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Chapter 1 A Mothers Goodbye

It was hot in Goshen, a villaje in the Eastern part of Egypt. The Hebrew slaves lived there.
Their work was to build the big palaces and temples of Egypt. They stayed in their houses
out of the hot sun when they could.
But today the women were not hiding from the heat. They were hiding from the
Egyptian soldiers who came through the village. The soldiers were searching for babies.
They were acting on a new law from the Pharaoh. The law said that the soldiers must kill
every Hebrew baby boy.
Yocheved hid in the corner of her house, holding her baby son in her arms. Her
older children, Miriam and Aaron, sat near her. Miriam looked out of the window. She
watched one soldier push a mother and her baby to the ground. Another soldier took the
baby from her arms.
Miriam turned from the window.
We have to hurry, she told her mother. There are soldiers outside.
Yocheved looked at her baby boy and held him close to her. Her face was wet with
The the basket , she said to Miriam.
Yocheved looked out of the window and waited. When the street was empty, she
ran outside with the baby in her arms. Miriam and Aaron followed her.
They moved quickly and quietly through the shadows. Finally they came to the River
Nile. Yocheved looked at her baby and said, My good, sweet son, dont be afraid. Do not
She stooped speaking while the tears ran down her face. Then she said, My son,
there is nothing I can give you. I can only pray that you will live. I hope well meet again.
Yocheved carefully placed her baby in the basket. She looked at him for one las time
and began to sing,
Hush now, my baby
Be still, love, dont cry.
Sleep as youre rocked by the stream.
Slepp and remember
My last lullaby
So Ill be with you when you dream..
Yocheved closed the basket and placed it in the water. Then she watched the river
carry it away.
At first, the basket moved slowly in the water. Then it turned round and began to
move more quickly. It passed hungry crocodiles.
Miriam was frightened for her brother. She ran along next to the river.
What is going to happen to him? she thought.
Suddenly, she saw a big boat full of many men. It was travelling towards the
basket. Miriam was afraid that the boat would hit her near the Pharaohs palace.
Miriam hid in the long grass. She saw the Queen of Egypt standing there in the
water. Her young son, Rameses , was with her.
Miriam lay very still as the Queen took the basket from the water. She watched
the Queen open the basket and look at the baby. She remembered her mothers words to
the baby, Dont be afraid. Do not fear.
The queen lifted the baby from the basket. She touched his face and smiled.
Miriam saw how kind the queen was with her brother. She knew that he would be safe.
Brother, Miriam said very softly, youre safe now. I hope that you will always
be safe. I have a prayer just for you: Grow, baby brother. Come back one day. Come and
save us, too.
The Queen named the baby Moses, meaning I took him out of the water. She
turned to her young son. Come, Rameses, she said to him. We will show Pharaoh your
new baby brother, Moses.
Miriam watched as the Queen took Moses to the palace. He was her son now, a
Prince of Egypt. And he had a new brother, Rameses.

