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16.when we had our trip to bali last week, we got more cozier atmosphere than we had got before.

17. my handbag is a black rectangular leather bag with a long tubular strap of the same material. The
bag is about 18X12 in size with three compartments.The compartement which zip in it is the
centre one .
18. harry : can you describe naomi ?
Jockie : shes high, dark and beautiful
19. kiki : why didnt you come to tanias party yesterday?
Agam : iam so sorry, i wasnt able to come. If my father had gave me permission, I would have been
there. B C D
20. bobby : congratulations, on achieving the 1st pleace in the singing was rreally suprised.
Nowo : thank you. I couldnt have done it without you.

Questions 21 to 23 refer to the following text.

Dear sir,
Your advertisement in the monthly issue of jue magazine is great interest to us.
We would like to know more about the products your firm offers and would appreciate receiving
your wholesale price list and information regarding terms and ordering policy.
It is our desire to offer our customers that the widest selection possible of your products and we are
therefore always interested in new products that fall within that area.
We look forward to your prompt response. Thank you.
21. what is the letter about ?
a. a type of products.
b. a purchase of a products.
c. an advertisement of products.
d. a request for a wholesale price list.
22. what will be done after receiving the price list?
a. launch the new products to customers.
b. offer the products to customers.
c. wait for the response.
d.send the information.
23.we look forward to your prompt response . (the last sentence)
The undeerlined word is closest in meaning to .....
a. fine.
b. great.
c. good.
d. quick.
Questions 24 to 26 refer the following text.

24.what is the topic of the text above ?
a. how to get free telephone assistance.
b. softwinds technical support staff.
c. telephone registration.
d. how to get a PIN
Softwinds technical support staf provides free telephone assistance to register softwind
order to receive this free assistance, you must first register your product with softwind. To do this,fill
in the enclosed registration card, including the name of the retail outlet where you purchased this
product. Softwind will then send you a personal identification number (PIN), which must be applied
to support staff whenever you request assistance. Regestering your product will also enable us to
send you timely information on updates and future release. Before calling technical support, please
try to find the answer to your question in the handbook that accompanies this product.
25. what information is neccesary to register this product?
a. the name of the store that sold the product
b. the users personal identifikacion number
c. the dates of future releases
d. Telephone number
26.How can you a receive a PIN?
a. By signing up for one at a retail outlet
b. By requesting one from suport staff
c. By mailling in the registration card
d. By telephoning tecnical suport
Questions 27 and 28 refer to the following text.

27. Bill Gated reached the top career in Microsoft as..
a. the founder
b.the chairman
c. the stock holder
d.the chief Software architect
Born on october 28,1955 in Seattle, Washington, famed entrepreneur
Bill Gates began to show an interest in computer programing at the age
of 13 at the Lakeside School.He pursued passion throught college.Striking
out on his own with his friend Paul Allen,Gates fomed himself at the right
place at the right time.He is now the most famous person in computer
product develovment.He is the founder and chairman of Microsoft the
biggest software company in the world
Bill Gates has consistently been ranked as the worlds wealthiest
person over all from 1995 excluding 2007.During the career of
Microsoft,Gates has held the positionsof CEO Software Architect and
remained the largest individual share holder with more than 8 percent of
the commmon-atock.
28.How long has Billconsistently been ranked as the worlds wealthiest person?
a. 13 years
b.14 years
c.15 years
d.16 years
QUESTION 19to 31 refer to the following text

29. The text informs about...
a. a brief guidence to reach modern and traditional market
b. How to deal and communicate in local market
c.some reputable transportation to be taken
d. tips on general and personal safety
30. To be safe from a pickpocket or a thief,one must...
a. avoid wearing jewelleries and showing much money
b. feel save by memorizing relatives phone numbers
c. Be able to communicate in local language
d. take public transportation

A. Being able to speak and understand the local language enables you
to deal with most security related problems that may arise.To
communicate with those around you will do much to improve.Its for
your feeling of safety and the quality of your stay.
B. Avoid attracting attention and becoming a target of street theft by
wearing lots of expensive jewellery and watches in public.You should
also not show large amount of cash when making purchases
especially in traditional shoping areas.
C. Memorixe emergency,home, partner +of spouse number or keep
them in safe place.
D. Dont leave any valuables unattended snd dont hang your purse
across the back of a chair or set it down by the table or on a seat
beside you.
E. Beware of pickpockets in shoppong malls or any my ideal locations
F. Take taxis from reputable companies.
31.Dont leave any valuables unattended..
a. mistaken
b. neglacted
Questions 32 to 41, choose the appropriate option to complete each dialogue
32. Teacher : Good morning student.Lets start our lesson. Where is John?
Rudy : ... He called me that he got a traffic jam.
a. He might be having breakfast
b. He may forget the schedule.
c. He will probably come late
d. He might be overslept
33. Room boy : Good morning, Sir..?
MR.Jack : Yes, please. Give me a hand with these two big suitcases.
Room boy : Yes,Sir
a. Can I help yu
b. May you help me
c. Could you do me a favour
d. Would you like to help me

