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An Exposition on the various scientific disciplines within the
doctrine of Islamism
A Quantum Physics approach to unlocking the mysteries of the
meta-physical (esoteric) teachings of the Moorish Science
Temple of America

The discovery of the Lower-Self manifested as a tangible
substance in the body which can be conquered via the creation
and or re-establishment of new neural pathways in the brain
which is the store-house of the soul

Brother A. Hopkins-Bey, G.S.D.M.










NEICES AND NEPHEWS (including great nieces and nephews). I



The Moorish Science Temple of America was founded by Prophet
Noble Drew Ali in 1913 A.D. The Moorish Science Temple of
America was founded for the expressed purpose of uplifting fallen
humanity. When one thoroughly peruses the doctrines of the
Moorish Science Temple of America, one would notice that the
Moorish Science Temple of America is also a School where one can
come and join, so as to gain proper instructions (Divine Instructions)
that may be employed so that said member may be raised to a God-
Man. The Moorish Science Temple of America must not be looked
at from a myopic point of view. The Moorish Science Temple of
America is a lawfully chartered and incorporated organization where
one can proclaim their nationality. The Moorish Science Temple of
America is where one can learn about the religion of Islamism. The
Moorish Science Temple of America is the spiritual base where one
can come and gain knowledge of self, and knowledge of their Father
God-Allah. The Moorish Science Temple of America is also a
University geared towards the discipline of Divine Academics,
which produces Men and Women who are Masters of Self. In the
Moorish Science Temple of America, science and religion are united
so as to accomplish the aforementioned goals.


It is often said that science and religion can never collaborate; being
that many are under the erroneous misconception that science
pertains only to the physical world. In the Moorish Science Temple
of America, Science is coalesced with Religion, being that true
science transcends the mundane corporeal world. The religion of
Islamism and science are fused due to the fact that science
perseveres in keeping religion from entering superstition, and
religion perseveres in keeping science from going outside the
bounds of moderation. The Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey
taught about the importance of science and religion, he said, in
your homes and everywhere possible you must teach the higher
development of science to your children; and be sure to develop a
race of scientists par excellence for in science and religion lie our
only hope to withstand the evil designs of modern materialism

The Holy Koran of the Moorish Science Temple of America states,
Teach him science and his life shall be useful; teach him religion,
and his death shall be happy.

Science is the search for both knowledge and the how something
works. Science adequately explains the mechanisms of the doctrine
and philosophy of Islamism. Science explains and demystifies the
world through the objective of gathering and analyzing data, and
subsequently drawing from them significant conclusions. Albert
Einstein said, A legitimate conflict between science and religion
cannot exist. Science without religion is lame. Religion without
science is blind.
Science purifies religion from error and
superstition; religion purifies science from idolatry and false
absolutes. Science and religion together weaves a rich tapestry of
new meaning for our comprehension of life. It is said, The religion
that is afraid of science dishonors God and commits suicide. The
science that is afraid of religion denies it's Creator and discredits

What is Moorish Science?

There are many specific disciplines within the sphere of Moorish
Science. Some areas of science, which the average layman may be
aware of are: Biology, Psychology, Physiology, Chemistry, Physics,
Ecology, etc. To describe Moorish Science we first must familiarize
ourselves with the meaning of the term science. The word
science is derived from the Latin scientia, meaning
knowledge, the nominal form of the verb scire, to know.

Science itself is defined as, a system of knowledge gained through
observation, study, and experimentation carried on to determine the
nature or principle of that which is being studied.
In Moorish
Science or the Science of the Moors, the nature or principle which is
being studied is self. Moorish Science itself can be described with
one word, Self-ology, (-ology: Alternative form of -logy, used for
phonological reasons when the preceding morpheme ends in certain consonant
sounds, which denotes any branch of learning, or a study of a particular subject
In fact, the central theme of the Moorish Holy Koran is Know
Thyself. Moorish Science or the Science of the Moors finds its
origin in The Garden of Eden; it was the first science or system of
knowledge which was developed in Canaanland, however this
science was further matured in ancient Egypt.

The Origin of Moorish Science.

It was not strange that the Holy Prophet Noble Drew Ali referenced
himself as: The EGYPTIAN ADEPT.
He could have introduced
himself as, The Moorish Adept, The Arabian Adept, The Chinese
Adept, or even The Turkish Adept. However he intentionally chose
to forgo those aforementioned titles and deliberately chose to refer to
himself as: THE EGYPTIAN ADEPT. We must ask ourselves, why
Egyptian Adept, when the Prophet unambiguously states (in the
Questionnaire) that his nationality is: Moorish-American?
Let us
began by offering a brief history of the land referred to as Egypt.
The ancient name of Egypt was Misraim; this name was given to
that land via the Kushites.
Misr is the Arabic official name for
modern Egypt.
Misraim was the son of Ham. The Moorish Holy
Koran informs us of the fact that the Egyptians were the Hamitites
and a direct descendant of Mizraim.
A prominent village named
Misr, near the famed city of Fez, is linguistically related to
Misraim, and this shows the power and dominion of the old
Egyptian empire.
Egypt also at one point in time was also known
as Kemet. The term Kemet comes from Kem, Chem, and
Kham, which all relate linguistically to Ham. Ham and
Cham in the ancient Hebrew language means heat, black, or
The early 19th century traveler James Grey Jackson
reported that: Cham was an Arabic name for Egypt when untied
to Syria and other countries;
those other countries include
Palestine, Phoenicia, and Canaan.

The Moorish Holy Koran instructs us that, the Moorish who were
the ancient Moabites founded the Holy City of Mecca. Mecca was
located in Canaanland, which was also where the Physical part of
man was first formed (Garden of Eden).
Therefore the first Adams
and Eves who were Moors (Moor denotes original man) originally
occupied Canaanland before dispersing abroad internationally.
Africa itself was unoccupied prior to the deluge. The Moorish Holy
Koran states: The inhabitants of Africa are the descendants of the
ancient Canaanites from the land of Canaan. Old man Cush and his
family are the first inhabitants of Africa who came from the land of
Canaan. His father Ham and his family were second. Then came the
word Ethiopia, which means the demarcation line of the dominion of
Amexem, the first true and divine name of Africa. Consequently, the
Adept instructions the Holy Prophet received in Egypt can be traced
back to the Garden of Eden (Land of Canaan, city of Mecca). In
other words, the Sciences studied in Canaanland were carried into
Egypt by Cush and his father Ham; these sciences subsequently had
been further developed and perfected in Egypt. The instructions of
the ancient Sciences had been institutionalized into a system, which
came to be known in Egypt as The Mysteries.

The Holy and Divine Prophet Noble Drew Ali being an Egyptian
Adept, was taught by Adepts of Egypt.
Those Egyptian Adept
teachings were adopted into the Moorish Science Temple of
America, and subsequently preserved via The Holy Koran of the
Moorish Science Temple of America, which speaks of Temples such
as: the Temple of the Brotherhood i.e. the Temple of Sakara located
in the valley of the Nile in Egypt; also the Temple in Heliopolis i.e.
the Temple of the sacred brotherhood in Egypt. This adoption and
subsequent preservation of the Egyptian Adept instructions, is
analogous to when the Moors of West Africa maintained and
safeguarded the teachings of the Egyptian Mystery system after
Egypt was conquered by Europeans. The Book Isis Unveiled reports,
Few were the true Adepts and initiates, the heirs and descendants
of those who had been dispersed by the conquering swords of
various invaders of Old Egypt.
The book Stolen Legacy reports,

During the Persian, Greek, and Roman invasions, large numbers
of Egyptians fled not only to the desert and mountain regions, but
also to adjacent lands in Africa, Arabia, and Asia Minor, where they
lived, and secretly developed the teachings which belonged to their
mystery system. In the 8
century A.D. the Moorsinvaded Spain
and took with them, the Egyptian culture which they had
preserved. Knowledge in the ancient days was centralized, i.e. it
belonged to a common parent and system, i.e., the Wisdom Teaching
or Mysteries of Egypt, which the Greeks used to call Sophia.

As such, the people of North Africa (i.e. Moors) were the
neighbors of the Egyptians, and became the custodians of
Egyptian culture, which they spread through considerable portions
of Africa, Asia Minor and Europe. During their occupation of Spain,
the Moors displayed with considerable credit, the grandeur
ofculture and civilization. The schools and libraries which they
established became famous throughout the medieval world; Science
and learning were cultivated and taught; the schools of Cordova,
Toledo, Seville, and Saragossa attained such celebrity, that they,
likeEgypt, attracted students from all parts of the Western world;
and from them arose the most famous(Moorish) professors that
the world has ever known, in medicine, surgery, astronomy and
mathematicsConsequently through the medium of the ancient
Arabic language, philosophy and the various branches of science
were disseminatedIn addition, the Moors kept up constant
contact withEgypt: for they had established Caliphates not only
at Bagdad and Cordova, but also in Cairo Egypt.

Many of those exiled Egyptian Hierophants later returned to Egypt,
consequently Prophet Noble Drew Ali went to the source to obtain
the information. The teachings of Moorish Science i.e. Know
Thyself (Self-ology) was learned in Egypt.

Egyptian Temples carried inscriptions on the outside addressed
to Neophytes and among them was the injunction know Thyself.
Socrates copied these words from the Egyptian Temples and was not
the author. All Mystery Temples, inside and outside of Egypt
carried such inscriptions

Knowledge of self is a pre-requisite for the conquest of self (lower-
self). That is the first instruction one receives upon opening The
Holy Koran of the Moorish Science Temple of America: Know
Thyself and Allah.
Know Thyself is the bed-rock of the Divine
Instructions From The Holy Prophet Noble Drew Ali.

Self Knowledge is the basis of true knowledge. The Mysteries
required as a first step, the mastery of the passions, which made
room for the occupation of unlimited powers. Hence, as a second
step, the Neophytes was required to search within himself for the
new powers which had taken possession of him. The Egyptians
consequently wrote on their Temple: Man, Know Thyself.

Moorish Science adequately explains Man, as well as his connection
with the universe. It enables Man to clearly comprehend himself
while at the same time allows him to apprehend the purpose and
objective of his earthly existence. In this work we will undoubtedly
witness the science within Moorish Science which clearly articulates
the many practical mechanisms within the doctrine of Islam, which
will permit us to plainly see the critical necessity of living the Divine
Instructions From The Holy Prophet.

Part I
The Physical Manifest, The Plane of Illusions

Scientific experiments have shown that if you take a person and
hook their brain up to a PET scan
, and you ask them to look at a
certain object, you will notice that certain areas of the brain light up.
And then they've asked individuals to close their eyes and now
imagine that same object. And when they imagine that same object,
it caused the same areas of the brain to light up as if they were
actually visually looking at it.
Consequently, many scientists were
perplexed by this realization, subsequently this caused scientists to
back up and ask the question of: What is seeing? Does the brain
see? Or do the eyes see? And what is reality? Is reality what we're
seeing with our brain or is reality what we're seeing with our eyes? If
it is in fact the brain that is seeing, then, is what our eyes bearing
witness to an elaborate sapient illusion? The answer to this question
is, YES. Everything we see with our human eyes is nothing more
than an illusion, a false impression, a fallacy, unreality, and an
aberration. The Divine Instructions From the Holy Prophet
unambiguously states,
All things that can be seen by human eyes are manifests of aught, are
naught, and so must pass away. The things we see are but reflexes just
appearing, while the ethers vibrate so and so, and when conditions
change they disappear.

Undoubtedly everything we See with our human eyes is
illusionary due the fact of it being naught which ultimately will pass
The veracity of this fact is best explicated within the various
chapters of the Moorish Holy Koran; in addition to that, it also can
be explained comprehensively through the sciences of Biology as
well as Neurology.
I will begin by clarifying the rationale behind utilizing the term
see in the context of human eyesight, in quotations. Oftentimes,
the language in which we employ to describe things, events,
happenings etc. is not entirely accurate; consequently the
expressions are not to be taken in its literal sense. Our vernacular
oftentimes, at best, can be described as colloquial or idiomatic. For
example, when we ask: What time does the Sun rise? Or, what time
does the Sun set? We know scientifically and truthfully the Sun
neither rises nor sets. However, in order to avoid such complex
language such as, At what time in relation to our zone does the
earth rotate towards the Star in our Solar system (?), we employ a
more informal speech pattern so as not to confuse the most layman
who may not be accustomed with the various mechanisms of
science. This point is analogous to eyesight. Our eyes do not have
sight; we do not see through our eyes.
When we look out of the
window, many of us are under the misconception that what we are
seeing is an image with your eyes, as this is the way that we have
been conditioned to think. However, in reality this is not how it
works, because you do not see the world with your eyes. You see
the image created in your brains.
This is not a conjecture, nor a
philosophical speculation, but the Scientific Truth!
All of our senses which we experience on the earthly realm of
existence such as Sight, Smells, Taste, Touch, and Hearing are all
illusions created by the brain. As a result, the True Sensations are
experienced not here in the physical realm of existence, but on the
Soul level of existence.
This new insight gives fresh meaning to the
principal directive of exercising our five senses during Sunday

The eyeball is an optical device for focusing light. Light from a
scene passes through the cornea, pupil, and lens on its way to the
The cornea and lens focus light from objects onto
photoreceptors, which absorb and then convert it into electrical
signals that carry information to the brain.
The lens projects an
inverted image onto the retina in the same way a camera lens
projects an inverted image onto film; the brain adjusts this inversion
so we see the world in its correct orientation. The cornea and lens
bend or refract light rays as they enter the eye, in order to focus
images on the retina. The retina originates from the brain and
contains photoreceptors for detecting light.
When our eyes see
colors, they are in fact detecting the different wavelengths of the
light hitting the retina. Colors are distinguished by their
wavelengths, and the brain processes this information and produces
a visual display that we experience as color.
This means that
colors only really exist within the brain light is indeed travelling
from objects to our eyes, and each object may well be
transmitting/reflecting a different set of wavelengths of light; but
what essentially defines a color as opposed to a wavelength is
created within the brain. Our eyes allow us to perceive
electromagnetic radiation reflected from objects. Eyes do not form
images but they allows us to react to light by moving toward or
away from it.
Our eyes detect just a narrow range of all the
wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation; this range of light is
called the visible spectrum.

The visual cortex of the brain is the part of the cerebral cortex
responsible for processing visual information. It is located in the
occipital lobe (Latin oc- caput, meaning back of the head), in
the rear of the brain.
There is a visual cortex in each hemisphere of
the brain. The left hemisphere visual cortex receives signals from the
right visual field and the right visual cortex from the left visual field.
We only see after our brains interpret what's sent to them from our
eyes. Our eyes see nothing, the brain does the actual seeing. Our
eyes don't send images to our brains. Images are constructed in
our brains based on very simple signals sent from our eyes.

This concept can be better understood when we realize how the
visual system operates. The eye is responsible for transforming light
into an electric signal by means of the cells in the retina. This
electrical signal reaches the Visual Cortex in the brain.
The signals
create the vision you see when you look out of the window. In other
words, the sights you see are created in your brain. You see the
image in your brain, not the view outside the window. For
example: the light reaches the eyes of the person from outside. This
light passes to the small sight center located at the back of the brain
after the cells in the eyes transform it into electrical signals. It is
these electrical signals which form the picture in the brain.
reality when we open the brain, we wouldn't be able to see any
image. However, the consciousness in the mind receives electrical
signals in the form of an image. The brain perceives electrical
signals in the form of an image, yet it has no eye, eye cells, or retina.
Consequently, what we perceive to be outside of our brain is
nothing more than an illusion, i.e. a manifest of Aught, therefore
naught, and will pass away.