Chapter 2 The Race
The Hebrew people were slaves of Pharaoh, and they worked hard. They moved large
stones. They cut grass and mixed it with wet earth. This was dried, and then it was used
for building. Their life was not an easy one.
But Moses was not a slave. He was a special child. He grew up as a prince in
Pharaohs palace, and his brother was Rameses, the next Pharaoh.
Moses and Rameses were happy children. They were best friends and they loved
to play together. They continued to play together when they were older.
Moses and Rameses had chariots that were pulled by horses. One day, they
raced their chariots through the streets near the palace.
Faster, Rameses shouted to his horses. He shook the ropes in his hands. Faster!
Faster! Run, you lazy animals!
Moses drove his chariot very close to Rameses and smiled. He wanted Rameses
to think that he wasnt getting tired.
Moses called to Rameses, Would you like people to draw your face on a stone
Yes, Rameses shouted over the noise of the chariots. One day they will, he
Why not now? Moses asked.
He turned his chariot and knocked it into Rameses. Rameses crashed into the
stone wall at the side of the road. Moses laughed and ode quickly away.
Hey, Rameses cried. You almost killed me!
Moses laughed. I was only having fun!
Oh, so its fun you want, Rameses said. Ill give you fun!
Rameses drove away. He raced up a road that went to the top of a great stone
wall. Moses drove his chariot on the road below.
You see, Moses, Rameses called down to his brother as he raced along the
wall. Youve always looked up to me.
Yes but its not a very pretty view I can see up your clothes! Moses joked.
Rameses rode down the road on the other and of the stone wall. Then Moses
drove his chariot next to his brothers and the race continued.
Soon Moses and Rameses came to a market. People were sellingpots, cloth, fruit
and vegetables. Others were talking and shopping. Two men were playing a game of
While Moses and Rameses raced through the area, people hurried to get out of
their way. The pots, cloth, fruit and vegetables flew through the air, but Moses and
Rameses didnt notice.
They raced to the area around the temple. Hotep and Huy, the Egyptian priests,
were talking to people outside it. Hundreds of slaves were working there too. They were
building a great new temple for the boys father, the Pharaoh Seti.
As the boys rode by, they knocked into a ladder. A slave was on top of the
ladder, carrying a heavy pile of stones. The slave fell and the stones crashed into a big
statue of SEti and knocked off its nose. But Moses and Rameses didnt notice.
They continued their race, driving their chariots to the top of a big hill of sand.
The sand was held back by a wall. The boys rested there for a minute and a laughed
happily from the excitement of their race.
Suddenly, the sand began to move under them and the wall broke. Moses and
Rameses went flying down on a big wave of sand.
Down below, Huy turned and saw the wave coming towards him. He tried to
shout to Hotep, but he was too late. The sand crashed over the priests and covered them.
The boys watched as the priests pulled themselves out of the sand. They looked
at the broken wall and all the sand and Rameses began to worry.
Do you think well get into trouble? he asked Moses.
Moses knew that his brother often worried. Rameses didnt want Seti to be angry
with him. But Moses was sure that there would be no trouble this time. He smiled at his
No, no problem. We wont get into trouble, he told Rameses. But Moses was
wrong. He and Rameses did get into trouble.

Yes, father, I understand, Rameses said softly.
And do you understand that one day you will be Pharaoh? Seti continued. Do you
understand that you must learn not to destroy things? That you must learn to build them?
Rameses looked at the floor again. Yes, father, I understand. Moses stood
quietly next to Rameses. He wanted to look at his brothers face. He wanted to show him
that he was his friend. But Rameses did not look up.
Do you knour our way of life? Seti continued. One day I will die. Then you will
be Pharaoh. You will be the morning and the evening star; he told oldest son.
One chariot race and one broken wall do not destroy our way of life, Rameses
told his father. The laws are hundreds of years old!
But one weak person destroys everything! Seti shouted.
The queen moved to Setis side. She placed her hand on his arm to calm him.
Seti looked at his wife, then back at his son.
I have said enough, he told Rameses quietly. You have my permission to go.
But father, Rameses began.
The queen looked at Rameses and shook her head. Rameses knew that he must
be silent.
He left the room.
Moses watched his brother leave. Then he spoke again.
Father, you know it was relay me. I wanted to race, he said. Why didnt you
shout at me?
Moses, Seti said. One day he will be Pharoh, so he must learn to act like one.
Moses knew that Seti was only trying to help his brother. He was preparing
Rameses for his future. Still, he felt bad that Rameses was in trouble. He wanted to make
things better for him.
Rameses is only interested in your love, Moses said. I know that you will
become proud of him. He will be a good Pharaoh one day. Show that you believe in him.
Then I am sure that he will do the right thing.
Seti looked at his younger son. Maybe, he agreed. Go now. I will see you both
tonight at the palace dinner.

