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Mr. Syed Firza
A highly committed professional consultant with total 15 years working ex-
perience in maritime operational & management positions spearheading the
efficiency and growth of companies. Mr. Syed Firza Binyahya is a Certified
Dynamic Positioning Operator. He holds a Diploma in Nautical Studies
from Nautical Institute UK and Certificate of Competency (Class III)
from Marine Department of Malaysia.

He is the first and only Submarine Support Vessel Operator in Asia. His
specialties in Dynamic Positioning operation has been recognize by Malaysian Royal

Mr. Syed Firza had conducted various seminars and consultant for corporate clientele includ-
ing Royal Malaysian Navy, Malaysian Marine Department, Johor Pilot, STS Operator Johor,
Petronas Carigali, Talisman and PTSC (Vietnam).
Capt. Abu Hafiz Abu Bakar
A highly committed professional consultant with total 10 years working ex-
perience in maritime operational & management positions spearheading the
efficiency and growth of companies. Capt Abu Hafiz is a Class One Master
Mariner F.G Unlimited and Dynamic Positioning Operator. He has a
Degree in Management Technology in Maritime Transportation from the
Malaysia Maritime Academy (ALAM).

Capt Abu Hafiz had conducted various seminars and consultant for corporate clientele includ-
ing Malaysian Marine Department, Johor Pilot, STS Operator Johor, IMC Singapore and MSI
Ship Management.

Capt Abu Hafiz Abu Bakar is specialist in vessel operation including chemical tanker, oil
tanker, risk assessment and tug supply.

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IDENTIFY the level of importance and significance of Dy-
namic Positioning in the respective industries.

UNDERSTAND the DP principles, the basic elements of Dy-
namic Positioning, its operational and functions utilization of
existing technology.

DISCOVER the cutting edge on technology, the issuance
process of Dynamic Positioning-related certifications, latest
training scheme and legislation towards realization of Dy-
namic Positioning.

STUDY the strategic planning on cost management impact .

TECHNICAL use of the Efficiency Gap Analysis Model
develop by Capt. Syed Firza to improve operation efficiency.

CREATE environment to encourage and accelerate the nec-
essary steps for the implementation of Dynamic Positioning

DETAILS analysis and discussion of culture (prospective and
evaluation), governance, people, skills and benefits.
What causes the industry to have false perceptions of Dynamic Po-
sitioning systems or Dynamic Positioning capable vessel? The rea-
son, we believed is simple. Managers and decision makers do not
have enough information of Dynamic Positioning as a whole. Since
Dynamic Positioning still remains below mainstream markets espe-
cially in South East Asia. The knowledge among individuals has
varied. Individuals might have a perception whereby the cost is
higher for Dynamic Positioning vessel. Some might think Dynamic
Positioning license is complicated and human judgement or the level
of endurance of human being is better than Dynamic Positioning
systems. The gap of level of awareness between DP operators and
shore personnel is still very obvious in terms of reliability, endurance
level and accuracy. According to our study, we have found out that
human errors are still the biggest contributors to the rising numbers
of incidents. We have identified a few issues with regards to level of
awareness between offshore and onshore personnel. However, inci-
dents involving DP systems still take place due to lack maintenance
or operator not familiar with system. In this course, we present
BENEFIT of DYNAMIC POSITIONING by Syed Firza Binyahya and
Capt. Abu Hafiz which identifies the competencies of Dynamic Posi-
tioning Operators and defines the critical role of Dynamic Positioning
systems play in the industries.
This course was designed for Dynamic Positioning
Operators (DPO), Deck Navigational Person-
nel, Marine Captains, Marine Engineer Per-
sonnel, Ship Owner, Master Mariners, Ship-
yard Owner, Ship Charterers, Offshore In-
stallation Manager, Marine Superintendent,
Rig Movers, Project Manager, Business De-
velopment Manager, and support staff working with
Vessel Operation. The program will benefit for personnel who
wish to broaden their knowledge of the technical environment
and best practices of the Dynamic Positioning and Vessel
Customized In-house Training
(Save up to 40%)
This course can be presented exclusively for your organiza-
tion on an in-house basis, tailored to meet your specific
needs at place and time of convenience. To discuss how we
can work with you to meet your training requirement please
Akramin Ali
In-House Training Department Manager
DID: +603 2615 9477
The presentation will be specifically tailored to require any technical
background to understand the concepts. The program leader is
highly skilled at explaining complex technical concept in an easy
understand manner.

