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Enrolment is the process of entering and validating identity of the students to

register on a particular school. Having a systematic enrolment process most specifically logical
enrolment procedure is always an asset in the university for it gives the students knowledge as to
how the whole institute manages, manipulates, and operates the entire body. Enrolment
procedures provide an organized way of enrolling students. It avoids confusion, saves time and
effort because there are sets of procedures to follow

Every year, large numbers of students get enrolled in a certain college or
university. These students follow the step by step procedure of the enrolment process of the
certain university. Some of the common steps to follow during enrolment are lining up early,
getting enrolment forms, encoding of subjects, paying fees, adjusting and verifying subjects.
Even if there are set of procedures to follow during enrolment, it does not guarantee a systematic
and organize enrolment process. There are still problems whether major or minor problems that
may arise in the process.

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In Cebu Technological University Argao Campus, the enrollment process is
always the toughest time the school faces every year. During enrolment, it is undeniably
noticeable on some problems and difficulties arising from each respective procedure, hence
leading to minor errors and inaccuracy. Enrolment is more than just a word itself, because for
others, it means sacrifice, hunger, dilemma, waste of time, and effort. Thus, this study is
conducted to determine the most operational and proficient procedures in order to avoid
problems in the enrolment process. Also, this study is accompanied to define problems
encountered in the enrolment process in terms of time duration (if the enrolment process is fast),
forms to accomplish (if it is easy to fill- up and logical), order (if the students are well- managed
by the enrolment staff), availability of staff (if enrolment staff are always ready and available to
entertain the enrollees), and awareness on the procedure (if there is a proper dissemination of
procedures). Hence, in this study, all those five areas namely time duration, forms to accomplish,
order, availability of staff, and awareness of procedure are needed to be evaluated in order to
assess the whole enrolment process.

Nevertheless, critical research using statistical data as well as plenty of
questionnaires are needed to be distributed to each respective respondent within the vicinity of
the campus. As stated earlier, good enrolment process is always an asset in the university,
pertaining to fast payment, assessment procedure and easy transactions with a high rate of
accuracy considering that enrolment is the first school activity a student takes part. Hence, it is
very necessary that difficulties hereto should be solved in order to give students their good
impression about the university theyre engaging. A good and accurate enrolment procedure
shows that the institution is well-organize.

This study is considered with great importance because it is expected to find
solutions to the major problems encountered in the enrolment process as well as to give students
a good impression to the university in terms of easy enrolment procedures. This study is
conducted to help the administrators of the schools to develop a more efficient and effective
enrolment process. This will also give students an immediate solution to the increasing problems
towards enrollment and provides more comfortable and easy way in enrolling. The findings of
which may serve as a guiding principle, since it could feed data as basis for action in the
improvement of enrolment procedure as well as to promote higher accuracy and productivity.

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Ang highlights dri kay ang objectives which is:


This research is aimed to identify major problems in the enrolment procedure of Cebu
Technological University Argao Campus in order for some enhancement proposals. Specifically,
it will seek answers to the following:

1. What is the profile of the respondents group?
1.1 Students
1.2 Enrolment Committee
2. What are the major problems in each step of the enrolment procedure in terms of:
2.1 Time efficiency
2.2 Forms to accomplish
2.3 Observance of order
2.4 Efficiency of staff
2.5 Enrolment procedure awareness
3. Is there a significant difference between the perceptions of the different respondent
Based on the findings, what enhanced enrolment procedure can be proposed?