Back to Basics: Managing Your Time and Energy With Wisdom

Monday, July 7, 201
!"ont si#e$%&%'!"ont "ace$%(omic )ans M)%'!"ont color$%Blue%'Managing your time and energy is
a matter o" managing your thoughts and emotions, "or you do ha*e control o*er ho+ you +ant to "eel,
and ho+ you "eel determines +hat you mani"est, -t is there"ore a .ractice o" managing your "ocus,
Where is your attention "ocused/ 0or i" your attention is "ocused on negati*e as.ects regarding any
su12ect33and you can tell 1y ho+ you emotionally "eel, "or your "eelings do not lie a1out your state o"
mind33you are not managing your time and energy +ith +isdom, To change this you +ould need to
ree4amine your intent, "or i" your intent is .ure you +ill en2oy your .resent moments more, and
conse5uently your thoughts, emotions and actions +ill naturally 1e guided +ith
+isdom,!6"ont'!6"ont'!1r 6'
!"ont si#e$%&%'!"ont "ace$%(omic )ans M)%'!"ont color$%Blue%'7n1s.8!6"ont'!6"ont'!1r 6'
!"ont si#e$%&%'!"ont "ace$%(omic )ans M)%'!"ont color$%Blue%'There is a natural rhythm and "lo+
+hen your time and energies are managed +ith lo*e and +isdom, Yes, lo*e in its acti*e e4.ression in
creation is a .o+er"ul managing "orce, and it al+ays goes hand9in9hand +ith +isdom, "or lo*e is +ise,
The t+o are really one, The miracle o" lo*e is that +hene*er you choose it Y:; 1ecome a lo*ing
e4am.le o" it in acti*e e4.ression, +hich is a matter o" you re*ealing more o" the lo*e that you
already are, This is truly getting 1ack to 1asics, "or you cannot +isely manage your time and energy
+ith 1rute "orce, The mechanism is sim.le, and all it takes is "or you to ha*e consistent "aith in your
-n"inite <o+er,!6"ont'!6"ont'!1r 6'
!"ont si#e$%&%'!"ont "ace$%(omic )ans M)%'!"ont color$%Blue%'7n1s.8!6"ont'!6"ont'!1r 6'
!"ont si#e$%&%'!"ont "ace$%(omic )ans M)%'!"ont color$%Blue%'=a*ing consistent "aith in -n"inite
<o+er seems to 1e easier said than done, many o" you "eel, yet this is not a good e4cuse to a*oid
acce.ting the res.onsi1ility, )aying it, s.eaking it, is a""irming it, and +hen you a""irm anything +ith
sel"9lo*e you are setting .o+er"ul "orces into motion that literally moti*ate you to act in the highest and
1est +ays to manage your time and energy +ith +isdom, The more attention >and attention is energy?
that you gi*e to this .rocess o" .ositi*e a""irmation and taking .hysical action 1ased u.on each
a""irmation, the easier and easier it 1ecomes "or you, and this is ho+ you create consistency, -" you look
closely at the .rocess you can see that you are actually acting and accom.lishing +hen you are
a""irming, ).eaking and .hysically doing are di""erent e4.ressions o"
acting,!6"ont'!6"ont'!1r 6'
!"ont si#e$%&%'!"ont "ace$%(omic )ans M)%'!"ont color$%Blue%'7n1s.8!6"ont'!6"ont'!1r 6'
!"ont si#e$%&%'!"ont "ace$%(omic )ans M)%'!"ont color$%Blue%'Many o" you "eel that there is not
enough time +ithin each day to accom.lish your tasks, ho+e*er this is not em.irically true, 1ecause
this 1elie" is not 1ased u.on actual o1ser*ation o" the nature o" s.ace9time, This 1elie" is a "eeling o"
"rustration that is 1ased u.on a larger 1elie" in a lack o" .o+er and control, +hich is a 1elie" in limited
control, But you ha*e access to -n"inite <o+er@ And as "or %control,% the "act is that you ha*e a1solute
