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Write the letter of your answer on a separate sheet of paper.

1. Cambodia is to pinepeat ensemble while Indonesia has
a. Gamelan b. Kertok c. Piphat d. Pinpeat
2. Which of the following is the characteristic of Javanese Gamelan?
a. Used for sacred music
b. Consist of metallophone and mostly gongs
c. Used for court music
d. Sounds are very bright and brilliant
3. Which ensemble is referred to in the given description ?
i. Used for court
ii. Percussion dominated
iii. Style of playing gives solemn character
a. Indonesian gamelan c. Javanese gamelan
b. Balinese gamelan d. gerong
4. Which of the following is the characteristic of folk song?
a. The category is extremely diverse
b. It is performed in honor of the gods and scholars
c. It is performed in religious rituals or at funerals
d. It was performed as chamber music for the king
5. Which of the following is the traditional music ensemble in Indonesia?
a. Gamelan b. Kertok c. Piphat d. Pinpeat
6. Which of the following is the Myanmars traditional folk music ensemble?
a. Pinpeat b. Hsaing Waing c. Piphat d. Mahori
7. The following are the Imperial court music of Vietnam EXCEPT?
a. Nha nhac b. Kinh c. Dai Nhac d. Tieu Nhac
8. The following are the musical instruments used in the Pinpeat ensemble EXCEPT
a. Samphor b. Oneat c. Saung Gauk d. Ching
9. This refers to a female soloist singer who sings with the Gamelan
a. Pesindhen b. Gerong c. Irama d. karawitan
10. What is the time signature/beat of the Rasa saying song?
a. 2/4 b. c. 4/4 d. 6/8
11. Why are the mahori instruments historically small?
a. Because it is traditionally played by young men
b. Because it is traditionally played by children
c. Because it Is traditionally played by elders
d. Because it is traditionally played by women

Write the letter of your answer on a separate sheet of paper.

12. How does the Batik of Brunei differ from that Batik from Indonesia, Malaysia and Singappore?
a. Bruneis batik incorporated leaves and flowers in their design
b. Bruneis batik have their national flower simpur as design
c. Bruneis batik has geometric motif
d. Bruneis batik is hand painted
13. If you are a Lao woman, what will you do to have your garments and at the same time you follow your
a. Buy garments in the market.
b. Purchase garments which are made in your own country
c. Weave your own garments that you can use for a lifetime
d. Ask your elders in the town to weave your garments

14. If you are going to do a block printed batik, what will you do FIRST?
a. Weld together the strips of metal to form a metal block
b. Dip the metal block into molten wax
c. Use the canting, a small copper container with one more different-sized pipes
d. Press the metal block against the fabric in order to make pattern
15. How does the Malaysian batik differ from those of Indonesian Javanese batik?
a. Malaysian batik patterns are lager and simpler
b. Malaysian batik uses more brush paintings
c. Malaysian batiks has more vibrant colors
d. All of the above
16. What fabric will be the most comfortable in a place where the weather is always hot?
a. Silk b. cotton c. wool d. linen
17. The following are the origin of the natural dyes used in Cambodian textiles EXCEPT?
a. Mulberry tree b. insect nests c. indigo d. ebony bark
18. What is the most common to these countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore?
a. Batik b. arts c. sculpture d. Shadow puppetry
19. How was the history of Laos known accordingly to the Lao tradition?
a. Passed orally c. through written articles
b. Through dense pattern and motifs of their textiles d. through movies
20. Why is it that some Lao people were not able to understand the message of their weaved fabrics?
a. The weavers are too lazy to put the details in their weaved fabrics
b. Some fabrics are dirty
c. Some fabrics are elaborately fantastic and the motifs so cryptic
d. The weavers did not include putting letters in their weaved fabrics
21. Where is the center of the silk industry in Thailand?
a. Takeo b. Khorat c. Kampot d. Siem Reap
22. What type of Cambodian weaving which weavers tie and dye portions of welf yarn before weaving
a. Ikat technique b. uneven twill c. hand painted d. blockprinted

Write the letter of your answer on a separate sheet of paper.

23. Interpret the HRF battery test based on the procedure given below and identify the test
i. Sit on the floor with back flat on the wall with feet are approximately 12 inches apart.
ii. Without bending your back, knees and elbows, place one hand on top of the other and
position the hands on the floor.
iii. After the tester has positioned the zero point of the tape measure, start the test by slowly
reaching the farthest point possible without bending the knees
a. Arms span b. basketball pass c. flex arm hang d. sit and reach
24. Which of the following exercises is best for a mother who is 55 years old?
a. Ballroom b. soccer c. playing catchball d. drag racing
25. Which of the following exercises is appropriate for a toddler age 3 years old?
a. soccer b. playing catchball c. jogging d. tennis
26. The following are strength exercises EXCEPT
a. Ab crunch b. alternate hammer curl c. dumbbell press d. shoulder stretch
27. The following are health-related fitness components EXCEPT
a. Body composition b. body flexibility c. speed d. muscular strength
28. The following are the benefits from Health-related components EXCEPT
a. Increase muscle tone and strength
b. Improves posture
c. Improves blood pressure
d. Increases susceptibility to injuries and illness
29. Which of the following refers to the ability to become and stay physically healthy
a. Health-related fitness
b. Skill-related fitness
c. Physical fitness
d. aerobics
30. What is the purpose of a ninety-degree push-up?
a. To measure strength of abdominal muscles
b. To reach forward as far as possible
c. To measure strength of the upper extremities
d. To touch the fingertips together
31. What is the risk of a man having a waist circumference of 102 cm?
a. Very high b. high c. normal d. low
32. What is the risk of a man having a waist circumference of 119 cm?
a. Very high b. high c, normal d. low

