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appli ToALL cantsoftheSEEDInstitute:

Please emailusbyWednesday(May21,2014)youranswerstothefollowing:
1. We wish to establish and strengthen a culture of extended family within our organization.
Along this line, we wish to ensure your family understands and appreciates our values,
our visions, and our concerns for country and God. Please describe to us your family
lings. Describe their academic and starting with your parents, followed by each of your sib

2. Whatexactlyareyourshortandlongtermcareergoals?
3. Given the choice between: a) getting a scholarship for further studies with subsistence
b) earning curves to above industry allowance and a steady rise in your learning, and

4. Whatmotivatesyoutogotheextramileonaproject?
5. Can you give a few examples of what you consider are your major achievements in life to
6. Give an example of the biggest challenge or problem you may have encountered in work
ddress and/or in life, and describe in detail how you managed to sort out, a well, and
e i e
7. Give examples of lead rsh p roles you have experi nced and how you managed people
eitherduringyour ollegedaysorprevious/currentwork.
8. Which project or job did you enjoy doing most? Cite examples of your work related
9. What do you understand of sustainable development? What do you think is the most
10. How important do you think is it for the following to undertake sustainable development
n measures:a)largecorporations,b) smallandmediumenterprises, c)localgovernme t,d)
11. Do you believe the following are doing enough for sustainable development: a) large
corporations, b) small and medium enterprises, c) local government, d) national
12. Areyoupreparedtoundergorigidtrainingfor3months,consideringyouwillneedtolearn
13. AreyouwillingandabletotravelaroundthePhilippinesforshortdurationstohelpconduct
training, to help gather pertinent data, and/or to conduct interviews of local government
14. Do you reside outside of the Greater Metro Manila Area? If so, do you have a place to stay