control o*er +here you choose to .lace your attention, and %Where attention goes, energy "lo+s and
results sho+,% =o+ you .ercei*e yoursel" determines your results, +hich is +hy sel"9o1ser*ation is
*ery im.ortant, This is +hy meditation gi*es you additional energy, 1ecause you are "ocusing
your attention +ithin your *ery 1eing, and the energy 1uilds8 this .ractice is one o" sel"9lo*e, +hich is
+hy sel"9lo*e, sel"9a..reciation, is in itsel" the greatest meditation,!6"ont'!6"ont'!1r 6'
!"ont si#e$%&%'!"ont "ace$%(omic )ans M)%'!"ont color$%Blue%'7n1s.8!6"ont'!6"ont'!1r 6'
!"ont si#e$%&%'!"ont "ace$%(omic )ans M)%'!"ont color$%Blue%'As em.o+ered adults, making use
o" your creati*e .o+er +ith lo*e and +isdom automatically allo+s "or you to set a 1right and shining
e4am.le "or your children so that they can more easily make +ise and em.o+ered decisions "or
themsel*es, You can teach them ho+ to res.onsi1ly use this .o+er at a *ery early age, in "act e*en
+hile the child is in the motherBs +om1@ This is 1ecause the child +ould recei*e the in"ormation
tele.athically and carry it su1consciously into adulthood, kno+ing dee. +ithin that it +as lo*ed
unconditionally, Your 2o1 as a .arent is to learn to "ully acce.t that your child>ren? +ill e*entually learn
to make conscious and deli1erate decisions "or themsel*es, and +hether or not they acce.t +hat you
ha*e taught them is totally their res.onsi1ility, Whether you ha*e children or not, the same lesson still
a..lies to ho+ you interact +ith others in honoring their "ree +ill,!6"ont'!6"ont'!1r 6'
!"ont si#e$%&%'!"ont "ace$%(omic )ans M)%'!"ont color$%Blue%'7n1s.8!6"ont'!6"ont'!1r 6'
!"ont si#e$%&%'!"ont "ace$%(omic )ans M)%'!"ont color$%Blue%'Being a miracle +orker is a
matter o" allo+ing your time and energy to 1e managed 1y lo*e, .o+er and +isdom, and you
accom.lish this through accentuating your strengths, thus "orgi*ing your +eaknesses and turning them
into strengths, This is the trans"ormati*e .o+er o" sel"9a..reciation, 1ecause it lo*es you, em.o+ers
you and enlightens you to make the 1est o" your current situation as you .uri"y your sel"9.erce.tion,
When you gi*e .ositi*e attention to your +eaknesses, +hich are your "ears, you literally
trans"orm them 1ecause you are changing your .erce.tion o" them8 you are really altering your sel"9
.erce.tion, This is ho+ you surrender your disem.o+ering 1elie"s, +hich is allo+ing them to 1e
trans"ormed 1y lo*e,!6"ont'!6"ont'!1r 6'
!"ont si#e$%&%'!"ont "ace$%(omic )ans M)%'!"ont color$%Blue%'7n1s.8!6"ont'!6"ont'!1r 6'
!"ont si#e$%&%'!"ont "ace$%(omic )ans M)%'!"ont color$%Blue%'You are a master magician o" time
and s.ace@ You ha*e the a1ility to alter the "a1ric o" your .ersonal reality, and you already do so
constantly e*ery day, +hether you are *ery much a+are o" it or not so much a+are, The degree or
di""erence all de.ends on ho+ much you a..reciate yoursel" and your creati*e .o+er, The more a+are
you are o" your .resent .o+er, actually "eeling this .o+er .ulsate and radiate +ithin and throughout
your 1ody, the greater your a1ility to consciously and deli1erately mani"est a 2oyous li"e e4.erience,
This is ho+ you manage your time and energy +ith +isdom, +ith .o+er, +ith C:DE@
!6"ont'!6"ont'!1r 6'
!"ont si#e$%&%'!"ont "ace$%(omic )ans M)%'!"ont color$%Blue%'7n1s.8!6"ont'!6"ont'!1r 6' !img
