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The Big Rocket was set off before the Appolo Rock, but after the Whiz-Bang.

2. The Appolo Rock contained no red and was not set off last.

3. One of the rockets containing green was set off at 7:45pm, this was not the Big Rocket or the
Shooting Star.

4. The red rocket was set off after the blue rocket, but before the purple rocket.

5. The Exploder was set off exactly 30 minutes after the blue rocket.

A Few Fast Figure Eights
by Randall L. Whipkey
Before this year's Dewey Beach 500 race, the wives of the four top GASCAR drivers
competed in the Figure Eight Event to raise money for local community
organizations. Each drove a go-kart, with one behind the wheel of the #10 White
Whippet, 25 laps at top speed around the numerically-shaped circuit. Can you do a
fast figure on the full name of each driver, her go-kart, and the order of finish 1st-4th
in the race?
1. Cindy and Mrs. Anser are both past champions in the event.
2. Heidi and Mrs. Pordon have both driven competitively in various small-track
stock car events around the country.
3. Mrs. Undretti didn't drive the #77 Red Rocket in the race.
4. The #1 Crimson Comet lost to Mrs. Getty's go-kart, which placed behind
Cindy's Figure Eight vehicle.
5. Heidi, Wendy, and Mrs. Undretti all three serve as timers in their husbands'
race day pit crews.
6. Kelly finished ahead of Mrs. Anser, whose go-kart beat the #24 Blue Bullet
across the finish line.

Logic Problem Solution:
A Few Fast Figure Eights
By clue 6, the #24 Blue Bullet finished 3rd or 4th in the Figure Eight Event. If the #24
Blue Bullet had placed 3rd, then Kelly would have won the race and Mrs. Anser
would have been 2nd. In clue 4, then, Cindy would have driven the 2nd-place go-kart
and Cindy would be Mrs. Anser, which she isn't (1). Therefore, the #24 Blue Bullet
was 4th in the event. Then the #1 Crimson Comet was 3rd (4), and Mrs. Getty and
Cindy drove the 2nd- and 1st-place go-karts respectively. Kelly and Mrs. Anser
placed 2nd and 3rd (6). Mrs. Undretti is neither Heidi nor Wendy (5) and thus didn't
finish 4th; she is Cindy. By elimination, Mrs. Pordon placed 4th. Mrs. Undretti didn't
drive the #77 Red Rocket (3), so Mrs. Getty did; and Mrs. Undretti raced the #10
White Whippet to victory. Finally, by clue 2, Heidi is Mrs. Anser and Wendy Mrs.
Pordon. The final order of finish in the Figure Eight Event was
 1st - Cindy Undretti in the #10 White Whippet
 2nd - Kelly Getty in the #77 Red Rocket
 3rd - Heidi Anser in the #1 Crimson Comet
 4th - Wendy Pordon in the #24 Blue Bullet

Pizza at 10, News at 11
by Randall L. Whipkey
As part of his duties at WSUM-TV, intern Brett Brinkley picks up pre-"News 11 at
11" snacks for staff members. Yesterday, Brett's trip took him to Perri's Pizzeria for
five individual pizzas, one with pepperoni, for the news anchor and four other
EyeWitness News team members. From the "menu" below, can you determine the full
name and staff position of each snacker and the topping(s) on his or her pizza?
1. Linda, who isn't Jennings, isn't the station staffer who ordered onions & green
2. The "News 11 at 11" director didn't have the bacon cheeseburger pizza.
3. Neither Brokaw nor Rather is the WSUM-TV sound engineer.
4. The five EyeWitness News members who ordered pizzas are Isaac, Jason,
Cronkite, the director, and the one who had onions & green peppers.
5. Monica gave her order and that of the associate producer to Brett.
6. Huntley's pizza wasn't the one with mushrooms.
7. Kendra and the camera operator ended up exchanging pieces of their pizzas
with each other.
8. The sausage pizza wasn't the one the associate producer ordered.
9. Brokaw, who isn't Kendra, and the director prefer deli sandwiches for pre-news
snack but decided on pizzas for a change.
10. Rather got neither the bacon cheeseburger nor the onions & green peppers
11. Linda and fellow staffers Cronkite and Rather started the pre-show ritual five
years ago.
12. Neither the onions & green peppers nor the bacon cheeseburger pizza was for
13. Neither Kendra nor Jason is the sound engineer.
14. The associate producer, who isn't Cronkite, isn't the one who ordered the
mushroom pizza.

