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There was a young lady of station.

Im in love with a girl called Loretta,

I love man was her exclamation, an exquisite and passionate coc!sitter"
#ut when men cried$ %ou flatter&, with her sensi#le hole
she replied$ 'h, no matter& she envelopes my pole
(Isle of man is the explanation. and then squirms up and down as my
rocs hit her.

There was a young fellow called )rouch, The new cinematic emporium
who was courting a girl on a couch" is not *ust a super!sensorium,
she said$ +hy not a sofa, #ut a highly effectual heterosexual
and he exclaimed$ 'h, for mutual mastur#atorium.
)hrists sae shut your mouth while I! ouch&
There was a young girl of -ar*eeling There was a young girl of .auritious
who danced with such exquisite feeling" who said$ /o, Im not really vicious
there was never a sound for miles around I get no sexual ic
save of fly!#uttons hitting the ceiling. out of sucing this pric"
it *ust tastes so delicious&
There was a young fellow called 0liss,
whose sex!life was sadly amiss 1ccording to old 2igmund 3reud,
for even with 4enus life is seldom so well en*oyed
his recalcitrant penis as in human coition 5in any position6
would never do #etter than T with the usual organs employed.
I )onsistent disciples of .arx
2 will have to employ special nars
if nationali8ation of all copulation
There was a young man of 9hent leads to laisse8!faire fucing in pars.
whose tool was so long, that it #ent"
to save himself trou#le There was a young man of -evi8es,
he put it in dou#le whose #alls were of different si8es"
and instead of coming, he went. the one that was small
was no use at all,
2aid a diffident lady named -rood, #ut the other won several pri8es.
the first time she saw a man nude$
Im glad Im the sex 1 plum#er from Lowater )ree
thats concave, not convex! was called to a girl with a lea"
for I dont fancy things that protrude. she looed so #ecoming,
that he fixed all her plum#ing
The orgy was held on the lawn, and didnt emerge for a wee.
and we noced off two hours #efore dawn.
+e found ourselves viewing 1fter lunch the old -uchess of Tec
twenty!two couples screwing, o#served$ If youll listen one sec.,
#ut #y sun!up theyd all come and gone. weve found a mans tool
in the small swimming pool,
There was a wee lassie of :lva so would all of you gentlemen chec,
who was #lessed with a rather guid vulva.
3or a fiver shed say
%ou can ha me all day,
if youve no notes, Ill mae it wi sulva.
A Texan scholar named Fred
was a witty companion in bed.
With priapic zest
he would toss off each jest.
Im standin for !onress"# he said.
$ihed a dear little shipboard di%inity&
In a dec'chair I lost my %irinity.
I was loo'in to leeward#
when alon came a steward#
and undid my belief in the Trinity".
To her ardener# a lady named (iliom#
said& )ill# plant roses and trilium".
Then started to fool
with the ardeners tool
and wound up in the bed of )i William.
(ittle *iss *uffet said& $tuff it.
+o o. And so# hands off my tuffet".
Theres a cut,price whore
of !awnpore who hails all males&
)ed# mattress or floor-".
Theres a latent *ancunian .ueer
who brays at ays& Im hetero# dear".
There was a youn lady of /l%a
who drun'enly said& What a hul%a
party ya mizd#
why I ozzo pizd
I saw more lil people than 0ul%a".
A lonely youn fellow of 1ton
used always to sleep with the heat on#
till he met a youn lass#
who showed him her ass,
+ow theyre sleepin with only a sheet on".
There was a youn lady called Flynn#
who thouht fornication a sin2
but when she was tiht#
she thouht it all riht#
so e%eryone filled her with in".
$ir 3ohn $haba 4!onser%ati%e# +ore5&
The 6onourable (adys a whore.
1%en now# you 'now what&
!hurchills pric's in her twat".
Its a pity that !asabianca
was usin his tool as an anchor2
if hed had it up hiher#
hed ha%e put out the fire#
you ne%er did see such a wan'er.
$aid 7ueen 1lizabeth of $pain&
I li'e it now and aain2
but I wish to explain&
that by 8now and aain
I mean now and aain and aain".
9f my husband I do not as' much
just an all mod. and con. little hutch2
ban' account in my name
with che.ue boo' to same#
plus a small fee for fuc'in and such".
As the ele%ator car left our floor#
)i $ue cauht her teats in the door2
she yelled a ood deal#
but if they had been real#
shed ha%e yelled consirably more.
A lonely old maid named (oretta
sent herself an anonymous letter#
.uotin 1llis on sex#
and 9edipus rex"#
and exclaimed& Im already feel better".
When a friend told a typist called 1%e&
:our boss is too ood to belie%e.
:ou cant type# you cant spell2
Whys he payin you so well-".
$he answered& I cannot concei%e".
A lissom psychotic named 3ane
once 'issed e%ery man on a train2
said she& ;lease# dont panic<
Im just nymphomanic.
It wouldnt be fun if I were sane".
/ndressin a maiden called $ue#
her seducer exclaimed& If its true
that a nipple a day 'eeps the doctor away#
thin' how healthy you must be with two".
A man from *aputo and so on
once 'ept a pet spermatozoon2
it used to swim races in feminine places,
I ha%ent much data to o on.
A lad of the brainier 'ind
had eroenous zones in the mind.
6e li'ed the sensations
of sol%in e.uations.
49f course in the end he went blind5.
A youn Irish ser%ant in =roheda
had a mistress who often annoheda2
whereon she would swear
in a lanuae so rare
that thereafter no one emploheda.
There was a youn man of !alcutta
who had a most terrible stutta#
he said& ;ass the h... ham#
and the j...j...j...jam#
and the b...b...b...b...b...utta".
0uery 0uery +unc
your room is all cluttered with jun'.
!andles# bamboonery#
plush and saloonery,
;ac' it all up in a trun'".
An anry youn husband called )ic'et
said& Turn yourself round and Ill 'ic' it2
you ha%e painted my wife
in the nude of the life.
=o you thin'# *r. 0reen# it was cric'et-".
There was a youn fellow named $'inner#
who too' a youn lady to dinner2
at half,past nine they sat down to dine#
and by .uarter to ten it was in her.
,What# dinner-
,+o# $'inner.
There was a youn man of !ape 6orn#
who wished he had ne%er born#
nor would he had been
if his father had seen
that the end of the rubber was torn.

The limeric's callous and crude#
its morals distressinly lewd2
its not worth the readin
by persons of breedin,
Its desined for us# %ular and rude