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Building The Big Cheese Ted DiBiase (with the Rat Pack) vs.

Hulk Hogan
**June/July 1987**
Ted Dibiase debuts as The Big Cheese Ted DiBiase beating jobber after jobber. After several weeks of
this, he grabs the mic.
DiBiase: I came to the WWF because it supposedly has the best wrestlers in the world. What Ive seen
so far has not impressed me at all. Ive beaten everyone thats been put in front of me easily. You have a
world champion that scared to fight anyone of note, you have other wrestlers on the roster who arent
even fit to lace my boots. Is this what WWF is all about? A bunch of chumps?
*DiBiase leaves*
*Brutus Beefcake wrestles next *
Beefcake: I dont know who this Ted DiBiase guy thinks he is, but the WWF is the home of the best
wrestlers in the world, present company excepted. Ive been watching Hulk for a long time, and he has
taken on all comers and hes put them all done. What has he done? He was a big deal where you used to
be, but this is the major leagues now. You need to prove yourself here, to me.
*Beefcake wrestles his match and leaves*
*The next week, DiBiase is on the Brother Love show and he is asked about Beefcakes comments*
DiBiase: Thats pretty big talk from a guy who needs to come to the ring with a weapon. When it comes
down to it, one-on-one, man vs. man, there is no one who can beat me. There hasnt been anyone who
has proven me wrong yet.
Brother Love: Youre saying that you can beat Brother Brutus in a match, Mr. DiBiase?
Dibiase: Without even breaking a sweat. Ill fight him anytime, anywhere.
*Announcers make a big deal out of this comment and wonder what Jack Tunney will say about it .*
*DiBiase wrestles a squash match and during it, there are comments from Brutus Beefcake*
Beefcake: I have no problem going one-on-one with you, DiBiase. Ill wrestle you as soon as the ink is
dry on the contracts.
*Superstars goes off the air with the commentators promising an announcement from Jack Tunney
about the Brutus Beefcake/Ted DiBiase situation*
*Superstars begins the next week, and mid-way through the show, they go to Jack Tunney*
Tunney: It has come to my attention that both Brutus Beefcake and Ted DiBiase want a match against
each other. Since they dont seem to want to wait for it, I have decided to make it official. Next week,
right here on Superstars, it will be Ted DiBiase against Brutus Beefcake.
*The announcers are flabbergasted. Bowled over with excitement.*
Vince: Finally, DiBiase will get what coming to him
Jesse: Whats coming to him? Finally, DiBiase will be able to prove what a tremendous wrestler he is,
even if it is against the Barber.
**August/September 1987**
Ted DiBaise comes out and is introduced for his match against Beefcake. Beefcakes music hits and he is
introduced, but he doesnt come out. His music stops, then starts again and he is introduced again, but
he still doesnt come out. Its announced that if Beefcake does not answer the 10 count, he will be
counted out and lose the match. He does not answer the 10 count.
DiBiase: See, I told you I could beat him without breaking a sweat!
Shot pans to the camera in the lockerroom area that shows Beefcake on the ground unconscious. Hulk
Hogan is shown in the lockerroom showing concern for his friend.
*Beefcake is out of action for several weeks because of this attack, and announcers wonder if DiBiase
had anything to do with it*
After a few weeks, DiBiase is interviewed by Gene Okerlund and Okerlund finally confronts him.
Okerlund: Did you have anything to do with that attack, or what?
DiBiase: How could I have had anything to do with it? I was in the ring ready to wrestle him. Doesnt
make sense, does it Okerlund?
Okerlund: The only thing youve proven in WWF is that you cant be trusted, so I dont know what to
think. I wouldnt put it past you, though.
DiBiase (agitated): Ive proven everything so far! I beat one of the WWFs top stars without even
breaking a sweat, JUST like I said.
Okerlund: But you didnt wrestle him. There was no match!
DiBiase: There was a match. The bell rang, and whose hand was raised at the end of the match? HUH?
Okerlund: Yours was, but you certainly cant be proud of that victory.
