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A family business is a commercial organization in which decision-making

is influenced by multiple generations of a familyrelated by blood or
marriagewho are closely identified with the firm through leadership or
ownership. Owner-manager entrepreneurial firms are not considered to
be family businesses because they lack the multigenerational dimension
and family influence that create the unique dynamics and relationships of
family businesses.

It is an agency started in U.P but now established in Surat dealing mainly
in all range of sarees and suits having their customers mainly from all the
regions of U.P, Delhi, Chennai, Kashmir. They take their customers to all
the shops of sarees and suits of Surat and make them buy sarees and suits
of their taste and preferences at a reasonable rate and make sure the
stock is transported to their customers on time and in good condition.

The business was started by Roshan Lal Kalra in U.P at the place near Agra called
hathras where he used to deal as agent of sarees, which he used to bring from
Surat with his elder son and sell to customers of hathras, Agra and other places
of U.P. Later his younger son SUNIL KALRA came to surat and started as a simple
agent who used to deal in simple sarees of medium range and their vyaparies
were only from U.P. only and he had a very small office at ring road.

Acquiring and retaining new customers specially from regions other than
To sustain their image of trust and good will in the market.
To retain their employees as the some o his staff left him and started their
own business as his competitor only and also tried to acquire their clients.
To retain and make their existing customers satisfy with their after sale
services also.

The uniqueness in their business was that without any background from
surat textile industry but only by the way of communication and effective
convincing skills, passion to prove himself and with only 1 lakhs the
person was able to earn various customers and he built trust and faith in
the minds of all the dukandars and the vyapries as well. Still in the market
the trust factor is the main reason of that agent being so famous.
All the dukandars are ready to give him the high range stock on credit
basis only by his trust factor and goodwill in the market.
They started to expand with new and heavy ranges at very early stage
only as they earned the benefit of trust and good will.
They treat their customers as family members at the time of serving them
and try to make them as comfortable as possible so they are able to
maintain relations from 20 long lasting years
They have sustained in the market from last 20 years very efficiently and
Now they have customers not only from U.P but also form Delhi, Kashmir,
Maharashtra and Chennai.
They have started dealing in heavy range sarees also and they are doing
very well in that as well.
Now they have a full time working office with 10 employees dealing in
different varieties of sarees and suits as well.
They are giving all the required facilities to their customers like god
staying place, good food, conveyance facility etc.

Yes as now the son of his brother has joined the business so they are
thinking to expand their dealings in suits and all the different varieties of
suits as they were not able to give more attention on suits.
They also have a plan of starting to expand their dealings in south India as
they have good scope their as well.
Decision making
Firstly at very initial stage when their office was in U.P ROSHAN LAL
KALRA used to take all decisions after discussing it with his elder son
when he came into business.
But in Surat the business was totally in the hands of the second-
generation i. e the younger son mainly R.SUNIL KUMAR as he was alone
here he only took all decisions.
Later when the third generation came into business i.e the son of his elder
brother they take all the decisions mutually as he thinks this will make
SHIVAM KALRA more efficient to take proper decisions .
He is taking care of all their customers by making ensuring that they are
receiving regular phone calls from their employees informing about new
range and varieties


They are doing very well in their business in spite of various challenges
which they faced during their dealings with new customers, but they
would have done much better if they would not have trusted few new
customers from U.P who gave them deceit by not paying them the amount
of the stock.
They should be more careful in their approach towards new customers
and verify their identity carefully.