Chapter 4 Brothers and Friends
Moses left Pharaoh and went to a small room at the side of the palace. He knew that he
would find his brother there. Rameses always went to that room when he was unhappy.
And Moses always followed him there and tried to help him.
Moses couldnt see Rameses. But he was sure that he was there. He stood at
the bottom of a large stone statue and began speaking.
Well, he said, an unhappy voice.
Moses looked up. His brother was sitting higher up, on the knees of the same
Weak! Said Rameses. Thats what he called me
Well, you are perfect, Moses joked. He wanted his brother to smile.
A weak person! I am destroying the familys position in Egypt! Rameses
Moses heard the hurt in his brothers voice. Again, he told a joke.
Yes, Moses said. I can see it now. Because of you the palaces will fall and
the great buildings will turn to sand.
Moses walked over to a table near the window. On the table there was a
large bowl full of juice.
Because of you, the River Nile will be dry, Moses continued. You alone will
destroy Egypt, the greatest country on earth.
While he talked, Moses poured juice from the bowl into a large water bag.
Then he picked up the bag and held it out of the window.
This is all very funny to you, isnt it? Rameses asked. He jumped down
from the statue and stood in front of Moses. Tell me something, Moses, Rameses said.
Why do I get in trouble when you start something?
Moses didnt answer. He just smiled and dropped the bag.
Rameses ran to the window and looked out. At the same time, Moses
stepped to one side.
Down below, the water bag landed on Hotep and Huy. They looked up
and saw Rameses.
Thats enough! Hotep shouted Youre in trouble now, Rameses.
Come down here! Huy shouted. You must tell us that youre sorry.
Moses laughed. Then he lifted thebowl of juice off the table and gave it to
Youre already in big trouble, Moses said. It cant get worse, so have
some fun!
Rameses smiled. Youre right, he agreed. I will, Rameses poured the
juice from the bowl out of the window, on to the two priests.
Hotep looked up. He was very wet now and very angry.
Youll suffer for this, he shouted.
Your father will hear about this, Huy added.
Rameses smiled. He wasnt thinking about his father now. He was thinking
that he was lucky to have a brother like Moses. Moses put his arms across his brothers
shoulders and pulled Rameses close.
You know, Moses said to Rameses as they began walking towards the
door. I know what your problem is.
What? Rameses asked.
Its not that you dnt worry, Moses told him, is that you worry too much,
And your problem, dear brother, Rameses told him, is that you dont
worry enough.
Oh, Moses said. then youre probably more worried about the palace
dinner than I am. Did you know that were late?
Chapter 5 The Palace Dinner
Moses and Rameses ran through the palace. When they reached the doors of the dining
room, Rameses said quietly, Im in real trouble now. Father will kioll me.
Dont worry, Moses told him. Nobody will even notice that were late.
Rameses looked at his brother, then slowly opened the big doors.
The boys stepped inside and found themselves on a large stage. The dining
room was crowded with important people. The guests saw Rameses and Moses and stood
and greeted them.
Nobody will notice! Rameses said quietly to Moses.
Then the queen came to them. She put her arms around Rameses.
Theyre happy for you, she told him. Your father has just named you Prince
Regent. You are now the head of all the building work. You will decide ehat plans and
ideas to use for the new temples.
Ramses was surprised. He remembered his father shouting at him. He
remembered that he called him weak. Now his father was giving him a very important job.
Rameses looked at his mother.
She smiled. I suggest that you go and thank your father,she told him.
As Rameses went to talk to Pharaoh, the Queen turned to Moses.
Rameses will be a good Pharaoh one day, she said with a smile. Who said
that, do you think?
Moses smiled back. Then he looked at his brother. Moses was sure that
Rameses would be a fine Prince Regent.
Then Moses noticed Hotep and Huy in the crowd. He remembered how they
got Moses and Rameses into trouble with Pharaoh.
They must be more polite to Ramases, he thought.
He moved towards them and said, I think that the high priests should offer a
gift to the new Prince Regent.
Seti heard him. Thats an excellent idea, he agreed.
Hotep and Huy looked at Seti. Then the two priests spoke softly together.
Moses and Rameses stood together. They wanted to know what gift the
priests would offer.
Huy hurried from the room as Hotep began to talk.
We have something for the new Prince Regent, he called out. We present,
for your enjoyment, a wonderful gift. It was stolen from a Iand which is far away from
Suddenly, there was a cloud of smoke. Then the air cleared and Moses and
Rameses saw Huy standing next to a large cloth. The cloth was hiding something.
Hotep pulled away the cloth and the boys saw a woman on a camel. Her
hands were tied with a rope.
Moses thought that she was the most beautiful woman in the world. He
looked at his brother. Rameses clearly agreed with him.
We offer you this wonderful desert flower from the land of Miriam, Hotep
Huy pulled on the rope, and the girl fell to the floor.
Let us look closely at this desert flower, Rameses said. He walked towards
the girl. Her name was Tzipporah.
But as Rameses got close to Tzipporah, her face became angry. Then she tried
to bite him.
Rameses moved quickly away from her.
Shes more like a desert snake, are you? Moses joked with his brother.
Thats why Im giving her to you, Rameses said. He pushed Moses towards
Tzzipporah, and put the rope in his hands.
I dont belong to anyone, Tzipporah shouted. And I dont belong to a child
like you!
Moses was very surprised. How could she speak to him in this way?
He looked quickly at his brother, the new Prince Regent. Thyen he turned
back to Tzipporah.
You must not talk that way to a prince of Egypt, he told her.
I can say what I want, she told him. And this is the way I choose to talk to
Moses held the rope tightly as Tzipporah tried to pull away from him.
Let me go! she cried.
All right, Moses said. He dropped the rope, and Tzipporah fell back into a
pool of water.
Dry her, Rameses told one of the palace guards. then take her to my
brothers rooms.
Rameses watched while the guards carried her away. Then he turned to his
Now I am Prince Regent and I must choose a Chief Builder. I choose my
brother, Moses, he said.
Rameses smiled at his brother. He held out a ring and put it on Moses
Pharaoh smiled too. He was glad that Moses and Rameses were friends.
Sometimes they did some wild things, but he was proud of them.
When the party ended, Moses returned to his rooms. He thought that the
beautiful Tzipporah would be there.
He went into his bedroom and in the darkness, he saw someone sitting on his
bed. He smiled. But when he got closer, he was surprised to find one of the palace guards.
The guard was tied with the same rope that was used to tie Tzipporahs hands.
Moses hurried to the window. The sheets from the bed were tied together
and hanging down. He looked out of the window and saw Tzipporah and her camel quietly
walking away from the palace.

