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1he Ved|c v|s|on of Mother Larth

ln Lhe vedlc vlew, Coddess - MoLher LarLh ls noL an lnerL Lhlng Lo be plundered LhoughLlessly
wlLhouL consclously renewlng her resources, and glvlng back ln klnd. She ls a llve vlbranL
lnnlLely compasslonaLe Coddess who ls Lhls sacred earLh, manlfesL ln all forms of wealLh,
forLune, prosperlLy and nourlshmenL (she ls Lhe maLerlal cause of Lhe unlverse buL never
separaLe from Lhe lnnlLe knowledge cause), as undersLood ln Lhe "Cala Lheory", buL much
more compleLe and profound ln Lhe vedlc vlslon.
1hls whole unlverse lncludlng my body-mlnd complex ls wlLhln awareness, llke wave ls wlLhln
waLer, wave |s waLer buL waLer ls lndependenLly exlsLenL aparL from wave. WhaL we call subLle
and gross are muLually dependenL and only concepLs of Lhe !"!#$%&'((-lnLellecL. 1hls lnLellecL
llves/has lLs belng and ls "aware-full" due Lo borrowed exlsLence and awareness. 1he lnLellecL ls
made of subLle-maLerlal and has no senuence of lLs own. l-awareness ls self-evldenL un-
negaLable l". SubLleness and grossness or ln oLher words un-manlfesL and manlfesL are buL
concepLs exlsung wlLhln llmlLeless-belng, whlch ls !"# lndependenL self-evldenL non-concepL!
Whlch can only be you! ?ou (as wlLness-awareness) are Lhe only source of exlsLence-awareness.
lease Lry Lo refuLe Lhls self-evldenL facL! Lvery form name and funcuon ls lmbued wlLh lnnlLe-
lnLelllgenL-order (lncludlng dlsorder) from quarks Lo quasars from mlcrocosm Lo macrocosm all
ls one consclous belng. 1here ls noL one Coddess, noL many goddesses, Lhere ls Cnly Coddess!
noLhlng can be Laken for granLed noL Lhe alr we breaLhe nor waLer or our sun, wlLhouL whlch,
no llfe exlsLs! nlvedanam = Lhe AcknowledgmenL of all 1he lnnlLe glven ls recognlzed and
glven back Lo Lhe glver wlLh hearL and soul, reecung Lhe way She glves ln compleLeness Lo us.
1hls ls called ?a[na ln SanskrlL. 1o make Lhls amLude an abldlng one, we musL employ words and
acuons, ")*+) -#.+(!*/ $0-(*+*1(2 LhaL l don'L Lake Lhese glven elemenLs/ llfe glvlng
nourlshmenLs for granLed and LhaL l am deeply graLeful for Lhe lnnlLe glven.
?a[no val vlshnuh! 1hls whole Cosmos ls noLhlng buL Sacred Sacrlce back Lo Lhe lnnlLe glver,
Lhe nal sacrlce ls Lhrough knowledge Lhe sacrlce of Lhe one who sacrlces! ln Lhls Lhe l sense
and My sense geL desLroyed Lhrough self knowledge and lsvara alone ls.
Anuradha 8ecords
. !" >.
1he vedas conLaln counLless prayers addresslng all Lhe elemenLs and phenomenon (as
consclous belngs non-separaLe from awareness) wlLh reverence and deep grauLude for Lhe
glven. 1hey also lnclude Lhe many needed remlnders of common sense responslble acuons of
glvlng back whaL ls Laken, such as "you musL planL Len Lrees for each one LhaL ls felled". WlLh
Lhls pracuce, aL leasL a couple wlll survlve Lo maLurlLy!
1he followlng manLras are a wlndow lnLo Lhls profound vlslon and splrlL, whlch echoes ln myrlad
ways LhroughouL Lhe four vedas. 1hese vedlc poem-prayers are exLremely dlmculL Lo LranslaLe
lnLo Lngllsh. noL only Lhe language (conveylng Lhe seers vlslon and amLude) buL also Lhe whole
culLural semng ls needed Lo grasp all Lhe lmpllcauons of Lhese words. *
A manLra ln Lhe Mahanarayanopanlsad of Lhe krsna ?a[ur veda reads
Asvakrante rathahkrante v|snu krante vasundhara
S|rasa dharay|syam| raksasvamam pade pade
Ch Coddess earLh-supporLer of all llfe, you are one who sllenLly supporLs all ma[esuc sLrldlng
horses and charloLs (all movlng-senuenL belngs and lnsenuenL vehlcles eLc.) across vasL
labyrlnLh of paLhs. (Lver secure ln your supporL never feellng Lhe welghL, nor would you
complaln wlLh your lnnlLe pauence)
(l prayerfully walk wlLh grauLude upon your sacred back, l go llghLly and wlLh care.)
As l walk l sLop Lo bow and place my head upon your wondrous self, wlLh each sLep a prayer ln
my hearL arlses, Ch Coddess proLecL me! Ch Coddess proLecL me!
Anuradha 8ecords
. !" >.
Cm Sr| arama|aksmya| namah
Laksm| Gaayatr|:
Cm Mahaadevya| cha v|dmahe v|shnupatnya| cha dheemah| . 1anno |aksmeef prachodayaat.
