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Manila Doctors College

In Partial Fulfillment of the requirements of

RLE: NCM 102
(Out Patient Department)
Talon Dos Las Pinas

Family Nursing Care Plan

Group 90

Submitted by:
Ryogie S. Javiniar

Submitted to:
Mr. John Chris Nyl R. Patangan RN
Is the blueprint of the care that the nurse designs to systematically minimize or
eliminate the identified health and family nursing problems through explicitly
formulated outcomes of care (goals and objectives) and deliberately chosen set of
interventions, resources and evaluation criteria, standards, methods and tools. The
nursing care plan focuses on actions which are designed to solve or minimize existing
problem. The plan is a blueprint for action. The core of the plan are the approaches,
strategies, activities, methods and materials whichthe nurse hopes will improve the
problem situation.


Mr. Apostol is a high school undergraduate. He is now retired and now he is a

tricycle driver. He is earning about 150-200 pesos per day and only done his hobby
by playing “Tong-its” in his neighbor. Mrs. Apostol is a high school graduate and she
took up a vocational course. She owns a small sari-sari store. Rico and Rina Mae
Apostol are still studying. The Apostol family is a Roman Catholic from Marinduque.
They lived in Satima Village for almost 14 years. The family reconized Barangay
Officials as the leaders of their community. Howerver, the family is not aware of the
programs of the barangay. Health services offered in the barangay is utilized by the
family since one of their relatives is workin in the health center. Mr. and Mrs. Apostol
verbalized “pag may nagkakasakit sa amin madali nang lumapit at humingi ng
tulong sa health center”.


The houses are made of mixed materials and some are light materials. The houses are
also closer to the next neighbor. The water supply system is now being fixed and the
streets are affected. The dugged streets are not been temporarily filled with sand or
soil. Also because of the dugged streets different kinds of vectors are all over the
place. The house of our interviewee said that the rodents are sometimes coming inside
their house. The garbage of different families of Satima Village is found on the corner
of a street and some of non-biodegradable garbages like plastics are burn in the side
of the street. Their house is near by the “estero”.


The house is made of mixed materials. The rusty roof is filled with holes. The main
door of the house is made of rusty roof alone. Along the main door you will see the
dirty dishes on the floor being infested by flies. There are no windows available to
have a good ventilation and no sufficient lightings. The stairs near by the main door is
broken and in anytime will colapse. A container of supplied water is, near the main
door, covered. as verbalized by the home owner the cat size rats come inside the
house often via undergound. Roaches and flies are actually present as the owner says.
They haven’t had a refrigerator since they lived in Satima Village. Some of their
neighbors are burning garbages in the side of the street.



Name Sex Age Civil status Relation to the

head family
Richard Apostol M 42 Married Head/Husband
Imelda Apostol F 39 Married Head/Wife
Rico Apostol M 16 Single Son
Rina Mae Apostol F 12 Single Daughter

They live at Satima Village talon Dos Las Pinas. The Cuares Family is a nuclear family.
Mr. and Mrs. Arizala don’t have a hard time in terms of decision making because each of
them tend to consider each others opinion first before coming up with the final decision
especially regarding health matters. The father is the head and breadwinner of the family
while the mother takes care of the household chores.