ir)uits s$a"" be arranged as s$own in Standard Drawing S <?.0.
AdDa)ent "uminaires s$a"" as (ar as pra)ti)a" not be supp"ied (rom t$e same )ir)uit+ or in t$e )ase
o( t$ree p$ase )ir)uits+ (rom t$e same p$ase.
As (ar as pra)ti)a"+ ("uores)ent "ig$ting s$a"" be used t$roug$out t$e p"ant insta""ations. '$e
"ig$ting system s$a"" be designed to give i""umination "eve"s as s$own in -Appendi2 4. and based
on operationa" re&uirements.
#ig$ting insta""ations s$a"" be designed to obviate strobos)opi) e((e)ts.
#uminaires on stru)tures s$a"" be "o)ated so t$at maintenan)e and "amp )$anging )an be
a((e)ted wit$out t$e use o( "adders or s)a((o"ding. @$ere a "uminaire mounted (rom an e"evated
wa",way or p"at(orm does not over$ang it+ t$e "amp post s$a"" be arranged to swive" (or
maintenan)e purposes. !n ta"" bui"dings+ su)$ as )ompressor and turbo1generator $ouses+
maintenan)e and "amp1)$anging by means o( t$e over$ead )rane s$a"" be possib"e.
!n view o( %0/ re&uirements+ a"" meta""i) parts o( t$e "ig$ting insta""ation s$a"" be proper"y
bonded or eart$ed.
@$ere no stru)ture is avai"ab"e to support "uminaires+ (i2ed "ig$ting po"es o( ade&uate "engt$
wit$ $ig$ pressure dis)$arge ("ood"ig$ting s$a"" be used to supp"ement t$e ("uores)ent
"uminaires. #ig$ting po"es s$a"" be $ot1dip ga"vani3ed.
#uminaires s$a"" genera""y be mounted as s$own in Standard Drawing S <B.001 or S <B.003+ as
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Viet Solution Technology Engineering JSC
HL Building, 82 Alley, Duy Tan str, Cau !iay dist, Hanoi
Tel" #8$%& '85 '8'( )a*" #8$% & '85 '8''
NOTE: For fixed floodlighting columns, lamps will be changed with the aid of a mobile platform, e.g. vehicle
mounted. Alternativel, hinged lighting columns ma be used, if space is available for the columns to be
P"ant "ig$ting )ir)uits s$a"" be designed (or automati) swit)$ing via p$oto1e"e)tri) re"ays.
/ontro" )ir)uits (or p$oto1e"e)tri) re"ays s$a"" be *(ai"1sa(e*+ i.e.+ t$ey s$a"" swit)$ t$e "ig$ts on i( a
(au"t o))urs in t$e p$oto1e"e)tri) re"ay. '$e p"ant "ig$ting s$a"" be designed in su)$ a way t$at in
daytime t$e "ig$ting o( (urna)es+ boi"ers and t$e ground "eve" p"ant )an be swit)$ed on by means
o( a swit)$ overriding t$e appropriate p$oto1e"e)tri) re"ay )onta)t.
'$e remaining p$oto1e"e)tri) re"ay1operated p"ant "ig$ting s$a"" be ab"e to be swit)$ed o(( at
nig$t1time. '$ese override swit)$es s$a"" be "o)ated eit$er outside t$e p"ant substation or in t$e
)ontro" room+ as re&uired by p"ant operations. 0oreover+ t$e "ig$ting distribution board s$a"" be
provided wit$ an override swit)$ (or maintenan)e purposes.
#eve" gauge "ig$ts s$a"" not be swit)$ed by t$e above1mentioned p$oto1e"e)tri) re"ays and s$a""
$ave no maintenan)e override swit)$es. #eve" gauge "ig$ts s$a"" norma""y be on.
!nterna" "ig$ting o( non1pro)ess bui"dings and substations s$a"" be swit)$ed inside t$e bui"ding.
#ig$ting near navigationa" waters+ e.g. Detties and "oading p"at(orms+ s$a"" not $inder navigation
in any way.
'$e "ig$ting insta""ation in t$e )ontro" rooms s$a"" be designed so t$at )ei"ing "ig$ting groups )an
be swit)$ed o(( independent"y to suit operators* needs. %"e)troni) dimmer )ontro" s$a"" be
provided to adDust t$e i""umination "eve" smoot$"y down to 40 C o( t$e spe)i(ied i""umination. '$e
"uminaires s$a"" be situated in su)$ a way t$at re("e)tion on :DEs+ instrument windows and
disp"ays is avoided.
+.2. Emer#e*2 a( es*a)e !"#$t"#
4i2ed emergen)y "ig$ting s$a"" be insta""ed at strategi) points in t$e insta""ations+ in)"uding
)ontro" rooms+ swit)$ rooms+ (ire stations+ (irst1aid rooms+ wat)$men*s o((i)es+ t$e main
entran)es+ and a"" ot$er bui"dings and areas w$ere re&uired (or sa(ety reasons. #o)ation and
e"e)tri)a" arrangement s$a"" be su)$ t$at danger to personne" in t$e event o( a power (ai"ure is
prevented+ and es)ape routes are "it.
'$e emergen)y "ig$ting system s$a"" )onsist o( a number o( standard "uminaires o( t$e norma"
"ig$ting insta""ation+ w$i)$ s$a"" be (ed via )ir)uits $aving a stand1by supp"y (rom an emergen)y
generator or (rom an inverter $aving a battery wit$ an autonomy time o( at "east 1 $ (or ons$ore
and 3 $ (or o((s$ore insta""ations -3.B.4.. !n remote areas+ w$ere on"y a (ew (ittings are re&uired+
se"(1powered emergen)y "uminaires may be used+ subDe)t to e)onomi) )onsiderations.