DiBiase: Why not? The winners share of the money spends just as well no matter how you get it.
*Dibiase laughs and walks away*
Okerlund: I dont know. I still think DiBiase had something to do with the attack. Well get to the
bottom of this sooner, or later.
*DiBiase is in the middle of a match on Superstars. Hes about to put his finishing maneuver on his
opponent when Brutus Beefcake runs down the aisle gunning for DiBiase. DiBiase doesnt see him and
Beefcake gets in a few shots before DiBiase is able to retreat.*
Beefcake: As I laid in my house recovering from my injuries that YOU gave me, all I could think about
was getting back in the ring to give you whats coming to you. Were not done yet, DiBiase, and
someday, I will get my revenge!
*The next week on Superstars, it is announced that it will be Brutus Beefcake vs. Ted DiBiase at
Saturday Nights Main Event in late October*
**October/November 1987**
*Hulk Hogan is being interviewed by Gene Okerlund*
Hogan: First of all Mean Gene, I was glad to see my main dude Brutus the Barber Beefcake back last
week. I was talking to him last week and hes back to 100% and hes been looking forward to cuttin and
struttin all over Ted DiBiase. Now, to my match against the so-called King of Wrestling Harley Race
*During a DiBiase match on Superstars we hear comments from Brutus Beefcake*
Beefcake: I cant wait to get my hands on DiBiase. Ive spent the last couple of weeks training with the
Hulkster. Hes helping me get ready for my match, and Im helping him get ready for his match. Were
working as a team, and together, were unstoppable! All the training and preparation will be worth it
when Im cuttin and struttin all over DiBiase, at Saturday Nights Main Event.
**Saturday Nights Main Event (late October)**
*Hogan defeats Race in the second match to retain his title*
*Beefcake vs. DiBiase is the fourth and final match of the televised card*
Beefcake and Dibiase go back and forth for about 15 minutes, when Beefcake really gets the upper
hand. He struts and calls for the sleeper. He slaps the sleeper hold on a dazed DiBiase, and he starts
wearing him down. All of a sudden, two gentlemen from the audience get up and get in the ring and
attack Beefcake. ITS MATT BORNE AND JIM DUGGAN! The bell rings immediately. It is made known that
these three gentlemen have a history. They continue to beat up on a helpless Beefcake with DiBiase
calling the shots. The bell keeps ringing.
After about five minutes of this Hulk Hogan runs down to make the save. DiBiase, Borne, and Duggan
leave the ring as soon as Hogan gets in the ring. The show ends with Hogan looking standing over
Beefcake looking at DiBiase, Borne, and Duggan.
**Superstars (Airing the Following Week)**
Gene Okerlund: Please welcome my guests at this time; Ted DiBiase, and his friends Matt Borne and Jim
Duggan. Ted DiBiase, where did these two friends of yours come from??
DiBiase: Dont you worry your bald head about that. All you need to know is that weve been running
together for a long time, and were known as the Rat Pack and weve been making life miserable for
people we dont like for a long time. You see, Matt Borne and Jim Duggan look up to me in a way. Thats
why they call me the Big Cheese.
Okerlund (to Borne and Duggan): Is this true?
Borne: Nothing DiBiase says is a lie and he should be taken very seriously. You should take all of us very
Duggan: Brutus Beefcake found out exactly what happens to people who dont take us seriously. He
wont be doing any struttin for a while, will he boys. (they laugh)
Okerlund: You guys attacked him 3-on-1. Thats shameful. Thats nothing to be proud of.
DiBiase: Quiet Okerlund! We do what we want, when we want, and theres nothing anybody can do
about it.
**Superstars the Following Week (early November)**
*Jim Duggan and Matt Borne defeat local competitors for their first televised match*
**Superstars the Following Week**
Brother Love: Please welcome my guest, making his return from injury, Brother Brutus the Barber
Beefcake! Brother Brutus, what was it like convalescing in the hospital after the Rat Pack sent you there?