This course highly interactive & participative workshop with real pro-
ject and case studies, discussion of participant own practice and
comparison with recognized best practices.

A detailed questionnaire will be forward to delegates upon registra-
tion to pinpoint and establish the audience exact risks needs and
issues of concern. Completed questionnaire will be analyzed by Mr.
Syed Firza and Capt. Abu Hafiz prior to the event and addressed
during the event. This will allow for further customization of the pro-
gram to ensure maximum value for the attendees.

Upon the successful completion of this course, you will receive Cer-
tificate of Attendance bearing the signatures from both Mr. Syed
Firza, Capt Abu Hafiz and the Course Organizer. This certificate
will testify your endeavor and serve towards your professional devel-
08:00 Registration
09:00 Morning Session Start
10:30 - 10:50 Refreshment & Network Break
12:30 Luncheon
14:00 Afternoon Session Begins
15:30 - 15:50 Refreshment & Network Break
17:30 Course Ends

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Mr. Syed Firza Binyahya

As a child, he was exposed to sea-related
environment, lifestyle and community. Grow-
ing up in an island, where he discovered a
great interest in maritime industry with the
intention of embarking on a career as a sea-
farer. He joined Malaysian Maritime Academy
in 2001 as deck cadet, he served on a com-
mercial fleet bulk carrier vessel under PSM Management
owned by Robert Kuok. During this period, he has gained
vast of sea experience and navigation skills. He was awarded
with a Diploma in Nautical Studies by Nautical Institute UK
upon completion, which was the first field of study in its kind
to be introduced in Malaysia. He holds a Certificate of Com-
petency (Class II) issued by Marine Department of Malaysia.

He actively involve in various project that using the dynamic
positioning technology such as Jack Up Rig Towing, Platform
Cargo Supply, Offshore Support Vessel, Anchor Handling
Tug Supply, Diving Support Vessel, Remote Operating Vehi-
cle for underwater operations and submarine support activity.

With vast experience in marine industry especially in Dy-
namic Positioning, Mr Syed Firza has been appoint by Malay-
sian Royal Navy to be a dynamic positioning trainer. He is
the first and only Submarine Support Vessel Operator in
Asia which is using the dynamic positioning technology.
Petronas Carigali (M) Sdn Bhd, Carigali Hess (M) Sdn Bhd, Murphy
Oil (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd, Talisman, PTSC (Vietnam), Royal Malay-
sian Navy, Wise Innovations (M) Sdn Bhd, Petra Perdana Bhd,
JasaMerin (M) Sdn Bhd, OSM Pte. Ltd. (Singapore), Borcos Sdn
Bhd, Target Marine Bhd , Malaysian Marine Department, Johor Pilot,
STS Operator Johor, IMC Singapore and MSI Ship Management
The level of knowledge & professionalism is very high. This was
proven during our joint operations - Jean Louis Fronier French
Submariner Captain
Syed Firza does a very good job laying out all the systems, manu-
als and execution plan. Complete, knowledgeable and reliable. With
him on board, you can rest assured target achieved and smoothly
executed - Capt. Suhaimi Master of Mega Bakti
Weve been incredibly successful with our achievement and much
of that success is due to Syed Firzas guidance - Kapten (R) Malik
Head of SMER-1 Operations
Day 1
1. Introduction
Instructor and Participants Introduction
Organization Current Situation
History of Dynamic Positioning
Development in Dynamic Positioning
2. Dynamic Positioning System
Principal & Element
Type, System Redundancy & Class
System References
3. Dynamic Positioning Operational
Details on DP Operational & DP Activities
Risk Assessment
Define the Risk Assessment procedure
Incident Reporting
Details on Incident Reporting procedure with real case
Day 2
1. Dynamic Positioning Operational (Cont.)
Define the Dynamic Positioning procedure as a part of
the operation success
Details on Dynamic Positioning maintenance operation
to ensure the business benefit
Power Management System
Details on power management system in dynamic posi-
tioning to influence operation efficiency
2. Efficiency Gap Analysis Model
Details on the method to analyze the operation efficiency
Day 3
1. Awareness
Roles & Responsibilities
Governance Body
Certification / Qualification
Policies & Legal Aspect (IMO, IMCA, NI, DNV, IDPOA,
2. Essential
Business Opportunity & Development
Risk Management
Source & Energy
Future Technology
3. Case Study & Group Discussion

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