The same question can be asked about this book you are reading
now. The light coming to your eyes is converted into electrical
signals and reaches your brain, where the view of this book is
created. In other words, the book you are reading right now is not
outside you, it is actually inside you, in the sight center in the back
of your brain. Consequently what we are seeing outside of us is
more like a projected holographic illusion. Since you feel the
hardness of the book with your hands, you might think that the book
is outside you. However, this feeling of hardness also originates in
the brain (the sense of touch). The nerves on your fingertips transmit
electrical information to the touch center in your brain.
And when
you touch the book, you feel the hardness and intensity of it, the
slipperiness of the pages, the texture of the cover and the sharpness
of the edge of the pages, all within your brain where the soul resides.
In reality however, you can never touch the real nature of the book
on the physical manifestation. Even though you think that you're
touching the book, it is your brain that perceives the tactile
sensations. This book exists as a material thing outside of your brain,
but you merely confront the image of the book within your brain.
We can therefore conclude that everything we see, smell, hear,
touch, and taste merely exists in our brains; this divinely
remarkable process allows the Spirit and Soul to engage in a
meaningful and expressive physical/earthly experience. This is a
Moorish scientific truth, proven with scientific evidence! We have
been taught that we are touching the cloth outside of our body,
reading a book that is 1 foot away from us, smelling the flowers that
are far away from us, or hearing the shaking of the leaves that are far
above us. However, this is all in our imagination. All of these things
are happening within our brains, which is the store-house of the
Soul. What we are experiencing are manifest expressions of
particular sensations, or watered-down sensations, as opposed to
true sensations.
The Soul of man furnishes man with the ability to Think, Reason,
Will, and Understand.
The Soul activates the brain, which is
analogous to an energy source offering power to a computer, which
allows it to function. The Soul gives life to the billions upon billions
of neurons; it gives life to the frontal lobe, parietal lobe, Temporal
lobe, and the occipital lobe. The Soul enlivens the brain, which
allows the Spirit-Man to function on the plane of things made
manifest. A Soul devoid of a brain (and body of flesh), cannot gain
life lesson being perfected by suffering on the plane of things made
manifest. It is the brain which allows us to experience the world by
means of the senses. The Soul sees with the eyes of soul; the eyes of
flesh see with the brain which is the house of the Soul. The brain
converts light (that reflects off objects and passes through the lens of
the eye) into a meaningful, three-dimensional vision. For example,
when you watch your children playing in a park, you are not seeing
your children and the park with your eyes, because the image of this
view forms not before your eyes, but at the back of your brain. In
reality the physiology of vision is an extraordinarily Divine
operation. Without fail, light is converted into electrical signals, and,
subsequently, these electrical signals reveal a colorful, shining,
three-dimensional world. When we contemplate this miraculous
and astonishing feat, we are witnessing a display of omnipotence.
At this point we encounter another surprising fact; that there are, in
fact, no colors, human voices or human eyesight within our brain.
All that can be found in our brains are the Soul and electrical signals,
thats all. This is not a philosophical speculation. This is simply a
scientific description of the functions of our perceptions. In her book
Mapping The Mind, Rita Carter explains the way we perceive the
world as follows:
Each one [of the sense organs] is intricately adapted to deal with its own type of
stimulus: molecules, waves or vibrations. But the answer does not lie here,
because despite their wonderful variety, each organ does essentially the same job:
it translates its particular type of stimulus into electrical pulses. A pulse is a pulse
is a pulse. It is not the colour red, or the first notes of Beethoven's Fifth- it is a bit
of electrical energy. Indeed, rather than discriminating one type of sensory input
from another, the sense organs actually make them more alike. All sensory
stimuli, then enter the brain in more or less undifferentiated form as a stream of
electrical pulses created by neurons firing, domino-fashion, along a certain route.
This is all that happens. There is no reverse transformer that at some stage turns
this electrical activity back into light waves or molecules. What makes one stream
into vision and another into smell depends, rather, on which neurons are

In other words, all of our feelings and perceptions about the
world (sight, smells, visions, tastes, and touch) are comprised of the
same material, that is, electrical signals. Moreover, our brain is what
makes these signals meaningful for us, and interprets these signals as
senses of smell, taste, vision, sound or touch. It is a stunning fact to
many scientists, that the brain can know which electrical signal
should be interpreted as smell and which one as vision, and can
convert the same material into different senses and feelings. This is
less stunning to the student of the Prophet Noble Drew Ali, for we
realize the master of house is more honorable than its walls. In other
words, the Souls [master of the house] is the driving force of the
brain [walls]. Through comprehension of this scientific explanation,
we can appreciate why our senses are unable to distinguish truth
from error without our Soul being in moderation.
We can also
appreciate the reality that the sensations we experience on the plane
of things made manifest are all illusionary, on the contrary, when on
the plane of Soul we experience the True Sensations.

We will later scientifically explain the things we see being reflexes
just appearing, while the ethers vibrate so and so.

Part II
The Physical Manifest, The Garb of Flesh
And so it was with every living thing until the will became a sluggish will,
and then the ethers of the protoplast, the earth, the plant, the beast, the
man, began to vibrate very slow. The ethers all became more dense, and
all the creatures of these planes were clothed with coarser garbs garbs of
flesh, which men can see; and thus this coarser manifest, which men call
physical, appeared. And this is what is called the fall of man

The Holy Koran of the Moorish Science Temple of America informs
us in the chapter entitled, Holy Instructions From The Prophet-
Know Thyself, that we must contemplate our frame. This frame is
composed of particular parts or components assembled together,
which makes man what he/she is at present. Man himself is a Spirit
and a part of ALLAH, however as a Spirit, Creative Fate gave Spirit-
Man a soul so that he might function on the plane of soul, gave him
a body of flesh that he might function on the plane of things made
. Consequently, in contemplating ones frame, one must
contemplate their parts or components which make them who they
are. The Soul and Flesh aspect of Spirit-Man is nothing but a slower
rhythmic ethereal vibration. For example, we are taught in The
Divine Instructions From The Holy Prophet, the plane of soul is
but the ether of the spirit plane vibrating not so fast,
subsequently the plane of things made manifest is but the ether of
the soul plane vibrating slower still therefore the essences took on
a final garb; and man was clothed in flesh.
Upon proper
contemplation of the fleshly existence, one will arrive at the
unequivocal conclusion (through scientific elucidation) that man
even in his fleshly existence is a Thought, i.e. a culmination of
concentrated bits of Information, expressed as a vibrational
frequency or energy which has the ability to appear, and disappear,
and cross the borderland at will. The science of Quantum
Physics/Quantum Mechanics clarifies these points in detail.
Quantum physics is the branch of science that deals with the
behavior and characteristics of matter (at the subatomic level) and

When you consider the fleshly existence being that Man is the
Breath made flesh,
one must consider the most fundamental
aspects of the physical body. The physical body itself is a manifest
expression or slower ethereal vibration of the soul. Being that the
body is a manifest of soul, and soul is a manifest of spirit, we must
consider the make-up of this physical body, this is apart of the study
of self. Once we grasp the composition, structure, and configuration
of the physical form, we will undoubtedly realize the limitless
capabilities of Spirit-Man.

The Physical body is a manifest of something must greater, more
superior in quality. The physical body originates from something
exceptional, as a result the body itself must contain some
magnificent and astonishing features; the Moorish Holy Koran
teaches that in addition to being made fearfully we are also made
What is the body made of? Our bodies are
primarily made up of tissue and organs; these tissues and organs
are made of cells. These cells are in turn made up of molecules,
which are made up of atoms, which are in turn made up of sub-
atomic particles such as electrons, neutrons, and protons.
is the world of quantum physics. Everything is made up of large
groups of sub-atomic particles which consist of energy. Your body,
a tree, a planet, light, and everything else are concentrations of
energy. The human body is made of energy, this energy is put
together into the physical shape you are used to seeing. We may
then consider every cell in the human body as a library of
information. Each cell is made of molecules, each molecule is made
of atoms, and atoms are made of electrons, neutrons, and protons. In
connection with Einstein's familiar formula, E=MC
, we have
discovered that matter and energy are equivalent, that we can
convert energy into matter, and that the energy in a piece of matter is
equal to the mass of the matter times the speed of light squared.
Thus, even minute amounts of matter represent a lot of energy.
There is of course tissue that is connected with the rest of the body
through biochemical interactions and exchanges, but the bottom line
is that all this is made of atoms. And atoms are made of subatomic
particles, and subatomic particles are energy waves (subatomic
particles aren't really made of energy, but simply are
energy!). The subatomic world of electrons, protons, and
neutrons may thus be viewed as patterns of vibration, slower
than the soul and spirit plane of existence, however vibration
nonetheless existing slower still.

We know we can convert matter into energy. We can burn wood and
get heat. We can mathematically determine how much heat we
would get from a pile of wood by using the formula E=MC
. And
the reverse is also true; energy can be converted into matter. In
Einstein's hypotheses, energy and mass are analogous. That is,
mass can be simply expressed in terms of energy and vice-versa.
This adequately explains through science, how the physical Man
came into existence. Neither science nor religion supports the theory
of evolution, consequently the requisite question must be, If man
did not evolve from lower forms of life, how did the first humans
come into existence? The Moorish Holy Koran states, the ethers
of the protoplast, the earth, the plant, the beast, the man, began to
vibrate very slow. The ethers became more dense, and all the
creatures of these planes were clothed with coarser garbs of flesh,
which men can see; and thus this coarser manifest, which men call
physical, appeared.
We did not evolve we appeared! Meaning,
scientifically speaking, energy was converted into matter at the
speed of light. This further underscores the scientific rational, as
regards to how Jesus was able to fully materialized before Apollo
and the Silent Brotherhood In Greece, Claudia and Juliet on the
Tiber Near Rome, to the Priest in the Egyptian Temple at Heliopolis,
to the Eastern Sages In the Palace Of Prince Ravanna in India, also
to the Magian Priests In Persia.
When Jesus appeared after his
death, he was neither a ghost nor an inconceivable apparition; he
made statements such as: Look at my hands, my feet, my
side"Behold, I am not myth made of the fleeting winds, for I am
flesh and bone and brawn; but I can cross the borderland at
, He said, Before the eyes of men this flesh in which I come to
you was changed with speed of light from human flesh. And so I am
the message that I bring to you. To you I come, the first of all the
race to be transmuted to the image of Allah. What I have done, all
men will do; and what I am, all men shall be."..then He disappeared.
It was the Jewish soldiers who actually saw the body of Jesus
transmute, the Moorish Holy Koran states, They saw the body of the
Nazarene transmute. They saw it change from mortal to immortal
form, and then it disappeared .
This was a manifest example of
the body in its slower ethereal vibration sped up at the speed of light
into a higher vibratory rate until the substance of the body could not
be seen by mortal eyes, thus disappearing (i.e. matter being
converted into pure energy), also it clearly shows how energy can be
converted into matter, thus giving the impression of the human form

Again, the body is composed of sub-atomic particles. It must be
properly understood that a sub-atomic particle is not really a particle
in the way that a grain of sand is a particle. While atomic and larger
particles are objects, or things, subatomic particles are not objects
as such. Quantum Physicists describe them as probabilities of
existence and at the same time multiple existences.
They are
also wave-like and particle-like at the same time.
They behave
both as a wave of light and as a particle of sand, something that is
normally considered impossible in the so-called real world. Not
only that, they are not bound by space and time. They travel
back and forth in time and go between distances without
crossing the distance in between.
This is the energy that we are
made up of! This is what the Science of quantum physics shows us.
Quantum physics asks the question what are these sub-atomic
particles and how do they act? Well, the sub-atomic particles are
energy packets sometimes called quanta. Everything in this universe
is made up of energy, and these energy packets behave in the most
astonishing ways! They are at our command! Being that the
Quantum Physicist teach that electrons, like all other subatomic
particles, are described by a probability density state;
it is
obvious that at this level it is strikingly evident that there is no
objective physical reality at all. This again underscores that fact
that All things that can be seen by human eyes are manifests of
aught, are naught, and so must pass away. The things we see are but
reflexes just appearing, while the ethers vibrate so and so, and when
conditions change they disappear (The Holy Koran of the MSTA, VII:8,9).

The qualities of sub-atomic particles offer a brief narrative of the a
few qualities of the spirit, i.e. not being subject to space and time,
being able to travel back and forth in time and go between
distances without crossing the distance in between. The sub-atomic
particles or energy manifested is simply the energy of the soul
vibrating slower still, thus giving the impression of being solid,
dense, firm, and corporeal, when in fact we are (on the earthly level)
probabilities of existence and at the same time multiple
existences, we are also wave-like and particle-like at the same time.
An electron can be in two places at once. The fact that particles can
exist in two places at once is not a mere theoretical abstraction; it is
a very real aspect of how the subatomic world works, and it has been
experimentally confirmed many times over.
The mystery to
quantum physicist is what keeps all the trillions upon trillions of
sub-atomic particles together which gives us the look of being solid
as opposed to being flexible and yielding as the soul; what keeps our
sub-atomic particles uniformly aligned within a particular time and
space as opposed to our bodies blinking in and out existence at a
whim, appearing and disappearing on impulse. The teachings of the
Moorish Science Temple of America plainly answers this
questionThought! Energy is the sub-atomic particles that in turn
make up atoms and finally matter. This energy exists as waves
spread out over space and time. Only when you exercise observation
(focused thought) do these waves become particles localized as a
space-time event, a particle at a particular time and place.
soon as you withdraw observation, they become a wave again.
as you see, your observation, your attention to something, and your
intention, your Thought literally creates that thing as a space-time
event. This is scientific. This space time event is the result of the
slower rhythmic ethereal vibration, because the Spirit in and of itself
is not subject to time and space. We must keep in mind that The
things we see are but reflexes just appearing, while the ethers
vibrate so and so,

Matter is not what we have long thought it to be. Matter is composed
of molecules, which are made up of atoms, which are in turn made
up of sub-atomic particles such as electrons, neutrons, and protons.

What happens is that when these particles are viewed under
microscopes, they seem to appear and disappear all the time.
like to think of space as empty and matter as solid. But in fact, there
is essentially nothing to matter whatsoever. It's completely
insubstantial. Take an atom for example. Many think of an atom as a
small hard ball. However scientist say, Oh, well, not really. It's this
little tiny point of really dense matter right at the center surrounded
by a kind of fluffy probability cloud of electrons popping in and out
of existence. However it turns out that, even the nucleus, which
many think of as so dense, pops in and out of existence just as
readily as the electrons do. They are known as virtual particles.

The most solid thing you can say about all this insubstantial
matter is that it's more like a thought; it's like a concentrated bit
of information (Man is a thought of Allah manifested in the
flesh). The science of Quantum Physics clearly explains the
possibility of man being fully able to appear and disappear, being
that every human is composed of sub-atomic particles which
constantly appear and disappear at the speed of light. It is indeed
fascinating to note that Jesus said, Before the eyes of men this flesh
in which I come to you was changed with speed of light from human
flesh. And so I am the message that I bring to you. To you I come,
the first of all the race to be transmuted to the image of Allah.