Cm we all lnvoke ln our hearLs and medlLaLe on Lhe llmlLless self-eulgenL goddess, who ls Lhe
sacred consorL of vlshnu Lhe all pervaslve susLalner. May Coddess Laksml, llmlLless grace,
forLune and ulumaLe nourlshmenL of llmlLless self knowledge, lnsplre our every LhoughL, word
and acuon.
(th|s verse |s res|ded a|ong w|th the 1S mantras of the Shree Suktam)
Cm admapr|ye padm|n| padmahaste padmaa|aye padmada|ayaa|ataaks| . v|shvapr|ye
v|shnu manonuku|e tvat paadapadmam may| sann|datsva.
Ch (Laksml) bloomlng-loLus-love, ln loLus-wlsdom pond (she sLands) LoLus ln her hands, allghLs
so llghL on loLus sLand, LoLus llke, eyes graclous-grand. unlversal-amore commands, loLus hearL
ln consonance as vlshnu-Llngam-absoluLe her Lord she so adores . ?our sacred loLus feeL adorn
my hearL, so free, reverenual-belng l-Love.
admaasana-sth|te dev| parabrahma-svaroop|n|.
aramesh| [aganmaatar-mahaa|aksm| namo-stu te.
Ch devl eulgenL goddess Laksml! SeaLed ln ausplclous-loLus-plnk-ness pure, ln loLus pose
reposed allure. ?our llmlLless-femlnlne-essence sure, mosL exalLed goddess belng , sacred
moLher of Lhe world. 8owlng down ln reverence seelng, my LrusL (as helpless babe) so full-
compleLe, ln refuge clasped your loLus feeL.
aa dev| sarvabhuteshu |aksmee rupena samsth|taa, namastasya| namastasya| namastasya|
namo namah!
unLo self-eulgenL-LlmlLless Coddess who as maLerlal cause) ls ln and Lhrough Lhe whole
unlverse, who ls manlfesL as all forms of Crace: wealLh, susLenance and nourlshmenL.
SaluLauons Lo her! , saluLauons Lo her! , saluLauons Lo her agaln and agaln! ln every hearLbeaL
my namasLe Lo her.
Anuradha 8ecords
. !" >.
Cm Sr| Gurubhyo namah!
Cm Sr| Mahaaganapataye namah!
Cm Sr| arama|aksmya| namah!
1. Cm nreem rakrtya| namah
Who ls Lhe maLerlal cause for creauon prakruh = prakarshena kru yogyaLvaaL, kaarya yogyaLvaaL lu prakruh. 1haL
whlch ls avallable for shaplng lnLo manlfold forms, She as lnnlLe MaLerlal cause ls called rakruh.
She ls Lhe sacred womb Lhls vasL creauon Lhe unmanlfesL creauon. naama 8upa upaadhaanaLvaaL prakruh lu
8elng Lhe Cause for Lhe appearance of names and forms She ls called rakruh.
2. Cm nreem V|krtya| namah
She who modles herself lnLo Lhls creauon. vlkrlya or vlkaara or vlkruh = kaaryam LecL or producL. 1he
parlnaamakaaranam. 1he maLerlal cause whlch undergoes change Lo manlfesL as Lhls unlverse. un-manlfesL
becomes manlfesL. ?our sacred body Lemple ls Lhls vasL cosmos.
And ln essence you are rakru-vlkru-8hlnnasshuddhabodhassvabhaavah. ure awareness dlsuncL from unmanlfesL
and manlfesL. lree from kaaranam and kaaryam, Cause and LecL. ?ou are causeless eecL-less belng.
3. Cm nreem V|dyaaya| namah
Who ls all knowledge vldyaa, lnnlLe cognluon power.
All knowledge of all lnLellecLs LhaL ever were and ever wlll be and She ls Cmnlsclence AbsoluLe lsvarl knows
everyLhlng ln deLall aL once wlLhouL dependence on LhoughL forms for She ls all LhoughLs and concepLs aL once!
4. Cm nreem sarvabhutah|tapradaaya| namah
Who ever blesses all Lhe belngs wlLh ulumaLe good. All Lhls lnnlLe glven ls her manlfesLauon.
She blesses all belngs wlLh grace of self knowledge and emouonal maLurlLy.
S. Cm nreem Shraddhaaya| namah
Who ls manlfesL as compleLe LrusL ln Lhe Leacher , Leachlng and Sampradaaya-1radluonal meLhodology LhaL unlocks
Lhe meanlng of all Lhe upanlshad words. She ls Lhls 1rusL of new born babe ln moLhers arms, whlch glves absoluLe
relaxauon ln ones hearL free from oence-defence posLurlng.
She ls Lhls absoluLe open-hearL-LrusL.
ShaasLrasya Curuvaakyasya SaLyabuddhlh Avadhaaranaa.
1he lnLellecL of Lhe sLudenL says LhaL Lhe Leacher and Lhe Leachlng ls denlLely, doubLlessly, Lrue! 1he sLudenL
doesn'L quesuon Lhe Leacher or Lhe Leachlng..buL quesuons hls/her own undersLandlng.
Shraddhaavaan LabhaLe !naanam. 1he one who has Lhls LrusL galns knowledge whlch ls lmmedlaLe mokshah
Anuradha 8ecords
. !" >.
6. Cm nreem V|bhutya| namah
Who ls manlfesL as all glorles and wonders of Lhls vasL creauon.
