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Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye,

Residents of Taman Maluri,

54660 Cheras,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Customer Service Department, (cjk/23/13)
Lembah Pantai,
59990 Kuala Lumpur. 20 FEB 2013

Dear Sir,

Complaint of Water Supply Disruption.

With reference to the above, I would like to draw your attention to the problems faced by
residents of Taman Maluri. We are currently experiencing heavy water outages caused
by a broken pipe underground. Disruption frequent in our neighborhoods since January
due to now. Difficulties we had experienced during the disruption of water supply due to
daily life cannot be done perfectly.

2. I would like to express our disappointment that we could not do the routine
implementation of water supply disruption. Apart from that we also give rise to many
problems such as difficulty getting clean water for washing, cooking and drinking. This
interference makes it difficult for us to conduct such day job in the morning, clean water
for bathing and breakfast. We also have to take other initiatives such as collect
rainwater. Over the past two days because of concern that residents no rain Maluri
difficult for us to get clean water to prepare breakfast and take a shower before going to
school or work. For your knowledge, two residents to the hospital Maluri detained for
suspected cholera outbreak, more worrisome causes of interference occurring water
and contamination areas. More complicate further when we lived in apartment elevators
are often unable to work, we had to take a water source through the stairs. We are also
concerned about pregnant mothers also had to carry water through the ladder.

3. We know that the country is undergoing a process of transformation where
efforts are underway to ensure that Malaysia is experiencing current and planned
sustainable development. But the efforts towards the development of the physical,
including the withdrawal of foreign investment to ensure the level of quality of life will not
be affected if the water is not as important as the facilities can be provided. Based on
three main factors mentioned, we can not discount the fact that the water supply crisis
can occur even its impact has been felt in the Klang Valley. Earlier this year a wave of
water crisis first stage involves four districts have occurred involving Hulu Langat,
Sepang, Kuala Langat and Petaling part until a few days due to reduced service pools
in a short period due to high utilization rates.

4. For your knowledge, the source of water supply interruptions occur due to the
occurrence of a burst pipe underground .In addition, factors that cause water
interruption is due to poorly maintained water pipes nearly 40 years. The possibility of
broken water pipes due MRT projects also cause underground pipes are broken.
Possibility could also be said the weather for quite a long rainy season occurs during
the last month. Various problems occur as well as examples of harassment water
drainage ditches and landslides blocked the most likely cause of the pipes rupture
Maluri Park and lead to disruption of water until now. I am confused as representative of
the population as a dead end to find a solution to overcome the problems plaguing
water during the absence of water because we are not sure to who to make a complaint
until conditions become more severe. We have difficulty in daily routine of having to
bathe in public toilets, and water filters to cook. The situation became uncomfortable
because clothes cannot be washed, school shirts also cannot be washed because
without water supply. Childrens learning will be interrupted because of discomfort with a
poor environment.

5. Imagine if the situation continues it sure that the planning and development will
be retarded not a little to the socio-economic implications of the country. What more
Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya, the economic hub of the country. What is feared that
consumers have had to deal with this problem if no proactive measures were taken.
When this situation occurs, the country is still grand as an investment destination will be
affected after the first wave of the crisis is felt at the beginning of this year, a second
wave of water crisis in the listed areas and this could not have happened to more harm
if projects in rural development projects the area continued. Then the action is not
approving development in these areas is a necessary action to ensure the sustainability
of water supply. Besides increasing water discharge untreated capacity is done with
ascending level of all infrastructure including water supplies and system maintainability
logiest ranks namely pipes and connectivity. Addition logy maintainability is among the
memorable attempt to hasten including coaching Logy Langat Water Skincare toughest
two are still supporting them. All business ventures involve boarding high and require a
graduation party in power there is the Kingdom Centre country. In this context, the
settlement immediately issue is still the toughest issues, including structuring of the
original water industry in Selangor reasonable given serious attention.

6. Later maintained faucet repair fail to identify damage pumps available in the
pump house and the failure to identify this damage has caused greater damage occurs,
thus leading to disruption of water supply to users. Authorities also failed to take
immediate action in repairing damage pumps. A solution is refurbishment or
maintenance of pipe with pipe replacement resistant to rust and has a life expectancy
longer maintenance and upgrade type or system of pipes frosstop the annual attic
system. What is important, the main thrust of this effort should be focused on human
rights to water quality and continuity of life. As water is seen as an extension of life, just
as the effort to maintain it. Thus, we would like to suggest that the authorities make
stringent checks on the pipes regularly. They should also ensure that to take action
such as restoring water supply and repairing the burst pipes. We would like to appeal
to your sense of fairness and hope prompt action will be taken regarding these matters

Yours faithfully,
Lim Lam Thye