Beefcake: Well Brother Love, you made a rare good point. I was in the hospital knowing that the Rat
Pack; I guess thats what theyre calling themselves; put me there. They jumped my from behind and
nearly ended my career. They could have, too, but luckily
Brother Love (interrupting): Luckily for you, your buddy Hulk Hogan came out to save you. I guess you
learned your lesson though. Brother DiBiase is stronger, and better than you.
Beefcake: I learned a lesson alright, but it wasnt that. I learned that when the chips are down, I can
always count on my friend and he can always count on me. You know, I was talking to him in the back
before I came out here, and we came up with a little idea! How about, at the Survivor Series in two
weeks, we have a match. Me, Hogan, Jake Roberts, and The Hart Foundation vs. The Rat Pack and
whoever they want to team up with?? How does that sound?
Brother Love: I dont want to speak for Brother DiBiase, but I dont think he will have a problem with
Beefcake: I guess well see them at Survivor Series, then.
**Superstars the following week (3 days prior to Survivor Series)**
*Brutus Beefcake defeats local competitor. During the match, a promo is cut by the Rat Pack*
DiBiase (with the Rat Pack in the picture as well): We heard your challenge Beefcake. We accept
because its what we wanted all along. Were here to prove we are the best thing in wrestling today and
what better way to do it then by winning the biggest match of the year. Just in case, you thought we
didnt have any friends here, Id like to introduce our partners, The Fabulous Rogeau Brothers (Rogeaus
walk in to the picture). Beefcake, be careful what you wish for because you just got it!
***Survivor Series***
*Hulk Hogan/Brutus Beefcake/Jake Roberts/Hart Foundation vs. The Rat Pack/Rogeau Brothers*
DiBiase and Beefcake start out in the ring. Before anything happens, DiBiase tags an unsuspecting
Ramone Rogeau and now he is forced to wrestling Beefcake. Beefcake gets the upper hand and tags in
Bret Hart who continues the upper hand before tagging in Jim Neidhart who sets Rogeau up for the Hart
Attack and Neidhart eliminates Ramone.
Jacques Rogeau immediately jumps in the ring and attacks Neidhart. He whips Neidhart into the ropes
and Duggan hits him from behind and Jacques scores the quick roll-up pin and eliminates Neidhart.
Jacques was celebrating as if he just won the world championship, completely unaware of his
surroundings and Jake Roberts taps him on the back. As soon as he turns around Roberts gets him in a
front facelock and levels him with the DDT and gets the pinfall eliminating Jacques.
Its now the Rat Pack vs. Roberts, Hart, Beefcake, and Hogan.
The Rat Pack regroup in their corner, surveying the task before them. DiBiase enters the ring with his
back to the opposite corner reassuring his teammates. He is walking backwards and walks right into Hulk
Hogan. He immediately backs down, runs back into his corner, and tags in Duggan.
Itching to get revenge on Duggan for his part in the brutal attack at Saturday Nights Main Event,
Beefcake begs Hogan to tag him. Hogan gladly complies.
Duggan and Beefcake start brawling, and it is pretty even until Duggan pokes Beefcake in the eye and
takes the upper hand getting a lot of offense on him. The Rat Pack is tagging in and out, having their way
with Beefcake. Beefcake is finally able to create some separation and he tags in Roberts who comes in
like a house of fire.
He attacks all three members of the Rat Pack and clears the ring. The crowd is going wild. When the Rat
Pack regroup, Matt Borne comes in to the ring to face Roberts. Roberts gets the early advantage, but
Borne gets Roberts down near the ropes and pins Roberts with his feet on the ropes eliminating him.
Beefcake, furious, jumps into the ring and beats down on Borne, and pins him eliminating Borne.
Its now Duggan and DiBiase vs. Hogan, Beefcake, and Hart.
Once Borne is eliminated, Duggan jumps in the ring and beats down on Beefcake and throws him to his
partners. Realizing here he was, he tags in Bret Hart. Hart comes in and the offense s traded between
the two, but Duggan gets Hart back to his corner with DiBiase. Duggan bodyslams Hart near the ropes
and DiBiase held Harts feet down while the referee counted 3, eliminating him.