Chapter 6 A Surprise For Moses
Moses hurried down the stairs and out of the door. Two guards were standing outside.
Moses didnt want them to notice that Tzipporah was escaping.
Guards he called out.
The guards turned and looked at him.
Theres a man in my room, he told them. Please, go and see.
Yes sir! They said, and hurried away.
After they left, Moses turned back to look for Tzipporah. But he was too late.
She was not in the palace gardens. He thought about her words and her beautiful face,
and he ran after her. He followed her as she travelled into Goshen.
When she stooped at a well, Moses hid in the shadows.
Please, can I have some water? Moses heard her ask a young woman. I have a
long journey in front of me.
Moses didnt know it, but the young woman was Miriam, his sister. The young
man with her was Aaron, his brother.
Miriam gave Tzipporah get on her camel and ride towards the desert. Then he
moved closer to Miriam and Aaron.
When Miriam saw Moses, she was surprised. She dropped the bottle of water
that she was holding.
Oh! Im sorry. Im so sorry, she said, as she picked up the pieces of the
broken bottle. Please forgive me, she continued. I did not believe I would see you again.
Not here not at our door. At last!
Moses laughed. He didnt understand. Here at last? he asked.
Miriam turned to Aaron and said, Didnt I tell you? He has returned to us he
is finally ready.
Be quiet! Aaron told his sister. Do you want to get us into trouble with the
Miriam didnt listen to him. I know you will help us to win our freedom, she
said to Moses.
Still Moses didnt understand. Your freedom? Why do you think I am
interested in that? He asked.
Because youre our brother, Miriam told him.
What? Moses asked. What was his woman saying? He was a prince of Egypt.
You mean, they never told you? Miriam asked. She looked at his face. He really
didnt understand. She reached out her hand to him.
Moses stepped back. Be careful, slave! He said.
Then Aaron came closer to protect his sister.
Please, he asked Moses. Please forgive her. Shes tired. Its so hot, and she
works so hard. She doesnt know what she is saying.
He took Miriam by the waist and began to pull her away.
Our mother, Yocheved, is your mother! Miriam called to Moses. And our father,
Amram, is your father too! Our mother placed you in a basket and put it in the river. She
did it to save your life. And with Gods help you were saved you to take your people to
My father is Pharaoh, Moses thought. My mother is the Queen.
But Miriam was still talking. You will, Moses, she said. You will save us.
Enough of this! Moses shouted. He stepped towards Aaron and Miriam.
As he did, Miriam began to sing.
Hush now, my baby
Be still, love dont cry.
Sleep as youre rocked by the stream.
Sleep and remember
My last lullaby
So Ill be with you when you dream
Moses stooped. He knew that song. How did he know it?
H e turned. He was sad and worried, because he seemed to remember the
lullaby. Could her words be true?
No! Moses thought. He was not her brother, he was Rameses brother. His
home was the palace, not here with slaves.
He began to run. He had to get back home to the palace.
Moses ran through the streets. He pushed past slaves and guards, sheep and
camels. Finally, he reached the palace gardens.

