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The Baslica Catedral Nuestra Seora de la Altagracia is a Roman Catholic minor basilica and cathedral

in Dominican Republic dedicated to Our Lady o Altagracia! patroness o the nation" #t is in Sal$ale%n
de &ig'ey" The basilica is the seat o the Roman Catholic Diocese o Nuestra Seora de la Altagracia
en &ig'ey"
The cathedral (as raised to the honor o a minor basilica by )ope )aul *# on December +,! +-,." #t
(as $isited by )ope /ohn )aul ## during his $isit to the country in +--0"
Among the many reasons that inspired its creation! there is one that stands out" A long time ago a little
girl rom same city as1ed her ather or a portrait o the *irgin 2ary" &er ather 3name un1no(n4
brought the picture as git or her" #t is belie$ed that the portrait (as placed at the house o this girl" 5or
some reason! at the brea1 o da(n o each day! the portrait (as al(ays ound outside the house!
beneath a small tree" 6$ery day this portrait (as mo$ed bac1 inside by the girl! until she told her
parents about it" The place became sacred! and the basilica (as built on that same spot as reerence o
2ary7s grace" 8+9
&ig'ey 3Spanish pronunciation: 8i (ei94! or in ull Sal$ale%n de &ig'ey!8citation needed9 is the capital
city o the eastern La Altagracia )ro$ince! in the Dominican Republic" The ;uma Ri$er lo(s through
the urban areas o &ig'ey"
&ig'ey is also the name o a ormer nati$e chiedom in &ispaniola7s easternmost end (hen Christopher
Columbus arri$ed" #t is no( one o the country7s economically astest<de$eloping cities! sometimes
nic1named the Capital o Dominican Tourism or the Capital o Stoc1breeding" As o 0..=! o$er
+>.!... people li$ed in &ig'ey" The city thri$es chiely on tourism! (ith many o its inhabitants
employed in the hotel comple?es o )unta Cana a e( 1ilometers a(ay! or selling tourist products"
The most important monuments in the city are the Basilica o La Altagracia and the Church o San
Dionisio 3Saint Denis4! rom the +=th century"
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+ Sectors
0 Origin o name
@ 6conomy
A Tourism
> &istory
= Basilica o La Altagracia
, The Sanctuary o &ig'ey
B Airport
- Tourist sites
+. 6?ternal lin1s
++ Reerences
The city is di$ided into 0. sectors that are!
Alta Torre
BaCa Torre
/uan )ablo Duarte
La 2alena
La Otra Banda
Lagunas de Nisib%n
Los Fuaricanos
Los Sotos
2amD Ting%
Naciado 2eCa
)epe Rosario
Ssan an /osE
*er%n<)unta Cana
*illa Cerro
*illa &ig'ey
Origin o name8edit9
According to some authors! FG6; or &G#OG is the sun in the Ara(a1an language o the island7s
nati$e Tano people"8citation needed9 Among se$eral 2esoamerican tribes the term also means sun!
light! day" )erhaps coincidentally! &ig'ey is located at the island7s eastern end! that is to say! in the
region that irst recei$es the rays o the sun" Thus the name &ig'ey might mean land (here the sun is
The economy o &ig'ey is based on tropical agriculture 3reed! coee! tobacco! cacao! rice! and maiHe4!
cattle 3co(s and pigs4! ishing and tourism on the coast"
The main historical attraction in &ig'ey is the Cathedral! (hich displays the I*irgen de la AltagraciaI!
a painting brought by Spanish missionaries in the +>th century" The painting (as pre$iously 1ept in the
similarly >..<year<old church o San Dionisio! (hich remains in religious use" 6$ery year on *irgin o
La Altagracia Day 3/anuary 0+4!a national holiday! tens o thousands o pilgrims $isit the Cathedral"
Tourism o &ig'ey<)unta Cana
Jhen 6uropean settlers in$aded &ispanola! this eastern section belonged to the CaKimu<&ig'ey
1ingdom o Tano #ndians" Leaders included CaciLues CotubanamD and Cayacoa! the emale CaciLua
&iguanamD and other leaders! male and emale" This area became the last to be conLuered by the
Spanish" /uan de 6sLui$el led the conLuest in +>.@! a year ater the brutal NicolDs de O$ando (as
appointed the ne( colony7s go$ernor" &e assigned 6sLui$El to subCugate the area! Custiying the
assignment as paybac1 or a Taino attac1 3led by CotubanamD4 on B Spanish sailors! (hich (as in turn
re$enge or Spaniards (ho slaughtered the CaciLue o nearby Saona or sport! setting a battle 2asti
to attac1 him as he (as loading traded cassa$a bread on a barge"8A9
BartolomE de las Casas participated in and later described the &ig'ey massacre in (hich the Spanish
slaughtered nati$es (ho surrendered ater a short but heroic resistance" 2en! (omen and children (ere
disembo(eled ali$eM many (ere tortured by ha$ing hands and eet cut o as the Spaniards taunted" The
Spaniards hanged or rounded up and 1nied to death yet more"8>9 By +>+- the Tano o the &ig'ey
region (ere ensla$ed! and their numbers had declined to only +!+B- indi$iduals"8=9 The Spanish then
brought in Arican sla$es"
On December ,! +>.B! Spanish trade authorities at Se$ille authoriHed &ig'ey to display a Coat o Arms
by Royal )ri$ilege! (hich granted it limited sel<go$ernment" During the Spanish colonial period!