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!"ont si#e$%&%'!"ont "ace$%(omic )ans M)%'!"ont
.ers.ecti*e!6"ont'!6"ont'!1r 6'
!"ont si#e$%&%'!"ont "ace$%(omic )ans M)%'!"ont color$%Blue%'7n1s.8!6"ont'!6"ont'!1r 6'
Fe*aluing the )el": Gemonstrating True (ertainty, <art 1
)unday, July 27, 201
!"ont si#e$%&%'Gi*ine )el":!"ont si#e$%&%'
!"ont si#e$%&%'What is True (ertainty/ My children, recall ho+ 2oyous and "ree you 0EEC +hene*er
you are in an em.o+ered, com.assionate mood, T=AT is demonstrating %True (ertainty,% +hich is your alignment +ith your Gi*ine -nner Being, - ask that you release any negati*e ideas you may
ha*e regarding %certainty,% "or there is indeed a .ositi*e and non9egocentric alternati*e to the distorted
*ersions that the human mind o"ten con2ures u.,!"ont si#e$%&%'
!"ont si#e$%&%'True (ertainty is Walking Through the 0ield o" Joy@!"ont si#e$%&%'
!"ont si#e$%&%'Your =igher )el" is certain o" -tsel"Hit is (:I0-GEIT o" -tsel"Hnot 1ecause -t sees
-tsel" as 1eing %right,% 1ut 1ecause -t sees -tsel" as BE-IJ J:Y, !u'Joy, you see, is True
(ertainty, "or there is no inauthenticity +ithin the "ield o" 2oy,!6u' When you make a clear decision to
+alk through the "ield o" 2oy you are actually deciding to li*e in your authenticity, "or 2oy re.resents
your True Iature, >:" course, 1eing %authentic% does indeed mean honoring ACC your "eelings +ith
lo*ing9care, no matter +hat mood you may 1e currently dis.laying,?!"ont si#e$%&%'
!"ont si#e$%&%'0alse certainty, .seudo9con"idence, is *ery o1*ious to see and to correct +ithin yoursel"
i" you are honest and sincere +ith ho+ you are 0EEC-IJ in any moment o" arrogance, al1eit you must
1e alert and mind"ul o" the emotional 5uality you are emanating, And +hat is arrogance 1ut
entertaining a 1elie" in %s.ecialness% that is .ercei*ed to 1e %a1o*e% or %1elo+% another/ 0eeling
%lo+ly% or %1eneath% another6others, My children, in any +ay, is a mani"estation o" arrogance as +ell as
a .om.ous, %1etter9than% attitude, "or 1oth are delusional states o" mind in +hich the .ersonal ego
.ercei*es itsel" as 1eing %right% in its attitude o" ine5uality,!"ont si#e$%&%'
!"ont si#e$%&%'This is certainly not True (ertainty, !img
src$%htt.:66+++,s.iritual"orums,com6*16images6smilies6+ink,gi"% 1order$%0% alt$%% title$%Wink%
class$%inlineimg% 6' =onestly 5uestioning this .erce.tion o" ine5uality +ithin onesel" in order to "eel
relie" "rom the su""ering that it engenders is the "irst re5uired ste. in returning to the "ield o" 2oy,!"ont
!"ont si#e$%&%'<ractice <er.etuating a (onsistent A+areness o" %!u'<ositi*e E4.ectation!6u'%!"ont
!"ont si#e$%&%'The collecti*e9consciousness entity kno+n as %A1raham,% as channeled through the
*i1rant Esther =icks, o"ten encourages those that "ollo+ their teachings to .ractice an attitude o"
"eeling .ositi*e e4.ectation, +hich 5uite is an attitude o" eagerly antici.ating .ositi*e results, -t
is I:T %e4.ectation% in the s.eci"ic sense, such as %- e4.ect this .articular e*ent to ha..en in this +ay
>and i" it doesnBt - may 1e disa..ointed?,% -t is a natural, innate sense o" e4.ecting .ositi*e results that
is in alignment +ith the =igher )el",!"ont si#e$%&%'
!"ont si#e$%&%'Cike+ise, the entity %Bashar,% as channeled through Garryl Anka, also encourages this
.ractice, +hich he calls %"ollo+ing your highest e4citement,% and "or those o" you +ho may "ollo+