Chapter 7 A Frightening Dream
Moses went into palace and looked up at the high walls. He was glad to be home.
Moses walked slowly back to his own room. He was very tired. He got into bed and quickly
fell asleep. But he did not sleep well; he had a frightening dream. Pharaoh was angry. He
pointed his finger and his soldiers attacked. They pushed women to the ground. They took
their babies and threw them into the river, to the hungry crocodiles.
The dream continued. Moses watched one mother his mother - hide from the
guards. He saw her put a baby in a basket. She kissed it, then she placed the basket in the
river and watched it sail slowly away.
Suddenly, Moses was falling. He was falling into the river, towards the open
mouths of the hungry crocodiles.
He woke up shaking. Could it be true? Was he really a Hebrew? Did Pharaoh kill
those babies? Moses wanted to know.
He took a light and ran through the palace until he came to a big, dark room. Its
walls were covered with paintings, showing stories about the history of Egypt.
Moses looked closely at the walls. He noticed a picture which showed Seti on his
throne. He was pointing at a Hebrew baby boy. He was ordering his guards to kill it.
Moses fell to his kness. It was the picture from his dream.
So it was true, he thought. It was all true.
Moses imagined the fear of these people. How did it fell when you were thrown
into the water? How did it feel when your baby was taken away from you? He imagined
the terrible life of a slave. Suddenly, he felt a hand on his head. Moses looked up. It was
Father, he said. Tell me that you didnt do this.
There were too many Hebrews, Pharaoh explained. I had to stop them before
they took my city, my temples and palaces. I had to stop them before they destroyed my
Tears filled Moses eyes.
Sometimes, Seti explained, suffering is necessary.
But these were people. They were babies! Moses cried out.
Oh my son, Seti said. He reached out to take Moses in his arms. Thay were only
slaves. Moses looked into Pharaohs eyes. Then he pushed away from him and ran from
the room.
He went to the Queens garden by the river. He sat there, looked at the water, and
thought about the Hebrew people. He thought about his father, the man who made them
He thought about his mother, the Queen. And about Rameses, his brother and best
friend. He could not believe that they were not really his family.
Moses looked at the water for a long time. Then the Queen came to him.
Is this where you found me? He asked.
Moses, she said. Please try to understand.
Understand what? he asked. That everything I am is a lie?
No, the Queen replied. Understand that you are our son. We love you.
Why did you choose me? Moses asked.
The queen held Moses close to her.
We didnt chose you, she said. The Egyptian gods did.

Chapter 8 Rameses Plans
A few days later, Moses and Ramese were in the temple that was destroyed during their
chariot race. Rameses first job a Prince Regent was to repair the temple.
Moses and Rameses stood on a platform and looked at the broken walls.
I will repair this temple. I will prove to Pharaoh that I am a good son, Rameses
told Moses. I will make it bigger and more beautiful than any other temple in Egypt.
Rameses placed his plans for the temple on a table and showed them to Moses.
Moses looked at the plans. The n he looked around at the broken stone wallsand
statues. He saw slaves some of them children carrying heavy stones and bags of sand
and water. Moses suddenly realized that these were his people.
Hundreds of years from now, Rameses said proudly, people will look at this
temple and say, It was the great Rameses who built this.
But Moses wasnt listening. He was watching the slaves. On a high platform, he
saw an old man trying to carry a heavy basket of stones.
The man fell.
Moses hard a guard shout Get up! at the old man.
The man tried to stand.
Get up! the guard shouted again. He hit the man with a stick. The old man
slowly stood up. Moses looked at the shape of his back.
Now move! Faster! The guard shouted. He hit the old man again and again.
Moses could not watch.
Stop it! Stop it! Moses shouted. Leave him alone.
Rameses stooped talking and looked at this brother. He could not believe what Moses was
Moses ran towards the platform. When he reached the guard, he jumped on him. He
pushed him away from the old man. The guard fell, of the hig platform, and landed on the
stone floor of the temple.
Everyone stooped to look at the fallen Egyptian. The guard was dead. Moses
killed him.
There he is! He did it! someone shouted, pointing at Moses.
Get him! Get him! A guard shouted.
Moses turned. He knew he had to escape. He ran, but a woman caught his arm.
Moses! She said.
He looked at her. It was Miriam, the woman from Goshen. The woman who called
him brother.
But Moses knew he couldnt stop. He pulled his arm away from Miriam and
continued to run.
He was near the gates of the palace when he heard the sounds of a horse and
chariot. They were coming after him!
Moses! Moses! the driver called.
Moses knew the voice. It was Rameses.
Rameses jumped off his chariot and put his arms around his brother.
You dont have to run, he told Moses. Ill help you.
But I killed a man, Moses said.
I am Egypt, Rameses said proudly. I am the morning and the evening star. I will
say nothing happened.
Moses knew that Rameses could save him. But Moses really was a Hebrew
Rameses couldnt change that.
You dont understand, said Moses. I am living a lie. I am not who you think.
Rameses didnt understand. What are you talking about? He asked.
Ask the man I called father, he said.
Moses began to walk away. Then he stooped, turned to Rameses, and said
softly, Goodbye, brother.
Then he ran away.
Moses ran from his past life as prince of Egypt. He became a traveler, whit
no home or family.

