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Alloy 20 is a nickel-iron-chromium austenitic alloy developed for maximum resistance to

acid attack, particularly sulfuric acid. This super alloy has a high resistance to corrosion,
crevice corrosion and pitting in chemicals containing phosphoric, sulfuric and nitric acids.
It also contains niobium for stabilization against sensitization and resultant intergranular
Alloy 20 is a combination of high corrosion resistance with mechanical properties and
easy fabrication. Although designed originally to be used in sulfuric acid related
industries, Alloy 20 is now a popular choice for a range of industries that include food,
pharmaceutical and plastics industries. Furthermore, this super alloy is used in mixing
tanks, heat exchangers, metal cleaning and pickling equipment, and piping.

Figure 1. Alloy 20 by Mega Mex.
Chemical Composition, %
The chemical composition of Alloy 20 is:
Ni Fe Cr Cu Mo Nb C Mn P S Si
32.00-38.00 Balance 19.0-21.0 3.0-4.0 2.0-3.0 8xC-1.0 max .07 max 2.0 max .045 max .035 max 1.0 max
Forms of Alloy 20
Forms of Alloy 20 are:
Pipe & Tube (welded & seamless)
Fittings (i.e. flanges, slip-ons, blinds, weld-necks, lap joints, long welding necks,
socket welds, elbows, tees, stub-ends, returns, caps, crosses, reducers, and pipe
Properties of Alloy 20
The properties of alloy 20 are:
High general corrosion resistance to sulfuric acid.
Good resistance to chloride stress corrosion cracking.
Excellent mechanical properties and fabricability.
Minimal carbide precipitation during welding.
Excels in resisting corrosion to hot sulfuric acids.
Mechanical Properties (Annealed Material)
The mechanical properties of Alloy 20 are:
Form Tensile Min. Yield Min. (.2% offset) Elongation Min. Reduction of Area Min.
Bar (hot or cold finished) 80 ksi 35 ksi 30% 50%
Sheet/Plate 80 ksi 35 ksi 30% -
ASTM Specifications
The ASTM specifications of Alloy 20 are:
Pipe Smls Pipe Welded Tube Smls Tube Welded Sheet/Plate Bar Forging Fitting
B729 B464 B729 B468 B463 B473 B462 B366
The applications of alloy 20 include:
Synthetic rubber manufacturing equipment.
Processing of pharmaceuticals, plastics and organic and heavy chemicals.
Bubble caps.
Petrochemical process equipment.
Food and dye production.
Since 1990 Mega Mex has supplied specialty metal alloys throughout the world for
industries requiring heat resistant, high temperature, corrosion resistant, and abrasion
resistant alloys.
Mega Mex specializes in the various nickel, stainless, duplex andsuper alloys in the form
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