&ig'ey remained a )arish o 6l Seibo county"
Then in +B.+! a decade ater the &aitian Re$olution began! and ater Napoleon deposed the Spanish
1ing! Toussaint Lou$erture briely captured the Spanish portion o &ispaniola" Spain had ceded
&ispaniola to 5rance under the Treaty o Basel in +,->! and did not regain control until +B.-" During
this and 5rench rule! &ig'ey (as a district o the OHama department" Ater Spanish orces regained
control in the 6spaa Boba period! &ig'ey again became part o the 6l Seibo region" #n +B0+! during
the brie Spanish Republic o &aiti! the area tried to protect itsel rom its much larger neighbors by
allying (ith Fran Colombia" &o(e$er! (ars both (ith &aiti and or independence continued" #n +B00!
&aitian orces under the command o /ean )ierre Boyer recaptured &ig'ey in the &aitian occupation o
Santo Domingo" The local economy sputtered under military rule and land e?propriations! although
sla$ery did end under both &aitian control and British na$al enorcement throughout the Caribbean o
antisla$ery policies ad$ocated by Jilliam Jilberorce"
Jhen the Dominican Republic (as proclaimed in +BAA through the eorts o La Trinitaria! the ne(
Fo$ernmental Central 2eeting placed &ig'ey under administration o the )ro$ince o 6l Seibo" )edro
Santana! although )resident sporadically during the ne?t decades! actually acted as the country7s irst
dictator" Jhile he ranched near the &aitian border! this eastern pro$ince (as one o his strongholds"
Santana sought to return to Spanish rule! and he got his (ish or the our years beore his death
3although Spanish rule did little to de$elop the pro$ince4"8,9 Ater the Jar o Restoration! the second
Republic! either because o or in spite o the 2onroe Doctrine lasted until +-+=! although the
countryside remained e?tremely poor and actually go$erned by $arious aristocratic cliLues" Fuerillas
rom 6l Seibo pro$ince ought the Gnited States occupation o Santo Domingo rom +-+= to +-0A" The
area e?perienced a e( years o relati$e prosperity beore agricultural prices again crashed and urther
de acto dictatorships began under Raael Le%nidas TruCillo 2olina" The Gnited States again occupied
Santo Domingo rom +-=> to +-=="
Basilica o La Altagracia8edit9
Basilica de La Altagracia
The to(n7s patroness is the *irgin o La Altagracia! a painting brought to the island by Spanish
missionaries and no( displayed in the Sanctuary o Our Lady o La Altagracia" 6$ery year on her east
day 3/anuary 0+4! thousands o Dominicans gather to $enerate the miraculous image at (hat might be
the earliest 2arian shrine in the Americas" The Spanish National Library in 2adrid has a letter rom
Can" Lic" Luis /er%nimo o Alcocer! born on &ispaniola! mentioning the $eneration as early as +=>."
The current Basilica (as built to honor the image! (hich remains displayed in the old Cathedral7s
Sanctuary! (hich a corridor no( unites to a modern basilica suitable or such large gatherings"
The Sanctuary o &ig'ey8edit9
/uan de 6sLui$el! conLueror o the local Taino and later /amaica ounded the historic $illage o
Sal$ale%n o &ig'ey in +>.>! and included a parish church" The irst 2arian sanctuary in America (as
emblaHoned (ith a royal shield by order o the Ning o Spain"
The current bric1 cathedral (as started in the middle o the +=th century by Can" 2r" Alonso o Roc1
(ith the architectural assistance o Sim%n Bol$ar! ith grandather o the Liberator o South America"
Despite the region7s earthLua1es! the solid construction has resisted deterioration" #t has a $aulted
ceiling o i$e simple but sturdy arches" Jhile the dome they support resembles an orange s1in or star!
