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Tick (✓) A, B, or C to complete the sentences.
Example: My parents _____ in China.
A are born

B were born

C was born

1 We would have got here earlier if we _____ got lost.
A didn’t

B had

C hadn’t

2 Do you know _____ spicy food?
A if Anna likes

B if Anna does like

C if likes Anna

3 We had a fantastic time, _____?
A don’t we

B didn’t we

C did we

4 If my husband had taken that job, we _____ moved
to London.
A would have

B had

C would

5 I’m _____. Have you seen him?
A look for Adrian

B looking Adrian for

C looking for Adrian

6 They’ve been here before, _____?
A weren’t they

B haven’t they

C have they

7 Could you tell me what time _____?
A starts the match

B does the match start

C the match starts

8 She wouldn’t have eaten the cake if she _____ it had nuts
in it.
A ’d known

B ’d knew

C ’ve known

9 This jumper doesn’t suit me. I’m going to _____.
A take off it

B take off

C take it off

10 Mary’s very difficult. I don’t _____ very well.
A get with her on

B get on with her

C get her with on

11 You _____ enjoy the film, did you?
A hadn’t

B didn’t

C don’t

12 If I _____ known your number, I would have called you.
A had

B have

C would have

13 Put your coat _____ and we’ll go for a walk.
A on

B up

C off

14 She likes Jamie, _____ she?
A doesn’t

B does

C isn’t

15 If I hadn’t missed that train, we _____ never have met!
A will

B should

C would

16 Could you tell me where the bank _____, please?
A was

B is

C be

17 I would have gone to the party if I _____ been ill.
A hadn’t

B had

C haven’t

18 You aren’t interested in politics, _____ you?
A aren’t

B are

C were

19 Could you ask the waiter _____ the bill?
A after

B of

C for

20 Our plane took _____ late due to bad weather conditions.
A off

B on

C up

a Tick (✓) A, B, or C for the positive


adjectives or adverbs.
Example: luck

adverb = unluckily
A unluckily

✓ B unlucky

C luckily

1 patience

adverb = _____
A patient

B patiently

C impatiently

2 care

adverb = _____
A careless

B carelessly

C carefully

3 fortune

adjective = _____
A unfortunately

B unfortunate

C fortunate

4 luck

adverb = _____
A luckily

B lucky

C unluckily

5 comfort

adjective = _____
A comfortably

B uncomfortable

C comfortable

b Tick (✓) the correct word(s), A, B, or C.
Example: a person who writes novels about criminals
A crime writer

✓ B detective novel

C writer crime

6 a place where criminals are taken after they have been
A station police

B police station

C police officer station

7 a big shop where you can buy all sorts of things
A department centre

B department mall

C department store

8 you feel frightened when you watch this in the cinema
A horror film

B film of horror

C horror thriller

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Quicktest 7
9 a part of the road where you can ride a bike
A cycle road

B cycle lights

C cycle lane

10 the time of day when there is a lot of traffic
A rush hour

B rush time

C rush traffic

c Tick (✓) A, B, or C to complete the sentences with
TV words.
Example: I’m watching a fascinating documentary about
Japanese wildlife.
A documentary

✓ B drama

C the news

11 Chris Do you have cable TV?
Fred No, we have _____ TV.
A reality

B satellite

C comedy

12 I think _____ for fast food should be banned from
children’s TV.
A documentaries

B the news

C adverts

13 I think _____ are just for children, not adults.
A drama series

B cartoons

C films

14 I hate _____ shows. Watching other people doing
stupid things is so boring.
A comedy

B reality

C chat

15 I enjoy watching music _____ like MTV.
A channels


C cable

d Tick (✓) A, B, or C to complete the sentences with
phrasal verbs.
16 We’d like to _____ our own company in the future.
A set up

B set down

C set out

17 I’m really looking _____ my holiday next month.
A forward for

B forward to

C forward from

18 I’m trying to _____ eating chocolate. I need to lose
A give away

B give up

C give back

19 _____! You’re breaking the speed limit.
A Slow up

B Slow down

C Slow off

20 He was a millionaire but he _____ all his money to
poor people.
A gave away

B gave up

C gave in

a Which word has a different sound?
Tick (✓) A, B, or C.
Example: A van

B tram

C lane

1 A channel

B chemist’s

C check

2 A drama

B pass

C warm

3 A find

B quiz

C film

4 A show

B patient

C fortune

5 A away

B after

C about

b Which is the stressed syllable? Tick (✓) A, B, or C.
Example: A exciting

✓ B exciting

C exciting

6 A comfortably

B comfortably

C comfortably

7 A documentary

B documentary

C documentary

8 A comedy

B comedy

C comedy

9 A unfortunately

B unfortunately

C unfortunately

10 A impatient

B impatient

C impatient

New English File Intermediate photocopiable © Oxford University Press 2007
Quicktest 7
50 Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation total

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