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SI Classes: for WBCS Exam; Course conducted by Sirajul Islam: 9339392263/7679852152 Page 1

Answer Key to
WBCS (Prelims) Examination 2014
Subject wise Question Paper Analysis
Question in Brief Answer
1 Tour de force Masterpiece
2 Insipid Dull
3 They decided to ____ his number in the yellow pages Look up
4 Lucid Clear
5 A piece of mind Expressed anguish
6 The gift of the gab A talent for speaking
7 The last ____ will be performed by members .. rite
8 A person of outgoing nature Extrovert
9 Under the weather Feeling unwell
10 Inadvertent Unintentional
11 He would always ____the police Elude
12 He held his breath ____ several minutes for
13 Embezzle steal
14 Incognito Disguised
15 Opposite of Abundant Scarce
16 Pride A group of lion
17 Cricket insect
18 Page also means A servant
19 Opposite of Cacophony Music
20 Opposite of imminent Remote
21 You should ___ her case as a precedent Cite
22 The boss simply could not ___ his inefficiency Put up with
23 Person suffering from uncontrolled desire to steal Kleptomaniac
24 He is ___ the phone right now on
25 I will ___to my job until may Hold on
1 Founder of the Delhi Sultanate Qutubuddin Aibak
2 In India the Federal Court was constituted by an act of 1935
3 Communities opposed the Ilbert Bill Anglo-Indian Community
4 The founder of Khudai Khidmatgar Organisation Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan
5 The Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan died in 1662 A.D (actually January
6 Was not the active leader of the Brahmo Samaj Swami Vivekananda
7 Who founded the All India Trade Union Congress? N.M.Joshi
8 Alexander fought against Perus on the banks of river Jhilam
SI Classes 7679852152

SI Classes: for WBCS Exam; Course conducted by Sirajul Islam: 9339392263/7679852152 Page 2

9 Who founded the Indian Reform Association in 1870 Kesab ch sen
10 Who founded a national paper, a national school and
national gymnasium in the second half of the nineteenth
Nabagopal Mitra
11 The last British Viceroy in India was Lord mountbaten
12 The tribal rebellion against the British known as Ulgulan
was organised by
Birsa munda
13 The founder President of the Indian National Congress W.C. Bannerjee
14 The Theosophical Society establish its headquarters in India Adyar
15 In which year did the Congress Ministries start functioning
in the provinces
16 The I.N.A. under Subhas Chandra Bose surrendered to the
British after the collapse of
17 Newspaper/journals was from Maharashtra Kranti
18 The oldest Veda is Rigveda
19 Who became Viceroy of India after Lord Irwin Lord Willington
20 Who elaborated the Drain of Wealth theory propounded by
Dada Bhai Naorogy
B.G Tilak
21 Major port of the Indus Valley Lothal
22 The Magna-Carta of English Education in India Educational Dispatch of 1854
23 Congress President at the Simla conference in 1942 Abul Kalam Azad
24 Ruler was contemporary of both Buddha and Mahavira Bimbisara
25 Author of the book Eighteen Fifty Seven S.N. Sen
26 The Policy of Samudragupta in the south Dharma Vijaya
27 The first National News Agency of India was The free press of India
28 Chandragupta Maurya was succeeded by Bindusara
29 Sasanka belonged to the Gauda density
30 A mouthpiece of the Liberals Leader
31 Founder of the Bahmani Dynasty Alauddin hasan bahman sah
32 In the Nehru Report Committee 1928 the Liberal Federation
was represented by
Tej Bahadur Sapru
33 Who organised The Council of Barabhais Nana Phadanvis
34 Immediate cause for the launching of Non Co-operation
Movement was the
Jallian Walla Bagh Massacre
35 In which year the second battle of Panipat was fought 1556 AD
36 What proposals were made in the August Offer Dominion Status
37 Sufism reached India in the 11
38 The centre of Portuguese power in India was Goa
39 The first session of The Round Table Conference Tej Bahadur Sapru
40 Who founded the Asiatic Society Willium Jones
41 Simon Commission boycotted by the Congress As it did not include any
representative of the congress/
negated the claim(??)
42 Who is the author of Indica Megastenes
43 Not a member of the Congress Socialist Party Jawaharlal Nehru
SI Classes 7679852152

SI Classes: for WBCS Exam; Course conducted by Sirajul Islam: 9339392263/7679852152 Page 3