Logic Problem Solution:
Pizza at 10, News at 11
The five pizza snackers are named in clue 4: Isaac, Jason, Cronkite, the director, and
the one who ordered onions & green peppers. Since Linda didn't order onions & green
peppers (1) and isn't Cronkite (11), Linda must be the director in clue 4. Neither
Jennings (1) nor Rather (11) is Linda. Neither Jennings (12) nor Rather (10) ordered
the onions & green peppers. In clue 4, therefore, Jennings and Rather are Isaac and
Jason or vice versa. By clue 9, then, Brokaw isn't the director and must be the one
who ordered onions & green peppers. By elimination, Linda is Huntley. Kendra is
Cronkite and Monica Brokaw (9). Neither director Linda (2), Rather (10), or Jennings
(12) had the bacon cheeseburger, so Kendra did. Neither Monica Brokaw, Rather (3),
nor Kendra Cronkite (13) is the sound engineer, so Jennings is. Jennings is then Isaac
and Jason Rather (13). Neither Monica (5) nor Kendra Cronkite (14) is the associate
producer, so Jason is. By clue 7, Monica is the camera operator and Kendra the news
anchor. Neither director Linda Huntley (6) nor asscoiate producer Jason Rather (14)
wanted mushrooms, so Isaac did. By clue 8, Linda ordered sausage on her pizza and
Jason ordered pepperoni. The five pre-"News 11 at 11" pizza orders were
 Monica Brokaw, camera operator, onions & green peppers
 Kendra Cronkite, news anchor, bacon cheeseburger
 Linda Huntley, director, sausage
 Isaac Jennings, sound engineer, mushrooms
 Jason Rather, associate producer, pepperoni

Friends Helping Friends
by Randall L. Whipkey
Last Saturday, four neighbor boys found that work goes more quickly when friends
help friends: each of the four had found a job one of the neighborhood adults,
including Mrs. Wilson, needed done, and the four worked together to make fast work
of the chores, one of which was cleaning a car. Given the following clues, you should
be able to decide which job each found and for whom the work was done.
1. Three of the friends are Alex, the one who found the job mowing the lawn, and
the one who got the job from Mr. Halley.
2. Mr. Trent didn't have the job staining the backyard fence.
3. Alex didn't locate the window-washing job.
4. Jason isn't the boy who got the chore from Mr. Trent.
5. Mrs. Diaz didn't have the job washing windows; Chad isn't the friend who
found the window-washing task.
6. Mr. Halley didn't employ the boys as window washers.
7. Chad isn't the boy who found the lawn-mowing job.
8. Mrs. Diaz isn't the adult who gave Alex a job.
9. The chore Ian negotiated wasn't washing windows.

Logic Problem Solution:
Friends Helping Friends
By clue 1, three of the friends helping friends are Alex, the boy who found the job
mowing the lawn, and the one who had Mr. Halley's task. The boy who found the
window washing job isn't Alex (3) and didn't get the work from Mr. Halley (6), so he
is the fourth to the three in clue 1. He isn't Chad (5), nor did Chad find the lawn-
mowing job (7); Chad got the job from Mr. Halley. The job for Mrs. Diaz wasn't
washing windows (5), and Alex isn't the boy who got the task helping her (8); Mrs.
Diaz had the lawn-mowing job. By clue 9, Ian found the mowing job and Jason the
window washing. Jason's work wasn't for Mr. Trent (4); Alex's was, and Jason found
Mrs. Wilson's chore. The fence-staining job was for Mr. Halley, and Mr. Trent paid to
have his car cleaned (2). In sum, the Saturday jobs were
 Alex, cleaning car for Mr. Trent
 Chad, staining fence for Mr. Halley
 Ian, mowing lawn for Mrs. Diaz
 Jason, washing windows for Mrs. Wilson