7. Cm nreem Surabhya| namah
Surabhl = Shlnnlng, beauuful, fragranL, beloved, famous, wlse. And Lhe wlsh fullllng cow.
She ls Lhe wlshlng power and fullls all wlshes. Shes Lhe wlsher wlshed and wlshlng!
8. Cm nreem aramaatm|kaaya| namah
Who ls ln naLure noLhlng buL llmlLless self.
She ls llmlLless self alone, Lhere ls only her, no me.
9. Cm nreem Vache namah
Who ls Lhe power of speech and Lhe power of a word Lo produce knowledge. Who ls Lhe laws of semanucs. Who ls
all language and meanlng. Who ls noL known Lhrough Lhe lmmedlaLe meanlng of any word buL ls known Lhrough
Lhe lmplled meanlng of Lhe speclal words of Lhe scrlpLure unfolded by a Lradluonal Leacher.
?ou are Lhe sacred llberaung words of Lhe upanlshads.
?ou are all words and meanlngs. ?ou are Lhe power of Speech, ?ou are Lhe Speaker, Lhe Speaklng and Lhe Spoken.
10. Cm nreem admaa|ayaaya| namah
Who ls ever abldlng ln Lhe plnk loLus ower.
?ou are plnk loLus of love and knowledge.
11. Cm nreem admaaya| namah
Who ls Lhe loLus padyaLe [naayaLe anena lu padma Lhru whlch one galns, knows. So Lhe loLus represenLs Lhe means
of knowledge Lhrough whlch one galns self knowledge-freedom from sorrow.
?our loLus feeL- are Lhe means Lhrough whlch knowledge- grace ls glven.
Anuradha 8ecords
. !" >.
12. Cm nreem Shuchaye namah
Who ls ever pure. Who ls [usL purer Lhan Lhe puresL, free from self-lgnorance whlch ls Lhe fundamenLal lmpurlLy
Malam. ?ou are purer Lhan Lhe puresL.
?ou are sacred-purlLy lLself who knows no lmpurlLy.
13. Cm nreem Svaahaaya| namah
Who ls Lhe svaahaakaarah Lhe name chanLed ln all oerlngs Lo Lhe re ln Lhe re sacrlce prayers.
?ou are Lhe words of oerlng and surrender ln all prayers.
14. Cm nreem Svadhaaya| namah
She ls Lhe oblauon of food oered Lo Lhe lLrs = AncesLors personled. She ls also Lhe exclamauon of Svadhaa" aL
Lhe ume of oerlng oblauons Lo Lhe ancesLors. 1hls word ls also used for Maayaa shakuh. Svasmln brahmaaLmanl
eva uharau lu Svadhaa. 1haL power whlch abldes ln Lhe llmlLless belng havlng no lndependenL exlsLence aparL from
?ou are Lhe prlceless CrauLude l feel seelng your lnnlLe oerlngs Lo me.
1S. Cm nreem Sudhaaya| namah
who ls necLar, ambrosla of Lhe gods, necLar of all owers, waLer, aananda llmlLless-fullness as pure awareness.
?ou are Lhe necLar of devouon whlch nourlshes my hearL.
16. Cm nreem Dhanyaaya| namah
Who ls grauLude, blessedness overowlng ln Lhe hearLs of Lhose who ever see and acknowledge Lhe lnnlLe glven
whlch ls her manlfesLauon, all names, forms and funcuons from whlLe-formless-colorless-un-manlfesL Lo lnnlLe
colors-lnnlLe manlfesLauons.
?ou are unobsLrucLed owlng grace of grauLude ln all hearLs, personled.
17. Cm nreem n|ranmayaaya| namah
Who ls gold, all wealLh-prosperlLy-relauve securlLy. Cold ls a symbol of knowledge. Self-knowledge = absoluLe
securlLy knowlng l as 1PL secure ls ulumaLe prosperlLy. She ls pure cognluve prlnclple and all lLs reecuons. ?ou
shlne permeaLe and modlfy yourself ln Lhe form of all wealLh,
Cold = shlnnlng, unfadlng glosslness, rarlLy, preclousness, securlLy, endless posslblllues, lnnlLe power.
?ou are Lhe real securlLy ln all wealLh.
?ou are Lhe wealLh of knowledge of l am 1PL secure".
?ou are Lhe prlceless grace of self knowledge l am Lhe secure. 1haL cannoL become lnsecure.
Anuradha 8ecords
. !" >.
18. Cm nreem Laksmya| namah
Laks. uhaaLu + (Le, MuL Cha. unaadl 3-138-100. )
Laks. ln Lhe sense of seelng, percelvlng, apprehendlng, observlng, mark, denoLe, carlcaLurlze, lndlcaLe.
lorLune, prosperlLy, wealLh ln all lLs forms, abundance of all nourlshmenL of all belngs.

19. Cm nreem N|tyapustaaya| namah
Who ls umelessly presenL as all nourlshmenL- pleasure-paln-food of all belngs (belng fed Lhrough Lhe umblllcus of
body-mlnd) for Lhelr growLh Lo compleLe maLurlLy (Lhrough prayer) and ulumaLe freedom-Moksa ( Lhrough self
20. Cm nreem V|bhaavarya| namah
vlbhaavaree = Coddess nlghL, darkness, unmanlfesL creauon.
21. Cm nreem Ad|tya| namah
Adlu = boundless, unllmlLed, lnexhausuble, enure, unbroken.