44 A complete outcome of the Wavell plan was the The constitution of the
constituent Assembly/Simla
Conference (????)
45 Where is the tomb of Jahangir situated Lahor
46 The president of the Indian National Congress at the time of
Independence was
J.B. Kripalani
47 Maratha leader who put forward the ideal of founding
Hindu Empire before the Marathas
Baji Rao 1
48 Taxila was the famous site of Gandhara Art
49 Who was the governor general of india during the revolt
50 In which year was passed The Congress Resolution of
Fundamentals Rights and National Economic policy
1 The location of Iron & Still plants in India influenced by Iron Ore - Coking coal
Limeston Manganese
2 Biggest Ship building yard of India Cochin Shipyard
3 States not a member of SAARC Mauritius
4 Places, the Pole Stark appears at the highest angle in the
5 Districts of WB in terms of area (2011), in descending order S 24 prg- W medinipur-
Burdwan (more than one
option correct)
6 Districts of WB in terms of Sex ratio (2011), in descending
Darjeeling- west Medi- Hoogly
7 Which one is not it tributary of Ganga Subarnarekha
8 Major question of WB Plateau lies in the district of Purulia
9 Plains at the foot of Darjeeling Himalayas is known as --------
10 Distance from the North to South of WB 600 km
11 Damodar river rises from Chhotanagpur Plateau
12 Who prepares the Topographical maps of India Survey of India
13 Bokaro Steel plant was established with the help of Soviet Union
14 El Nino refers to An oceanic phenomenon
15 The soil of the Sunderban of WB is Clayey Saline Soil
16 Forest research institute of India is located Dehradun
17 Jalpaiguri is Situated on banks of which river Tista and Karala
18 Tuticorin fishing harbour is situated along ---------- coast Coromondal
19 Rourkela steel plant is located on bank of ----------- river Brahmani
20 Diamond mines in India are located in ----------- Madhya Pradesh
21 Soil erosion is most alarming in ----------- littoral state of
22 Copious rain of Tamilnadu in OCT NOV are due to ---------- Retreating Monsoon
23 Major concentration of Indias Mica production comes
SI Classes 7679852152

SI Classes: for WBCS Exam; Course conducted by Sirajul Islam: 9339392263/7679852152 Page 4

24 Darjeeling Himalayan Railway became world heritage site
25 Problems is not encountered in the Indira Gandhi Canal
command area
Progressive waterlogging
26 Following pairs is not matched Western Ghat- Palaeozoic fold
1 New chip justice of the Supreme Court R. M. Lodha
2 Chhanda Gayen went missing while trying to climb of the
pick of---
Kanchanjagha west
3 In 2013 Dada Saheb Phalke award was given to Gulzar
4 The Wimbledon mens single titles was won in 2013 by Andy Murray
5 Abdel Fateh Al Sisi is the president of ----------- Egypt
6 In a bloodless coup the Army recently took over power in Thailand
7 Flight MH370 that went off the radar was scheduled to fly
from Kualalampur to
8 Oliver Stone is An Oscar winning film maker
9 India held Garuda- V air exercise jointly with France
10 The nobel prise for peace, 2013 was awarded to Organisation for the prohibition
chemical weapons
11 Lionel Messi is a national of Argentina
12 Alleppo is rebellious province of Syria
13 300 school children died in a Ferry disaster off the coast of South Korea
14 Petro Poroshenko is the new president of Ukraine
15 Centenary session of Indian Science Congress held in JAN 13
16 National Electric Mobility Mission plan 2020 was launched
January, 2013
17 Maha Kumbh was celebrated in 2013 for 55
18 Indias first Slum free city under Slum free India scheme is
19 Rituporno Ghosh won how many national award 12
20 INS Vikramaditya is new national security adviser is An aircraft carrier
21 The new national security adviser Ajit Doval
1 The Election Commission of India celebrates the national
voters day on
2 Panchayat system in India was introduced by the 73
amendment of the
3 Education, under the Indian constitution is included in The Concurrent list
4 The age of retirement of the Supreme court Judge is 65 years
5 Find the incorrect statement The president presides over
cabinet meetings
6 Find the incorrect statement Has power over money bill
SI Classes 7679852152

SI Classes: for WBCS Exam; Course conducted by Sirajul Islam: 9339392263/7679852152 Page 5

The council of state
7 Which of the following is not included in the fundamental
rights of the Constitution
Right to adequate means of
1 Revenue from Agricultural Income Tax is collected and
received by
Only State Govt
2 Major part of Tax revenue in India comes from Direct taxes
3 Term loan for expansion of industries in India is mainly
provided by
Development Banks
4 Attitude of present Industrial policy towards foreign direct
investment is
Increase in share of FDI
5 Disinvestment policy implies Selling the equities of PSU ......
6 Increasing female literacy is expected to affect the birth
rate in this way
To decline
7 If withdrawal of a worker from employment does not
create any output lose, this situation is known as
Disguised unemployment
8 Major part of the Indian Agriculture is Characterised by Small size farm
9 Land reform largely benefited the Economic condition of --- Bargadars
10 Territory sector activities include Infrastructure services
11 Plan finance creates increases of money supply if there is Increase in taxes
12 In order to control inflationary price rise, Reserve Bank
directs Banks to
Increase Cash Reserve Ratio
13 Point out false statement India entered into financial
structural reform by
Increasing Import restriction
14 Existence of huge black money creates Increase in the inequality of
15 WTO directed LDCs including India to Increase liberalisation and co-
operation in foreign trade
16 Find out the statement which is false Financial Structural
Reform needs
Increase in the balance of
payment deficit
17 New agri structural strategy created special benefits for Big capitalist farmers (??)
18 Following sectors of Indian economy is state owned and its
service sector is a public enterprise
19 Apex bank for supplying Agricultural credit is NABARD
20 Structural reform of financial policy needs None of The above
1 RADAR is use for Detecting and locating the
position of objects such as
2 Which of the rays are most dangerous Gama ray
3 Light year is a unit of Distance
4 Sound waves in air are Longitudinal
5 LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display
6 The most abundant rare gas in the atmosphere is Argon
SI Classes 7679852152

