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Gladys Quevedo Camargo

Name: Leon Malta
Based on: Lottery

The black notebook
Teaching is something really extraordinary. I have been working at Waldrof Elementary school over the last
decade. They call me Miss. Jackson. I started a new term a couple of weeks ago. Kids are having such a
good time, sharing with their classmates what happened during summer. I could also spot some new faces at
By the way, there is this new student named Jane Crawford. She is one of the best students I ever had. She
knows all about literature. During classes, she always makes good comments about the authors we are
studying. She always reminds me that teaching can be really rewarding.
However, the other students did not find it really amusing. Actually, it seemed that they were really bothered
by her comments. I could hear adjectives like: pathetic, teachers pet, Miss Know-it-all, and so on.
There are three bullies at the fourth grade- Hannah, Sarah and Eliza. I noticed that they have a black
notebook and whenever they open it, they burst into a high pitched giggle. I really wonder what is written
If there is one thing I know about bullies is that they always make fun of the same people. But Hannah,
Sarah and Eliza not only made fun of Jane Crawford, but also of other students. The weird thing is that sort
of follow a random order, every week they would choose a new student to make fun of. From Monday to
Thursday, they were all quiet. But by Friday, they would choose a person and make fun of him/her and
always with the notebook opened. No matter how severe was the detention, they always came up with a new
prank. But today, they really touched my nerves.
-Miss Jackson and Jane under a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes love, then comes marriage Sarah said
-You know what Sarah? I really want to know what you girls have been writing in this journal. Give it to
me right now. You shall go to the principals office. I replied
As I flickered through the pages of that journal, I was taken aback by what was written in that journal.
I cannot stand my classmates. They are just a bunch of morons who deserve to be mocked until they die.
From now on, every single week, my girls and I will pick up one of them and make him/her the laughing
stock of the whole school. I have chosen a couple of insults for each person.
Who could ever imagine that those tiny little girls could spit such a deadly venom? But there was one
passage that really caught my attention
I have designed this black notebook in such a way that whoever flickers through its pages (besides me,
Hannah and Eliza) will automatically activate the bomb planted right next to the teachers desk. I know she
will not resist the temptation and will eventually take this notebook from me. I wonder if she will have
enough time to evacuate the whole building in 15 minutes