She ls Lhe earLh. Coddess of Lhe aadlLyas Lhe moLher of all gods.
22. Cm nreem D|tya| namah
uluh = LlberallLy, generoslLy, magnanlmousness.
She has all who glves Per all, all Clver-Clven ls She!
1he name of Lhe daughLer of uaksa, wlfe of kasyapa and moLher of all Lhe demons-raaksasas = dalLyas born of
23. Cm nreem Deeptaaya| namah
ueepLaa = LlghL. 1he llghL of all llghLs. lllumlnauon.
24. Cm nreem Vasudhaaya| namah
vasudhaa = Lhe earLh. 1he one who ls Lhe basls and supporL of all Lhe vasus= elemenLs and elemenLals as belngs.
2S. Cm nreem Vasudhaar|nya| namah
vasudhaarlnee = 1he Coddess LarLh. 1he one who possesses all vasus, wlelds all of Lhem, (blesses all wlLh
exlsLence and awareness.)
Anuradha 8ecords
. !" >.
26. Cm nreem kama|aaya| namah
kamalaa = LoLus ower, All prlceless faceLs of LoLusness, all lmpllcauons of Lhls slmple and profound meLaphor-
27. Cm nreem kaantaaya| namah
kaanLaa = Who ls Lhe deslrlng power. 1he mosL deslrable, Lhe one who ls ulumaLely deslred by all belngs.
28. Cm nreem kaamaaksya| namah
kaamaaksl = Lhe one who has Lhe mosL pleaslng, allurlng eyes. All eyes are her eyes. And she ls ulumaLely Lhe eye
of Lhe eye.
29. Cm nreem krodhasambhavaaya| namah
krodha = anger, wraLh, rage.
Sambhavah = loss, desLrucuon. = Pere Lhe desLroyer-neuLrallzer of anger and all erpeLraLor-vlcum vlclous clrcles of
paln lL causes.
noLe: 1hrough prayer Lo Lhe Lord ln Lhe form of Lhe lnfalllble moLher of all moLhers, we wlll geL back Lo Lhe
compleLe LrusL of newborn babe. We acknowledge and AdmlL our helplessness we lnLelllgenLly seek help from Per
who doesn'L need help. We come Lo relax ln LrusL, whlch ls LoLally free from oence-defense posLure. Cpen LoLus
vessel-PearL, ln Lhls essenually posLureless-posLure we are open Sacred vessels Laplng Lhe grace-waLers of
knowledge ln Lhe abldlng amLude of graceful accepLance of palnful facLs we cannoL change. WlLh Lhls rayer and
devouon we break Lhe chalns, Lhe counLless vlclous clrcles of paln and suerlng. namaha!
30. Cm nreem Anugrahapradaaya| namah
Anugrahapradaa = Lhe one who blesses Lhe devoLees wlLh compleLe grace. 1he glver of all grace/blesslngs Lo Lhose
who are prayerfully open Lo recelve.
31. Cm nreem 8uddhaye namah
8uddhlh = lnLellecL, lnLelllgence, Lhe glven" power Lo cognlze/know Lhrough dlrecL percepuon or lnference/loglc.
1hrough Lhe Sruu ramaanam-means of knowledge ln Sacred words whlch are ouLslde our percepuon and
lnference She ls manlfesL as 1hese words and She roduces
1he cognluve power manlfesL ln and Lhrough all cognluon's.
Anuradha 8ecords
. !" >.
32. Cm nreem Anaghaaya| namah
Agham= paapam and anaghaa = free from papam = palnfull (physlcal or emouonal) experlences and punyam
(physlcal and emouonal pleasure) Loo. Pavlng no doershlp or en[oyershlp she ls lree from all forms of karma. All
paln and pleasure are her buL she ls noL lnvolved or aecLed by paln or pleasure.
33. Cm nreem nar|va||abhaaya| namah
1he one who ls beloved by harlh=vlshnu ls Laksml. So she who ls beloved by vlsnu. Pe uncondluonally/
agendalessly loves hls wlfe who ls maayaa shakuh.
34. Cm nreem Ashokaaya| namah
Ashokaa = free from sorrow. lgnorance and reslsLance cause sorrow and Coddess ls free from Lhese Lwo.
3S. Cm nreem Amrtaaya| namah
AmrLaa = deaLhlessness/lmmorLallLy ln splLe of Lhe appearance of morLallLy. unopposed Lo Lhe as Lhough" ume
bound unlverse.
36. Cm nreem Deeptaaya| namah
ueepLaa = eulgenL, self-eulgenL. ln her naLure she ls pure awareness self-evldenL self.
37. Cm nreem Lokashokav|naash|nya| namah
Who desLroys Lhe sorrow of all belngs (who worshlp her as knowledge, galned Lhru Lhe upanlshads) She removes
Lhe suerlng of her devoLees.
38. Cm nreem Dharman||ayaaya| namah
She who ls resldlng ln all unlversal values and ls ever blesslng, proLecung Lhose who follow dharma.
39. Cm nreem karunaaya| namah
Who ls ln Lhe form of compasslon/empaLhy.
40. Cm nreem Lokamaatre namah
Who ls Lhe mosL sacred moLher of all moLhers of Lhe unlverse. 1he lnfalllble Coddess-moLher. All naLure, all sacred
wombs all women ln one llmlLless belng. She's arama yonlh, arama u[ya !agaL kaaranam.