1oth o" these teachings, .lease understand >i" you are not already clearly seeing this? that there is
a1solutely no contradiction 1et+een them >+hich may 1e said to 1e t+o "orms o" the same =igher )el"
teaching? +hen A1raham encourages e4.ectation, +hile Bashar says to ha*e no e4.ectation, "or in this
case these t+o entities are s.eaking o" t+o di""erent o" %e4.ectation,%!"ont si#e$%&%'
!"ont si#e$%&%'Both teach "ollo+ing your 1lissH+hich is the same as .racticing an attitude o"
e4.ecting .ositi*e results !u'in general!6u' >+hich is to a*oid limiting your imagination to a s.eci"ic
result that %has to ha..en% in a certain +ay?Hand 1oth encourage 1eing o.en to other +ays in +hich
your desire may mani"est, =o+e*er, BasharBs usage o" the +ord6conce.t %e4.ectation% is di""erent in
the sense that he says %Go not ha*e any e4.ectations% o" your desires mani"esting in a certain +ay, =e
most certainly teaches the art and science o" .racticing !u'consistent!6u' .ositi*e e4.ectation, 2ust as -
AM teaching you here, My children, and the more that you sincerely .ractice this, the greater duration
o" consistently en2oying +ell91eing you are a1le to mani"est,!"ont si#e$%&%'
!"ont si#e$%&%'True (ertainty is Being :.en to Ie+ ;ni*erses o" <ro1a1ility!"ont si#e$%&%'
!"ont si#e$%&%'This is an im.ortant key .oint to remem1er: !u'Whene*er you stu11ornly insist that
something must ha..en in %a certain +ay,% you are not genuinely demonstrating True (ertainty at all, 1ecause you are not :<EI to shi"ting to other .arallel uni*erses in +hich e*en more en2oya1le
results are a*aila1le "or you, +hich are o..ortunities that you may not ha*e e*en imagined or
considered@!6u'!"ont si#e$%&%'
!"ont si#e$%&%'=ere is another im.ortant .oint to remem1er: !u'Your human imagination is intended
1y your :*ersoul to 1e a direct channel to your =igher )el", and that is e4actly +hat it is, although you
do not al+ays use it "or this .ur.ose, +hich is indeed +hat you are ACC really learning to do,!6u'
YE)@!"ont si#e$%&%'
!"ont si#e$%&%'Cet your mind 1e o.en to ne+ uni*erses o" .ro1a1ility, meaning allo+ing
yoursel" to !u'<:)-T-DECY EK<E(T!6u' that e*en M:FE EIJ:YABCE <F:BAB-C-T-E) are
al+ays a*aila1le "or you to mani"est, and you must 1e ACEFT to A(T to+ards your BC-)),
FEMEMBEF, My children, that AIY .ositi*e "eeling o" =:<E is enough to 1egin a ne+ 2ourney o"
re*aluing yoursel", and the more :<EI you are to e4.anding your *ision, the more ra.idly your
a+areness ascends and integrates your True )el", !u'Be (EFTA-I o" .ositi*e results, 1elo*ed ones@
Be (EFTA-I that you may recei*e .ositi*e 1ene"it "rom anything you e4.erience, +ithout e4ce.tion@
Be (EFTA-I that you may .er.etuate .ositi*e results through +alking through the "ield o" J:Y@!6;'
This is indeed mastery o" True (ertainty,!"ont si#e$%&%'
!"ont si#e$%&%'Amen,!"ont si#e$%&%'
Ci*e "or the En2oyment o" I:W
0riday, August 1, 201
Gi*ine )el":
Ci"e is e4.erienced so much s+eeter as you take time to connect +ith the timeless, Yes, you may
actually use time in this manner to catch o" Eternity, -t may e*en 1e seen as a ty.e o"
meditation, 0or those o" you +ho are interested in dee.ening your a+areness o" the "luidity o" time and
the e4.ansion o" s.ace, - recommend that you "ind

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