!( power is supp"ied by an emergen)y generator+ a number o( "uminaires in t$e )ontro" room and
t$e basement o( t$e )ontro" room+ as we"" as (ie"d au2i"iary rooms+ s$a"" $ave a stand1by supp"y
(rom an independent sour)e wit$ battery ba),1up to avoid )omp"ete dar,ness during start1up o(
t$e diese" engine.
'$e number o( emergen)y "uminaires in re"ation to t$e tota" number o( (ittings s$a"" be
determined as (o""ows;
a. uti"ity area 0 C
b. pro)ess area 10 C
). administrative area 9 C
d. )ontro" room and au2i"iary rooms
e. -in)"uding 10 C )onne)ted to inverter system. 90 C
(. substations+ (ie"d au2i"iary rooms+ )ompressor
g. and generator bui"dings 30 C
%s)ape "uminaires s$a"" be provided in a"" bui"dings to "ig$t t$e way (or personne" "eaving t$e
bui"ding a"ong de(ined es)ape routes to de(ined muster points+ w$i)$ s$a"" a"so be i""uminated.
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Viet Solution Technology Engineering JSC
HL Building, 82 Alley, Duy Tan str, Cau !iay dist, Hanoi
Tel" #8$%& '85 '8'( )a*" #8$% & '85 '8''
'$e es)ape "uminaires s$a"" be part o( t$e emergen)y insta""ation+ but in addition t$e "uminaires
s$a"" $ave integra" batteries rated to maintain t$e "ig$ting (or at "east 30 min (or ons$ore and <0
min (or o((s$ore insta""ations.
+.3. Street a( 3e*e !"#$t"#
Street and (en)e "ig$ting s$a"" be (ed (rom "ig$ting distribution boards insta""ed in a )onvenient"y
"o)ated p"ant substation. '$ese "ig$ting distribution boards may eit$er be dedi)ated to street and
(en)e "ig$ting+ or be one or more sub1se)tions o( a p"ant "ig$ting distribution board. '$is "ig$ting
s$a"" a"so be p$oto1e"e)tri) re"ay )ontro""ed and provided wit$ a maintenan)e override swit)$+ as
(or ground "eve" p"ant "ig$ting+ in a))ordan)e wit$ Standard Drawing S <?.0.
7enera""y+ (or street8(en)e "ig$ting t$ree p$ase and neutra" #: supp"y s$a"" be used. %a)$
"ig$ting po"e s$a"" in)"ude a (use bo2 as we"" as a (our po"es terminating bo2 (or "ooping t$e
(eeder )ab"e. 'eed )ab"e Doints are not a""owed. AdDa)ent "uminaires s$a"" not be supp"ied (rom
t$e same p$ase.
4en)e "ig$ting s$a"" be p"a)ed in su)$ a way t$at t$e (en)e as we"" as t$e area outside t$e (en)e
wi"" be i""uminated+ "eaving t$e patro" road in )omparative dar,ness.
Norma""y (en)e "ig$ting intensity s$a"" be e&uiva"ent to t$e street "ig$ting intensity stated in
-Appendi2 4..
!( spe)ia" se)urity (en)e "ig$ting is re&uired+ a ("ood"ig$t insta""ation s$a"" be designed based on
HP dis)$arge "ig$ting wit$ a minimum i""umination o( 9 "u2 at any point in t$e area between t$e
(en)e and 9 m outside t$e (en)e+ un"ess ot$erwise spe)i(ied.
+.4. S)e*"a! !"#$t"#
+.4.1. Geera!
Navigationa" aids (or o((s$ore stru)tures s$a"" be in a))ordan)e wit$ D%P
+.4.2. Av"at", /ar"# !"#$t"#
Aviation warning "ig$ts s$a"" be insta""ed in a))ordan)e wit$ :o"ume 1 /$apter < o( !/AA
Anne2 14. '$e "uminaires s$a"" ea)$ )onsist o( a doub"e "amp unit wit$ automati) )$angeover to
t$e stand1by "amp upon (ai"ure o( t$e operating "amp.
+.4.3. I!!&m"at", ,3 areas t, -e ,-serve( -2 meas ,3 00T4 m,"t,rs
'$e "ig$ting insta""ation (or areas t$at re&uire survei""an)e by )"osed )ir)uit te"evision monitors
s$a"" be designed in parti)u"ar wit$ regard to uni(ormity o( t$e "eve" o( i""umination as we"" as to
t$e "o)ation o( t$e individua" "uminaires. '$e dire)t visibi"ity o( "ig$t1emitting bodies and8or
re("e)tions (rom )overs o( t$e "uminaires s$a"" be )$e),ed be(ore )ommissioning o( t$e p"ant.
+.+. P,/er a( *,ve"e*e ,&t!et
Power and )onvenien)e out"ets s$a"" be supp"ied (rom t$e "ig$ting distribution board in t$e p"ant
substation. '$e )ir)uits s$a"" be manua""y )ontro""ed+ as s$own in Standard Drawing S <?.0.
Su((i)ient out"ets s$a"" be insta""ed to enab"e maintenan)e to be )arried out t$roug$out t$e
Power and )onvenien)e out"ets s$a"" be mounted appro2imate"y 1 m above grade "eve"+ eit$er
on a (ree1standing support+ on stru)tura" stee"wor, or on a bui"ding wa"".
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