Anuradha 8ecords
. !" >.
41. Cm nreem admapr|yaaya| namah
1he one who loves Lhe LoLus owers. Who loves Lo be worshlpped wlLh loLus ower oerlngs.
42. Cm nreem admahastaaya| namah
Who has a plnk (pure uncondluonal love-wlsdom) loLus ln hand, whlch blesses her devoLees wlLh uncondluonal
43. Cm nreem admaaksya| namah
Whose eyes are llke loLus peLals. lull of wlsdom and compasslon. And all beauLy of all women's eyes ls expressed ln
her eyes.
44. Cm nreem admasundarya| namah
Who ls so exqulslLely beauuful as a loLus. ConLemplaLe wlLh reverence, all Lhe quallues of Lhe loLus. Smell, LasLe,
Louch, color, where lL grows, how lL grows, ln whaL does lL grow, how does lL bloom, ln whaL envlronmenL eLc. ?aL
bhaavam LaL bhavau. As you revere and worshlp so you become. lLs names ln SanskrL. adma, anka[a, kamalaa,
ambu[a, aravlndah.
4S. Cm nreem admodbhavaaya| namah
Who ls born from a loLus ower (born of pure consclousness and non-separaLe from consclousness ln reallLy)
ad = verbal rooL meanlng ln Lhe sense of golng and knowlng + Man amx glvlng agency.
46. Cm nreem admamukhya| namah
Whose face resembles a bloomlng loLus ower. Whose mouLh ever ows wlLh words of wlsdom of Lhe vedas.
47. Cm nreem admanaabhapr|yaaya| namah
Who ls beloved by (vlshnu) Lhe one wlLh Lhe loLus growlng from hls umblllcus.
48. Cm nreem kaamaaya| namah
Who ls ever revellng ln herself and ln whom all belngs revel (ln knowledge of herself as llmlLless belng) 8amanLe
sarve yasmln SLrl lu 8aamaa. And 8amanLe lu 8aamaa. 8am= ln sense of revellng-splrlLual-wlsdom-conLenLmenL ln
self as one ls here and now wlLhouL any cause.
Anuradha 8ecords
. !" >.
49. Cm nreem admamaa|aadharaaya| namah
Who's Sacred 8ody-1hls !agaL, ls adorned wlLh Lhe mosL exqulslLely beauuful garland of of counLless loLuses
coverlng all space ume now now!
S0. Cm nreem Devya| namah
Who ls self-evldenL-self. Self eulgence-belng.
S1. Cm nreem adm|nya| namah
admlnl = who ls loLus-llke. Who ls a vasL lake aboundlng ln loLuses. Who ls adorned wlLh loLuses. Who ls Lhe rsL
among all women. uef. Cf padmlnl follows.
8havau kamalaneLraa naaslkaaskudrarandhraa avlralakuchayugmaa chaarukeshee krshaangee.
Mrduvachanasusheelaa geeLavaadyaanurakLaa sakalaLanusuveshaa padmlnee padmagandhaa.
S2. Cm nreem admagandh|nya| namah
She who ls manlfesL as Lhe subLle exqulslLe fragrance of Lhe loLus. She ls perfumed wlLh loLus scenL.
S3. Cm nreem unyagandhaaya| namah
Who ls noLhlng buL Lhe fragrance-grace earned-Lapped Lhrough prayer and devouon. (ln Lhe form of grace LhaL
manlfesLs as Leacher and Leachlng of vedanLa. Whlch glves self knowledge-freedom from becomlng.)
S4. Cm nreem Suprasannaaya| namah
Who ls perfecLly/compleLely pleased, conLenL ln herself.
(8elaxed ln Lhe grace of knowledge of her lnnlLe self)
SS. Cm nreem rasaadaabh|mukhya| namah
rasaada = pleased, blessed Abhlmukhya Lurnlng Lowards
All Lhose who Lurn Lowards goddess are blessed wlLh grace.
She ever revels ln Lhe grace of self-knowledge Lhus her face ls ever pleased and glows ln fullness of medlLauon on
Lhe llmlLless nourlshmenL she ls.
S6. Cm nreem rabhaaya| namah
Who ls rabhaa = prakaashaaLmlkaa Lhe naLure of eulgence. 1he llghL of llghLs. Self-evldenL awareness.
Anuradha 8ecords
. !" >.
S7. Cm nreem Chandravadanaaya| namah
Whoops face ls so auracuve as Lhe full moon. Cnce you see her you [usL canL Lake your eyes o her lovely face and
S8. Cm nreem Chandraaya| namah
Who ls Lhe goddess moon. Who ls Lhe moon ln all lLs phases and faceLs.
S9. Cm nreem Chandrasahodarya| namah
Who always ls connecLed wlLh Lhe moon. All cycles. Cycles goddess.
60. Cm nreem Chaturbhu[aaya| namah
She who has four arms. (All arms are her arms) Lhls shows she ls Alouklka exLraordlnary. 8eally she ls all arms all
legs eLc.
61. Cm nreem Chandrarupaaya| namah
Who ls manlfesL ln Lhe color and form of Lhe auLumnal full moon (ln Lhe clear nlghL sky.)
62. Cm nreem Ind|raaya| namah
lnd - verbal rooL= Lo be powerful
lnd + klrach amx = lndlraa she who ls Lhe mosL powerful goddess. 1he maayaa shakuh Lhe power whlch makes Lhe
lmposslble posslble. She ls Lhe power ln all Lhe senses Lo sense. 1he sense of all senses ls she.
