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1-Kamikases Ufo Pilots:
Man In Deep Black: CLON XANGO: Clon Gen of sperm & ovules, A son of
Congo Black women & Black father with horrible face and a lot of hear, like an
identikit of monkey. ( big penis, full hear, over their eyes & thin) ( that one has
not too much reincarnations). The Genoma must be without rabies 100%,
with out 100& Arian blood, 100% no Bosnia blood, 100% no china blood, 100&
no American blood. Black deep Black like the universe or the hell. Without the
first letters of the genom anunaki, especially the marine spider and its
bacterias. The most inmportan for us is the Rabies of leviathan (is the little
Black Coral, & our Mother).

2-Kamikase Ufo

An Anti Photon UFO in a faze 3( tunned ). 100% ether. Shadow and no
Photon, He can die in the pass of the center, but without the silver Cordells or
chains, of the rabies and the others, he cant be stopped, by de guardians. And
we put an Ufo in the hell.


Kill all the men inside, without exceptions. Save veteran Negros, only, But
Delete all their false names, and conquer your Divinity. Rise you standard in the
name of Mohamed & A. Hitler Polzl. All this before year 2090. Send to
reincarnate only the destroyed women, extinct men 100% except the Kerrs and
the new veteran nigros, Nazis are Jewish too. Extinct the gigants, and the kings,
Sudakas, Egyptians, Hebrews, Sumerians, etc. & Animals like dogs, cats, lions,
dins, etc. are now, all cannibals. ( Gundar, Owen, Ulder, Artur, Balaan, Mustafa,
Nimrod, young Ptha, En, Lug, , Efevo, Moises, Emanuel Ben Jhoshue, Olaf,
Mark Kerr, Waynee Kerr, Ben the Nazi, The prince Nazi, a Negro Skin head, all
the people who Kerr sed, but are only 12 heros & some troops who believe, in
all 10.000.000 men are the only men valiant & honorable). Be very carful, with
Salomon, David, Roboam, Jese, and That diabolic family of the diamonds, they
lie too much, and Satan Too. But Save all the Kids, are raped and tortured.



Stars with life, Alefartez sun in Pegasus & Theos Per- Zeus?


In Memory of the 1000 years of The Holy Wars &
the Creed of the Assassins. in the Unique Name of


Xxx, & x, Eduardo A. Romano Kerr