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Moscow 2014
Annual Forum devoted to the main social areas of city development and the
role of youth in it.
Date: 21-23 August, 2014
This year`s main topic: Urban Culture

 Decentralization of public spaces,
 Good-neighbourliness and cooperation,
 Involvement of youth into realization of the urban social and cultural

Place: Moscow

Young people from 20 countries and 10 Russian regions will participate in the
Forum-2014. The estimated amount of participants is over 2000 people.

Forum “Cities For Youth”
Our goal

Creation of a unique space for communication and experience sharing
of youth participation in social and cultural development

Our objectives
 to invite Russian and international leading experts
 to unite foreign participants and Russian youth from the regions for
working on the urban projects
 to spread the successful experience of social and cultural
development among the youth
 to promote youth participation in social initiatives
 to put best ideas and projects into practice
 to raise the level of cultural youth education
 to develop an overall youth strategy on the topic of “Urban Culture”
(as a part of “Cities For Youth” concept)

Forum “Cities for youth” is:
 possibility to put social initiatives into practice
 access to new partners
 professional and personal competence rising
 awareness in the sphere of international relations
 opportunity to present extremely topical projects
 chance to take part in the existing social projects and programs
 cultural program and informal meetings with young activists from all
over the world
Cities For Youth – 2013
Successful experience
• 4 priority areas of work:
 Development of urban environment
 New social media
 Development of community relations
 Creative culture
• 1400 participants from Moscow and other Russian regions
• 29 speakers and honored guests from 6 countries (USA, Great-Britain, Germany, Indonesia,
Croatia, Estonia)
• 3 launched international projects
• 2 countries long-term partner relations via realization of international exchange programs

August 21-23, 2014
8 public spaces

200 foreign and
Russian participants

40 presentations of
the best Urban
projects from the

16 international
leaders of working
groups –
practitioners and
unique urbanists

8 international
projects of the city

10 relevant cultural
initiatives of

1 Festival of culture
“Cities for Youth”

Festival «Cities for Youth»

August 23
One of the Moscow central parks
Park becomes a big “City for Youth” for 1 day:

25 entertaining and
informational areas,
presenting cities of the

100 best photos of best
world changes for the

10 unique art objects

20 professional urbanists,
presenting projects and
conducting work-shops

15 relevant amusements
for Youth

Expectations of the Forum - 2014
 8 international projects of public spaces’
transformation and development;
 Adaptation of the world's top initiatives for the
development of urban culture in Moscow;
 5 agreements on the implementation of long-term
programs of thematic youth internships and
 Attraction of foreign partners to implement
cultural projects in Moscow
Cities for Youth
We provide participants with the payment of accommodation in
Moscow, city-shuttle services and other required services according to
the program
You just have to cover the flight!

Program, registration and all recent information will soon be available on
our website

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Instagram #Cities4Youth - check the # - use the # - be our part
Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information!

See you in Moscow!
21-23 of August 2014