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I____________(watch) Tv most evenings

Shh! I__________(watch) TV.
She__________(hurt) her back when she___________(lift) the bag.
We_______(be) in the park from 6.00 to 8.00 yesterday. The
children________(play) football and we____________(sunbathe) when it
suddenly__________(start) to rain cats and dogs.
5. I__________(go) down in the lift when it suddenly___________(stop).
6. John had a sports car once. How long____________(he,have) it?
7. Maria has got a new motorbike. How long____________(she,have) it?
8. We ____________(start) yo play tennis when it ____________(stop)
9. The lesson____________(already start) when I_____________(get) to the
10.What are you doing with those tools?- I________________(repair) the
11.Are you going shopping?, I_____________(go) with you if you like.
12.You can turn off the radio, I_____________(not listen) to it any more.
13.The thieves__________(already,escape) when the police________(arrive)
at the bank.
14.Oh, no! We havent got any milk.- Havent we? I_____________(get)
some from the shops then.
15.Be quiet! I__________ (think).
16.This time next week we_______________(sit) on the beach.
17.There were many books in the room. She______________(read) for
18.Yesterday I____________(get) to the stadium at 7:45, but the
game_________(start) at 7:30.
19.It____________(rain) in winter but today it_________(not rain).
20.As we_____________(cross) the road, he slipped and_____________(fall).
21.Lend me your rubber. You _____________(make) a mistake and
I_______(wish) to rub it out.
22.My tooth__________(break) when I___________(eat) a hazel-nut.
23.The sun___________(rise) in the east, now it___________(set) and
24.What are you doing?- I____________(sit) on a chair and____________(eat)
a banana.
25.As he___________(die), he_____________(ask) for a priest.
26.I_______________(try) to learn English for years, but I__________(not
succeed) yet.
27.I__________(meet) him once, it__________(be) a long time ago.
28.Look! That man in the white hat who_______________(walk) past the
window_________(live) next door.
I_____________(never,be) there.
30.You must wake her up, she_____________(sleep) soundly for ten hours!
31.He____________(smile) at me in a friendly way when he___________(see)
32.Look! A man__________(run) after the bus. He_________(want) to catch
33.My friend___________(already find) a good job in the city.
34.They___________(not speak) to each other since they quarreled.
35.Wood___________(float) on water but iron_____________(not float).

36._____________(you wash) your hands every meal?

37.________________(You, understand) the English tenses now? Yes,
I___________(do) an exercise at the moment and I___________(think)
that I_______(know) how to use them now.
38.When the police arrived, the car__________(go).
39.I____________(not see) Lucy since last Friday.
40.We__________(not smoke), but we____________(eat) a lot.
41.If you buy some food, I_____________(make) a good meal.
42.Kathy cant com to the phone, she___________(have) a bath at the
43.I usually_________(go) to school by bus, but yesterday I_________(walk).
44.If someone offered her a job, she__________(accept) it.
45.I__________(talk) to Peter on the phone one week ago.
46.When I got to the cinema, the film_____________(already,start).
47.Mary is pregnant. She_____________(have) a baby next July.
48.He____________(learn) French for two years now.
49.Next year I____________(be) at the university.
50.Jane___________(not study) at the moment, she____________(write)
51.When the car crashed, I_____________(walk) along the street.
52.How long____________(you live) in London?
53.They___________(not want) to come to the party last Sunday.
54.If I had known that he was married, I__________(not dance) with her.
55.I_____________(watch) television this evening.
56.When I got there she was very tired, because she_____________(work)
all night.
57.When my sister is 25, I think she____________(have) a big house.
58.I_____________(not finish) my homework, but I decided to go out with
my friends.
59.In 1965 a lot of people______________(go) to Germany.
60.I____________(write) her a letter, if I knew her address.
61.I___________(visit) my parents three times this year.
62.If I_________(be) a young man, I would travel everywhere.
63.Im sorry I cant help you now, I__________(work).
64.When you telephoned, I_____________(watch) television.
65.I started this book at 7:00, and I______________(read) until now.
66.My brother usually_____________(have) lunch at that restaurant.
67.If you painted this room white, it____________(be) happier.
68.When I finish this school, I___________(be) a nurse.
69.I___________(study) in this school for the last five years.
70.I cant talk to Jennifer in this moment, she____________(have) lunch.
71.At last he ended the book in October. He______________(write) for a
72.If you_____________(study) more, you would have passed this exam.
73.Caroline____________(not like) going to parties until late.
74.There was nobody in the car, but the engine_______________(run).

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