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The ninety nine names of Allah Taala

1) Can I have the reference for the ninety nine beautiful names of Allah Taala,
2) And are there other names?

1) ayyiduna Abu !urayrah "radiyallahu #anhu) re$orts that %abi "sallallahu #alayhi wa sallam) said&
#'erily Allah Taala has ninety nine names, whomsoever memori(es them, will enter )annah
"ahih *u+hari, !adith& 2,-. and ahih /uslim, !adith& .,01)
Althou2h the above narration is authentic, the /uhaddithun have differed on the authenticity of those
narrations which 2o on e3$licitly mentionin2 the ninety nine names4
%umerous /uhaddithun are of the o$inion that the ninety nine names are not from the side of %abi
"sallallahu #alayhi wa sallam), rather one of the narrators of the !adith had added these names after
searchin2 in the Quran and !adith4
"5efer& unan Tirmidhi, hadith& -01,, /ustadra+ !a+im, vol4 1 $24 1.61,)
7es$ite this, one is still allowed to $ractice on it as will be e3$lained further on4 8s$ecially since those
who were of the above view, have not clearly mentioned any $rohibition4

/any other /uhaddithun have acce$ted the narration which records the ninety nine names to be from
%abi "sallallahu #alayhi wa salaam) himself4
"5efer& ahih Ibn !ibban, hadith& 919 and Al Adh+ar, hadith& -1:)
!afi( ibn !a;ar "rahimahullah) has classified the chain of narrators found in Tirmidhi and ahih Ibn
!ibban as bein2 #the closest chain to authenticity4
"<athul *ari, hadith .=11)

Althou2h there e3ists a difference of o$inion, it a$$ears as thou2h ma;ority of the #>lama have
acce$ted the ninety nine names as suitable for $ractice4
/any #>lama, li+e Imam ?ha(ali, <a+hrud 7in Ar 5a(i, Ibn Qayyim Al )aw(iyyah, Ahmad @aruA and
others "rahimahumullah) have written commentaries on the ninety nine names of Allah Taala4

2) The commentators of !adith are unanimous that Allah Taala has numerous other names, not ;ust
ninety nine4
The above !adith merely states whomsoever memori(es the ninety nine names will enter )annah , not
that Allah Taala only has ninety nine names4 This is $roven in the followin2 narration recorded by
Imams Ahmad "vol4 1 $24 -:1) and Ibn !ibban "!adith& :,2) "rahimahumallah) which has the
followin2 words&
B4 C Allah, I as+ you throu2h all your names, be it those names you have named yourself, or revealed
in your *oo+, or tau2ht some of your creation, or those names you have $referred to +ee$ hidden in
your +nowled2eB4
"ee& Al /inha;, commentary of ahih /uslim of #Allamah %awawi "rahimahullah), hadith& .,01 and
<athul *ari, hadith& .=11)

And Allah Taala Dnows best

'erified by& /oulana /uhammad Abasoomar

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