Its now Duggan and DiBiase vs. Beefcake and Hogan.
Beefcake enters the ring to face Duggan. They go back and forth for a couple of minutes, but DiBiase
distracts Beefcake, and Duggan wallops him from behind and scores the pinfall eliminating Beefcake.
Its now Duggan and DiBiase vs. Hogan.
Hogan enters the ring and immediately clears the ring of both DiBiase and Duggan. An agitated Duggan
rushes back in to the ring to confront Hogan. Hogan blacks all of Duggans punches and throws him into
the ropes and hits him with the big boot and then hits the leg drop scoring the pinfall eliminating
Duggan. Before the ref is able do anything DiBiase jumps in to the ring and attacks Hogan. This gives
Duggan time to recover and they double-team Hogan. Hogan starts to fight back, but the ref is
separating them trying to get Duggan out of the ring. During the melee, DiBiase pulls a chain out of his
tights. With the refs back turned, he nails Hogan with the chain, and stuffs it back in his tights and covers
Hogan. The ref has gotten Duggan out of the ring and notices DiBiase pinning Hogan and counts the 1-2-
3 giving the victory to the Rat Pack and the Fabulous Rogeau Brothers.
**Superstars (December 1987)**
Gene Okerlund: Please welcome my guest at this time, the WWF World Heavyweight Champion, Hulk
Welcome Hulk. I know with Survivor Series in the history books, you must have a lot on your mind.
Hulk Hogan: Well let me tell you something Mean Gene! I had them! I eliminated Duggan and had the
slime ball DiBiase all to myself, brother, or so I thought, but I didnt count on Duggan overstaying his
welcome in the ring, dude. What happened at the Survivor Series is in the past. Im looking forward to
the Royal Rumble. Ive already entered the 20-man battle royal, and if the Stinky Cheese Ted DiBiase
has any guts hell enter it, too and we can settle our differences there, brother!
Okerlund: What number are you looking to draw, Hulk?
Hogan: Well, you know as I do, Mean Gene, that #20 has the biggest advantage, but I dont care if I
draw #1 as long as DiBiase has a number close to mine. No matter what number I draw, I know my
Hulkamaniacs will carry me to victory just like they always do!
**Prime Time Wrestling (mid-December 1987)**
Borne and Duggan wrestle a tag match against local competitors
Gorilla Monsoon: Ill tell you, your Lordship, these guys are still relative newcomers here in the WWf,
but what theyve been able to do in such a short period of time is nothing short of Amazing.
Lord Alfred Hayes: You are indeed correct, Gorilla. They were a part of the winning team at the Survivor
Series main event against a team that included World Heavyweight champion Hulk Hogan.
Monsoon: Dont forget about the former tag team champions, the Harts. I gotta think that a victory like
that puts them high up in the ranks of the tag team division even though they are so new.
Hayes: I would say so, but Im not sure thats what they want. Even though Duggan and Borne wrestle as
a team, I think the Rat Pack is a group of three individual wrestlers focused on a singular goal and thats
to be the best in the World Wrestling Federation.
Monsoon: Well, to be the best you have to have that championship gold, and right now Hogan is
wearing the gold, and I dont think theres anyone in the Rat Pack that can take it off him.
Hayes: That certainly remains to be seen, but I would not take anything for granted.
*Duggan pins one of the wrestlers for the victory*
**Superstars (late December 1987**
Brother Love: I LOOOOOOOVE YOOUU. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time,
The Big Cheese, Brother DiBiase!
DiBiase enters with the Rat Pack
Love: Brother DiBiase, A few weeks ago Hulk Hogan said that he wanted you to enter the Royal Rumble
and you and him could settle your differences there. What do you have to say about that?