SI Classes: for WBCS Exam; Course conducted by Sirajul Islam: 9339392263/7679852152 Page 6

7 The heat required to raise the temperature of a body by 1K
is called
Thermal Capacity
8 Basically domestic electric wiring is a Parallel connection
9 The most malleable metal is Gold
10 The number of electrons present in H
is 0
11 Washing soda is the common mane for Sodium Carbonate
12 The half life period of an Isotope is 2 hrs. After 6 hrs what
fraction of the initial Quantity of Isotope will be left behind
13 Optical fiber works on the Total internal reflection
14 Which one of the following is not a true fruit Apple
15 Clove is obtained from Flower Bud
16 Which Disease is caused by Fungus Dermatitis
17 Which one of the following is a Protein deficiencies disease Kwashiorkor
18 AIDS is caused by Virus
19 Monocotyledonous plants show which of the following
Flowers are trimerous
20 Compound Microscope has Two lenses
21 The stage of Mitosis in which chromosomes become V,J,L or
I Shaped
22 The identifying features of Carrot roots are Conical with small roots
23 The longest cell in animals is Nerve cell
24 Rhizome is a modified stain because It has nodes and it has eyes.
25 The digested food is absorbed in Intestine (small)
26 Which one of the following is a medium range missile Agni
1 Triangle ABC is rightangled at B. If AB = 24mm.............. 25mm
2 Every angle of a regular hexagon is 120
3 Find the value of K for which the lines 5x+3y+2=0 and ......... 5
4 What is the value of two-fifth of 60% of 320 76.8
5 The difference of the ages of Riju and Rivu is 12yrs. Age
ratio 3:5 the age of Rivu is
6 Average of 5 numbers is 50. If every number is multiple by 2
find the average
7 A boat is rowed downstream at 35km/hr and upstream
17km/hr. Find the speed of the stream
8 Difference of the square of two natural number is 19, find
the sum of the squares.....................
9 Among the following select the odd one Acre
10 A circular wire of radius 42cm is cut and bent in the form of
an rectangle whose sides are in the ratio 6:5, find
120 (nearest correct) actually
60 which is not there
11 Simantika sold two radios Rs 2000 each. On one she gains
16% and on the other she loses 16%. Find her ...................
12 The difference between 78% of a number and 59% of the
same number is 323. What is 62% .................
SI Classes 7679852152

SI Classes: for WBCS Exam; Course conducted by Sirajul Islam: 9339392263/7679852152 Page 7

13 Find the missing number of the series 8, 15, 28, 53, ? , 199 102
14 The population of a city increases at the rate of 15% pa. If
its population was 4000 at the end of 2009 .............
15 How many Iron rods each of length 14m and diameter 4cm
16 879 x 439 + 879 x 321 = ? 668040
17 In a row of boys, syamantaka is 7 from the left .................... 33
18 48% of the first number is 60% of the second number. What
is the ratio ................
5 : 4
19 The product of two consecutive odd numbers is 6723. What
is the greater number?
20 M is the son of P. Q is a granddaughter of O, who is the
husband of P. How is M ...............
21 60 : 15 :: * : , Find * 1
22 A, B, C, D, E and F are sitting around the round table. A is
between E and F, E is opposite to D and C ....................
23 Qs mother is sister of P and daughter of M. S is daughter of
P and Sister of T. How is M related to T?
Either Grandmother or
24 Find the wrong number among the following 1381
25 Find the wrong number among the following: 7, 28, 63, 124,
215, 342, 511

Question Level No of
Maximum No
of Wrong
Your minimum
score required
Easy 91 84+3 3 83
Average 43 20+6 6 18
Hard 66 6+3 3 5
Total 200 122 12

N.B: All these are based on my personal knowledge, resources and
assumption. And as such, this sheet is not infallible. Any sorts of
suggestions, rectification with proper sources are welcome.
SI Classes 7679852152

SI Classes: for WBCS Exam; Course conducted by Sirajul Islam: 9339392263/7679852152 Page 8

WBCS 2014 Prelims ,
WBCS prelims Exam 2014


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