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nent of Aerospace Eligineering and Engineering Mechanics
Midterm Examination
ASE 102
October 15, 2003
I. Please indicate whether the following statements are true or fdse. (20)
b\y 1) The roll of an ai rpl ane is controlled by the rudder. (2)
T r u e
2) Sir George Cayley was the first to realize that thrust had to be separated from
lift to create a successful flying machine. (2)
3) A jet turbine engine has a lower thrust to weight ratio than a liquid cooled
reciprocating engine. ( 2)
\ FLl 5t
4) A supersonic jet fighter aircraft must have a high aspect ratio wing. (2)
5 ) Professor Thaddeus Lowe developed hydrogen filled balloons for
reconnaissance during the American CiviI War. (2)
6) In order to be stable i n flight, the center of gravity of an airplane must be above
the center of lift. ( 2)
\ ~ r d~
7 ) A World War I1 fighter aircraft with an air cooled radial engine has higher drag
than one with a liquid cooled engine. (2)
8) Using hydrogen as a lifting gas for a balloon is not as effective as helium
because a helium filled balloon can reach a higher altitude. (2)
9) In straight and level flight, the net forces on an airplane must be zero. ( 2)
10) During the Kosovo War i n 1999, heavy bomber aircraft carried more than half
the weapons delivered on targets in the combat zone. (2)
II. A hydrogen filled balIoon is used to make a flight across the United States. It has a
spherical shape with a radius of 25 feet. It weights 500 pounds and carries a payload of
500 pounds. Assume air densj ty on the ground is 0.0625 Ibs. cu. ft.
a+) What altitude does the baIloon reach? ( 5)
b.) If the balloon is to cross the Rocky Mountains, it must reach an altitude of
10,000 feet. How much of the payload must be dropped overboard to cross the mountain
range? (15)
LII. A World War II bomber is on a bombing mission from England to Germany. The
distance between the base and the target is 1000 kilometers. The aircraft weighs 10,000
kgrns. and carries a bomb load of 2,000 kgms. Assume that the lift to drag ratio of the
airplane is I0 and that the constant in the Breguet equation is kleg is 1000 km. Assume it
maintains the same a1 titude during the mission. How much fuel must the airplane carry
to drop the bombs on the target and return to base? (20)
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IV. A U-2 aircraft has wings with an aspect ratio of 20 and the airplane weighs 15,000
pounds. The wing span of the aircraft is 80 feet and the thickness of the wing is one
quarter of the chord. At what speed must the airplane fly to maintain an altitude of
75,000 feet? (20) ' ..