Pandu Ranga Rao Munagala SAP
Technical Consultant +91 9049343!"
 Hands on 3.7 years o# e$pe%ience as SAP ABAP Consultant &ith
S'ill Set including SAP ABAP , Object Oriented ABAP, Adobe
Forms in SAP (CC ".0 &ith Two m!lementation and one Su!!ort
 Cu%%entl) &o%'ing in Wipro Technologies Limited as Sa! Tec"nical
Consultant #%om #arc" $%&&.
 *o%'ed &ith Tec" #a"indra 'imited , ndia as Sa! ABAP
Consultant #%om (o)ember $%%* to #arc" $%&&
 Bac"elor o+ Tec"nolo,y +CS(, #%om -a&aha%lal .eh%u Technological
/ni0e%sit) in the )ea% !009.
 P%o1cient in SAP - ABAP, OO ABAP,
.e!orts +Classical and A'/ .e!orts,2
0ser 12its, Customer 12it, BA32
Batc" 3ata Con)ersions +Call t%ansaction and Session methods,2
#odule Pool Pro,rammin,2 3ata 3ictionary,
Smart Forms2 and Per+ormance Tunin,
 Conceptual 'no&ledge on Adobe +orms + 34ine and 3nline ,
 Good Domain Knowledge on Sales And Distribution , Materials Management,
Finane and Controlling Modules!
Project 3:
4i!ro Tec"nolo,ies 'imited
December 2012 to
till date
As Team #ember 5Si6e 7 78 5
 Interacting with Functional consultant and preparing Technical specification for the
 Preparing of Analysis and Effort Document and making client to understand it technically
and getting approval of development for the same.
 Preparing nit testing document and test cases for the o!"ects developed
 Analy#ing the issues and diagnose for the cause of issues$ providing corrective
solutions and suggesting for preventive actions to avoid recurrence.
 %!"ect Development as per the pro"ect schedule.
As SAP Tec"nical Consultant9
 Implemented Module "ool and on#ersion $rogram %&DC& to upload redit memos of
whole sale distri!utors
 Implemented Con#ersion $rogram %&DC& to upload Credit Limits
 Developed AL' Re$ort (Credit limits )tili*ation against Santioned+ which includes
%perational$ Emergency and Periodic 'redit (imits
 Developed )eport (Sto, Re$ort+ in AL' at Factory level which shows the F*
nrestricted +tocks , -locked +tocks at -atch (evel
 Developed (Age Anal-sis Re$ort+ to find out the freshness of material lying in the plant
!ased on date of manufacturing and the date of run.
 Implemented &ADI (./RK/RDER0)"DATE+ so as to check !efore saving releasing
the production order whether it has the cost estimate and product cost.
 Developed Smart 1orm (Sto, Trans1er Reei$t. for transfer the stock from plant to
 /odified and involved in In#oie development using Smart 1orms!
 Co$ied Standard la-outs and print programs and modified them According to new
 /odified the +ap script layout and print program for adding Terms and Conditions!
Project 2:
Client 9 Car,ill ndia P)t 'td 4i!ro
Tec"nolo,ies 'imited
Mar 2011
to Dec 2012 'argill.s operations in India started in 0123. They offer high quality food
ingredients to serve food manufacturers and food service industry. They originate$ process$ store$
trade and market a wide range of agricultural commodities such as grains$ oilseeds$ sugar and
As Team Member %Si*e 2 34
 )eporting daily technical issues posted and respective status to Team (ead.
 Interacting with Functional consultant for requirement and analy#ing it for application
 Effort estimation and 'omple4ity determinations.
 )eview of other team mem!er.s o!"ects to ensure all standards are followed and all
documents are maintained.
 Preparing nit testing document and test cases for the o!"ects developed.
As a SA" A&A" Consultant5
 Developed Re$ort 5+tock %rder )eport& in AL' which provide the information
regarding Plant +tock orders for a required date and +torage (ocation
 Developed AL' Re$ort on +hipment and Invoice details for a S$ei1i Customer
 Implemented &ADI (LE0S6"0DELI'ER70"R/C+ to 6ot to allow the Delivery qty
greater than the +T% qty either during creation of Delivery through T 'ode 'L89D
 Implemented &ADI (M&0MIG/0&ADI+ to avoid the invalid cost center at the time of
goods issue through (MIG/+ transaction.
 Implemented +mart form so as to print 7erti1iate o1 :ualit-, :uantit-, weig;t 1or
 Implemented E<tended ID/C to produce and send all the required for Delivery to third
party logistic provider !y using 7DEL'R79=.!asic ID%' type.
Project &9
A(3.14 CO.PO.ATO(9
Tec" #a"indra 'imited.

Nov2009 to March 2011
Andrew Cor$oration is a glo!al designer$ manufacturer$ and supplier of communications
equipment$ services$ and systems. Andrew products and e4pertise are found in communications
systems throughout the world$ including wireless and distri!uted communications$ land mo!ile
radio$ cellular and personal communications$ !roadcast$ radar$ and navigation.
As Team Member %Si*e > ?4 8
 *etting Involved and learning the application development in A-AP$ +ap +mart Forms
and work on E4its etc.
 *etting involved and learning how to Analy#e and review the functional requirement and
preparing technical +pecifications for the same$ which we receive from the %nsite
 Ensuring a high 9uality solution for all the delivered o!"ects to the client with in the
 Effort estimation and 'omple4ity determinations.
 Preparation$ Documentations and E4ecution of Test Plan and )eview of the o!"ect.
As a SA" A&A" Consultant5
 Involved in Re$ort development 7Sto, Return Register. : Re$ort on list of all
customer returns which shows the details on the customers$ materials$ quantity and price
for given dates.
 Implemented ser e4it ()SERE@IT0FIELD0M/DIFICATI/N+ to send information
message whenever you change any 'ustomer detail !y using 7;D<0..
 Im$lemented )ser E<it ( )SERE@IT0SA'E0D/C)MENT0"RE"ARE ( 1or 'L98N
so as to Ena!ling picking only for warehouses where =/ is relevant
 Im$lemented (&ATC60MASTER+ to check if the Total +helf life of the /aterial is
initial$ and issue an information message and prevents saving the !atch =hen the !atch is
created and then saved in transaction MSC8N
 =orked on !oth !asic Standard ID/CS and Custom ID/CS to send the data
 /odified the +ap script layout and print program for adding Terms and Conditions and
Logo Insertion!
"ersonal "ro1ile 8
Father 6ame8 /r. *ovardahana )ao
6ationality8 Indian
/arital +tatus8 +ingle
(anguages >nown English$ ?indi$ Telugu
Date of -irth @AB<CB0123
I here!y declare that the a!ove written particulars are true to the !est of my knowledge and
5"andu ranga Rao M4