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2K Etch Primer

Technical Data Sheet



Two component, chromate free, etching primer surfacer for
general use in refinishing cars and also light commercial vehicles.
For fast turn round work, only denibbing with Scotch Brite is
necessary prior to the application of topcoat.

3 : 2
2K Etch Primer
Activator Etch
Mixing Ratio
Chart or
Mixing Stick B
2 -3 x 1
1.5 - 1.8 mm
2 - 3 bar
5 – 10 mins 1 hrs 20°C
20 mins 60°C

Product & Ancillary Items

Product Lesonal 2K Etch Primer

Activator Lesonal Activator Etch Primer

Chemical Basis
• 2K Etch Primer - Combination of polyvinyl butyral, and other special resins
• Activator Etch Primer - Combination of organic solvents and phosphoric acid

Method of Use

Sound original finishes with the exception of thermoplastic acrylics
Zinc coated steel
Lesonal Polyester Body Filler
Lesonal Polyester Spraying Filler

Substrate Preparation Prior to commencing any sanding work, thoroughly cleanse the surface of any
grease or wax with Lesonal Degreaser SB. Apply using two cloths in a wipe on,
wipe off process.
Original finishes - sanding with P280 grit dry or P600-P800 wet.
Steel – remove all traces of rust and abrade thoroughly until a clean surface is
achieved. Any millscale should be removed by shot blasting.
Aluminium and zinc coated steel - abrade thoroughly with Scotch Brite 447 (Red).
Lesonal Polyester Body Filler - finish sand with P280 grit dry.
After sanding work is completed and just prior to the application of primer, degrease
again thoroughly with Lesonal Degreaser SB.

Mixing Ratio

Use Mixing Ratio Chart or Mixing Stick B
3 volumes - 2K Etch Primer
2 volumes - Activator Etch Primer
Mix in a parallel sided mixing vessel and stir well before use.

2K Etch Primer

Technical Data Sheet



Spraying Viscosity When mixed as described the correct spray viscosity is achieved.
20-22 secs DIN Cup 4 at 20°C

Pot Life After mixing the mixture must be used within 2 days at 20°C.

Gun Set Up & Spraying Pressure Spray Gun Fluid Opening Spraying Pressure
LVLP (HR) Gravity Feed
HVLP Gravity Feed
Conventional Gravity Feed
1.8 - 2.0 mm
1.8 - 2.0 mm
1.5 - 1.8 mm
2.0 - 3.0 bar
0.7 bar
3.0 - 4.0 bar

Application Technique Apply two or three single coats; allow to dry until matt between each coat. Generally
this will take 5 - 10 minutes. (This time will be very much influenced by factors such
as temperature and air movement at the time of application.)
If the product is to be applied over a fresh synthetic finish, it is recommended that a
thin coat is applied first, and that care is taken in applying subsequent coats. Flash
off times between each coat should be also extended.

Build per Coat Sprayed 20 - 25 microns

Theoretical Usage

12 m
per litre at a layer thickness of 15µmicrons (the practical material usage
depends on many factors, i.e. shape of the object, roughness of the surface,
application method and application circumstances)

Equipment Cleaning Use a nitrocellulose thinner.

Drying Times at 20°C
Dry to sand
Dry to denib (with Scotch Brite)
Dry to recoat with Primer / Filler
1 hour
20 mins
15 mins

Infra red short wave equipment
Half power

Total time
5 mins flash off
7 mins low
12 mins

When recoating with a topcoat, it is always necessary to at least denib the product
with Scotch Brite.

Recommended Sanding Grades Method Sandpaper Grade
Wet, by hand or machine
Dry, by hand
Dry, by machine
P800 - P1000
P400 - P500
P400 - P500

2K Etch Primer

Technical Data Sheet



Helpful Tips To ensure maximum adhesion on bare metal surfaces, apply the product to these in
full, wet, flowing coats.

If the Lesonal 2K Etch Primer is allowed to dry longer than 6 hours, it should be
thoroughly sanded before a topcoat/filler is applied.

Do not apply the product in a relative humidity greater than 90 %, or if the substrate
is at dew point i.e. condensation has formed on the surface. Wait until conditions
improve and the surface has dried out.

For spraying large surfaces or spraying in warmer conditions, Lesonal 2K Etch
Primer may be thinned up to a maximum of 10% with Multi Thinner Standard or a
good quality nitrocellulose thinner.

Shelf Life
2K Etch Primer : 1.5 years
Activator Etch Primer : 2 years

Explanation of Batch Numbers
Example: 022 2 168 041
022 Production plant
2 Year of production
168 Day of production
041 Number of the batch made that day

Colour Greyish green

Health & Safety Data: These products are intended for professional use only. Please refer to can labels and Safety Data Sheets
concerned for more specific information. The user of these products is required to comply with the national laws pertaining to
Health & Safety disposal.
The above information is given in good faith, but without warranty, as the final results are also dependent upon factors of use
which are outside our control.