Accordingly, if the building blocks of matter, i.e. sub-atomic
particles constantly appear and disappear, then it is quite obvious
that our complete body, i.e. the corpus or entire collection of sub-
atomic particles (which make up atoms, molecules, cells, organs and
tissue) can appear and disappear at the speed of light, just as John
the Baptist did in the marketplace. When Jesus resurrected, he said,
Behold, I am not myth made of the fleeting winds, for I am flesh
and bone and brawn; but I can cross the borderland at will,
was in fact announcing that as Spirit-Man in fruition, he was able to
control his own etherical vibration, thus enabling himself to either
speed up or slow down his vibration to manifest himself in the
physical, i.e. allowing his sub-atomic particles to appear (cross the
borderland), or allow his sub-atomic particles to disappear thus
crossing the borderland at will. It is indeed an established
scientifically proven fact that particles appear and disappear, or pop
in and out of existence, however the scientist have been perplexed in
as far answering where do they go, and where are they coming from.
Some postulate that they are manifesting in higher dimensions such
as a 5th or 6th dimensional world (the 4
dimension is time),
however these are theories and speculations. The answer is clearly
given in the Moorish Holy Koran. These particles are simply
crossing the boundary (borderland) back and forth. The Koran states,
Upon the boundary of the plane of soul, the ether began to vibrate
slower still and then the essences took on a final garb; and man
was clothed in flesh.

Although, your body looks solid, it in fact is not. No solid object is
solid. It is made up of rapidly flashing or appearing packets of
energy, i.e. sub-atomic particles.
There are billions and trillions of
these packets of energy; these sub-atomic particles flash in and flash
out of that space where the object is (reflexes just appearing).
They do not just stay there. Consequently, the requisite question
must be, why does a human body or a tree look like a solid
continuous object when we now know that it is actually a rapidly
flashing field of energy, or reflexes just appearing, while the ethers
vibrate so and so? This point is analogous to the television image.
When you watch a movie, you see a person walk across the screen
smoothly, yet in reality it is just a film reel with 24 slightly different
frames a minute so your eyes do not detect the gap between the
frames. Even each of those frames is a composition of billions of
light photons flashing at the speed of light. That is what the world is
a rapid flash or reflexes appearing, that causes an illusion of being
solid and continuous, this is a scientific explanation of: The
things we see are but reflexes just appearing, while the ethers
vibrate so and so, and when conditions change they disappear.

Part III
The Body, The Soul, and Death

We have hitherto discovered that the body is composed of sub-
atomic particles, which is energy vibrating slower still. The question
is, when death arrives, and the soul departs from the body, what
must happen to the sub-atomic particles (cells, molecules, atoms)
which makes up the bodily corpse. The Moorish Holy Koran states,

In flesh of man there is the essence of the resurrection of the dead.
This essence quickened by the Holy Breath, will raise the substance
of the Body to a higher tone, And make it like the substance of the
bodies of the planes above, which human eyes cannot behold. There
is a holy ministry in death. The essence of the body cannot be
quickened by the Holy Breath until the fixed is solved; the body
must disintegrate, and this is death. And then upon these pliant
substances Allah breathes, just as he breathed upon the chaos of the
deep when worlds were formed. And life springs forth from death;
the carnal form is changed to form divine. The will of man makes
possible the action of the Holy Breath. When will of man and will of
Allah are one, the resurrection is a fact. In this we have the
chemistry of mortal life, the ministry of death, the mystery of deific

The science of Quantum Physics adequately articulates the essence
of the resurrection of the dead which is in flesh of man. Through
apprehension of this science one will undoubtedly realize why the
body must disintegrate in order for life to spring forth from death,
for the carnal form to be changed to form divine. In flesh of man
there is the essence of the resurrection of the dead. The requisite
question must be: What is exactly in the flesh of man? In flesh of
man is the substance of the body, this substance of the body is
the essence of the body. As we aforementioned in this dissertation,
flesh is composed of cells, cells are in turn made up of molecules,
which are made up of atoms, which are in turn made up of sub-
atomic particles such as electrons, neutrons, and protons. These sub-
atomic particles (i.e. energy) do not conform to standard laws of
physics, being that these particles which are more like a thought (of
ALLAH) which cannot be circumscribed. Your body, a tree, a
planet, light, and everything else are concentrations of energy. The
human body is made of energy, this energy is put together into the
physical shape you are used to seeing. Subatomic particles aren't
really made of energy, but simply are energy! The subatomic world
of electrons, protons, and neutrons may thus be viewed as patterns of
vibration. It is this pattern of vibration/energy, which is the essence
of the body.

The Moorish Holy Koran teaches that, The essence of the body
cannot be quickened by the Holy Breath until the fixed is solved; the
body must disintegrate, and this is death. The necessary question
must arise in the mind: Why must the body disintegrate for the
essence of the body to be quickened? Why cant the essence of the
body be quickened without the body disintegrating? The answer to
the above questions are actually found in flesh of man or the
substance of the body. Yet again, the human body is not this solid
sturdy structure that is appears to be, the most solid thing you can
say about all this insubstantial matter is that it's more like a thought;
it's like a concentrated bit of information. When the soul has
departed from the physical body, specifically the brain (i.e. when the
friend comes and cuts the cord that binds the human boat to earth,
that it may sail on smoother seas
), and the body has not gone
through the disintegration process, there are still bits of information
left over in flesh of man whose essence has not been quickened by
the Holy Breath. The bits of information left over is known
scientifically as DNA. DNA is a molecule, which contain
information, thought, and residual vibration. This residual
vibrational thought can serve as a hindrance and impediment to
mans spiritual journey on the Soul plane of existence.

Most have become so fixated on the physical body, as a result this
fixation has obscured the truth regarding the fact that the physical
body is nothing but a sapient illusion. The lower vibrational
frequency, i.e. the fleshy existence is not Man in fact. It is a manifest
of his spirit. The solution to this irrational and inane fixation (on the
fleshly existence), is the bodily disintegration process, which leaves
no doubt that the physical body is but a means for the spirit to
engage in meaningful earthly experience via the senses. The
disintegration process destroys the integrity of the carnal illusion,
which compels the soul to confront the fact that life indeed exists
beyond the corporeal experience (life springs forth from death).

Consequently, if the fixed has not been solved (i.e. the body has not
disintegrated), the essence of the body cannot be quickened by the
Holy Breath. When something has been quickened it has become
accelerated in speed (as in vibration), revived, or resuscitated; keep
in mind, it is the essence of the body/substance of the body
which is the energy/sub-atomic particles vibrating slower still
which comprises the physical body. Without the quickening process
of the essence of the body, the soul is capable of being in a
stuporFor example, when Prophet Jesus journeyed to the Soul
plane of existence, he encountered a peculiar condition of a few
souls, he encountered Souls which were in bondage. The Moorish
Holy Koran records: And in the realm of souls, unmanifest, the
Lord went forth and taught. He opened up the prison doors and set
the prisoners free. He broke the chains of captive souls, and led the
captives to the light.
Obviously, the language of prison doors
and chains are allegorical in nature being the Soul plane of
existence is a higher etherical vibratory level; however the tone of
the language implies a sense of detention, incarceration, and
confinement, when the Soul is supposed to be untrammeled, i.e.
unrestrained, unhampered, or unimpeded. This confinement is more
on the level of thought, i.e. being confined to a particular mode of
thinking (carnal in nature) which obstructs and impedes the spiritual
growth process and stifles the aptitude and dexterity of being
untrammeled or being free to ascend.

Let it be known that the bodily disintegration process is a fail safe
system. Ones body may not have gone through the disintegration
process, yet the carnal form can be changed to form divine. This due
to the fact that, The will of man makes possible the action of the
Holy Breath. When will of man and will of Allah are one, the
resurrection is a fact.
However if one is fixed with no solution,
and they consequently have failed to bring their will in harmony
with the Will of ALLAH; the bodily disintegration process works to
solve the fixed, and thus effortlessly permit the will of man to make
possible the action of the Holy Breath, Who quickens the essence of
the body, and subsequently raises the substance of the Body to a
higher tone, and make it like the substance of the bodies of the
planes above, which human eyes cannot behold.

Part IV
The Science of the Unity of Life

The sage and master teacher Elihu is recorded in the Moorish Holy
Koran as saying, "No man lives unto himself, for every living thing is
bound by cords to every other living thing.
Jesus is also recorded
in the Moorish Holy Koran as saying, "I speak to you concerning
lifethe brotherhood of life. The universal Allah is one, yet He is
more than one; all things are one. By the sweet breath of Allah all
life is bound in one;.

The world renowned Astrophysicist Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson said,

We are all connected;we are biologically connected to every
other living thing in the world. We are chemically connected to all
molecules on Earth. And we are atomically connected to all atoms in
the universe...I know that the molecules in my body are traceable to
phenomena in the cosmos. That makes me want to grab people on
the street and say: Have you HEARD THIS?

The fact of every living thing being connected may not be fully
appreciated if one has not been liberated from the psychological
fetters of antiquated and primitive thinking. In addition to this being
a Spiritual Truth, it is also scientific fact. To offer a plausible and
rational example of the unity of life and the connection of all living
things, you can take a look at the Aspen Tree in Utah. The Aspen
Tree is sometimes referred to by some experts as the largest living
organism on earth.
What is fascinating and awe-inspiring about
the infamous Aspen Tree is that it looks as if it is separate and
individual trees. A grove of trees looks similar to any other grove
of trees in that it appears to be a bunch of the same type of tree. The
difference is that any other grove actually is a bunch of trees and the
Aspen grove is actually one tree connected together by its roots
which are out of sight beneath the soil. The Aspen Tree (Populus
tremuloides), is considered a single organism because all the
stems originate from one root system. It is nick-named Pando,
which is Latin for "I spread; this is due to the fact that it covers
over 100 acres and is estimated to weigh 6,600 tons, and it has over
47,000 individual stems.
Upon immediate observation, it would
seem as though you were looking at different, separate, sundry,
dispersed, trees; when in fact all of those trees are stems of
one single tree, bound by roots (cords) beneath the earth. This is
analogous to every living thing being connected together, bound
by spiritual cords, out of physical sight in the spiritual realm.
The natural eye sees individual people; looking with a spiritual eye
you can see the image of Allah in people, the same Spirit or part of
Allah is in everyone.

The Unity of Life-
This Unity of Life has been proven absolutely and undeniably
through progress and development in the area of Quantum
Physics/Quantum Mechanics. Identical twins, it's said, can
sometimes sense when one of the pair is in danger, even if they're
oceans apart. Many spiritually deficient Scientists cast a skeptical
eye over such claims, largely because it isn't clear to them how
these peculiar connections could possibly work. Yet they've had to
come to terms with something that's no less perplexing in the world
of physics: an instantaneous link between particles that remains
strong, secure, and undiluted no matter how far apart the
particles may be even if they're on opposite sides of the universe.
It's a link that Einstein went to his grave denying, yet its existence is
now beyond dispute. This quantum equivalent of telepathy is
demonstrated daily in laboratories around the world. Its name is

Let's say you have two particles that have become entangled
(everything in the universe is composed of particles entangled or
connected). Now one particle can instantaneously tell what the other
one is doing without being anywhere near it. The two particles can
be anywhere in the universe, yet remain connected. In 1947, eight
years before his transition (death), Einstein wrote to a friend that he
could not seriously believe in quantum mechanics because physics
should represent a reality in time and space, free from spooky
actions at a distance.
This now famous phrase spooky action at a
distance was referring to quantum entanglement, one of the
quantum worlds most peculiar and amazing attributes. What they
had actually done (although they didn't realize it) was to show that
the universe behaves in extraordinary and astonishing ways than
they were prepared to believe. What EPR (EPR= Einstien, Podolsky,
and Rosen) had stumbled on was one of the consequences of what is
now called "quantum entanglement".

Quantum entanglement occurs when particles interact and network
even when it seems as though they are separated. This behavior is
consistent with quantum mechanical theory and has been
demonstrated experimentally, and it is accepted by the physics
community at large. However there is some debate about a possible
underlying mechanism that enables this correlation to occur even
when the separation distance is large. Research into quantum
entanglement was initiated by a paper of Albert Einstein, Boris
Podolsky and Nathan Rosen in 1935 referred to as the EPR paradox
(i.e. the Einstien, Podolsky, and Rosen paradox).
Although these
first studies focused on the inexplicable properties of entanglement,
with the aim of criticizing quantum mechanics, however eventually
entanglement was verified experimentally, and recognized as a valid,
fundamental feature of quantum mechanics. Einstein was
inaccurate in referring to this scientific proof regarding the
unity of life as spooky; there is nothing spooky about unity,
harmony, and accord. In physics, action at a distance is the
interaction of two objects which are separated in space with no
known mediator of the interaction.
Although Einstein scoffed at the
idea of quantum entanglement, calling it 'spooky action at a
distance,' the fact of the matter is that all particles are entangled -
connected. Since everything was entangled or connected initially
as a thought of Allah (before the Universe was created), that
means everything is still connected on the level of thought; space
is just the construct that gives the illusion that there are separate
objects. Intervening space does not ensure that two objects are
separate. As unfathomable as it sounds, repeatable experiments
reveal that quantum connections between two particles can persist
even if the two particles are on opposite sides of the universe.

A class of experiments performed during the last couple of decades
has shown that something we do over here (such as measuring
certain properties of a particle) can be subtly entwined with
something that happens over there (such as the outcome of
measuring certain properties of another distant particle), without
anything being sent from here to there. Something that happens over
here can be entwined with something that happens over there even if
nothing travels from here to thereand even if there isnt enough
time for anything, even light, to travel between the events.
means that space cannot be thought of as it once was: Intervening
space, regardless of how much there is, does not ensure that two
objects are separate, since quantum mechanics allows an
entanglement, a divine connection, which transcends space and
time. From the standpoint of their entanglement, notwithstanding the
many trillions of miles of space between them, its as if they are
right on top of each other. In his book The Answer John Assaraf
talks about the Zero-point field.
He is referring to scientists in the
field of Quantum Physics pursuing their explorations on staggering
small scales. Scales so tiny, the things witness are bewildering.
When they move down from the cells to the molecules to the atoms
and then to the sub-atomic levels to the electrons and protons and
then to the quarks, bosons, leptons and so on, they find a force which
appears to be present even at a temperature of absolute zero when all
forms of energy vanish. Hence the name Zero point field. This is the
place where the instantaneous connections of entanglement begin to
make sense. Here beneath the level of energy itself exists a still more
basic level. The field at this level is not exactly energy anymore,
nor is it empty space. It is best described, physicists realized, as a
field of information, however it is more precisely defined as a field
of Thought. To put it another way, the undifferentiated ocean out
of which energy arises appears to be a sea of pure consciousness,
from which matter emerges in clustered localities here and there. He
goes on to say: Everything in the physical world is made out of
atoms. Atoms are made out of energy. And energy is made out of
consciousness. So, consciousness or Thought is what the universe
is made of, matter and energy are just two of the forms that
consciousness or Thought takes. In 1910 Wallace D. Wattles wrote
the book The Science of Getting Rich
where he touches upon the
idea that we all are living in a thought universe. In what he calls
the First Principle of Getting Rich he says: There is a thinking stuff
from which all things are made, and which, in its original state,
permeates, and fills the interspaces of the universe. We are in fact
living in a Thought Universe (of which Allah is the Father of)-
with universal consciousness where everything is entangled or
connected existing as a Thought of Allah. This explains, from a
scientific viewpoint, where we all came from, Allah, the Father of
the Universe. From a spiritual viewpoint everything started long
prior to the alleged Big Bang; we come from an Infinite source, the
Author, Creator, Governor of the world, Almighty, Eternal, and

As we earlier stated, the physical world (at the sub-atomic level) in
fact is both particle and wave, in addition to that it must also be
borne out that this particle and wave is unified in one interacting
whole. The Nobel Prize winning physicist David Bohm has written
about what he calls the implicate order of the holographic universe.