34. Tim : its hard for me to understan the text becouse of the difficult word.
Lidya : .... The technology really helps us.
A. You should bring a dictionary.
B. You can look it up in a digil dictionary.
C. If I were you, I would ask the teacher.
D. You had better take the couse.
35. Rafa : what does you sister usually do in the afternoon?
Seva : she take a rest after coming home from her offece. Sometimes she ... and plays games
on it.
A. design a computer program
B. turns on the computer.
C. Operates the machine.
D. Teke a nap.
36. receptionis : Good morning, Nirwana hotel. Can I help you?
Caller : Room 1023, please.
Receptionis : Im sorry, there is no answer... ?
A. What can i do for you.
B. How do you spell it.
C. Can I take a messege.
D. He is not at the moment.
37. Jhon : I am getting sweaty, its very hot in this room ....
Ricard : not at all. I feel hot, too...
A. Will you turn off the air conditioner, plese?
B. Would you mind opening the windows, please?
C. Can you switch onn the lamp?
D. Could you stay ooutside?
38. mr. Black : why are you getting rush to leave, Bill?
Billy : oh, if I miss the 8 oclock train,...
Mr. Black : oh i see.
A. I wouldnt get the ticket.
B. I will be late for work.
C. I am going to take the bus.
D. I wouldnt get there on time.
39. Lomongga : Im thinkking about quitting my studies.
Bertha : Are you serius? What gooing on?
Lomongga : I need to help my familys financial problem ...
A. I dont want to work for a bigger company.
B. Im thinkking about getting my self a job.
C. Im tinkking about becomyng a good student.
D. Im bored with my bad scores.
40. Indro : Did you listen to the breaking bews last night? ... lost of people were trated by
Danny : how terrible. Hope some of them are still alive.
A. An aerthquke damaged the moment.
B. The flood destroyed many house.
C. Two taxi drives were robbed by their passanger.
D. A big fire broke out in a shopping centre.
41. Dina : hello, Rinni. Where are you?I help called you many times.
Rini : sorry, I am at a supermarket whit Rina.
Dini : Really? Are looking for something?
Rini : yes ...
A. We buyb some daily needs.
B. We bought a new camera.
C. We hape been here for 2 house.
D. Were searching some clothes for the party.
Questions 42 to 44. Complete the following text with the word provided!!

Ammar Mufli
Jl. S Aauddin
February 15, 2014-09-14
Ma Rosmayana
SMAN 123
Pettarani Office

Dear Ms Yana,
Thank you for posting your need for a teaching on I am availeble to fill this
opening and can (42) ... working immediately after hiring.
I (43) ... obtoined my bdegree from Makassar State University. As a graduate in Engllish
Education, I have acquainted my self with a range of skills would allow me to blend whit
your school.
From your advertisement, I can see that you are looking for can didats who have (44) ...
spoken and written english skills. I Look forward to an opportunity to meet you and further
discuss my qualifications.

Very truly yours,
Ammar Mulfi
A. Begin.
B. Pass
C. Lose
D. Stop
A. Totally
B. Recently
C. Discussed
D. Intensively
A. Excellent
B. Ordinary
C. Common
D. Normal
Questions 45 to 47, complete the following text witlr the words provided.
Promotion Announcement
Subject line : jeniifer Anistion, Director of Marketing.
We are thrilled to announce the promotion of Ms. Jenifer Anition. She joined the company five
years ago and has held position in both the advertising and sales departments (45) ...
Ms. Aniston brings a wealth of experience to her new role and we are (46) ... about her new role
at the compeny. Please (47) ... us in welcoming Ms. Anistion to corporate communications her on
Best regards.
Amy johnson
Exutive director of corporate communication
A. Extraordinarily
B. Occassionaly
C. Strangely
D. Awfully
A. Determined
B. Terrified
C. Qualified
D. Excited
A. Join
B. Attach
C. Contach
D. Connect
Questions 48 to 50, complete the following text with words provited
How to use DVD player
1. Choose a (48) ... surface on which to operate DVD player.
2. Press the Power button on the front of the DVD player. Make sure that the TV attached
to the player is on and tuned to (49) ... the audio/video signal from the player
3. Press the Open/Close or Eject button on the front of the player and place DVD
gently on the extended disc tray.
4. And press the Open/Close or Eject button again to see a menu screen come up or it
will play (50) ... if you see menu screen, press the the button to start the show.
A. Remove
B. Send
C. Bold
D. Flat
A. Remove
B. Send
C. Reply
D. Receive
A. Autometically
B. Effectively
C. Consistently
D. regualarly