33. What the risk of a woman having a waist circumference of 88 cm?
a. Very high b. high c. normal d. low
34. What is the status of a person having a BMI of 19?
a. Underweight b. normal c. overweight d. obese
35. What will you do if you have a BMI of 24?
a. Lose weight b. gain more weight c. stay the same d. undergo liposuction
36. What exercise you should do to measure your cardiovascular endurance?
a. 100 meter sprint b. 3 minute step test c. curl-ups d. zipper test
37. Which refers to the distance between the floor to the top of the head in standing position?
a. Arm span b. height c. leg length d. sitting height
38. What will you do to parallel the strength/endurance assessment of the shoulder?
a. Sit and reach b. zipper test c. push-up d. curl-ups
39. What will you do to test the flexibility of the lower extremities particularly the hamstring?
a. Sit and reach b. zipper test c. push-up d. curl-ups

Write the letter of your answer on a separate sheet of paper.

40. Which of the life skills should be used when you have to aim for something that will give you a sense of
a. Setting goals b. refusal skill c. making good decision d. communicate
41. What is the most important thing that you have to consider when you are targeting your goal?
a. Be resourceful b. be ambitious c. be strict d. be realistic
42. Which of the life skills can be accomplished through information about good sexuality?
a. Assessing your health
b. Refusal skill
c. Evaluating media messages
d. Practicing wellness
43. Why is it important to have a good Decision-making skill?
a. It will help you make good decisions based on your needs and desire
b. It helps you resist peer pressure.
c. It will help you evaluate your decisions
d. All of the above
44. How do the six steps of decision making help you in dealing with your problem?
a. It helps one to analyze the situation carefully.
b. It gives you a decision directly.
c. It gives you choices to decide.
d. All of the above
45. Which characterizes a good decision?
a. Easy to make
b. Makes your friends happy
c. One that your teacher told you to make
d. Arrived at after a thoughtful consideration of consequences
46. Which of the following situations shows en effective evaluation of media messages?
a. A girl who read an article about Justin Beiber being a gay and spreads the news to her
b. A teacher who received a text message coming from anonymous person telling that her
student stole her wallet and punish the student immediately
c. A lawyer who read an article about a rape victim accusing her neighbor as a suspect but
then researched more evidences to prove the accusation.
d. A person who received a text message about super typhoon coming towards Gensan and
immediately evacuate to a safer place
47. What is the most important reason why do we have to understand human sexuality in dealing with
a. To gain more friends and be popular
b. To find the most beautiful mate
c. To show people that you are a good person
d. To maintain harmony by understanding others attitude
48. Why is understanding human sexuality important in creating a healthy attitudes towards family?
a. To know when your parents need your help to do household chores so that you can escape.
b. To build a strong relationship with your parents and to understand their needs and wants.
c. To know the weakness of your parents so that you can use it against them.
d. Both a and c

49. Which of the following is NOT a healthy attitude that can influence sexual behavior?
a. communicates effectively with family
b. provides more food for the family
c. Performs duties and responsibilities at home
d. Able to express love to family members

50. Which of the following situations shows healthy attitudes towards family?
a. A boy keeps on playing computer games while his mother cleans the house.
b. A mother chit-chatting outside with the neighborhood while her children are starving.
c. A girl volunteers to wash the dishes while her father fixes the broken things.
d. A father orders his children to sleep so that he can play cards.
51. Which of the following obeys the rule of respecting both genders in all aspects?
a. A boy questioning a gay for his sexuality.
b. A rich boy treating the girls right but bullies his guy classmates.
c. A child who obeys the order of his mother but not his fathers.
d. A student who mingles with both girls and boys including his gay classmates.
52. Which healthy attitude rule is broken when a young couple commits to a premarital sex?
a. Interact with both genders in respectful ways.
b. Express love and intimacy in appropriate ways.
c. Appreciates own body.
d. Both b and c
53. Which of the following shows a healthy attitude towards self?
a. A student who admits his mistakes and apologize for his deeds.
b. A woman who undergoes a surgery to improve her nose.
c. A girl who keeps on hiding herself because she is ashamed of what she looks like.
d. A boy who is ashamed of his gay brother.
54. It is the biological basis of being a male or female.
a. Gender b. sexuality c. sex d. gender role
55. It permits man and woman equal enjoyment of human rights
a. Gender equality b. gender bias c. gender role d. gender
56. It is a social concept on how men and women should think, feel, and act.
a. Gender b. sexuality c. sex d. gender role
57. It refers to the set of role, characteristic, and expectations of how a man or a woman should feel, think,
and act as influenced by parents, peers, and society.
a. Gender equality b. gender role c. sexuality d. gender
58. It is an integral part of what we do and who we are.
a. Gender b. sex c. sexuality d. gender role
59. It refers to your understanding of your feelings and your character.
a. Self-love b. self-confidence c. self-respect d. self-expression
60. It refers to your acceptance of yourself.
a. Self-love b. self-confidence c. self-respect d. self-expression

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