Moreover, Bohm's work in quantum physics suggests that at the
subatomic level all points in space are essentially the same, and
therefore nothing is actually separate from anything else (By the
sweet breath of Allah all life is bound in one). This property is
called non-locality. Bell's Theorem, developed a few years later by J.
S. Bell, a Swiss physicist, provided mathematical proof of non-
What these concepts tell us is that, at the heart of our
universe, there are no separate parts to anything, and that
everything is connected to everything else (every living thing is
bound by cords to every other living thing). Moreover, they
explain how information can be transferred super-luminously, or
faster than the speed of light. For example, if two photons are non-
locally connected, communication between them can be
instantaneous because they are not truly separate. As Bohm states,
the world is an unbroken wholeness; everything is non-locally
interconnected. The entire universe is actually interconnected. It is
erroneous to continue to perceive our world as a conglomeration of
separate, unrelated parts. As stated earlier, energy (sub-atomic
particles) is the building block of all matter. The same energy that
composes your flesh is the same energy that composes the trees
outside. Einstein and other quantum scientists have proven that all
physical matter is made up of energy packets that are not bound by
space and time. This energy field has no well-defined boundaries
due to the fact that The thoughts of Allah cannot be circumscribed.

The Unity of Man on the level of Thought-
There was a study conducted in the summer of 1993 in Washington
D.C. The findings of this study clearly underscore the reality that
every living thing is bound by cords to every other living thing;
everything being interconnected and interdependent, thus proving
how information (thought) can be transferred super-luminously,
being that everything is connected. This study was published in the
peer-reviewed journal Social Indicators Research Report
, as one of
the most dramatic sociological experiments ever undertaken.
Researchers predicted in advance that the calming influence of
group meditation practice could reduce violent crime by over 20
percent in Washington, D.C., during an 8-week period in the
summer of 1993. In fact, the outcome of the findings showed that the
rate of violent crime, which included assaults murders and rapes,
decreased by 23 percent during the June 7
to July 30
period. The odds of this result occurring by chance are less than 2 in
1 billion. Rigorous statistical analyses ruled out an extensive list of
alternative explanations, according to John Hagelin, lead author of
the study and director of the Institute of Science, Technology and
Public Policy at Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield,

The demonstration project involved assembling nearly 4,000
practitioners of Transcendental Meditation, from 81 countries. John
Hagelin says previous research had shown that these meditation
techniques create a state of deep relaxation and coherence in the
individual and simultaneously appear to produce an effect that
spreads into the environment, influencing people who are not
practicing the techniques and who have no knowledge of the
experiments themselves. Drawing on terminology from quantum
field theories, Hagelin, an eminent physicist, refers to the findings as
a field effect of consciousness. This increased coherence and
orderliness in individual consciousness appears to spill over into
society and can be measured indirectly via changes in social indices,
such as reductions in the rate of violent crime. We call this
phenomenon a field effect of consciousness, says Hagelin.

According to the researchers, more than 42 studies conducted during
the past 25 years have verified the field effects of consciousness; a
motif which undoubtedly highlights the fact that, By the sweet
breath of Allah all life is bound in one.

Anne Hughes, a professor of sociology and government at the
University of the District of Columbia, feels that the findings of the
study have significant implications for resolving inner city violence.
Dr. Hughes is quoted as saying, What we are looking at here is a
new paradigm of viewing crime and violence.

Maxwell Rainforth, a coauthor of the study and statistician at
Maharishi University of Management stated, The predictions were
lodged in advance with a panel of prominent social scientists and
civic leaders, including members of the District city council and
metropolitan police force. Statistical analysis considered the effect
of weather variables, daylight, police patrolling, historical crime
trends and annual patterns in the District of Columbia, as well as
trends in neighboring cities. Ordinarily, we think we can reduce
violence through more police, gun control, stiffer penalties, etc. But
everyone knows that these conventional approaches are inadequate
because violence and crime continue to be a major problem in our
society. On the other hand, however novel this Transcendental
Meditation program approach may seem, evidence consistently
shows that it can reduce violent crime.

David Orme-Johnson, lead investigator and former chair of the
psychology department at Maharishi University of Management
stated that the violence in society is caused by the buildup of
stress in collective consciousness,The conventional scientific
model has assumed that individual consciousness is completely
separate from that of others, and that there in no common field
linking us together. But the most advanced understanding in physics
has shown us in the past century that subtle energy fields are at the
basis of everything in the universe. Why then shouldn't we expect
that human consciousness also has field characteristics at more
fundamental levels?

According to Orme-Johnson, there's a common misunderstanding
that the Transcendental Meditation technique involves positive
thinking, or self-hypnosis. He states, These other practices involve
some kind of activity of the mind. In contrast, the Transcendental
Meditation technique allows mental activity to settle down and
transcend to a completely silent state (i.e. being still), which is
the underlying field of consciousness.
When the mind quiets
down to this field level of consciousness, qualities inherent in this
underlying field become enlivened in individual consciousness,
such as perfect order, balance, harmony, and infinite
correlation. As a result, the individual becomes as if a
transmitter of orderliness and peace in society, analogous to the
way that a television or radio transmitter enlivens the
electromagnetic field in a specific manner and then transmits
waves through the field that can be picked up at a distance.
The Moorish Holy Koran speaks in regards to inherent divine
abilities of man; these are God-Allah given talents. The Moorish
Holy Koran states how, Allah has exalted thy mind with the
powers of meditation, to contemplate and adore His inimitable
We are then instructed to utilize this aptitude or
capacity for a divine purpose. The Koran instructs us to meditate
in silence on the wonders of His love;.
This act or feat of
meditating in silence is the method or process of becoming still.
When one has become still you are then primed and ready to
hear the still small voice.

Allah's meeting place with man is in the heart, and in a
still small voice he speaks; and he who hears is still.

When one has meditated (on the wonders of Allah) and subsequently
become still (i.e. when your mental activity has thus settled down
and you have transcended to a completely silent state), you are then
open to hearing the still small voice, which is the voice of the
Almighty God-Allah. Allahs still small voice has a calming effect
on the mind and qualities such as order, balance, harmony, are
manifested in the individual consciousness. This effect, affects the
ethers, and ether is the medium by which thought travels (quantum
physicists refer to it the field of consciousness). Being that the
thought of order, balance, harmony, has the capability to travel
through ether, it also has an affect on vibration. It can affect the
vibration of others who are sympathetic to the particular thought
being sent through the ethers.

The Unity of Life on the level of Thought
This unity of life is by no means confined to the ether plane of man.
Thoughts have an influence on everything around us, including the
molecules of water. There was a most interesting study conducted by
Mr. Masaru Emoto of Japan.
Mr. Emoto became tremendously
interested in the molecular structure of water and what affects it.
Now, water, being the most receptive of the four elements, Mr.
Emoto thought perhaps it would respond to nonphysical events. He
set up a series of studies, applied mental stimuli and photographed
water molecules with a dark field microscope. He discovered that
there was a stark contrast between the water molecules with no
stimuli and those which received blessings from Zen Buddhist
Monks. He also noticed an overnight change in the molecular
structure of water overnight, when certain labels were taped to the
bottles such as: Thank You, and Chi of Love. Mr. Emoto speaks
of the thought or intent being the driving force in regards to the
change in the molecular structure. It indeed is really fascinating
when you keep in mind that over 75% of our bodies are water. If
thoughts can have such a piercing influence on water, imagine what
our thoughts do to us.

Part V
The resonating frequency of Touch

By the sweet breath of Allah all life is bound in one; so if you touch
a fiber of a living thing you send a thrill from the center to the outer
bounds of life.

The science of Quantum Physics has been a reoccurring theme in
this exposition, being that this scientific discipline effectively
substantiates the doctrines of the Moorish Science Temple of
America. When it comes to discussing the touch of a fiber of a
living thing, we are speaking in regards to the most minute and
delicate contact one can have with another living thing.

Most tissues and structures of the body are composed of bundles of
fibers. Fibers provide what we perceive to be substance or texture.
Fibers are composed of molecules, which are made up of atoms. The
nucleus of an atom is made up of protons and neutrons, surrounded
by a cloud of electrons.
When two physical surfaces make contact,
we say they are touching each other; this contact may make it
appear that two different surfaces are actually touching, but in fact,
no atoms of any one object can ever touch the atoms of another.
When we press hands with one another, it seems as if we are
touching through the clasp of our hands. But if you were to look
very closely at the two surfaces of our hands 'in contact', and
understand a little about what atoms are like, you discover that no
atoms on our hands are touching any atoms on each other at all!
Here's an abridged explanation of why this is so: An atom is
described as a positively charged nucleus, surrounded by a cloud of
negatively charged electrons. The nuclear forces between these two
types of objects (in this case our hands) is so strong that no earthly
conditions can cause the electrons to merge with the nucleus, even
though they are opposite in charge. There is always space between
them. When two atoms are forced into 'contact' (our hands clasped),
a similar type of force, electromagnetism, keeps negatively charged
electrons from actually making contact with each other.
Push as
hard as you want; you cannot make two electrons come into contact.
And the electrons never touch the nucleus. So the only thing actually
'in contact' is the electromagnetic force between the electrons, and
there is always space between them! It's as if you are pushing with
similar poles of two very strong bar magnets; you can push one
around with the other, but can never force them together. Even
standing in a garden, you are really supported by a very thin layer of
electromagnetic force; no atoms of your foot actually touch atoms of
the earth soil!

You may be wondering how you can feel things, if you don't
actually make contact with anything. For example, when you pick
something up in your fingers, you can certainly feel the contact!
What's happening? Let's examine what is actually taking place when
that happens. Buried in the skin are nerve cells, which have extra
electrons they can release when acted on by a force from outside.
These electrons flow along the nerves, atom to atom, eventually
reaching the brain, where other cells interpret this electrical signal as
At no time did any atoms or electrons actually touch each
other; the only 'contact' was the electromagnetic force (positive and
negative) between particles! In either case, it's atoms pushing against
each other, at a distance, (electromagnetically), that causes friction.
The earthly sensations of touch (as well as the other senses) are all

Whenever we perceive the sense of touching something or being
touched, those electrons surrounding each atom in the area being
touched build up a charge, and push the other electrons away
before they touch.
This is the thrill which is sent from the center
to the outer bounds of life. A thrill is the swift release of a store of
affective force, which is what happens when two atoms surrounded
by electrons meet. It is also interesting to note that synonyms for
thrill are terms such as: Vibrate, and Electrify.
Therefore, there is
electricity incorporated in this vibration or thrill which is sent from
the center to the outer bounds of life. Electrons give off an electric
charge; when two negatively charged objects meet they experience a
mutual repulsive force.
Thrill is electromagnetism; this is sent from
the center to the outer bounds of life due to fact that electrons as well
as the nucleus of atoms constantly appear and disappear at the speed
of light, pop in and out of existence, or cross the borderland at
will. The outer bounds of life speaks in regards to the soul plane of
existence; there is a boundary between the soul plane and the
physical existence, and electrons constantly cross the border, back
and forth, from the center to the outer bounds of life.

Part VI
The discovery of the Lower-Self manifested as
a tangible substance in the body which can be
conquered via the creation and or re-
establishment of new neural pathways in the
brain which is the store-house of the soul

The Lower-self (i.e. the devil, satan, Iblis, shaitan etc. which is not a
external mythical outside force, contrarily it is within), is a carnal
nature which sprang forth from fleshy things. The Moorish Holy
Koran states,

The lower self, the carnal self, the body of desires, is a reflection of
higher self, distorted by the murky ethers of the flesh. The lower self
is an illusion and will pass away

The lower-self is a direct result of the soul adversely expressing
itself in the physical or corporeal realm of existence. It is the souls
actions of thinking, reasoning, willing, and understanding gone
askew. The soul itself resides in the brain, and, as a consequence of
warped and distorted thinking (an action of the soul), the lower-
self manifests itself as a tangible substance in the brain by way
of the release (or lack thereof) of particular chemicals.

The brain (storehouse of the soul) is composed of billions of
neurons. A neuron also known as a nerve cell is an electrically
excitable cell that processes and transmits information (i.e. thoughts)
by electrical and chemical signaling. Chemical signaling occurs via
synapses, specialized connections with other cells.
Neurons connect
to each other to form networks. A typical neuron possesses a cell
body, dendrites, and an axon. Dendrites are thin structures that arise
from the cell body, often extending for hundreds of micrometres and
branching multiple times, giving rise to a complex dendritic tree.

An axon is a special cellular extension that arises from the cell body.
The cell body of a neuron frequently gives rise to multiple dendrites,
but never to more than one axon, although the axon may branch
hundreds of times before it terminates. At the majority of synapses,
signals are sent from the axon of one neuron to a dendrite of
Neurotransmitters are essential chemical messengers
used by neurons in the brain to send and receive electro-
chemical signals within the brain and facilitate communication
with all the other organ systems in the body.
These powerful
neuro-chemicals are responsible for regulating practically all
functions in life, such as cognitive and mental performance,
sleep cycle, weight, pain perception and response and our
emotional states. Essentially they are the communication system
of the mind, body and nervous system. Neurotransmitters literally
govern every system in the body either directly or indirectly.
Medical researchers tell us that deficiencies, imbalances,
disruption or malfunctioning of neurotransmitters is extremely
common in our society and is at the root of many common
health conditions, because when neurotransmitters are not
functioning properly then the mind and body do not
communicate effectively.
When communication malfunctions,
then organ systems don't function as they should. This results in a
variety of undesirable symptoms both physically and
psychologically. Recent research suggests that approximately eight
out of ten people suffer from some form of neurotransmitter
imbalance, which is simply a direct result or consequence of
improper usage of the actions of the soul. The following is a short
list of symptoms of neurotransmitter imbalances or neurotransmitter

Alcoholism and drug addiction
Nicotine addiction
Sugar addiction
Caffeine addiction
Sex addiction
Gambling addiction
Any form of carnal addiction
Migraine headaches
Impulsive behavior
Panic attacks
Chronic pain
Bipolar disorder
Obsessive-compulsive disorder
Eating disorders
Poor concentration
Cognitive disorders
Mood swings

How are the chemicals (i.e. neurotransmitters) in our brain

There is an area of the brain referred to as the hypothalamus
(etymology: under room/chamber).
The hypothalamus is located
below the thalamus, just above the brain stem. The hypothalamus is
responsible for certain metabolic processes and other activities of the
autonomic nervous system. It synthesizes and secretes certain neuro-
hormones. The hypothalamus is like a little mini factory; it is a
place that assembles certain chemicals that matches certain
emotions that we experience. And those particular chemicals are
called peptides. They're small-chain amino acid sequences. Amino
acids from proteins are used to make the neurotransmitters that allow
your brain cells to network and communicate. Most
neurotransmitters are made from amino acids obtained from the
protein in food you consume. Neurotransmitters are the brain
chemicals that motivate or sedate, focus or frustrate. Their
complex interaction is what shifts your mood and changes your
mind. Amino acids that come from the protein you eat are the
building blocks of your brains network. Amino acids can excite or
calm your brain as well as nourish your brain throughout its

In the hypothalamus, we take small-chain proteins called peptides
and we assemble them into certain neuro-peptides that match the
emotional states that we experience on a daily basis. Consequently,
there are chemicals for anger, and theres a chemical for
sadness, there's chemicals for lust; there's a chemical that
matches every emotional state that we experience. And the
moment that we experience that emotional state in our brain the
hypothalamus will immediately assemble the peptide and then
releases it through the pituitary into the bloodstream. The moment it
makes it into the bloodstream it finds its way to different centers or
different parts of the body.