Clementine's Cleaner-Uppers
by Randall L. Whipkey
From 8-9 p.m. Monday-Friday, Clementine supervises her staff of five Cleaner-
Uppers in cleaning the five offices, each of which is on a different floor 1-5, in the
Summerset Building. Each of the workers, including Pauling, works in the same
office every evening. From the "dirt" below about Clementine's Cleaner-Uppers, can
you find for which office on which floor each is responsible?
1. Last Tuesday, after checking in on Ted, Clementine went down 1 floor to look
in on Davis, then went down 1 floor to assess the progress in the Pro Computer
Consultants spaces.
2. To check on Carol's work, Clementine must go up 2 floors from the
Crosswinds Insurance Agency floor.
3. Jenny isn't the Cleaner-Upper of the Landmark Title Co. office.
4. Last Thursday, after looking in on Wellman's work, Clementine went up 1 floor
to check on the work in the Mintz & Meter CPAs spaces.
5. One evening last week, after monitoring Appleby's progress, Clementine rode
the elevator up 2 floors to see how Ben was progressing.
6. The Cleaner-Upper responsible for the Crosswinds Insurance Agency office
isn't Ted.
7. Mr. Sanchez needed help moving furniture to clean his assigned office on
8. Carol doesn't clean the Mintz & Meter office.
9. Jenny, Marty, and Wellman always eat a snack after work is completed in the
Summerset Building.
10. The worker who is responsible for the ICU Optometry area isn't Appleby.
11. Davis doesn't clean the Crosswinds Insurance spaces.

Logic Problem Solution:
Clementine's Cleaner-Uppers
By clue 1, after checking on Ted's work, Clementine went down 1 floor in the
Summerset Building to look in on Davis, then went down another floor to the
offices of Pro Computer Consultants. By clue 2, after checking on Carol's
cleaning progress, Clementine goes down 2 floors to see how work on the
Crosswinds Insurance Agency office is going. If there were no overlap
between the two clues, either Ted or Carol would have to clean the 5th floor
office. If Ted did, then Carol would have worked on the 2nd floor--but the
insurance agency would then be on the 0th floor. If Carol worked on the 5th
floor and the Crosswinds Insurance office was then on the 3rd, in clue 1, the
Pro Computer Consultants spaces would be on the 0th floor. So, clues 1 and 2
must have at least one of Clementine's Cleaner-Uppers in common. Ted
doesn't clean the Crosswinds Insurance Agency office (6), nor does Davis
(11); therefore, Carol must be Davis or must clean the Pro Computer
Consultants office in clue 1. If Carol were Davis, then the Crosswinds
Insurance spaces would be 1 floor below the Pro Computer office (1, 2). By
clue 5, Clementine went up 2 floors after checking on Appleby to visit Ben at
work. Appleby would then clean the 1st floor office, and Ben would work in
the Pro Computer office. By clue 4, Wellman works on the spaces 1 floor
below the office of Mintz & Meter CPAs; Wellman would be Ben, and Carol
would clean the Mintz & Meter office--which she doesn't (8). So, Carol isn't
Davis; Carol cleans the Pro Computer Consultants office, and the Crosswinds
Insurance Agency is on the 1st floor of the Summerset Building (2). Carol
works on the 3rd floor (2), Davis on the 4th, and Ted on the 5th (1). By clue
5, Ben is Davis, and Appleby cleans the 2nd floor area. Since Wellman is
neither Jenny nor Marty (9), Wellman doesn't clean the 1st floor office. By
clue 4, therefore, Wellman is Carol, and Ben's assignment is the Mintz &
Meter CPAs spaces. Appleby works in the Landmark Title Co. office (10) and
Ted in the ICU Optometry spaces. By clue 3, Jenny works in the Crosswinds
Insurance office, and Marty cleans the Landmark Title Co. area. Finally, Ted
is Mr. Sanchez in clue 7; Jenny is Pauling. In sum, Clementine's Cleaner-
Uppers work in the five offices of the Summerset Building as follows:
 1st floor - Jenny Pauling in the Crosswinds Insurance Agency
 2nd floor - Marty Appleby in the Landmark Title Co.
 3rd floor - Carol Wellman in the Pro Computer Consultants
 4th floor - Ben Davis in Mintz & Meter CPAs
 5th floor - Ted Sanchez in ICU Optometry