63. Cm nreem Indusheeta|aaya| namah
Who ls Lhe coolness of Lhe moon rays. !usL looklng aL her cools your hearL and soul.
64. Cm nreem Aah|aada[ananya| namah
Aahlaada[ananee = Lhe moLher-goddess of all [oy. All [oyfulness-wlLhouL reason ( Lhrough Self knowledge)
manlfesLs from her grace. And she causes/generaLes [oy Lo all her devoLees.
6S. Cm nreem ushtya| namah
Who ls all nourlshmenL- ushu 1hrough all Lhe senses of all belngs aL all umes she ls Lhe nourlshmenL (pleasure and
palnful experlences) arrlvlng Lhrough Lhe umblllcus of Lhe senses and mlnd. She ls Lhe ulumaLe nourlshmenL of
self-knowledge ln Lhe form of Lhe equauon 1auvamasl = you are lsvara (cause of Lhe enure cosmos) and Lhe
knowledge galned Aham brahmaasml = l am lnnlLe belng.
Anuradha 8ecords
. !" >.
66. Cm nreem Sh|vaaya| namah
Who ls Lhe goddess (le half) of shlvah.
Shlvaa= Ausplclousness, Crace of self-knowledge, ulumaLe blesslng, all happlness. lreedom from sorrow Lhrough
lnnlLe-self knowledge.
67. Cm nreem Sh|vakarya| namah
She who blesses her devoLees wlLh ulumaLe happlness.
AbsoluLe conLenLmenL wlLhouL reason, Ausplclousness.
68. Cm nreem Satya| namah
Who ls unnegaLable self-evldenL llmlLless exlsLence = saL.
noL any sorL of quallLy or specles. noL any name form or funcuon. She who ls SaLee ls She who ls noLhlng buL ls-
69. Cm nreem V|ma|aaya| namah
Who ls free from( reacuons) blndlng llkes and dlsllkes. All malam = lmmaLurlues and lgnorance of Lhe hearL are
vlgaLaah gone from her, she ls vlmalaa. She ls Shuddha Sauva anLahkaranam. 1he lnner PearL-mlnd lnsLrumenL
LhaL has emouonal masLery-Shama, Whlch means Lhe person has uncondluonal Self accepLance and absoluLe non-
reslsLance Lo anyLhlng ln !agaL.
70. Cm nreem V|sva[ananya| namah
vlsva[ananl = Lhe moLher of Lhe whole cosmos.
She ls MoLher of MoLhers 8lrLhlng Lhls whole known and unknown cosmos every lco second-8lg bang!
71. Cm nreem 1ustya| namah
Who ls ever compleLely conLenL, saused. ln herself by herself wlLhouL any reason, knowlng herself as one wlLhouL
a second Lhe whole creauon belng a manlfesLauon of her belng.
Anuradha 8ecords
. !" >.
72. Cm nreem Daar|dryanaash|nya| namah
uaarldrya= poverLy and feellng of unworLhlness or worLhlessness.
nashlnl= desLroyer
Who desLroys poverLy and Lhe amLude of poverLy. uevoLees ever seelng her as Lhe lnnlLe glven. 1hey see Lhe
lnnlLe glven as Lhey're very self. lnnlLe wealLh ls l. Lhe one who blesses us wlLh Lhls knowledge ls Coddess.
73. Cm nreem r|npuskar|nya| namah
uskarlnl = female elephanL, LoLus pool.
She who ls ever worshlped and pleased by her female elephanLs ln her loLus pond. Meanlng She ls ever pleased
and blesses Per uevoLees wlLh whaLever Lhey deslre.
74. Cm nreem Shaantaaya| namah
Who ls absoluLe eace. Sllence. Sllence un-apposed Lo sound. Sllence wlLhouL a word or concepL.
7S. Cm nreem Shuk|amaa|yaambaraaya| namah
Who wears, ls adorned wlLh whlLe saun cloLhs and whlLe loLus garlands. She ls WhlLe-LoLusness = purer Lhan Lhe
puresL! Shuddha Sauva ure knowledge prlnclple.
76. Cm nreem Shr|ya| namah
Shrl = wealLh, rlches, prosperlLy, aMuence, plenLy, abundance, dlgnlLy, beauLy, grace, splendor, lusLer, She ls all of
Lhese quallues ln absoluLe measure.
77. Cm nreem 8haaskarya| namah
Who ls Lhe Sun. who glves llghL and warmLh Lo all belngs. Who ls self-evldenL vlswachashuh Lhe eye of Lhe whole
unlverse. rakaashaaLmlkaa 8haa swaroopaa. She ls lllumlnauon.
78. Cm nreem 8||van||ayaaya| namah
She manlfesL especlally where bllva Lrees ablde.
8llva ls Lhe wood apple or aegle marmelose Lree. lLs leaves are especlally used Lo worshlp Shlva and also Lo
Worshlp Laksml. She ls Lhe medlclnal and nuLrluonal quallues LhaL bless Lhe person who consumes Lhe bllva frulL
(or any herb or food) aer oerlng lL back Lo her loLus feeL.
Anuradha 8ecords
. !" >.
79. Cm nreem Varaarohaaya| namah
vara = boon, gls, accompllshmenLs, forLunes.