Neurotransmitters Chemical Transmission

The communication network in our brains is a multi-trillion maze of
connections capable of performing 20 million-billion calculations
per second. How does this network operate? There are three major
factors: Neurons, which power the message, Neurotransmitters,
which create the message and Receptors, which receive the

Within the cell body of a neuron, many different types of chemical
neurotransmitters are manufactured and shipped out to the end
terminals of the axon. Here they're stored in bubble-like structures
(vesicles), where they wait to cross over the space between neurons,
called the synapse (from the Greek word for "junction").

A few Natural Chemicals (i.e.
Neurotransmitters) in the brain

Dopamine is the neurotransmitter needed for healthy assertiveness,
proper immune and autonomic nervous system function. Dopamine
is important for motivation and a sense of readiness to meet life's
many challenges. Dopamine levels are depleted by stress or poor
sleep. Alcohol, caffeine, and sugar all diminish dopamine activity in
the brain. Age-related cognitive decline is associated with dopamine
changes in the brain. People whose hands tremble from Parkinson's
disease have a diminished ability to synthesize dopamine, which is
crucial to fine muscle coordination. Attention deficits are also
connected to dopamine.

Norepinephrine, also called noradrenalin, is the primary excitatory
neurotransmitter needed for motivation, alertness, and concentration.
Like a hormone, it travels in the bloodstream to arouse brain activity
with its adrenalin-like effects. Your brain requires norepinephrine to
form new memories and to transfer them to long-term storage.

Serotonin is the calming neurotransmitter important to the
maintenance of good mood. It promotes contentment and is
responsible for normal sleep. Serotonin plays an important role in
regulating memory, learning, and blood pressure, as well as appetite
and body temperature. Low serotonin levels produce insomnia and
depression, aggressive behavior, increased sensitivity to pain, and is
associated with obsessive-compulsive eating disorders.

Acetylcholine is the primary chemical carrier of thought and
memory. This excitatory neurotransmitter is essential for both the
storage and recall of memory, and partly responsible for
concentration and focus. A deficit in acetylcholine is directly related
to memory decline and reduced cognitive capacity.

Receptors-Open the Doors

Neurotransmitters spill out across the synapse, where they're caught
by receptor molecules on the membrane of the target neuron's
dendrites. A receptor is a (protein) molecule found on the surface of
a cell, which receives specific chemical signals from neighboring
cells or the wider environment within an organism. These signals tell
a cell to do somethingfor example to divide or die, or to allow
certain molecules to enter or exit the cell. Every single cell in the
body has receptors on the outside. Now one cell can have thousands
of receptors studding its surface, which is opening up to receive
information via neurotransmitters.
When a neurotransmitter
molecule docks on a cell it literally, like a key going into a lock sits
on the receptor surface and attaches to it and kind of moves the
receptor and kind of like a doorbell buzzing, sends a signal into the
cell. A receptor that has a neurotransmitter molecule sitting in
it, changes the cell in many ways. It sets off a whole cascade of
biochemical events some of which wind up with changes in the
actual nucleus of the cell. Inside the cell, the roots move. The
movement triggers a reformation in another molecule, which in
turn disturbs another, which in turn disturbs still another. The
reaction travels, domino fashion, until it initiates some sort of
specific activity. Chemical imbalances in the brain or
neurotransmitter imbalance is usually involved in brain disorders,
including, attention-deficits, and obsessive-compulsive behavior.
These chemical imbalances are also linked to characteristics of
the lower-self such as: Hatred, slander, lewdness, murders, theft,
and everything that harms.

It must be properly realized that Receptors can be fooled. There
are as many kinds of receptors as there are neurotransmitters
hundreds of types with numerous subtypes of receptor for any
given neurotransmitter. Although each receptor is supposed to
recognize and accept only a particular neurotransmitter molecule,
certain medicines or pharmaceutical drugs are also able to mate with
some receptors. The neurological effects of many pharmaceutical
drugs are due to this tendency of receptors to accept molecules
that resemble their corresponding neurotransmitter. These
substitute molecules can either imitate a neurotransmitter and create
a similar response, or they could simply occupy and block the
receptor, making it unavailable to neurotransmitters. Addictive
substances such as alcohol, nicotine, cocaine, and other drugs
interact with the brain's receptors in this manner.

Which is the controlling factor, Chemicals (i.e.
neurotransmitters) or Thought?

It must be unmistakably understood that, it is not the chemical
which causes happiness or sadness. The chemical or
neurotransmitter is but a manifest response of the thoughts we
entertain. The manifestation of particular thoughts allows for a
corporeal experience, hence the creation of either heaven or hell by
means of the quality of our thoughts.
The generality of doctors,
scientists, and so-called intellectuals are under the erroneous
misconception that all emotions are based on chemicals that run
through the brain. Thus, for these people, chemicals are senior to
thought and the mind -- thinking, they say, is the result of chemical
and electrical activity in your body. You will recognize this as an
abominable assertion that there is no God, of Whose Image and
Likeness man was made! As earlier stated, Science must be untied
with Religion, The religion that is afraid of science dishonors God
and commits suicide. The science that is afraid of religion denies it's
Creator and discredits itself.

Doctors, particularly psychiatrists, believe that various behaviors
and various states of mental state are caused by chemical
imbalances in the brain, and that they can, therefore, be successfully
treated by the use of psychiatric drugs which, in general, bring about
changes in the chemistry in the brain. There is vast literature, and
billions of dollars of underlying scientific studies showing that
people who are happy have high levels of the aforementioned
chemical or neurotransmitter serotonin in their brain. People who
are depressed have very low levels of this chemical. The world of
medicine, generally, and psychiatry particularly, constantly confuses
cause with effect. The psychiatrist learns that happy people have
high serotonin, so he gets a pill that puts more serotonin your brain -
- Prozac. The truth is simple, but far beyond the grasp of the
psychiatric community, and this simple truth would be a profound
benefit to thousands of drug addicts hooked on anti-depressants and
other unhealthy dependences and compulsions. Let it be known: The
mind is far more powerful than any chemical! You are a
Spiritual being, a Thought of Allah (i.e. a thought of the Father of
the Universe, a thought of the Author, Creator, Governor of the
World, Almighty, Eternal, and Incomprehensible). Sadness, misery,
grief, sorrow, and depression exists as a result of our thinking!
The source of Misery is our passions
, i.e. that intense, driving, or
overmastering feeling or conviction which is devoid of reason. Due
to the lack of usage of particular tools which we utilize in the
workshop of the mind where things are made of thought, we trigger
or initiate a decrease in the serotonin in the brain, and hence the
corporeal experience of being unhappy manifests. If you take the
psychiatric drug, consequently your senses become dulled; you don't
worry about whatever the problem was. You have found an
unnatural and artificial way to cope with that problem. So, it seems
as though you are less sad. The problem that caused the sadness is
still there of course, because problems don't go away just because
you ignore them, or pretend they are gone. The vital yet
straightforward concept that you can simply be happy by changing
the quality of your thoughts (i.e. being obedient to the precepts of
God-Allah), and thereby cause an increase in serotonin is obviously
foreign to psychiatry. Thoughts actually create your reality and
thoughts are living things.

Although both mainstream psychology and alternative therapies
understand that neurotransmitters are directly related to all mental
health conditions, mainstream psychology attempts to fix these
problems with medication. Psychological disorders such as
Depression, Anxiety, Hyperactivity, Learning Disorders, Bi-polar
Depression, Manic Depression, Alcoholism and Schizophrenia can
be treated quite successfully and cured with a regiment of
disciplined thought management. Scientifically speaking, this can be
accomplished through the creation of new Neural Networks, or
new Neural Pathways.

Part VII
The Re-Wiring of the Brain through the
Moorish Science Paradigm

Scientifically speaking, we have the ability to re-wire our brains
which will in turn engender a wholesome, healthy and fulfilling

Most people misunderstand the meaning of chemical imbalances
in the brain. This phrase has become the slogan to use today to
explain mental health problems, however the root of these
problems lie in specific neural pathways established by a
particular consistent mode of thinking. The Soul is literally
creating new neural pathways in the brain by way of consistent
thought focused on any particular subject matter, idea, or topic.
This is quite normal because everything we learn becomes part of
our neural associations or pathways.

The more we utilize the tools in the workshop of the mind where
things are made of thought, the more we build a new neural net
in our brains, which in turn builds up character. The brain is
made up of tiny nerve cells called "neurons. ' A neuron also known
as a nerve cell, is an electrically excitable cell that processes and
transmits information by electrical and chemical signaling.

Chemical signaling occurs via synapses, specialized connections
with other cells. Neurons connect to each other to form networks
(i.e. neural net).
We know physiologically that nerve cells that
fire together wire together. If you practice something over and
over (i.e. utilize the Hammer), those nerve cells establish a long-
term relationship. If you become angry frequently, if you become
frustrated often, if you experience misery sorrow and distress
regularly, you're rewiring and reintegrating that neural net on a daily
basis, and that neural net now has a long-term relationship, with all
those other nerve cells, thus creating an identity based on our
character which is built by way of the quality of our thoughts. We
must also keep in mind that nerve cells that don't fire together
no longer wire together. They lose their long-term relationship,
because every time we interrupt the thought process that
produces a chemical response in the body--every time we
interrupt it, those nerve cells that are connected to each other
start breaking the long-term relationship.
Thus, if we have been
used to feeling distraught, disappointed, and distressed, due to
decades of laboring under the illusion of negro, black, and colored,
all one has to do first realize the thoughts and actions of an
unconscious individual is unhealthy. Subsequently, they must
immediately interrupt those thoughts when they arise, and without
delay replace those old deep-rooted thoughts with fresh, pristine,
and healthy thoughts based on the Moorish Science paradigm.
This is in effect re-wiring the brain by re-integrating a neural net.

As earlier stated: a typical neuron possesses a cell body, dendrites,
and an axon; dendrites are thin structures that arise from the cell
body, giving rise to a complex "dendrite tree"; an axon is a special
cellular extension that arises from the cell body; at the majority of
synapses, signals are sent from the axon of one neuron to a dendrite
of another.
These branches that reach out and connect to other
neurons form a Neural Net.
Each place where they connect (by
way of the Chemical signaling of the synapse) is incubated into a
memory. The brain builds up all its concepts by the law of
associative memory. For example: ideas, thoughts and feelings are
all constructed and interconnected in this neural net, and all have a
possible relationship with one another. The concept of the principle
Love, for instance, is stored in this vast neural net. However, many
of us prior to arriving at the knowledge of Moorish Science, built the
concept of love from many other sundry contemptuous ideas.
Consequently, some people have love connected to disappointment;
as a result they fail to comprehend the Divine Instruction of (the
pure in heart) loving and not demanding love in return; due to their
prior disappointment and mis-association with Love. When they
think about love, they experience the memory of pain, sorrow, anger
and even Misery. Misery may be linked to hurt, which may be linked
to a person, which then is connected back to love. Consequently, we
may labor under the erroneous notion that Love is conditional. We
build up models of how we see the world outside of us; the more
Knowledge of Self that we acquire, the more we refine that model
one way or another. Any information that we process, any
information that we take in from the environment is always
influenced by the experiences that we've had and the emotional
response that we're having to what we're bringing in. Through
thorough comprehension of the mechanics of thought, we have a
magnificent and glorious opportunity to reveal the beauty and
splendor of symmetrical character.

Were rewiring the brain, literally reconnecting to a new concept.

Learning to Love instead of hate by means of creating
new neural networks-

Indeed the Master of the house is more honorable than its walls,

consequently we must not vaunt the brain, because therein our Soul
resides. The Soul is the source, basis, and foundation of the
thought processes witnessed in the vast neural net in the brain.
The chemicals (neurotransmitters), the connections of neurons
via the synapses, are all manifest expressions of the actions of
the souls; in particular the action of Thinking. When we learn, we
are thinking. The more we learn about ourselves, the more we will
grow spiritually, the more this spiritual growth is exhibited, the more
it will be manifested as a brain re-configuration. In other words,
when your life changes, it is more or less reflected in your home,
some are prompted to clean and neaten up, which will result in
rearranging furniture. This rearrangement of furniture by the
master of the house (i.e. the Soul) is analogous to the
establishment of new neural pathways or new neural networks
in the brain, as a result of enriching your thoughts i.e. learning
more and more about self.

When you learn things about your family, it becomes a part of your
brain's neural pathways and associations. Remembering your
grandmother brings back many memories because these memories
are all tied together or bundled together by these neural pathways or
associations in the brain. Anything you learn, regardless of what it
is, becomes a part of the vast neuronal associations in the brain,
which contain over one billion nerve cells. When you learn that the
Moors under the leadership of Hamilcar Barca liberated Spain, as
did Tariq in the 8
century, your brain ties these people together into
a neural association in your brain concerning Moorish history,
Moorish historical events, and Moorish Generals who lived in the
past. When you learn to tie your shoes, ride a bicycle, drive a car,
use a computer keyboard, or even how to recite your 101s or Acts
of Law (Divine Constitution and By-Laws), your brain gradually
develops the neural pathways to make your practicing become
automatic. The more you practice, and the more quality time
you put into your practice, the more that your brain pathways
change. Fairly soon, you know how to tie your shoes and you don't
think about it anymore, it has become a part of every part. This
practice you did has made tying your shoes become automatic.
Learning a musical instrument works the same way. At first, it is
difficult and hard, but the more you practice, the better you get. As
you take one step at a time, and practice thirty minutes a day on your
instrument, you continue to improve and get better. What is
happening? Because of your consistent engagement of a particular
thought, your brain is arranging a new neural pathway or association
for learning to play that instrument. As your brain develops this new
pathway (via practicing and learning), you get better and better at
playing your instrument. It is exactly the same way with learning to
love instead of hate. As you learn, and then practice purification
methods, purification strategies, and entertain Divine concepts
connected with Love, a new neural pathway begins to form. The
more you practice, the more this new neural pathway or association
grows. Progress possibly may be slow at first, just like it is when
you learn any new skill, but if you continue to practice, you continue
to get better. If you practice enough, the habit becomes more and
more automatic over time. What you learn changes the neural
associations in your brain. What is in those neural pathways or
associations becomes indelible.