The Great Train Robbery
by Randall L. Whipkey
When Butch Moondance robbed the Gallup-Santa Fe Express, he took a total of
$2500 from four of the passengers. Each of the four victims, including Annie Starr,
lost a different sum to the infamous outlaw. From the sheriff's report below, you
should be able to solve the Great Train Robbery Logic Problem of where on the train
Butch held up each person (one was robbed while sitting in the passenger coach) and
how much money he stole from him or her.
1. Immediately after robbing Doc Masterson of his whole bankroll, Butch held up
another of the victims in the sleeper car--for $250 more than he got from Doc.
2. Of the four, Wyatt Hitchcock did not lose the most to Butch.
3. Immediately after robbing the victim who was trying to hide behind a barrel in
the baggage car, Butch Moondance took Belle Cody's cash, $750 less than he
stole from the victim in the baggage car.
4. The person Butch held up in the dining car didn't lose the smallest sum, $250,
to the gunman.

Logic Problem Solution:
The Great Train Robbery
From the introduction, Butch Moondance robbed the four passengers on the Gallup-
Santa Fe Express of $2500, with no two losing the same sum. By clue 1, immediately
after robbing Doc Masterson, Butch held up someone in the sleeper car for $250 more
than he got from Doc. By clue 3, immediately after sticking up someone in the
baggage car, Butch got $750 less from Belle Cody than he got from the person in the
baggage car. Therefore, since Doc can't have been the person in the baggage car, or
Butch would have gotten two different amounts from Belle in the sleeper, all four of
Butch's victims are listed between the two clues. By clue 4, the least Butch got from
one of the four was $250, either from Doc Masterson (1) or from Belle Cody (3). If
Doc had lost the $250, the person in the sleeper would have lost $500 (1). Then Belle
and the person in the baggage car would have lost a total of $1750 ($2500-$750).
Letting Belle's loss equal X, the person in the baggage car would have lost X + 750;
so 2X + 750 would equal 1750 and X would equal $500, the sum Belle would have
lost. But this is the same sum the person in the sleeper would have lost, contradicting
the introduction. Therefore, Belle Cody lost $250 to Butch, and the person Butch
robbed in the baggage car lost $1000 (3). In clue 1, then, Doc Masterson and the
person Butch held up in the sleeper car lost a total of $1250. Letting Doc's loss be X,
the person in the sleeper would have lost X + 250, so 2X + 250 = 1250. Solving, X
would equal $500. Doc lost $500 and the person held up in the sleeper car $750. By
clue 2, Wyatt Hickock didn't lose the most, so Butch robbed him in the sleeper car. By
elimination, Butch took Annie Starr's cash in the baggage car. By clue 4, the person
robbed in the dining car didn't lose the least and was therefore Doc Masterson. Belle
Cody got held up in the passenger coach. In sum, Butch Moondance robbed the four
passengers on the train as follows:
 Annie Starr in the baggage car, $1000
 Wyatt Hitchcock in the sleeper car, $750
 Doc Masterson in the dining car, $500
 Belle Cody in the passenger car, $250

The Dranesville Diners Club Does Indian
by Randall L. Whipkey
Mr. Marceau and the three other members of the Dranesville Diners Club have dinner
together on the second Tuesday of every month in a different local restaurant. Last
month, the four sampled the flavorful fare at the Bombay Room, with each enjoying a
different Indian specialty and each ordering a different bread to share with his fellow
gourmands. Can you find each diner's full name, selected entree, and chosen bread,
given the Logic Puzzle carte des clues below?
1. The four men sat at one of the Bombay Room's square tables, with each man
seated on one of the four sides; the guest who ordered Mutton Vindaloo sat
directly opposite the one who picked Roti (Tandoori whole wheat bread) to
2. Jack isn't the diner who chose Chemmeen Curry, a spicy shrimp dish.
3. Wayne was seated to the immediate right of the man who enjoyed the Daal
Gosht, a lamb specialty at the Bombay.
4. Doug isn't the club member who picked Naan, a flat white bread.
5. Casper's choice of entree wasn't the Mutton Vindaloo.
6. Tom sat to the immediate left of the guest who ordered the Indian favorite
Murgh Tikka Masala, a dish of chicken pieces in an orange sauce with a
melange of spices.
7. The man who selected the Chemmeen Curry, who didn't choose Paneer Kulcha
(a cottage cheese-stuffed flat bread) to share, was seated to Casper's immediate
right at the dinner.
8. Parris, who isn't Doug, didn't decide on the Daal Gosht.
9. The puffed, light Puri wasn't Gibson's bread choice.
10. Tom, who didn't have the Mutton Vindaloo, isn't the diner who chose the
Paneer Kulcha bread.