DiBiase: I saw it. I was sickened by him and his adoration of the fans. Hogan, you can guarantee that I
will be entering the Royal Rumble along with the rest of the Rat Pack. Just like Survivor Series, it will be
our hands that will be raised in victory. I say our because we are a unit, and we function as one. Ive
done everything I said I would do when I got here in the WWF and Ive only just begun.
Love: Brother Duggan, you were a victim of Hogans cheating at Survivor Series. Would you like to see
him at the Royal Rumble?
Vince McMahon (interjecting): Hogan cheating?? What was Brother Love watching?
Duggan: You got that right, Brother Love. The only way Hogan was able to pin me was by cheating, and
he knows it. You better believe I want to see him in the Royal Rumble. He better hope that he doesnt
draw a number close to mine because Im gunning for him.
Borne: Were going to eliminate EVERYONE. Why? Because we can and thats what we do. We are the
most powerful force in the WWF. Hogan tries tell people that his Hulkamaniacs are the most powerful
force in the WWF, but where has it gotten him? The only place its gotten him is a paper championship.
Hes never faced the likes of anyone of us.
**Superstars (early January 1988)**
*DiBiase defeats a local competitor*
DiBiase: This was just a warm up for the Royal Rumble. Hogan, Im coming for you, so you better watch
***1988 Royal Rumble***
Hogan enters at #10
DiBiase enters at #14
DiBiase avoids Hogan and tries to eliminate other wrestlers while other wrestlers enter the ring.
Borne enters at #17
When DiBiase sees Borne enter the ring, they get together and go after Hogan. Brutus Beefcake tries to
save Hogan, but he is eliminated. Borne and DiBiase are not trying to eliminate Hogan. They just
continually beat Hogan to the ground.
Jake Roberts enters at #18
Roberts gets the upper hand on DiBiase and Borne eliminating Borne in the process. Hogan and Roberts
are double-teaming DiBiase as #19 enters.
Duggan enters at #20
Duggan goes straight to Roberts and Hogan eliminating Roberts and #19.
The last three remaining are Hogan, Duggan, and DiBiase.
DiBiase and Duggan double-team Hogan and beat him down. Hogan Hulks up and begins beating
down both DiBiase and Duggan. He throws DiBiase through the middle rope, thus, not eliminating him.
Hogan then sets his sights on Duggan and tries to eliminate him. Hogan eliminates Duggan, but Duggan
distracts Hogan from the outside and DiBiase gets back into the ring to eliminate Hogan and win the
1988 Royal Rumble.
**Superstars the following week (February 1988)**
Okerlund: Please welcome my guest at this time. He is the winner of the 1988 Royal Rumble, Ted
DiBiase walks out with the Rat Pack
Okerlund: Ted, How can you be proud of the way you won the Royal Rumble?
DiBiase: You see, Okerlund, theres a reason they call me the Big Cheese. I had a plan, and my
brothers executed it to flawless perfection. It was team effort and we are the strongest team in the
World Wrestling Federation. But, a team is only as strong as its strongest member which is why Im
challenging, right now, Hulk Hogan for a championship match at WrestleMania 4. I said I would win the
Royal Rumble, and I did. If Hogan is the champion he claims he is, he would accept my challenge. Unless,
of course, hes scared.
Okerlund: Ive had the privilege of knowing Hulk Hogan for many years, and I have never known him to
be scared of anything.
DiBiase: Then he should have no problem accepting my challenge. Im done with you, Okerlund. Lets
get out of here boys.
**Superstars the following week (mid-February 1988)**
Okerlund: Please welcome my guest at this time, he is, none other than the World Wrestling Federation
Champion, Hulk Hogan!!
Hogan enters
Okerlund: What about it, champ? Youve heard what Ted DiBiase has had to say. What is your answer?
Will you put your title on the line against DiBiase at WrestleMania 4?
Hogan: Let me tell you something, Mean Gene, Ive heard what he has to say, and my answer is YES!!! I
will wrestle him at WrestleMania 4 to shut him up once and for all. You know, the site of WrestleMania
4 is Atlantic City in the Trump Plaza
Okerlund: I know. I cant wait, but my pocket book might sing a different tune.
