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_________________1. It is a mouth harp made of bamboo and originated from Lanao.

_________________ 2. It is a lute with elongated body shaped like a boat.

_________________3. It is made up of slender bamboo pipes in varying sizes tied together.
_________________4. It is made up of trapezoidal wood with bamboo slats produces sound like
_________________5. It is a musical instrument of the Tinguiars which is made of bamboo.
_________________6. It is a drum hollowed with only one end closed and played by the Ifugaos
and Ibalois.
________________7. It is a small three-stringed wooden violin by the Mangyans.
_______________ 8. It is has 2 strings spanned over a hole and connected to a platform and
considered the zither version of the Maranaos.
________________9. It is an upright drum originated from the Maranaos that uses goatskin as
its drumhead .
_______________10. It is an instrument made of bamboo and a Primitive drum of the ifugaos .

1. Kubing
2. Kudyapi
3. Diwdiw-as
4. Gabbang
5. Bunkaka
6. Sulibao
7. Litgit
8. Serogaganding
9. Dabakan
10. Pantig
1. What is the name of the governing body in the world top basketball league?
The name of the governing body in the world tp basketball league is NBA.
2. How many points is a shot worth when inside the opposition semi-circle?
There is 2 point for every shot inside the opposition semi circle.
3. Who invented Basketball?
James Naismith invented Basketball.

4. How is a ball landed to a team as Basketball started?
The ball is thrown up in the air by the referee in between one-player from each team, and they have to try
and knock it to their team-mate.

5. How many parts or quarters to a basketball game are there?
There are 4 quarters to a basketball game.
6. How long is each part?
10 minutes
7. How many players are allowed on the court for each team?
5 players are allowed on the court for each team.
8. How long is each team allowed to stay in possession of the ball before they must shoot?
The team is allowed for 24 Seconds.
9. What happens if a player fails to dribble while in moving with the ball?
Possession is given to the opposing team.


1 back board/ the basket
3 clock
4 floor
5. score board

Different types of Shooting
1 Dunk
2 set shot
3 Hook shot
4 Lay up
5 Jump shot

Different types of Passing
1 chest pass
2 bounce pass
3 overhead pass
4 blind pass
5 outlet pass

Different types of dribbling skills
1 high bounce
2 change of pace
3 cross over
4 behind back
5 in-out

Dance terms
1. Cabeceras___________________________________________________________________
2. Bilao _______________________________________________________________________
3. Costados____________________________________________________________________
4. Cut ________________________________________________________________________
5. Jump ______________________________________________________________________
6. Pivot ______________________________________________________________________
7. Point ______________________________________________________________________
8. Set ________________________________________________________________________.
9. Slide ______________________________________________________________________
10. Stamp______________________________________________________________________

1. Dancers are in square formation, the couples occupying the width of the hall is called
cabeceras or head couples
2. To turn your palm of hands up and down alternately, hands at the waist level infront,
elbow close to waist.
3. Square formation, the couples occupying the lenght of the hall is called costados or side
4. Displace quickly one foot with the other and take the weight from another.
5. Spring on one foot or both feet landing in both in any direction.
6. To turn with the ball, heel or whole foot on a fixed place or point.
7. Touchs the floor slightly with the toes of one foot, weight on the other foot.
8. Unit formation composed of 2 or more pairs
9. Glide foot smoothly among the floor.
10. Doing heavy step in on foot with or without transfer of weight.