Chapter 9 A New Life
Moses walked for many days, a lonely man in the hot desert sand. Then he stepped on a
sharp stone and his shoe broke.
This made him angry and he took off his shoes and threw them down. He
pulled off his expensive clothes and threw them into the sand, too.
He took off his ring. It was the ring that Rameses gave him. Moses looked at it
for a long time, but he didnt want to throw it away. He put it back on his finger in
memory of the brother that he loved.
Suddenly a strong wind came and covered Moses in a deep sea of sand. Only
the top of his head was above the sand.
Many hours passed before a camel came past. It noticed Moses hair in the
sand. When it tried to eat the hair, it pulled Moses head and shoulders out of the sand.
Moses looked up and saw the camel. There was a water bag hanging from its
side. He felt very weak, but he reached for the bag. He held the bag and the camel pulled
him through the sand.
After many hours of travelling, they came to a pool of water near a small
village. Moses pushed his face into the pool and drank from it for a long time.
He was still drinking when he heard a young voice cry out, Help! Stop!
Moses looked up and saw three young girls. Some strange men were frightening their
animals away from a well.
Let our sheep drink, one of the girls cried.
Get away, one of then men told them.
While the girls shouted at the men, Moses walked quietly to the strangers
camels. The camels were tied with ropes. Moses untied the ropes and the camels ran
Hey, Moses called. Were those yours?
The men turned and saw their animals running away. Wait! They cried, and ran
after them.
The girls hurried to Moses. Thanks you, they said.

Suddenly, Moses felt very weak. He fell back into the well.
Dont worry, well help you, the oldest girl called down. She dropped a rope
into the water. Hold on to this, she said to Moses.
Moses caught the rope and held it. He listened as the girls tried to pull him up.
He heard another voice as their older sister joined them.
Whats happening? she asked.
Her sisters explained to her about the man in the well, and she helped to pull
him out.
Moses saw the woman who saved him. He was very surprised because it was
Tzipporah, the Midianite woman from the palace dinner.
Tzipporah was also surprised.
You! She cried. Tzipporah dropper the rope and Moses fell back into the
water. Tzipporah remembered the palace dinner very well! Then she pulled him out again.
Together, they walked towards a big tent.
When they arrived at the tent, a large man came to the doorway.
Come in, come in, he said. You are most welcome.
This is my father, Jethro, Tzipporah told Moses. The Priest of Midian.
Jethro put his arms around Moses and said, Tonight you will be my special

That night there was a big dinner party. Jethro looked down and said. Let us give thanks
for this wonderful food. Then he turned to Moses and said, And let us give thanks to this
brave young man. We must thank him for being here tonight.
Moses thought about his life. He thought about Rameses and Pharaoh. He
thought about how the slaves suffered because of his family.
Please, sir, Moses said, please dont say those kind words. I have done
nothing good in my life.
Jethro looked at Moses. First you saved Tzipporah from Egypt, he said. Then
you saved my younger daughters from the bmen at the well. You think that is nothing?
You are good man and you dont know that.
Moses remembered Tzipoorahs escape from the palace and he realized. She
knew that he helped her to escape! She heard him tell the guards to go to his room. He sat
in the warm light of the fire and smiled. Jethros guests ate, sang and danced.
While he watched the party, Moses thought of all his parties.
With Rameses. Jethro and his family were not as rich, but this party was as
happy as the ones in the palace.

Moses stayed with Jethro and his family. Years passed, and Moses and Tzipoorah fell in
love and got married.

