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The Wedding Registry- One stop for gifting woes

The Business Opportunity
Inside India’s Big Fat $38 billion wedding market lies the online gifting market in India which is
pegged at ₹1000cr according to industry estimates. Although some matrimony portals like Bharat
Matrimony have come up with online gifting portals, there is no personalised gifting, vis-à-vis similar
to gifting a wedding couple at the wedding altar. The Wedding Registry is a unique e-commerce
service plan to engage e-commerce players, wedding couples and gift givers.
Interaction among the stakeholders/Business Model

1. Wedding Couples:
 Open an account on the Wedding Register
 Print their account name on wedding cards for invitees to refer
2. Wedding Invitees:
 Visit the site and login to the account provided by the wedding couple
 Purchase gifts from the wedding register portal
3. Wedding Register:
 Logged in wedding invitees make online transactions (toaster, piece of jewellery,
honeymoon packages etc.)
 Wedding registry takes responsibility of logistics to reach the gifts to the
wedding couple
4. E-Commerce Players:
 The Wedding Register ties up with e-commerce players like Makemytrip, Flipkart
or Amazon, Tanishq
 The e-commerce players open up their inventory to The Wedding Register
 E-commerce players pay a small transaction fee to The Wedding Register for
keeping up the revenue flow
Investments and Financials
Initial investments would be required to set up the online portal. The management of data is a key
Alongside the portal a sales and marketing team is required to be set up that engages with societies
in and around the region of operation to survey imminent marriages in the society. The sales and
marketing team would also engage with the e-commerce players to arrive at pricing and offers
E-Commerce Players
An operations team to manage logistics and decide on transaction fee from e-commerce players.
Expected breakeven cannot be measured quarterly owing to the cyclical nature of weddings in India.
Therefore ROI metrics would be measured at the end of a year
Social Objective
 Often wedding couples receive more than one of the same kind of gift (eg.
Toasters/Crockery set)
 The aim is to remove this redundancy by having a news feed on the page showing the
wedding invitees what all has the wedding couple received
 The target market is the middle class wedding because in the big fat weddings of the
relatively richer, there is an unsaid gift policy of “No gifts”
Scope for expansion
The weddings spends in India are at a boom. In developed economies, such portals would find more
relevance owing to the penetration of internet and the ease of using technology for resolving last-
minute hassles like a wedding gift purchase.