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Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Thermal Engineering
1. What is Thermodynamic System?
2. What do you mean by property of a system?
3. Differentiate between open system, closed system and isolated system?
4. What are the laws of thermodynamics(Zeroth law, First Law, Second Law)?
5. What do you mean by(i)state, (ii)process ,and(iii)cycle of a thermodynamic system?
6. What is a pure substance?
7. What is triple Point?
8. Explain sensible heat of water?
9. What is latent heat of vaporization?
10. What do you mean by dryness fraction of steam? Plot the constant dryness fraction line on
h-s diagram.
11. What do mean by throttling? Which thermodynamic property remains during throttling?
12. Write the first law of thermodynamics for (i)non-flow process, (ii)a cycle, and (iii)open
13. What are PMM1 and PMM2?
14. State the limitation of first law of thermodynamics?
15. Differentiate between cycle heat engine and cycle heat pump?
16. Differentiate between ideal gas and real gas?
17. What is the difference between boiler mountings and boiler accessories?
18. What are the two methods for improving the thermal efficiency of Rankine cycle?
19. Draw the reheat and regenerative Rankine cycle?
20. What is the function of a steam nozzle?
21. What are the various types of steam nozzles?
22. Define critical pressure ratio for the nozzle of the steam turbine.
23. How are steam turbines classified?
24. Differentiate between impulse turbine and reaction turbine?
25. What is meant by compounding of steam turbine? What are the various methods of
compounding steam turbine?
26. Draw the inlet and outlet velocity diagrams for a 50% reaction turbine?
27. Define a steam condenser and state its objectives.
28. What are the sources of air in the condensers?
29. Give two major differences between jet condenser jet condenser and surface condenser.
30. What do you understand by air-standard efficiency?
31. Draw the P-V diagram of (i)Otto cycle, (ii)Diesel cycle, (iii) Duel cycle, and (iv) Carnot cycle.
Which cycle will have maximum thermal efficiency and why?
32. What is the difference between internal combustion engine and external combustion
engine? Give examples.
33. What are the two basic types of internal combustion engines? What are the fundamental
differences between the two?
34. What is valve timing diagram? Draw the theoretical valve timing diagram for a two-stroke
diesel engine.
35. Why do we feel necessity of cooling the IC engines?
36. Why is Lubrication needed for the IC engines?
37. What are the two types of Ignition in IC Engine?
38. What is the purpose of Morse test?
39. What is the function of a dynamometer? Where are their difference types?
40. Explain the difference between (i)pre-ignition, (ii)auto-ignition, and (iii)detonation
41. What is meant by ignition delay? In which type of engine, longer ignition delay is better?
42. What is octane number of a fuel? Whats cetanenumber?
43. What is the function of a compressor? Where are they used?
44. State how the air compressor are classified?
45. What is the difference between positive displacement type compressor and dynamic
46. Give examples of rotary compressors of positive displacement type and dynamic type.
47. Write the expression for work of compression in a multi-stage(having x no. of stages)
reciprocating compressor.
48. What is a centrifugal compressor? How does if differ from an axial flow compressor?
49. State the advantages of multi-stage compression?
50. What do you mean by gas turbine? How are gas turbine classified?
51. Draw the schematic of a closed cycle gas turbine unit.
52. What are the applications of gas turbine?
53. Quote differences between (i)turbojet, (ii)turboprop,(iii)propeller jet, and (iv)ramjet.
54. State the fundamental difference between the jet propulsion and rocket propulsion.
55. What are the three modes of heat transfer? Explain each with an example.
56. What are the laws that govern the three modes of heat transfer?
57. How do you define thermal conductivity of a material?
58. What do you mean by the critical radius of insulation? Show the variation of critical radius
with heat transferred?
59. What do you mean by steady state heat transfer? Give example.
60. Classify the heat exchangers according to the flow directions of fluid and give few examples
of each in actual field of application.