Now, how do brain chemicals, neurochemistry, and imbalances of
brain chemistry fit here? Your thoughts manifest themselves via
neural pathways; your neural pathways and associations
influence and decide which neuro-chemicals, and at what
strength pass through the synapse (i.e., synaptic gap). Your
neurochemistry is determined by your neural pathways and
associations, which is in turn determined by thought, not the
other way around. Medication or pills can change your brain
chemistry temporarily. But, medications have no power to change
neural pathways or associations. There is no cure for hatred,
slander, lewdness, murders, theft, etc. in medication. There is a
temporary chemical change in your brain brought about by the
medication. But it lasts only as long as the medication is
synthesized to last, from four hours to longer periods. But it is never
permanent. You always need to take another pill. The only
permanent solution is to change your neural pathways and
associations, by changing the way you think! This can only be
done by learning new strategies, rational concepts, and new
methods to conquer the lower-self. Then, these new strategies and
methods must be practised and practiced. This is why we
persistently emphasis repetition, i.e. utilizing the Hammer in the
workshop of the mind. Without repetition (the Hammer), neural
pathways and associations cannot change. To have a permanent
solution to conquer the lower-self, our neural pathways and
associations MUST change. When our thoughts change, our neural
pathways and associations change, consequently our brain chemistry
also changes. This is a permanent change, because you have
practiced the new methods and concepts (i.e., purity and Love
Divine) repetitiously, thus creating new neural associations.
Whatever you really learn causes new neural pathways in the brain,
and, over time, with repetition, you gradually become better and
better at something. Once our thoughts change, our new neural
pathways continue to grow and our new feelings, beliefs, and values
change automatically.

A Wonderful Opportunity-
Humanity has a wonderful, splendid, and glorious opportunity to
create new Holy and Divine neural pathways, as well as destroy
neural pathways which are unhealthy and unfit for spiritual
advancement. This opportunity is there for humanity annually via
the Holy month of Ramadan. During the Holy month of Ramadan,
fallen humanity is commanded to fast for 29 to 30 days per annum.

The Fast of Ramadan is in no way confined or restricted to
Arabians and other Eastern Moslems. The Fast of the Holy
month of Ramadan transcends culture, custom, society,
tradition, and mores; it is a directive to all those who fear God.

Moreover, the Fast of the Holy month of Ramadan transcends the
avoidance of food, drink, and coitus from sunrise to sunset. The
Fast of the Holy month of Ramadan is about ridding the mind of
all thoughts, words, and actions which are opposed to that which
is Divine; it concerns focusing our thoughts on Purity and Love.
Yes, we should be concerned with accomplishing this all the time,
however during the Holy month of Ramadan, we are obligated,
required, and compelled to do it! Again, this is accomplished in
29 to 30 days which scientifically ensures that new neural
pathways are established.

It is indeed interesting to note that, no matter what habit you want
to develop, you always hear do it for 30 days and then the habit
will be set. It turns out thats true and there is a physiological reason
for why it is true; it was actually discovered quite by chance by
NASA (however it was not strange, because it was law which
governed the event). During its inception, NASA designed an
experiment to determine the physiological and psychological effect
of the spatial disorientation the astronauts would experience in a
weightless environment. What NASA did was outfit the potential
astronauts with convex goggles which flipped everything in their
field of vision 180 degrees. In other words, their world was turned
completely upside down. The potential astronauts were required to
wear these special goggles 24 hours a dayeven when they were
asleep. The scientists then sat back to observe what happened.
Initially, according to elevated blood pressure and other vital signs,
the potential astronauts suffered from extreme stress and anxiety. As
time went on they gradually adapted to some of the stress. However,
on the 26th day, something amazing happened for one of the
astronauts. His world turned right-side up again even though he
continued to wear the goggles 24 hours a day. From days 26-30, the
same thing happened for each of the astronauts; their worlds turned
right-side up. What the scientists discovered is that after 26-30 days
of this continuous stream of new input (new habit) the astronauts
brains created neural connections to rewire their brains. This
would be an amazing story if this were the end; however its not.
NASA did the experiment again with a slight change. This time the
potential astronauts took the goggles off for a short period of time
partway through the experiment. The result? They had to start over.
When they put the goggles back on and left them on until the 30th
day, their worlds were still upside down. What the scientists
discovered is the brain needs about 30 uninterrupted days for new
neural connections to form.
That being said, the Fast of the
month of Ramadan physiological and psychological ensures
success in regards to creating new neural pathways (which is
scientifically proven) which can be spiritually beneficial.

The Power of Thought!

"Man is a thought of Allah; all thoughts of Allah are infinite; they
are not measured up by time, for things that are concerned with
time, begin and end. "The thoughts of Allah are the everlasting of
the past unto the never ending days to come. And so is man, the

As we have stated throughout this entire dissertation, everything in
the physical world is made out of atoms. Atoms are made out of
energy. The question is, what is energy made of? Energy is made
out of consciousness/Thought; consequently, consciousness or
Thought is what the universe is made of, matter and energy are
simply forms that consciousness or Thought takes. The Universe
is made out of thought, of which Allah is the Father of. Man is a
thought (of Allah). Allah is so omnipotent that His thoughts are
literally alive! In lieu of that fact, we must ever remain cognizant of
the fact that Man is made in the image and after the likeness of
Therefore if Allahs Thoughts are alive, and we are made in
His likeness, are our thoughts alive as well?

Thought is a vital, living force, the most vital, subtle yet prodigious
force that exists in the universe. The thought-world is more real
relatively than this physical universe; the physical universe is a
manifest of the thought-world. Thoughts are living things. Every
change in thought is accompanied by a vibration. Thought is a
dynamic force. Thought moves. Thought is infectious. Thought
creates. You can work wonders with the power of thought. The
strength of your body, the strength of your mind, your success in life
and the vibration you give off to others in your company - all depend
on the nature and quality of your thoughts.

Man is a thought; man ultimately will spiritually develop and unfold
based upon the thoughts he entertain. Gandhi said, A man is but the
product of his thoughts, what he thinks, he becomes.
Buddha said, All that we are is the result of what we have thought.
The mind is everything. What we think, we become.
He further
stated, What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday,
and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow. We are what
we think
Simply stated, what a man thinks upon, that he
becomes. If you think you are strong; strong you become; think you
are weak; the weak you become. Think like a fool; fool you become.
Think pure and clean; pure and clean you become. A man forms his
character, becoming that which he thinks. If you think nobly, you
shall gradually make for yourself a noble character, but if you think
basely, a base character will be formed. Steady persevering thought
sets up a definite habit of the mind and that habit manifests itself as a
quality of character. The thread of thought is woven into mental and
moral qualities and these qualities in their totality form what we call
character. You can build your character by utilizing the tools in the
workshop of the mind, where things are made of THOUGHT! The
first step towards a deliberate creation of character, lies then in the
deliberate choosing of what we think, and then of thinking
persistently on the quality chosen. Soon, there will be a tendency to
evince that quality; a little longer, its exercise will become habitual.
Thought makes character. You weave the thread of thought into your
destiny. All that you accomplish or fail to accomplish with your life
is the direct result of your thoughts. Thoughts are things; they have
tremendous power. Thoughts of doubt and fear are pathways to
failure. When you conquer negative attitudes of doubt and fear you
conquer failure.

We are all living, so to speak, in a vast ocean of thought; and the
very atmosphere around us is continually filled with the thought-
forces that are being continually sent or that are continually going
out in the form of thought-waves. We are all affected more or less by
these thought-forces either consciously or unconsciously and in the
degree that we are more or less sensitive to these thought
impressions, which thus determine what influences shall enter into
the domain of our thoughts and hence into our lives. Dependant
upon what quality of thought you carry, you will unceasingly attract
to yourself, knowingly or inadvertently, exactly and only what
corresponds to your own dominant quality of thought.

A good thought is thrice blessed. First, it benefits the thinker by
improving his mental body. Secondly, it benefits the person about
whom it is entertained. Lastly, it benefits all mankind by improving
the general etherical atmosphere. Evil thoughts thrown into the
atmosphere poisons receptive minds. To dwell on an evil thought
gradually deprives it of its repulsiveness and impels the thinker to
perform an action which embodies it. Thoughts crystallize into habit
and habit solidifies into circumstances.

It is not sufficient to be contented with the notion that all your
thoughts are not bad; that there is a balance between your good
thoughts and your unhealthy thoughts. You must transmute negative
thoughts into positive healthy thoughts. This is spiritual alchemy,
and the philosophers stone is your intention. The alchemist was one
who professed to have discovered the great secret (namely, of
transmuting base metal into gold); esoterically speaking, the spiritual
Alchemist has mastered the ability to transmute a base thought, to a
thought of a Holy and Divine quality. Your thoughts must be kind
and loving. These qualities allow your thoughts to be helpful. When
they are sent out, they are capable of doing immense good and
benefit in the uplifting of fallen humanity.

Thoughts are likened unto children. Be watchful and vigilant of your
progeny of thoughts. A wicked son is a reproach to his father; but
he that doth right is an honor to his grey hairs.
A good son brings
happiness, name and prominence to the father. An evil son brings
infamy, disgrace and discredit to his father. Even so, a noble thought
will bring happiness and joy to you. An evil thought will bring
unrest, misery and death to you. Just as you rear up your children
with great care, so also you will have to rear up good, sublime
thoughts with great care and attention.

The medium through which thoughts travel is that rarified substance
which permeates all space: Ether. Ether serves as the vehicle for
thought. Thought moves, thoughts travel. It actually leaves the brain
and hovers about. It can enter the brains of others also. A
sympathetic thought in you can raise a sympathetic thought in others
with whom you come in contact. A thought of anger can produce a
similar vibration in those who surround an angry man. A cheerful
thought can produce cheerful thought in others. A thought of joy can
create sympathetically a thought of joy in others. The mind is like a
wireless machine. An Adept with peace, joy, and harmony sends
spiritual waves out into the world which travel with tremendous
lightning speed in all directions and enter the minds of thousands
and produce in them also similar thoughts of harmony and peace.
Whereas a worldly man whose mind is filled with jealousy, revenge
and hatred sends out discordant thoughts which enter the minds of
thousands and stir in them similar thoughts of hatred and discord.

Thoughts lead to action. Thoughts are the sources of all actions.
Thinking is the real action. The sin lies in the wish, in the desire
(i.e. thought), not in the act.
If you can root out all evil thoughts in
the beginning, you will not perform any evil deed.

Lower-Self Thoughts

Drive away from your mind all unnecessary, useless and obnoxious
thoughts. Useless thoughts impede your spiritual growth; obnoxious
thoughts are stumbling blocks to spiritual advancement. You are
distant from the Almighty God-Allah when you are entertaining
useless thoughts. Entertain only thoughts that are helpful and useful.
You must eradicate through introspection all sorts of mean thoughts,
useless thoughts, unworthy thoughts, impure thoughts, thoughts of
jealousy, hatred and selfishness. You must annihilate all destructive
thoughts of disharmony and discord. You must develop good,
loving, sublime thoughts. Every thought must be of a constructive
nature. It must be strong, positive and must be of a constructive
nature. It must be strong, positive and definite. Develop right
thinking. Every thought must bring peace and solace to yourself and
others. It should not bring even the least pain and unhappiness to
anyone. Then you are a blessed spirit on the earth. You are a mighty
power on the earth. You can help many, and heal thousands. If you
can steady the mind and if you have consistent thoughts of one
subject or one kind only to the exclusion of all other thoughts, this
itself is a very great achievement, it is a great step in advancement in

Techniques of Thought-control

If you think again and again on impure things, an evil thought gains
new strength by repetition. It gains the force of momentum. Drive
them out immediately. If you find it difficult to do so, entertain
counter-thoughts of LOVE. A noble thought is a potent antidote to
counteract an evil thought. By repetition of Allahs name daily, good
thoughts gain new strength by each repetition.

Part IX
Thought expressed as Energy Vortices
vibrating throughout the ethereal body.
The Endocrine system of the Soul!

wouldst thou raise thy thoughts to infinite wisdom?
Wouldst thou see omnipotence displayed before thee?
Contemplate thine frame.

During the course of contemplation of ones frame, one must take
under consideration all the parts, elements, and components which
makes up Man. The Physical part of man is but the slower ethereal
vibration of the soul and Spirit. In addition to Man being clothed in
flesh, also the perfumes and the odors and the true
sensationswere clothed in flesh.
(The true sensations were clothed in
flesh via the sensory organs-see chapter I). These perfumes and odors
which have been clothed in flesh are simply various subtle
components of the flesh of Man. These perfumes and odors
which are in flesh comprise the endocrine system. There is the
Endocrine system of the flesh and the Endocrine System of the

The Endocrine System of the Soul is known as the Chakra
The body itself is composed of cells. These cells are in turn
made up of molecules, which are made up of atoms, which are in
turn made up of sub-atomic particles such as electrons, neutrons, and
protons. The nucleus of the Atom (i.e. protons and neutrons) is
composed of energy. Energy is the result of
consciousness/Thought; consequently, consciousness or Thought
is what we are made of, matter and energy are simply forms that
consciousness or Thought takes. This Energy is precisely the
perfume or odor, which the soul gives off/secretes (the root of the
term endocrine is from the Greek crinis which means secrete).
Although the body (at its core) is composed of energy, there are
particular concentrations of this energy known as energy
vortices. These energy vortices are also known as Chakras.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means wheel.
The chakras are
similar to wheels in that they are spinning vortexes of energy. They
are centers of force located within our etheric body, through which
we receive, transmit, and process life energies. The chakras are the
network through which the mind, body, and spirit interact as
one holistic system. The seven major chakras correspond to specific
aspects of our consciousness and have their own individual
characteristics and functions. Each has a corresponding
relationship to one of the various glands of the body's endocrine
system (i.e. the perfumes and odors clothed in flesh). The main
purpose in working with and understanding the chakras is to
create integration and wholeness within ourselves. In this way
we bring the various aspects of our consciousness from the
physical to the spiritual, into a harmonious relationship.
Ultimately, we begin to recognize that the various aspects of
ourselves all work together, and that each aspect is as much a part of
the whole as the others. We must be able to acknowledge, integrate,
and accept all levels of our being. The Chakra energy system is
the line which unites divinity and matter.

To help us in the process of our unfolding it is most important to
understand that the chakras are doorways for our consciousness.
They are the doorways through which emotional, mental, and
spiritual force flow into physical expression. The energy created
from our emotional and mental attitudes runs though the chakras and
is distributed to our cells, tissues and organs. To understand the
chakras and their relationship to our consciousness is to better
understand ourselves. Understanding ourselves will enable us to
make choices and decisions from a place of balance and awareness.