Chapter 10 The Burning Bush
One day, while Moses was guarding sheep near the mountain of Horeb, a young sheep ran
away. Moses ran after in and found himself in a quiet rocky area.
In front of him was a burning bush.
Moses was surprised because the fire was not destroying the bush. He put his
staff into the fire, but the wood didnt burn. He held out his hand towards it, but he was
not hurt.
Moses didnt understand. Suddenly, he heard a voice.
Moses! Moses! the voice called.
Moses turned, but he saw nobody.
Moses! Moses! the voice called to him again. Take off your shoes. You are
standing in a holy place.
Moses took off his shoes. Who are you? He asked.
I am who I am, the voice said.
What? Moses asked. I dont understand.
I am the god of your fathers, of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. And of Abraham,
Yocheved, Miriam and Aaron, Moses thougth. And my God, too.
I have seen the suffering of my people Egypt, God continued. I have heard
their cries. I shall free them and bring them to their promised land. And so I shall send you
to meet Pharaoh.
Moses looked at the fire. He was too surprised to speak.
You will take my people to freedom, God told Moses.
Me? Moses asked. Who am I to take these people to freedom? Theyll never
believe me. They wont listen to me.
I shall teach you what to say.
But I was their enemy, Moses replied. I was the Prince of Egypt, the son of
the man who killed their children. Youve chosen the wrong messenger.
Who made mans mouth? God asked angrily. I did! Now go!
Moses stepped back. He was too afraid to look at the burning bush.
Then god spoke softly, I shall be with you when you speak to the people, he
told Moses. I shall be with you, too, when you speak to Pharaoh.
Moses felt less frightened.
Take your staff in your hands, God told him. whit it, you will do my work.
With it, you will take the Hebrew people the freedom.
The voice became soft and then was silent. The fire went out. The bush was not
Moses looked at the bush for a minute. Then he picked up his staff and took his
sheep home. He told Tzipporah what he saw. He told her Gods words. Now he would take
Gods people to freedom.
But Moses, Tzipporah replied, you are just one man.
Moses pointed to Zipporahs family. They were otside doing their work.
Look at your family, he told her. Theyre free. They have hopes and dreams.
That is what I want for my people. So I must do the work that God has given me.
Moses thought of his father, Pharaoh. He thought of the soldiers throwing the
babies to the crocodiles. Moses knew that he had to stop it.
Tzipporah smiled at her husband. She took him in her arms and said softly, Im
coming with you.

Chapter 11 Together Again
Moses and Tzipporah began their journey back to Egypt.
Moses thought about his feelings for Seti, the man he called father as a child.
He also thought about seeing Rameses again after so many years.
As Moses and Tzipporah passed through the palace gates, Moses asked to see
Pharaoh. They were taken into the palace dining room. Pharaoh was sitting on his throne.
He was talking about his plans to build more temples.
Then Pharaoh looked up.
Moses was very surprised. It was Rameses!
Rameses hurried off his chair.
Moses! Is it really you? Where have you been? Rameses asked.
Moses tried to speak, but Rameses lifted him off the ground and held him his
Moses was excited to see Rameses again. For a minute, he forgot why he was
back in Egypt.
When Rameses put him down, Moses stepped back and looked at his brother.
Look at you! Youre Pharaoh, he said.
Moses took Rameses in his arms. Its so good to see you.
Then the palace priests, Hotep and Huy, came into the room.
Remember, Rameses, Hotep said. Moses killed an Egyptian guard.
Rameses wasnt interested in hearing about Moses crime. He was just happy
that his brother was back.
But now Moses remembered why he was there. His face became serious.
Rameses, Moses said. Things must change. Things cannot be the way that
they were.
I dont see why not, Rameses answered, smiling.
But Moses did not smile back. He told Rameses what God said to him.
God orders you to free the Hebrew people, Moses told him .
Orders? Rameses asked. He was surprised. Nobody order the Pharaoh to do
He waited for Moses to laugh. As a child, Rameses remembered, Moses often
played jokes on Rameses . But now his face was serious.
Rameses took Moses to a window.
Look, I am Pharaoh now. And Egypt is a greater country than it was in my
fathers day.
Moses looked out of the same window.
I do not see temples and palaces, said Moses. I can only see slaves. I see
thousands of them. They are carryng heavy stones and the guards are hitting them.
I Cannot change what you see, Rameses told Moses. And I will not free your people.

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