Logic Problem Solution:
The Dranesville Diners Club Does Indian
Each of the four men picked a different entree and ordered a different bread to share.
By clue 1, the four sat at a square table, and the guest who had Mutton Vindaloo sat
directly opposite the one who ordered the Roti bread. By clue 6, Tom sat to the direct
left of the guest who selected the Murgh Tikka Masala as his entree. Tom didn't order
the Mutton Vindaloo (10). So, either Tom chose the Roti or the man who enjoyed the
Murgh Tikka Masala picked the Roti bread. We test the first possibility, that Tom
picked the Roti and sat across from the guest who had Mutton Vindaloo and to the left
of the one who had Murgh Tikka Masala (who would then have sat to the direct left of
the Mutton orderer). The person who picked Chemmeen Curry sat to Casper's
immediate right (7). Casper didn't have the Mutton dish (5). Therefore, the one who
chose Chemmeen Curry would have been the Roti orderer, and Casper would have sat
to the Mutton eater's right and ordered Daal Gosht. However, Tom would then be to
the immediate right of the Daal Gosht orderer--a conflict (3). So, Tom didn't pick the
Roti. Combining clues 1, 6, and 10, the man who ordered Murgh Tikka Masala chose
Roti bread; he sat directly opposite the guest who selected Mutton Vindaloo, while
Tom sat to the Mutton eater's immediate right. Since Casper didn't have the Mutton
Vindaloo (5), by clue 7, Casper is the one who picked the Murgh Tikka Masala and
Roti, and the one who enjoyed the Chemmeen Curry sat to Casper's right. By
elimination, Tom had Daal Gosht. Wayne is Casper (3). Then Jack had the Mutton
Vindaloo and Doug the Chemmeen Curry (2). By clue 8, Jack is Parris. Doug didn't
order the Naan (4) or Kulcha (7) bread, so he selected the Puri. By clue 9, Doug is
Marceau and Tom Gibson. Tom opted for Naan and Jack for Kulcha (10). In sum, the
four friends selected entrees and breads as follows (going clockwise around the table):
 Jack Parris, Mutton Vindaloo, Paneer Kulcha
 Doug Marceau, Chemmeen Curry, Puri
 Wayne Casper, Murgh Tikka Masala, Roti
 Tom Gibson, Daal Gosht, Naan

Rustic Furniture
by Randall L. Whipkey
Last week, Mary and Mel Magnolia toured the Blue Ridge and, between panoranic
drives and cool caverns, stopped at five furniture makers, from each of which they
bought new furniture to be shipped to their home. At one rustic arts showroom, they
bought a wash stand for their master bath. From the clues below, can you find what
kind of wooden furniture the Magnolias chose at each maker?
1. The kitchen table and benches the Magnolias picked at one stop--not at the
Freetown Furniture Factory--isn't made of walnut.
2. The bed headboard wasn't bought at Borland Bros. or at Old Mill Artisans.
3. In addition to the new kitchen set, Mary and Mel purchased some cherry
furniture and some furniture at Turner Mountain Turnery.
4. The bed headboard isn't the item made of pine.
5. The linen hutch bought at one maker isn't the oak furniture purchase.
6. The Magnolias bought an end table at one stop, then visited the Freetown
Furniture Factory, and finally picked something in oak for their home.
7. The linen hutch isn't the item bought at Old Mill Artisans.
8. The furniture from Turner Mountain Turnery, which isn't the bed headboard,
and the maple furniture are both scheduled for delivery in six weeks.
9. The cherry furniture isn't from Freetown Furniture.
10. The Magnolias selected walnut furniture at the Cozy Valley showroom of
Chester & Son.
11. The end table is neither cherry nor pine.
12. Mary and Mel's new pine furniture isn't from Turner Mountain Turnery.