In Islam, the Chakras are referred to as Al-Lataif meaning
the subtleties. Texts describing the chakras go back as far as the
Vedas and the Upanishad.
In eastern traditions; the chakras play an
important role in attaining deep levels of realization. Due to the
similarities between the Chinese and Indian philosophies, the
knowledge of chakras was quickly blended into Chinese practices
such as acupuncture and the philosophy of Chi (Ki in Japanese);
in fact Yoga, Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Tai Chi and Chi Kung all focus
on balancing the energy meridians which are an integral part of the
chakra system. In Japan ki is related to the practice of Reiki, and
plays an important role in Japanese martial arts such as Aikido.
In Hinduism, the concept of chakras is part of a philosophy related
to esoteric anatomy.
They are described as emanations of
consciousness from Brahman, an energy emanating from the
spiritual which gradually turns concrete, creating these distinct
levels of chakras.
This esoteric anatomy is directly linked to
the endocrine system of the body, which is the perfumes and
odors clothed in flesh.

The term Endocrine derives from the Greek words endo meaning
inside or within, and crinis for secrete.
Although we rarely think
about the Endocrine System of the body, it influences almost
every cell, organ, and function of our bodies. The endocrine
system is instrumental in regulating mood, growth and development,
tissue function, metabolism, and reproductive processes.
foundations of the endocrine system are the hormones and glands.
As the body's chemical messengers, hormones transfer information
and instructions from one set of cells to another.
The major glands
that make up the human endocrine system include the:

Pituitary gland
Adrenal glands
Pineal body
Reproductive glands (which include the ovaries and testes)

A gland is a group of cells that produces and secretes, or gives off,
chemicals. A gland selects and removes materials from the blood,
processes them, and secretes the finished chemical product for use
somewhere in the body.
Some types of glands release their
secretions in specific areas. For instance, exocrine glands, such as
the sweat and salivary glands, release secretions in the skin or inside
the mouth. Endocrine glands, on the other hand, release more than
20 major hormones directly into the bloodstream where they can be
transported to cells in other parts of the body.

The endocrine system helps regulate and maintain various body
functions by synthesizing (making) and releasing hormones,
chemical messengers. The major areas of control and integration
include responses to stress and injury, growth and development,
absorption of nutrients, energy metabolism, water and electrolyte
balance, and reproduction.
The endocrine system and the nervous
system are so closely associated that they are collectively called the
neuro-endocrine system. Neural control centers in the brain control
endocrine glands. The main neural control center is the
hypothalamus, also known as the master switchboard. The
hypothalamus sends messages to the pituitary gland; the pituitary
gland, in turn, releases hormones that regulate body functions.

One of the strongest associations to affect your health and well-
being is that formed with your Endocrine system. The endocrine
system is part of the body's main control mechanism. It comprises of
a number of ductless glands that produce the hormones, acting as
chemical messengers that are secreted into the bloodstream from
particular organs to stimulate or inhibit physical processes.
adjusting the hormone levels, the endocrine system works to
maintain the body in a state of optimum health. The Chakra's
are linked with the glands responsible for creating the
hormones. Unsurprisingly, the positions of the Chakras correspond
to the positions of the glands in the endocrine system and have an
effect on their functioning. The link between the Chakra's and the
glands emphasizes the holistic nature of health and demonstrates that
you need to maintain a balance in your emotional and mental
activities as well as your physical diet and exercise, as they are all
deeply interrelated.

Chakra Relation to the Endocrine System

1. Root Chakra (Muladhara)- Adrenal Glands
2. Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana)- Gonads/Ovaries
3. Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura) Spleen/Pancreas
4. Heart Chakra (Anahata) Thymus
5. Throat Chakra (Vishuddha) Thyroid/Parathyroid
6. Third-Eye Chakra (Ajna) Pineal Gland
7. Crown Chakra (Sahasrara) Pituitary Gland

Root Chakra The Root Chakra, the 1
chakra, represents
foundation and being grounded and secure. The Root Chakra
(Muladhara) is also related to the Instinctive Faculty.
Location: Base of spine in tailbone area.
Unbalanced Energy- When energy is unbalanced in Root Chakra,
there will be issues and struggles with lust, obsession, stability, and
insecurity, anger, vanity, and greed,
Balanced Energy- When energy is balanced in the Root Chakra the
carnal nature will be well managed and under control, you will be
healthy, grounded in Islam, secure with oneself, patient, stable, and
Sacral Chakra The Sacral Chakra (Swadisthana), the 2

chakra, represents our ability to accommodate our selves to all,
accept others and adapt ourselves to new situations.
Location: Lower abdomen, about 2 inches below the navel and 2
inches in.
Unbalanced Energy- When energy is unbalanced in the Sacral
Chakra, there will be issues and struggles with relationships
(whether marital, familial, occupational, etc.), addictions, emotional
imbalance, lack of enthusiasm, jealousy, envy, confusion,
Balanced Energy- When energy is balanced in the Sacral Chakra our
passions and desires will be in the bounds of righteousness, we are
able to work harmoniously with others, our happiness will be based
on obedience to the precepts of Allah.

Solar Plexus Chakra The Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura)
represents our ability to be confident and in control of our lives.
Manipura is believed to correspond to Islets of Langerhans, which
are groups of cells in the pancreas, as well as the outer adrenal
glands and the adrenal cortex. These play a valuable role in
digestion, the conversion of food matter into energy for the body.
Location: Upper abdomen in the stomach area.
Unbalanced Energy- When energy in the Solar Plexus Chakra is
unbalanced there will control issues and struggles with fear, anxiety,
frustration, overly self-critical thoughts, etc.
Balanced Energy- When energy is balanced in the Solar Plexus
Chakra, principles of action will be fully established subsequently
they will be acted upon accordingly; purity in life will be realized.

Heart Chakra The Heart Chakra (Anahata) represents our
ability to demonstrate Divine Love. Anahata is related to the thymus,
which is located in the chest (heart). The thymus is an element of the
immune system as well as being part of the endocrine system. It is
the site of maturation of the T cells responsible for fending off
disease and may be adversely affected by stress. .
Location: Center of chest just above heart.
Unbalanced Energy- When energy is unbalanced in the Heart
Chakra there will be issues and struggles with displaying empathy,
compassion, tenderness, respect, and tolerance; there will be an
erroneous belief that love must be based on conditions, and respect
must be earned; there will be also difficulty accepting rejection;
there will be resentment, sadness and hostility.
Balanced Energy- When energy is balanced in the Heart Chakra
Divine Love will be displayed; group consciousness will easily be
achieved, we will be able to give readily and not expect to receive,
we will be open to change, we will be able to effortlessly cope with

Throat Chakra - The Throat Chakra (Vishuddha) represents our
ability to our ability to communicate properly. Vishuddha is
understood to relate to communication and growth through
expression. This chakra is paralleled to the thyroid, a gland that is
also in the throat and which produces thyroid hormone, responsible
for growth and maturation.
Location: Throat.
Unbalanced Energy- When energy is unbalanced in the Throat
Chakra there will be issues and struggles with communication; there
will be difficulty to display active listening, i.e. hearing with
patience. Our words will be cold and devoid compassion, kindness,
and consideration; our speech will be based off of impulse and
emotion; thus our words will be severe and rigorous. There will be
difficulty verbally expressing the thoughts of our heart. We will
bestow in every man the flattery of unmeaning words, thus our
speech will be insincere. We will delight in speaking of ourselves;
but we will not notice that others like not to hear us.
Balanced Energy- When energy is balanced in the Throat Chakra,
there will be fluent thought expressed kindly and unambiguously in
words; our tongue will be rooted in heart consequently hypocrisy
and deceit will have no place in our words. The words of our mouth
will be the thoughts of our heart, yet, with prudence and caution will
we open our lips; we will study what is right, and speak with
discretion. Kindness will be mixed with reproof, and reason with
authority. Our lips will be as the lips of the wise which are likened to
the doors of a cabinet; no sooner are they opened but treasures are
poured out; like unto trees of gold arranged in beds of silver, wise
sentences will be uttered in due season.

Third Eye Chakra - The Third Eye Chakra (Ajna) represents
our ability to focus on the spiritual reality and see beyond the
carnal physical manifestation. The third eye (also known as the
inner eye) is a mystical and esoteric concept referring in part to the
ajna (brow) chakra in certain eastern spiritual traditions. It is also
spoken of as the gate that leads within to inner realms and
higher consciousness. The third eye is often associated with visions,
clairvoyance, and precognition. People who have developed the
capacity to utilize their third eyes are sometimes known as seers,
however those who absolutely have developed the aptitude to
utilize their third eye see things as they are and not how they
appear to be; they are able to look into the face of their
Brothers/Sisters and see the image of Allah Who speaks within;
they are able to see past the illusions of the world and realize the
infinite reality.

The opened Third Eye is also known as the Eye of Horus. The
Mystery Temples in ancient Egypt was dedicated to the process
of opening the Third Eye. The Third Eye is an etheric, or fourth
dimensional eye, which simply implys, when activated the mind
will transcend time and space. It acts as a sensitive receiver, and
transmitter, by which vibrations of many different types can be
translated, interpreted and dispersed into our third dimensional
brains to gain wisdom and understanding. Through this eye, quicker
vibrational planes, thought forms, and higher vibrational entities are
perceived. A better sense of cause and effect is also acquired.

In Hinduism and Buddhism, the third eye is a symbol of
enlightenment. In the Indian tradition, it is referred to as the
gyananakashu, the eye of knowledge, which is the seat of the
teacher inside or antar-guru.
This is commonly denoted in
Indian and East Asian iconography with a dot, eye or mark on the
forehead of enlightened Masters, such as Prophet Buddha. This
symbol is called the Third Eye or the Eye of Wisdom, or, in
Buddhism, the urna.
Many Hindus wear a tilaka (a red mark worn
on the forehead and other parts of the body) between the eyebrows
to represent the third eye.
In the Upanishads, a human being is
likened to a city with ten gates. Nine gates (eyes, nostrils, ears,
mouth, urethra, anus) lead outside to the sensory world; the
third eye is the tenth gate and leads to inner/Higher
This Higher consciousness is also referred to as
Buddha consciousness or God-consciousness. Higher
consciousness is generally regarded as a developed state of
consciousness in which aspects of the mind, such as thought,
understanding, reasoning and willing, are improved, refined and
enhanced. It is considered thus to be a higher level of consciousness
relative to ordinary consciousness, in the sense that a greater
Spiritual awareness is achieved. It is also associated with
transcendence, Spiritual enlightenment, and union with Allah.

Moreover, the Third Eye (chakra) is linked to the pineal gland
(the pineal gland is also linked to the Crown Chakra). The pineal
gland (also called the pineal body, or the third eye) is a small
endocrine gland in the brain. It produces melatonin, a hormone that
affects the modulation of wake/sleep patterns and photoperiodic
(seasonal) functions.
The pineal gland, or third eye, is located in
the geometric center of the brain. This correlates to the location of
the Great Pyramid which is in the center of the physical planet. This
pineal gland is activated by Light, and it controls the various bio-
rhythms of the body. It works in harmony with the hypothalamus
gland which directs the body's thirst, hunger, and the biological
clock that determines our aging process.
Ren Descartes, who
dedicated much time to the study of the pineal gland, called it the
principal seat of the soul (this is not strange being that the Soul
itself resides in the Brain). He believed that it was the point of
connection between the intellect and the body. Descartes attached
significance to the gland because he believed it to be the only section
of the brain which existed as a single part, rather than one half of a
It is also interesting to note that in the scripture the Prophet
Jacob names the location where he wrestles with the angel
Peniel. The scripture states, And Jacob called the name of the
place Peniel: for I have see God face to face, and my life is
Thus, Prophet Jacob wrestling with the angel at
Peniel (Pineal) is more allegorical than literal. The term Peniel
in the Torah originates from a compound Hebrew appellation which
is made of two Hebrew words: Paneh which means face or in
the presence of, and EL which means God. Therefore the name
Peniel literally means the face of God or in the presence of
God. Thus, Peniel is not an actual a physical location, but a
transcendental spiritual experience of meeting God-Allah in the
heart (within). The experience may have taken place, east of the
Jordan River and north of the river Jabbok where the town Peniel
was later erected,
but nevertheless the experience was spiritual.

Location of Third Eye Chakra: Forehead between the eyes. (Also
called the Brow Chakra)
Unbalanced Energy- When energy is unbalanced in the Third Eye
Chakra you may feel lonely, abandoned, and deserted. You may
believe that everyone is against you. You will display callous,
obnoxious, and coldhearted behavior. There will be lack of patience,
respect, and tolerance for others. Feelings of misery, hopelessness
and despair will be present. There will be feelings of irritation,
depression, worry, and stress; consequently there will be headaches.
Balanced Energy- When energy is balanced in the Third Eye Chakra
you will feel connected with the all of life; you will feel connected
with Allah. There will be a high level of spiritual clarity especially
on an intuitive level. You will be happy; your countenance will be lit
with joy; your heart will be filled with peace. Charity and love will
be demonstrated as a result of the seeds of benevolence being sown
in the heart. Forgiveness will be demonstrated with ease.

Crown Chakra - The highest Chakra represents our ability to
be fully connected spiritually. It is generally considered to be the
chakra of pure consciousness and it involves ready accessibility to
Wisdom which speaks from out of the Highest plane of Spirit life. It
represents the symbolic death of the body (manifest) and the
quickening of the Spirit. The opening of the Third Eye, or the
proper balance of the Third Eye Chakra immediately activates
the Crown Chakra.
Location: The very top (pinnacle or apex) of the head.
Unbalanced Energy- When energy is unbalanced in the Crown
Chakra you will hold illusionary ideals as well as self-limiting
concepts. Vanity will be expressed, pride, ego, vain ambition and
selfishness. You will at times feel disoriented. You will display traits
of sluggish will.
Balanced Energy- When energy is balanced in the Crown Chakra
you will have dynamic thought and energy. You will not only feel
connected to Allah but experience it and fully apprehend this Divine
In regards to why we (Moslems) cover our head, one reason speaks
in reference to the Crown Chakra. (Our Heads) Soft when new
born; this is a source of great emanations Light and Energy from the
Divine. Safeguarding this Point to protect against negative energies
trying to draw that energy away from you. The Process of
Submission will return Humans to the Image of The Divine. It is the
image of Honor Love Respect and Chivalry. That Energy is Directed
to the crown of the head, It is Safeguarded with a Cover.

The Soul/Body Endocrine System Relationship

Thought, in all actuality effects the Soul, the response is the odor or
perfume emitted from the Soul (which is based upon the quality of
thought entertained), which is a secretion of a particular vibratory
level of energy (endocrine system of the Soul, i.e. chakra system);
this process effects the brain which kicks into gear the neuro-
endocrine system process, whereas the brain sends particular
messages to the glands, which in turns secretes or gives off
particular chemicals which is released in the blood stream. The
reaction from this chemical secretion will express itself in ones
overall health (mentally and physically), mood, attitude, approach to
lifes challenges, etc.
In order words:
Thought effects Soul which in turn effects Energy
(chakra system) i.e. perfumes and odors, which effects
Brain, which then cause a release of particular chemicals via the
endocrine system of the body, i.e. perfumes and odors clothed in
which in the end effects The Physical Body.

Part X
The Key to unlocking the hidden Potencies of
The Secret to Balancing the Chakra Energy
System, thus Revealing the Infinite Reality

The Key to unveiling the mystifying potencies of Spirit Man; the
secret to establishing an equilibrium or symmetry within the energy
vortices of Man, involves a simplistic yet complex process, which
will ultimately lead one to the degree of an Ascended Master. This
simplistic yet complex process may be summed up with two
words: PURITY and LOVE.

love cannot manifest until its way has been prepared, and naught
can rend the rock and bring down lofty hills and fill the valleys up,
and thus prepare the way, but purity.