Aarohaa = mounLed, esLabllshed ln. consecraLed. Llke on a Lhrown. She ls Lhe rlceless Cl of All gls , boon of all
boons, AbsoluLe grace.
ln all accompllshmenLs she ls esLabllshed. She ls Lhe forLune of all forLunes. She ls forLune ln Lhe forLunaLe. Luck ln
Lhe lucky.
80. Cm nreem ashasv|nya| namah
She who ls all fame ln Lhe famous. All lame ls only 8hagavaLee's fame, Per devoLees recognlze Lhls facL and never
suer from arrogance.
81. Cm nreem Vasundharaaya| namah
Lhe one who supporLs all Lhe 8 vasus. Cods of supporL of all Lhe elemenLs and elemenLals. Who dwell ln and
Lhrough all belngs and Lhlngs. She ls Lhe lnnlLely supporung-susLalnlng earLh-goddess. She ls lnnlLe lnLelllgenL
belng manlfesL ln Lhe laws of gravlLy and all naLural phenomenon.
82. Cm nreem Udaaraangaaya| namah
whose llmbs are mosL beauufull. All of naLure ls her llmbs.
83. Cm nreem nar|nya| namah
WhlLeness , 1he sun havlng counLless rays. Also She who Lakes away lgnorance and denlal. She removes all Lhe
knoLs of Lhe hearL.
84. Cm nreem nemamaa||nya| namah
who ls adorned wlLh pure Cold necklaces. 1he pure gold of prlceless self-knowledge.
8S. Cm nreem Dhanadhaanyakar|nya| namah
she who blesses wlLh all wealLh and nourlshlng food Lo manlfesL ln ones llfe. She ls all forms of money and
86. Cm nreem S|ddhaye namah
Who ls ln Lhe form of all powers, slddhl's, all accompllshmenLs of all belngs.
Anuradha 8ecords
. !" >.
87. Cm nreem Stra|nasaumyaaya| namah
She ls Lhe sacred and ever mysLerlous femlnlne prlnclple , so slmple and profound whlch pervades Lhe whole
manlfesL creauon ln all her Saumyaa = endless 8eauLy. She ls only undersLood by Lhose of deep reverence and
devouon Lo Lhe vedanLa Lhrough Sravanam, mananam, and nldhldhyaasanam. SLralnam = 1he femlnlne ln all
females and males. 1he ?ln. Sacred womanhood, femlnlnlLy. 1he sacred essence of femlnlnlLy ln all belngs and
Lhlngs. 1he devoLees worshlp Lhls aL all umes, ln all places, and slLuauons. 1hrough every LhoughL, word, and acL.
88. Cm nreem Shubhapradaaya| namah
she who ever blesses her devoLees wlLh ulumaLe good, ausplclousness.
89. Cm Nrpaveshmagataanandaaya| namah
nrpa = human belng veshma appearance CaLa= gone lnLo
Aanandaa lullness-[oyfulness.
Coddess ls pure llmlLless happlness ( all experlences are her aL once) appearlng ln Lhe dlsgulse of human form so
we can worshlp her.
90. Cm Vara|aksmya| namah
who ls Lhe Clver of all resulLs of prayers of her devoLees. She ls Lhe wealLh of all gls Lhe granLer of all wlshes and
prayers of all belngs.
91. Cm nreem Vasupradaaya| namah
vasupradaa = Lhe glver of all wealLh, rlches, ulumaLe good = Moksa freedom from sorrow. 1he glver of all
subsLance. Who ls Lhe subsLance of all subsLances and lf one knows her as such Lhey have subsLance. no one else
really has subsLance.
92. Cm nreem Shubhaaya| namah
Shubhaa = lusLer, llghL, beauLy, forLune, emlnence, vlrLuousness.
93. Cm nreem n|ranyapraakaaraaya| namah
Plranya = Cold knowledge raakaaraa = form
She ls ln Lhe form of pure knowledge. Cr she ls manlfesL as Lhe value of gold. She ls Lhe preclousness ln all preclous
Anuradha 8ecords
. !" >.
94. Cm nreem Samudratanayaaya| namah
whose body ls ln Lhe form of all oceans.
Samudrah= ocean Lanuh = body from Lan- sLreLchlng, exLendlng. All WaLers-Sacred ls Per 1anuh 8ody-Lemple.
9S. Cm nreem Iayaaya| namah
who ls all maglcal lore. Lhe maglc of all maglc ls she who manlfesLs as Lhe whole cosmos who ls Lhe power, whlch
makes Lhe lmposslble posslble!
96. Cm nreem Manga|aadevya| namah
mangalam = ausplclousness, ulumaLely good whlch ls Moksa.
uevl = self-eulgenL goddess. 1he very [naana vrm whlch ls produced by Lhe vedanLa shaasLra whlch glves moksa =
freedom from becomlng.
97. Cm nreem V|shnuvaksasstha|asth|taaya| namah
she who ever remalns ln lovlng embrace hearL Lo hearL wlLh Lord vlshnu. 1he Sacred lemlnlne ls ever ln ?abyum
wlLh Lhe Sacred mascullne umelessly, aL once LranscendenL of all opposlLes.