Hogan: People come there from all over the world hoping that Lady Luck will be riding on their
shoulders. Well, I know Lady Luck will be in my corner because Ill have all my little Hulkamaniacs
there cheering me on, add in the 24-inch pythons, and I cant lose, brother!
Okerlund: What are your plans for the rest of the Rat Pack? You have to believe theyll try and get
involved in the match, somehow.
Hogan: Dont worry about a thing, Mean Gene. DiBiase isnt the only ones with friends around here.
McMahon: I dont believe it! Hogan vs. DiBiase for the WWF title at WrestleMania 4!!
**Superstars the following week (late February 1988)**
*Brutus Beefcake defeats local competitor*
After the match, Beefcake is attacked by Borne and Duggan. Roberts comes out to make the save and
drives both of them to the aisle. Roberts grabs a mic.
Roberts: You know, all you two seem to be good at is sneak attacks. How about a fair fight? How about
you two against us two at WrestleMania? How does that sound?
*Borne and Duggan both nod yes*
***Saturday Nights Main Event (early March 1988)***
*DiBiase defeats Koko B. Ware*
*Hogan defeats Bad News Brown*
After Hogans match, the rat pack comes to the ring and attacks Hogan. DiBiase grabs a chair and attacks
Hogan with it., hitting him several times. Borne and DiBiase set Hogan up for Duggan to give him his
three-point stance clothesline several times. The locker room empties and the Rat Pack hustle out of the
ring before they get attacked. Referees call for the EMTs on duty and Hogan is carried off on a stretcher
as the show ends.
**Superstars the following week (mid-March 1988; the two weeks before WrestleMania)**
Brother Love: My guest today is none other than Hulk Hogan.
Hogan enters with taped ribs
Brother Love: Brother Hogan, since you obviously cant make it to WrestleMania, why dont you do the
honorable thing and just forfeit the title to Brother DiBiase right now?
Hogan grabs the mic out of Brother Loves hands and scares him off-stage.
Hogan: My doctors have assured me that I will be 100% for WrestleMania a few weeks from now. While
I was in the ambulance and in the hospital last week, all I could think about was how much I was looking
forward to seeing DiBiase across the ring from me in Atlantic City. Its been a long time coming and Ill
finally get my chance. DiBiase, Ill see you at the Trump Plaza!
**Superstars the following week (late March 1988, the last show before WrestleMania)**
McMahon: Ive been told we have a message from WWF President Jack Tunney regarding WrestleMania
Tunney: Over the last several months I have watched the Rat Pack double and triple team people
culminating with the attack on Hulk Hogan at Saturday Nights Main Event. So, I hereby state that no
member of the Rat Pack will be allowed at ringside for the championship match between Hulk Hogan
and Ted DiBiase. Furthermore, if members of the Rat Pack do come down to ringside during that match,
they will be suspended indefinitely without pay.
Gene Okerlund is backstage with DiBiase
Okerlund: Ted, I cant imagine you are pleased with that statement from Jack Tunney.
DiBiase: Of course Im not pleased with it. However, the Rat Pack interfering in my match was never a
part of my plan.
Okerlund: I find that hard to believe!
Dibiase: I dont care what you find hard to believe, Okerlund. Answer me this: Have I accomplished
everything I said I would?
Okerlund: Well, yes, you have.
DiBiase: Exactly. Everything has gone exactly according to my master plan. Why would you expect a
different outcome at WrestleMania? I am going to take the WWF title from Hulk Hogan, and in the
process, destroy Hulkamania!
Okerlund: Many people have said that, and hes still here.
DiBiase: Hes never faced a challenger like me, and hes never been on a losing streak like he is. Im
gotten to him like no one else ever has. Youre looking at the next WWF Champion!
****WrestleMania 4****
Matt Borne and Jim Duggan defeat Jake Roberts and Brutus Beefcake getting momentum for the Rat
Pack and casting seeds of doubt on Hogans chances.
*****Hogan defeats DiBiase*****