Logic Problem Solution:
Rustic Furniture
Three of the rustic furniture buys are given in clue 3: the kitchen table and benches,
the furniture made of cherry, and the furniture made by Turner Mountain Turnery. By
clue 10, the Magnolias bought the walnut product from Chester & Son. The kitchen
set isn't walnut (1), so the walnut furniture is the fourth purchase to the three in clue 3.
By clue 1, the kitchen set wasn't found at Freetown Furniture Factory, nor was the
cherry furniture (9). Therefore, the furniture the Magnolias bought from Freetown is
the fifth purchase. The Freetown product isn't the end table (6), and the end table isn't
made of cherry (11). If the end table had been made by Turner Mountain, it wouldn't
be made of oak (6) or maple (8); the end table would be pine--no (11). So, the end
table is walnut by Chester & Son. The Magnolias didn't find the new bed headboard at
Old Mill Artisans, Borland Bros. (2), or Turner Mountain Turnery (8); they bought the
new headboard at Freetown Furniture Factory. The headboard isn't made of pine (4)
or oak (6) and is maple. The furniture made by Turner Mountain is oak (12), and the
table and benches are pine. By clue 5, the linen hutch is cherry; and, by clue 7, the
linen hutch was made by Borland Bros. By elimination, the kitchen set came from Old
Mill Artisans and the wash stand from Turner Mountain Turnery. The Magnolias
found rustic furniture as follows:
 cherry linen hutch at Borland Bros.
 maple bed headboard at Freetown Furniture Factory
 oak wash stand at Turner Mountain Turnery
 pine kitchen table and benches at Old Mill Artisans
 walnut end table at Chester & Son

The Soft Drink Drawing
by Randall L. Whipkey
Last night when the five Beverage children went to get soft drinks to go with their
popcorn, they found that only five sodas, each a different brand, remained in the
refrigerator. To forestall any arguments about who got what drink, the five agreed that
big brother Damien would pull out cans one at a time without looking, and that the
sodas would go in order to the youngest through oldest kids, with Damien's being the
last one. Can you solve the Soda Pop Logic Puzzle of which Beverage got which
beverage and the order in which the cans came out of the refrigerator?
1. Ryan was glad he didn't get his least favorite of the five remaining soft drinks,
the A & W Root Beer.
2. None of the other four could suspect Damien of looking, since the can left for
Damien wasn't his favorite Grape Nehi.
3. Immediately after handing one sibling the can of Squirt, Damien gave Ryan his
4. Neither Travis nor Xandra got the can of 7-Up.
5. The Sunkist Orange wasn't the fourth soft drink Damien pulled out of the
6. These three sodas were distributed in order first-to-last: the A & W Root Beer,
the soft drink to Courtney, and the Grape Nehi.
7. Travis and the one who got the second can to come out of the refrigerator later
decided to share their drinks.

Logic Problem Solution:
The Soft Drink Drawing
From the introduction, big brother Damien got the fifth and last can of soda from the
refrigerator. Damien did not get the Grape Nehi (2). By clue 6, then, where three
sodas were distributed in consecutive order the A & W Root Beer, the one to
Courtney, and the Grape Nehi, the three were either 1-3 or 2-4 out of the refrigerator.
Since Ryan got his soft drink immediately after a sibling got the Squirt (3) and Ryan
didn't get the A & W Root Beer (1), the Squirt went to Courtney and Ryan got the
Grape Nehi. Neither Travis nor Xandra ended up with the 7-Up (4), so Damien got
that fifth. If the A & W Root Beer had been picked first, the Squirt to Courtney
second, and the Grape Nehi to Ryan third, the Sunkist Orange would have been fourth
out of the refrigerator--no (5). So, the A & W Root Beer was second, the Squirt to
Courtney was third, and the Grape Nehi to Ryan was fourth. The first soft drink
picked by Damien was the Sunkist Orange. By clue 7, the Sunkist Orange went to
Travis, and Xandra got the A & W Root Beer. The last five soft drinks were
 1st - Travis, Sunkist Orange
 2nd - Xandra, A & W Root Beer
 3rd - Courtney, Squirt
 4th - Ryan, Grape Nehi
 5th - Damien, 7-Up