a seashell shape emphasiHed the altar area" At the center o the high altar! a sil$er niche highlights the
ancient holy painting" The +=th<century artist car$ed the local mahogany by hand" An ornate sil$er
baldaLuin co$ers the high altar! steps and Sacrarium"
The old cathedral has a simple e?terior! as does the bell to(er" /oaLun AlDu donated the bells in +B=A!
and a doHen years later paid or marble to pa$e the loor"
The Sanctuary 1eeps many $oti$e oerings" Some are o historic $alue! others are curiosities or
reminders o the gold and sil$er e$er that once inected the region" #n +-00! to celebrate independence
as (ell as the painting7s Canonical and )apal Coronation on August +>! residents donated a beautiul
cro(n o gold and precious stones! topped by a cross o diamonds and t(o solid gold angels" The
painting itsel has a gold and sil$er rame! inlaid by precious stones including an emerald donated by
his &oliness )ope )ius O to Archbishop Adolo AleCandro Nouel to commemorate his election as
)resident o the Republic in +-+0 3shortly beore the irst American occupation ended his term and he
donated it to the miraculous image4" The cathedral7s treasury also holds a gigantic intricate colonial
golden monstrance! as (ell as an elegant sil$er throne 3(ith golden inlays and chimes4! (hich (as used
in +B++ during the painting7s transer rom the Church o San Dionisio" Another sil$er chalice dates
rom +,@,! git o the )resident o the Real Audience o Saint " Other precious obCects include gold and
sil$er (al1ing canes! as (ell as many precious antiLue sil$er items including a crucii?! t(o chalices
and cups! si? stic1s or the canopy used on east days and other special occasions! a cross and parochial
candlestic1s! candelabras and lo(er $ases"
This article needs additional citations or $eriication" )lease help impro$e this article by adding
citations to reliable sources" Gnsourced material may be challenged and remo$ed" 3/uly 0.+@4
2ain article: )unta Cana #nternational Airport
Terminal in the Airport
)unta Cana #nternational Airport 3#ATA: )G/! #CAO: 2D)C4 is a pri$ately o(ned commercial airport
in )unta Cana! eastern Dominican Republic" The airport is built in a traditional Dominican style (ith
open<air terminals (ith their roos co$ered in palm ronds" A number o scheduled and charter airlines
ly to )unta Cana" The airport handled more than + million $isitors in 0..0! ma1ing it the busiest
airport in the Dominican Republic" #n 0..,! )unta Cana recei$ed more than @ million passengers" The
operators plan to upgrade the airport! including adding another run(ay"
Tourist sites8edit9
)unta Cana
Boca de ;uma
6l )arLue Nacional del 6ste
Baslica de Nuestra Seora de La Altagracia
6?ternal lin1s8edit9
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#no &ig'ey
3Spanish4 &ig'eyano"com
&ig'ey Basilica
/ump up P Supericies a ni$el de municipios! Oicina Nacional de 6stadistica
/ump up P De la 5uente! Santiago 3+-,=4" Feograa Dominicana 3in Spanish4" Santo Domingo!
Dominican Republic: 6ditora Colegial QuisLueyana"
/ump up P Censo 0.+0 de )oblaci%n y *i$ienda! Oicina Nacional de 6stadistica
/ump up P /osE R" Oli$er 30..-4" CaciLues and Cem idols: the (eb spun by Tano rulers bet(een
&ispaniola and )uerto Rico" Gni$ersity o Alabama )ress" p" +->"
/ump up P /osE R" Oli$er 30..-4" CaciLues and Cem idols: the (eb spun by Tano rulers bet(een
&ispaniola and )uerto Rico" Gni$ersity o Alabama )ress" pp" +-AR="
/ump up P /osE R" Oli$er 30..-4" CaciLues and Cem idols: the (eb spun by Tano rulers bet(een
&ispaniola and )uerto Rico" Gni$ersity o Alabama )ress" p" B+"
/ump up P Gpon being restored! the Republic acLuired again placed &ig'ey in el Seibo pro$ince! by the
Decree Not" B=. o August +0! +B=>"
Coordinates: +BS@,TN =BSA0TJ
8sho(9 $ t e
)ro$incial capitals o the Dominican Republic
8sho(9 $ t e
2unicipalities o the Dominican Republic
Categories: )opulated places in La Altagracia )ro$ince2unicipalities o the Dominican Republic
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