The purification process involves focusing on a course of action
known as clearing the past which will lead us to a state of
realization of Divine Love. To achieve this we have to let go of
particular thoughts and behavior patterns we have developed during
the course of our lives, We have established tendencies, inclinations,
and habits, many of which are not based on God-consciousness.

Mind (i.e. the actions of the Soul collectively) consists of a bundle of
habits. Bad habits and prejudices hidden in one's nature will
necessarily be brought to the surface of the mind when the proper
opportunity presents itself. Habits originate in the conscious mind.
But, when they become established by constant repetition, they sink
down into the depths of the unconscious mind and become 'second
nature.' Clearing the past necessitates intense introspection. You
must be engaged in a meticulous study of Self (The Higher and the
Lower-self). This study, examination, and analysis of Self must
result in the conquest or death of the lower-self carnal desires.

There is a holy ministry in death. The essence of the body cannot
be quickened by the Holy Breath until the fixed is solved; the body
must disintegrate, and this is death. And then upon these pliant
substances Allah breathes, just as he breathed upon the chaos of the
deep when worlds were formed. And life springs forth from death;
the carnal form is changed to form divine.

Most of us have built models of how we view the world through our
experiences and interactions with nature (i.e. the external world in its
entirely and the genetically controlled qualities of the physical). Due
to the habitual engagement of these thoughts, ideas, concepts, and
behaviors, we have become fixated on a distinct mode of thinking.
For example, we may have witnessed as a child through
adolescence: emotional, verbal, physical, and psychological abuse.
And, in order to make sense of or reconcile this abuse, you may
have arrived at the erroneous conclusion that you must not respect
anyone until they have earned your respect. These models or modes
of thinking which have sustained us in a state of spiritual
unconsciousness must be viewed as useless, futile, and ineffective
for the growth and unfoldment process. Thus, it must disintegrate.
The old way of thinking must disintegrate. The metaphorical
cup must be emptied, cleansed, and purified so that Love may
enter, live and abide forever.

In order for the caterpillar to take flight in the sky as the beautiful
butterfly, it must give up its life as a creeping thing. Similarly, before
the new you can emerge, the old you must die. Dont be afraid to
embrace positive, progressive change. Dont be afraid to adopt a
new way of seeing yourself and the world.

Once we have arrived at the realization and accurate conclusion that
our antiquated and archaic thought processes must be replaced, we
then must embrace fresh, healthy, wholesome and salubrious
concepts, thoughts, and ideas such as:
"No man lives unto himself, for every living thing is bound by
cords to every other living thing. Blessed are the pure in heart;
for they will love and not demand love in return. They will not
do to other men what they would not have other men do unto
them. III:2-4
man is aught;Allah and man are one VII:23
when man honors man, he honors Allah, and what man does
for man he does for Allah. VIII:11
when man harms in thought or word or deed another man,
he does a wrong to Allah. VIII:12
If you would serve the Allah who speaks within the heart,
just serve your near of kin, and those that are no kin, the
stranger at your gates, the foe who seeks to do you harm. Assist
the poor, and help the weak; do harm to none, and covet not
what is not yours. Then, with your tongue the Holy One will
speak; and he will smile behind your tears, will light your
countenance with joy, and fill your hearts with peace." VIII:13-
The sin lies in the wish, in the desire, not in the act. IX:16
The pure in heart do not accuse. IX:22
The man who spends his time in pulling other people's weeds
can have no time to pull his own. IX:24
By the sweet breath of Allah all life is bound in one; so if you
touch a fiber of a living thing you send a thrill from the center
to the outer bounds of life. X:5
It is cruelty that makes the world awry, when men have
learned that when they harm a living thing, they harm
themselves... X:10
Just give your life in sacrificial service to all of life, and Allah is
pleased. X:25
Man may believe what others say, but thus he never knows. If
man would know, he must, himself be what he knows. XI:13
Toil should not make a person sad; men should be happiest
when they toil. When hope and love are back of toil then all of
life is filled with joy and peace and this is heaven. XII:6
heaven is not far away, and it is not a place of metes and
bounds, is not a country to be reached; it is a state of mind!
Now cease to seek for heaven in the sky; just open up the
windows of the hearts, and, like a flood of light, a heaven will
come and bring a boundless joy XII:10
(we were given via Prophet Jesus) all power in heaven and
earth. XVII:11
peace, peace on earth, good will to men! XIX:26
be not puffed up in thine own conceit, neither boast of
superior understanding XXVI:5
The wise man feeleth his imperfections, and is humbled; he
laboreth in vain for his own approbation XXVI:6
the wise man cultivates his mind with knowledge; the
improvement of the arts is his delight, and their utility to the
public crowneth with honor. Nevertheless, the attainment of
virtue he accounteth as the highest learning; and the science of
happiness is the study of his life. XXVI:9,10
Thy time and thy labor belong unto him. Defraud him not
thereof, for he payeth thee for them. XXVIII:5
be just to thy servant if thou expecteth from him fidelity; and
reasonable in thy commands if thou expecteth ready obedience.
The spirit of a man is in him; severity and rigour may create
fear, but can never command love. Mix kindness with reproof,
and reason with authority; so shall thy admonitions take place
in his heart, and his duty shall be-come his pleasure.
It is thy duty, therefore, to be a friend to mankind, as it is thy
interest that man should be friendly to thee. XXX:2
He openeth not his ear unto slander; the faults and the failings
of men give a pain to his heart. XXX:5
he comprehendeth in his wishes the happiness of all men;
and from the generosity of his heart, he endeavoreth to
promote it. XXX:7
In thy dealings with men, be impartial and just; and do unto
them as thou wouldst they should do unto thee.
Be faithful to thy trust, and deceive not the man who relieth
upon thee; be assured, it is less evil in the sight of Allah to steal
than to betray. Oppress not the poor, and defraud not of his
hire the laboring man. XXXI:9,10
Pay the debts which thou oweth: for he who gave thee credit,
relieth upon thine honor; and to withhold from him his due, is
both mean and unjust. XXXI:12
He forgiveth the injuries of men, he wipeth them from his
remembrance; revenge and malice have no place in his heart.
For evil he returneth not evil, he hateth not even his enemies,
but requiteth their injustice with a friendly admonition.
He calmeth the fury, he healeth the quarrels of angry men, and
preventeth the mischiefs of strife and animosity. XXXII:8
He promoteth in his neighborhood peace and good will,
He is consistent with himself; he is never embarrassed; he
hath courage enough for truth; but to lie he is afraid. He is far
above the meanness of dissimulation XXXIV:5,6
the words of his mouth are the thoughts of his heart. Yet,
with prudence and caution he openeth his lips; he studieth
what is right, and speaketh with discretion. XXXIV:6,7
The lips of the wise are as the doors of a cabinet; no sooner are
they opened but treasures are poured out before thee. Like unto
trees of gold arranged in beds of silver are wise sentences
uttered in due season. XXXVIII:17,18
Keep thy soul in moderation; teach thy spirit to be attentive to
its good; so shall these its ministers be always to thee
conveyances of truth. XXXVII:10
General opinion is no proof of truth, for the generality of men
are ignorant. Perception of thyself, the knowledge of Him who
create thee, the sense of worship thou owest unto Him. Are not
these plain before thy face? And, behold! What is there more
that men needeth to know? XXXVIII:27,28
Learn to esteem as thou ought; then art thou near the pinnacle
of wisdom. XXXIX:3
thy life is to others worth more than thy death, it is thy duty
to preserve it. XXXIX:11
Repine not at thy want of knowledge; it must perish within the
grave. Be honest here, thou shalt be wise hereafter. XXXIX:19
Labor not after riches first, and think thou wilt afterwards
enjoy them. He who neglecteth the present moment, throweth
away all that he hath. As the arrow passeth through the heart
while the warrior knew not that it was coming; so shall his life
be taken away, before he knoweth that he hath it. XXXIX:26
Weep not therefore at the calamities of the human state; rather
laugh at its follies. XL:2
The man who neglecteth his present concerns, to revolve how
he will behave when greater, feedeth himself with wind, while
his bread is eaten by another. Act as becometh thee in thy
present station, and in more exalted ones thy face shall not be
ashamed. XL:4,5
What blindeth the eye, or what hideth the heart of a man from
himself, like Vanity? Lo, when thou seest not thyself, then
others discover thee, most plainly. XL:6
Do well whilst thou liveth; but regard not what is said of it.
Content thyself with deserving praise, and thy posterity shall
rejoice in hearing it. XL:11
Those who gave thee a body, furnished it with weakness; but
He who gave thee a soul, armed thee. with resolution. Employ
it, and thou art wise be wise, and thou art happy. XLI:3
Beware of irresolution in the intent of thy actions; beware of
instability in the execution; so shalt thou triumph over two
great failings of thy nature. XLI:6
Establish unto thyself principles of action, and see that thou
ever act according to them. XLI:9
Establish thy heart, 0 man, in that which is right; and then
know, the greatest of human is to be immutable. XLI:33
Avoid the danger of the one, and thou shalt escape the
mischiefs of the other. XLII:1
Join esteem to thy admiration, unite friendship with the
love; so shalt thou find in the end content so absolute, that it
surpasseth raptures, tranquility more worth than ecstasy.
Allah hath given thee no good, without its admixture of evil;
but he hath given thee also the means of throwing off the evil
from it. As joy is not without its alloy of pain, so neither is
sorrow without its portion of pleasure. Joy and grief, though
unlike, are united. Our own choice only can give them to us
entirely. XLII:14,15
The best things in the hands of a fool may be turned to his
destruction; and out of the worst, the wise will find means of
good. XLII:17
Truth is but one; thy doubts are of thine own raising. He who
made virtues what they are, planted in thee a knowledge of
their pre-eminence. Act as thy soul dictates to thee, and the end
shall be always right. XLII:23
When the people are numerous, when thy sons increase about
thy table; sendest thou them not out to slay the innocent, and to
fall before the sword of him whom they have not offended? If
the objects of thy desire demanding the lives of a thousand
sayeth thou not: "I will have it." Surely thou forgetteth that He
who created thee, created also these; and that their blood is as
rich as thine? XLIII:5,6
The fault is not in truth, for that is amiable; but the weakness
of man bareth not its splendor. XLIII:20
Man forseeth the evil that is to come; he remembereth it when
it is past; he considereth not that the thought of affliction
woundeth deeper than the affliction itself. Think not of thy
pain, but when it is upon thee, and thou shalt avoid what most
hurt thee. He who weepeth before he needeth, weepeth more
than he needeth; and why, but that he loveth weeping? The stag
weepeth not till the spear is lifted against him; nor do the tears
of the beaver fall, till the hound is ready to sieze him; man
anticipateth death by the apprehension of it: and the fear is
greater misery than the event itself. XLIV:20-22
Be always prepared to give an account of thine action; and the
best death is that which is least premeditated. XLIV:23
Once these Divine concepts have thoroughly taken root, we will
be primed for Love. It is Divine Love which will balance our
Chakra energy system (endocrine system of the Soul). It is
Divine Love that will activate the Third Eye chakra thus
revealing beauty, grandeur, and Divine essence of the pineal
gland. It is Divine Love which will enable Man to attain unto
the blessedness and perfectness and oneness with Allah.
When it comes to the ubiquitous subject matter of LOVE, we
must keep in mind contextual usage. Outside of the Moorish
Science Temple of America, love is viewed from a variety of
standpoints, most of which are carnal in nature, however in the
Moorish Science Temple of America, we view love as analogous
to Truth, consequently if Truth does not change nor does it pass
away, love does not change nor does it pass away. Therefore
there are no varying degrees or divergent levels to love; on
the contrary, love is constant, perpetual, incessant, and
absolute. love itself is divine.
The love which we have for each other, is a direct result of
the love we have for Allah. Man is a spirit and a part of Allah,
consequently once we learn to interact with one another on a
spiritual level, when we look into the face of one another we will
see the image of Allah who speaks within. The Moorish Holy
Koran teaches that all manifest, including MAN, will be
redeemed, being perfected by what we suffer on the plane of
manifest and on the plane of soul. Therefore, in spite of
everything, even those who have not yet learned to live and
interact in a state of God-Consciousness, are eventually going to
be at one with Allah being perfected via suffering. We must keep
in mind that even those ones (aforementioned) have Allah within
them, and for that reason alone, they are deserving of our love.
There are some individuals whose actions I may detest and
abhor, however I am obligated to love that part of Allah that is
within them. And this is in no way condoning their action; this is
purely Divine Law and Order.
Divine Love is the greatest gift in all the Universe. It transcends
all else that can assist humanity fulfill their destiny of eternal
happiness and oneness with Allah. Divine Love is that Love
which belongs to and is a part of Allah, possessing His
Nature and composed of His Substance, and which, when
possessed by a human soul to a sufficient degree, makes him
divine and of the nature of Allah.
Allah is Love - and this is the great truth of His being. Divine
Love is the very essence of the Creator. It is not like the
emotional love. The Love of Allah cannot be adequately
defined, for it transcends finite understanding, but the result
of that Love, when in the souls of men, can be seen and felt,
in the exceeding beauty in the countenances of men, and in
their wonderful happiness. No fear of death or anything that
makes one afraid cannot possibly exist where this Love is. It is
not Love that permits any feelings of jealousy or envy to have an
entrance, but is so perfect and all soul filling that there cannot
possibly be any room for anything but justice, mercy, love and
right. Divine Love is the only thing that can make man
supremely happy while on earth. It is easy to love someone
who loves you, but it is divine to love those who are difficult
to love.
In carnal love there is demand or, at least, expectation. Very
often we start with demand, and when a higher insight dawns we
no longer demand, but still we expect something from others.
We convince ourselves that this expectation is justified. Since we
have done something for others- i.e. offered our love-we feel it is
quite legitimate to expect something in return. But in divine
Love there is no such thing as demand or expectation. In divine
Love we just give what we have and what we are. What we have
and what we are is dedicated service to the all of life.
Divine Love always gives itself freely and wholeheartedly.
Divine Love gets satisfaction only by offering itself totally and
unconditionally. Love is duty. In our human life oftentimes we
see duty as something mechanical, lifeless, forced, or something
thrust upon us. But in the divine Life, duty is something full of
opportunity. At every second an opportunity is dawning for us to
expand our life's consciousness, our life's reality, and our life's
delight. So in the divine Life we welcome duty, for it increases
our capacity and potentiality and expands the dream of our
divine, un-horizoned Reality.
Life is the lesson of Love. Love is the lesson of Life. When we
study Life's lesson in our human life, the lesson is composed of
fear, doubt, anxiety, worry and frustration. But in the divine Life,
we see that Love is the lesson not only of Life, but also for Life-
for the Life that is everlasting, ever illumining and ever



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Part X

1) The Holy Koran of The Moorish Science Temple of
America, Divinely Prepared by Prophet Noble Drew Ali,
2) The Holy Koran of The Moorish Science Temple of
America, Divinely Prepared by Prophet Noble Drew Ali,
3) Quotation From Brother N. Chambers-El