New Elementary School Teachers
by Randall L. Whipkey
When Summerset Elementary opened its doors for the 2000-01 year earlier this
month, four teachers new to the school joined the staff. Two of the four transferred
from other county schools, and two are recent college graduates, one from Briar Patch
State College, newly hired by the school district. Each of the four teaches a different
grade, from 1st-4th. Given the information that follows, can you solve the logic puzzle
of each new Summerset Elementary teacher's full name (one last name is Bookman),
the grade he or she teaches, and from where he or she joined the staff?
1. Thomas, who isn't the person who taught at Cozy Valley Elementary during the
1999-2000 school term, isn't the one teaching 4th grade.
2. The two teachers who were hired directly out of college are Daniel and the new
3rd grade teacher.
3. Reader isn't the one who was attending Ocean City University last year.
4. The four new staff members are Jennifer, Smart, the new 2nd grade teacher,
and the teacher who comes to Summerset Elementary from Winterhaven
Elementary School.
5. Luisa and Albright have rooms next to each other.
6. The new 1st grade teacher, who isn't Daniel, isn't the transfer from
Winterhaven Elementary.
7. Reader, who isn't Jennifer, isn't the new 4th grade teacher.

Logic Problem Solution:
New Elementary School Teachers
From the puzzle introduction, two of the new teachers were at other schools and two
were in college during the 1999-2000 school term. The four new Summerset
Elementary teachers are listed in clue 4: Jennifer, Smart, the 2nd grade teacher, and
the person who taught at Winterhaven Elementary last year. By clue 2, Daniel is one
of last year's college students, so in clue 4, he is Smart or teaches 2nd grade. If Daniel
were Smart, the other recent college graduate who teaches 3rd grade (2) would be
Jennifer in clue 4. However, by clue 6, the new 1st grade teacher is neither Daniel nor
the one coming from Winterhaven Elementary School--so the arrangement with
Daniel as Smart fails. By clue 2, Daniel is the 2nd grade teacher in clue 4. The teacher
from Winterhaven Elementary isn't the 3rd grade teacher, who was in college last year
(2), and isn't the 1st grade teacher (6). The Winterhaven transfer teaches 4th grade at
Summerset Elementary. By clue 1, then, Thomas is Smart, and Luisa teaches 4th
grade. Since Thomas Smart isn't the one coming from Cozy Valley Elementary (1), he
must have been in college last school term; Jennifer transferred from Cozy Valley. By
clue 2, Thomas Smart teaches 3rd grade; Jennifer teaches 1st grade. Neither Jennifer
nor 4th grade teacher Luisa is Reader (7), so Daniel is. By clue 3, he recently
graduated from Briar Patch State College and Thomas from Ocean City University.
Luisa is Bookman and Jennifer Albright (5). The five new staff members at
Summerset Elementary School thus are
 Jennifer Albright, 1st grade, Cozy Valley Elementary
 Daniel Reader, 2nd grade, Briar Patch State College
 Thomas Smart, 3rd grade, Ocean City University
 Luisa Bookman, 4th grade, Winterhaven Elementary

New Appliances
by Randall L. Whipkey
When four friends recently rented a Summerset Towers penthouse, they found they
needed to buy several appliances that didn't come with their new home. In a trip
through local stores, including KwalMart, each of the four purchased one item at a
different store to contribute to their common life style. From the clues below, you
should be able to find each woman's full name (one surname is Hoover), the appliance
she bought, and the store at which she made the purchase.
1. Neither Stacey nor Ms. Kenmore bought the big-screen television.
2. Jasmine bought her item at Appliance City; she bought neither the dryer nor the
vacuum cleaner.
3. Ms. Westinghouse, who isn't Stacey, purchased a washing machine for the
group's use.
4. Monica and Ms. Kenmore also work together at Epiphany Biotech.
5. Neither Patrice nor Stacey is the friend who made the Better Buys purchase.
6. The appliance bought at Summerset Gas & Electric isn't the vacuum.
7. Ms. Sharp, who didn't make the Better Buys buy, isn't the friend who is
contributing the dryer to the group.
8. The washing machine didn't come from Better Buys.