98.Cm nreem V|shnupatnya| namah
Who ls Lhe uharmlc parLner femlnlne half of lord vlshnu.
vlshnu= veveshu lu vlshnuh 1he one who pervades everywhere aL once wlLhouL any movemenL. 1he Sacred
lnfalllble wlfe of all wlves. Muse of all muses. vlshnu's pure 8eecuon-Slmulacrum lemlnlne MysLery ever non-
separaLe from Plm-lsvarah.
99. Cm nreem rasannaaksya| namah
whose eyes are ever conveylng Lhe deepesL serenlLy, absoluLe sausfacuon, conLenLmenL, grace, and compasslon.
100. Cm nreem Naaraayanasamaashr|taaya| namah
who ls abldlng ln Lhe ulumaLe abode of all belngs (as non-separaLe from hls belng) her rlghL half naaraayanah.
101. Cm nreem Daar|dryadhvams|nya| namah
She ls Lhe one who desLroys all poverLy and feellng of poverLy.
(Lhrough desLroylng Lhe poverLy of Lhe hearL she esLabllshes lnnlLe wealLh and worLhlness ln Lhe hearLs of her
Anuradha 8ecords
. !" >.
102. Cm nreem Devya| namah!
ulv - !yoLanaaLmake conclousness-LlghL uevl = Lhe llghL of all llghLs. 1he llghL of awareness. Self-evldenL-
103. Cm nreem Sarvopadravavaar|nya| namah
who ls Lhe possessor of all upadravas
all forms of wealLh. All Lhlngs and belngs LhaL are helpful. She ls Lhe helpfulness ln Lhe helpful!
104. Cm nreem Navadurgaaya| namah
who ls ln Lhe form of Lhe nava = nlne goddesses all forms of uurgaa uevl. 9 ls a number symbollc of absoluLe
1hey are: kumaarlkaa, 1rlmuru, kalyaanl, 8ohlnl, kaall, Chandlkaa, Shaambhavl, uurgaa, 8hadraa.
She ls Lhe Whole SpecLrum of lemlnlne energles ln absoluLe measure.
Lmbraclng Lhese nlne 1amaaslc or uesLrucuve energles ln ones hearL wlLh non-reslsLance Lhey all 8less one wlLh
Consclous ConsLrucuve uharmlc behavlors and opporLunlues Lo undersLand Lhe naLure of Coddess as ones
lmmedlaLe Self Lhrough llsLenlng Lo vedanLa.
uurgaa = Lhe uesLrucuon of Self lgnorance and uenlal, Lhe consclous releaslng or regrelvlng of unresolved paln. She
ls Lhe Colng-aln..wlLhouL sorrow! Sorrow can only occur lf one reslsLs emouonal facLs one cannoL change. uurgaa
uevl blesses our hearLs Lo be free from reslsLance Lo Lhe pasL eLc. facLs we cannoL change.
navashaku's = nlne Sacred Coddess powers are Lhe followlng: prabhaa-lllumlnauon, maayaa-lnnlLe maLerlal-
power cause, [ayaa-vlcLory, suksmaa-subLler Lhan Lhe subLlesL, Lrlshuddhaa-Lhree purlues, nandlnl-happlness
wlLhouL reason, suprbhaa-pure wakefulness, vl[ayaa-accompllshmenL, slddhldaa-glver of all powers and
10S. Cm nreem Mahaakaa|ya| namah
Who ls Lhe goddess of ume, ln Lhe form of ume-change-deaLh. 1he greaL devourer of Lhe whole creauon. And she
herself belng umelessness. She ls absoluLe desLrucuon blg bang every plco second, every LhoughL-seen-gone. ln
Lhls desLrucuon Lhe consLrucuon-cosmos appears! how wonderful ls she! She alone ls ln conLrol wlLhouL
manlpulauon or ego. Cur head aL her feeL, She ls genLler Lhan Lhe genLlesL!
106. Cm nreem 8rahmav|shnush|vaatm|kaaya| namah!
Who manlfesLs ln Lhe form of all naLural phenomenon, Lhe creaLor 8rahma[l, Lhe susLalner vlshnu and Lhe
desLroyer Shlva.
She ls Creauon, She ls SusLanence, She ls uesLruuon. She ls all forms, names and funcuons lncludlng our body -
mlnd complex even our sense of ego lncluded!
Anuradha 8ecords
. !" >.
107. Cm nreem 1r|kaa|a[naanasampannaaya| namah
who ls Lhe knower and masLer/wlelder of Lhe pasL presenL fuLure ..all ume. She ls Lhe lnnlLe wealLh of all
knowledge LhaL ever was, ls, and wlll be. She ls Lhe pasL, presenL and fuLure and She ls umelessness unopposed Lo
108. Cm nreem 8huvaneshvarya| namah!
8huvana-LarLh-Cosmos + lsvaree- roLecLress. CreaLrlx. resldlng delLy of Cause-LecL karmas. And Clver of Lhe
frulLs of all acuons.
Who ls Lhe Coddess of Lhe earLh and all belngs movlng and non-movlng, senuenL and lnsenuenL. 1he goddess-
maLerlal non separaLe from Lhe knowledge cause of Lhe whole cosmos. Who manlfesLs as all ume-space lncludlng
our body-mlnd complexes. All of Lhls whole cosmos ls her sacred body, knowlng Lhls Lhere ls no me! Cnly
lu Srl Laksml AsLouarashaLanaamaavallh SamaapLam.
Cm 1aL SaL.
Anuradha 8ecords
. !" >.