Logic Problem Solution:
New Appliances
By clue 1, three of the friends are Stacey, Ms. Kenmore, and the one who bought the
big-screen television. By clue 3, Ms. Westinghouse purchased a washing machine and
isn't Stacey; she is the fourth to the three in clue 1. Since Ms. Kenmore then bought
the vacuum cleaner or dryer, she isn't Jasmine (2). Ms. Kenmore also isn't Monica (4)
and is Patrice. Neither Patrice nor Stacey bought the item from Better Buys (5).
Jasmine made her purchase at Appliance City (2), so Monica bought her item at Better
Buys. Monica didn't buy the washing machine (8); she bought the television and
Jasmine got the group the washing machine at Appliance City. Monica is Ms. Hoover
and Stacey Sharp (7). Stacey bought the vacuum cleaner, and Patrice purchased the
dryer (7). By clue 6, Stacey Sharp got the vacuum cleaner at KwalMart and Patrice
the dryer at Summerset Gas & Electric. In sum, the four friends bought their new
appliances as follows:
 Jasmine Westinghouse, washing machine at Appliance City
 Monica Hoover, big-screen television at Better Buys
 Patrice Kenmore, dryer at Summerset Gas & Electric
 Stacey Sharp, vacuum cleaner at KwalMart

The Kids at Camp
by Randall L. Whipkey
This week, the five Logg-Cabin children are away at summer camps, each attending a
different camp with a special theme--one offers basketball taught by college coaches.
Of course, all the camps, including Camp Pocomoke, also have traditional camp
activities such as swimming, hiking, and scary stories with toasted marshmallows
around the campfire. From the clues below, can you solve the Logic Puzzle of which
Logg-Cabin kid is improving what skills at which camp?
1. On Sunday, Mrs. Logg-Cabin dropped off Melanie at her camp and then took
another child on to soccer camp.
2. Camp Allegany isn't the camp offering computer activities.
3. Bethany, who rode to her camp with her father, isn't the kid attending music
4. Timothy isn't the one at Camp Friendship.
5. Camp Onondaka isn't the camp emphasizing instructional soccer.
6. Dad dropped off the other three kids at their camps in order: Lindsay, the one at
Camp Allegany, and the child going to the camp which teaches horseback
7. Camp Friendship isn't the one with the music theme.
8. The kid at Camp See-Qwah-No-Ta rode to camp with Mr. Logg-Cabin.
9. Anthony, who isn't at Camp Allegany, isn't the Logg-Cabin sibling learning
new soccer skills.
10. Lindsay, who isn't attending Camp See-Qwah-No-Ta, isn't the one studying

Logic Problem Solution:
The Kids at Camp
By clue 1, Mrs. Logg-Cabin dropped off Melanie at her camp and then another kid at
the soccer camp; by clue 6, Mr. Logg-Cabin transported Lindsay, the child who is at
Camp Allegany, and the one who is at horseback riding camp to their three camps.
Therefore, all five campers are named between the two clues. Anthony is not at soccer
camp (9), so he isn't in clue 1. Since he also isn't at Camp Allegany (9), in clue 6,
Anthony is the one at riding camp. Since Bethany rode to camp with her father (3),
she is at Camp Allegany (6). Then, by elimination, Timothy is at soccer camp. Camp
Allegany isn't the camp with the computer (2) or music (3) theme; it stresses
basketball. By clue 10, Lindsay is at music and Melanie at computer camp. Since Mr.
Logg-Cabin took one of the kids to Camp See-Qwah-No-Ta (8) and Lindsay isn't at
that camp (10), in clue 6, Anthony is at Camp See-Qwah-No-Ta. Neither Timothy (4)
nor music student Lindsay (7) is at Camp Friendship, so Melanie is. Finally, by clue 5,
Timothy is at Camp Pocomoke and Lindsay at Camp Onondaka. The five Logg-Cabin
kids are away at camp as follows:
 Anthony, horseback riding at Camp See-Qwah-No-Ta
 Bethany, basketball at Camp Allegany
 Lindsay, music at Camp Onondaka
 Melanie, computers at Camp Friendship
 Timothy, soccer at Camp Pocomoke